~ District Three Reapings ~

Name: Kora Galante
Age: 15
Occupation: Future Tribute
Location: District Three - Technology

Kora Galante grinned as she downloaded a third party software system into her computer. With a brilliant mind like hers, she could do anything. She was trying to hack into the Capitol's system so she could score money for her family. Her smile faltered when a light gray box appeared on the screen. It said that the program failed to download.

In a fit of rage, she threw her small battered laptop onto the floor, not caring if it cracked or not. She had spent hours trying to download that program.

"Kora! Are you playing with the computer again!" her mother said through an intercom in Rusty's Repair Shop.

"Mom, no! I am actually trying to help the family!" she retorted.

"Well help the family by paying attention to the door."

"No one comes to this stupid shop!" Kora snapped.

The speaker box was silent. Kora knew she pushed it too far. It wasn't her mother's fault that they were stuck here in District Three, repairing and selling old electronics. Kora's family was once rich. They used to live in a big house, they even had a car! But their wealth went down the drain when someone had tampered with her mother's beauty supplies which were supposed to be shipped off to the Capitol. Three Capitol women were burned horribly when they slicked on an anti-aging cream. Then the Capitol women sued the Galante family, and they were forced to sell everything they owned.

However, Kora had a small box filled with books. They were really valuable since the rich part of District Three was almost illiterate. District Three is known for producing the clever tributes, but the rich side was basically a career-district. And Kora hated the careers.

A small bell rang, and Kora's best friend came into the store making out with a boy hungrily.

Kora's jaw dropped. The sight was disgusting. Although, she was slightly curious about what it felt like to kiss a guy.

"Sorry to ruin your little sex party, but I'm busy here!" Kora screamed, slamming the desk bell rapidly with her fist.

"Jesus, calm down, Kora. We're just having a little bit of fun."

"Fine, but if I hear any more sucking noises, I will send your raging hormones back to your houses."

Reyea and Mark stared at Kora blankly.

"Now, I'm gonna go take this box upstairs." she sighed.

"Here, I'll take that." Mark took the box.

"It's alright. I have more hair on my legs than you do. I can lift heavy things."

"That's not something to be proud of, sweetie." Reyea said while checking her phone.

Kora paused. She suddenly felt tired. She ended up making Mark do all the work.

"Seriously? Mark Fields? He's disgusting."

"No, he is gorgeous." Reyea said dreamily.

"You have a weird taste in men." Kora said as she wrote on a piece of paper. It was a note saying that she was going to the Reapings with her friend.

Once Kora, Mark, and Reyea arrived in the Town Square, they went to their age sections.

Kora watched as the escort waltzed up the stage.

"Hello there, citizens of District Three! Usually, I would show you a three-minute video, but due to technical difficulties, we will go on with the Reapings."

There was a moment of silence.

"Kora Galante!"

Kora was shocked. Her face remained emotionless as she climbed up the stage. Then she just stood there, frozen. After a few seconds, Kora noticed that several people were directly staring at her. Her once blank face converted into a creepy smile.

Name: Alexander Zunali
Age: 18
Occupation: Future Tribute
Location: District Three - Technology

Alexander knew that he was born in the wrong District. District Three is full of nerdy weaklings. He knew that he was too cool for everyone. Alexander wished that he was born in District Two. The masonry district. From the books that he read, their training lasts for almost ten hours. How could people over there have that kind of time? He always had homework or chores to do. He rarely trained. And you are not supposed to train anyway.

But he did. He broke one of the laws in District Three. If One, Two, and Four could do it, why not Three? Right now, he was training for the Games instead of doing his homework. What is the point of doing if he was going to volunteer? Volunteering was no problem since not a lot of people wanted to do it. That's one of the perks of living in a non-career district.

He held a nice thin sword which was beautifully crafted by a blacksmith. It took a bunch of silver coins and slices of cinnamon bread to pay it off.

The grey handle was made from a great white shark's skin, imported from the fishing district. It felt comfortable in his hand. Within a split second, Alexander buried his sword into a stray pig. The crimson spraying everywhere except for his huge muscular body. He didn't like getting dirty as much.

He ripped the sword out of the pig's fleshy body. Then he placed it in a sack, and ran off to the butcher.

"Some idiot left a baby pig out here in the streets. What is this place? It's filled with filthy animals like Districts Ten and Twelve." he wrinkled his nose in disgust.

The butcher simply didn't care.

He pulled out a fresh loaf of bread, a few slices of ham, and a wedge of cheese.

"Is that all? Look at me? I am covered in blood. I actually worked hard just to kill a tiny pig. I need something else."

The butcher muttered under his breath and took out a small bottle of liquor.

"Thanks." Alexander snorted as he took his supplies.

He popped open the bottle, and took a few swallows. The cheap liquor slightly burned his throat, but it sort of felt great. Then he kicked open the door to find his mom.

"Alexander William Zunali? Where have you been?" his mother said angrily.

"The Meat Shack. I got these." Alexander held up the bag filled with goods.

"You are supposed to be doing your homework. Too late for that now. Do it later. And you better get a one hundred on it. You should also get a ninety-seven or better on the upcoming history test. Plus you should get ready for the Reapings."

In a fit of rage, he quickly stormed into his room and slammed the door shut. He quickly grabbed a small knife, and jammed the point deep into a frog's fragile skull. A red jelly-like substance oozed from the wound. Then grabbed the carcass from the tank and threw it outside the window. The body plopped into a nearby trash can.

When he was little, Alexander used to like studying plants and animal life. He hoped to be a herpetologist, but his dreams were crushed when his expectational parents forced him to train for the Games.

Because of high stress and depression levels, he developed a liking to torturing little frogs. Plus a huge hatred towards his parents.

He simply pulled on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a nice pair of sneakers. Each article of clothing probably would have fed a poor family for months. Then he headed out of the house.

After fifteen minutes, Alexander stood in the eighteen-year-old section. A tall Asian girl was reaped, and she called herself Kora Galante. He sort of recognized her since Kora worked at the electronic repair shop. He also knew her because parents tampered with their own beauty supplies. On stage, Kora had a creepy grin. He felt her chocolate brown eyes staring intensely into his own.

Even though the escort wasn't finished yet, he shouted, "I volunteer as tribute!"

He sprinted up the stage as if another guy was trying to steal his spotlight.

Alexander ripped the microphone out of the escort's hand and said, "District Three will finally have a victor, and that is me!"

Through the corner of his eye, he saw that Kora was dying of laughter.

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2. What is the plot of the book "Everyday" written by David Levithan?