Chapter 1

Haruhi's POV:

"Come on, guys! This is stupid!" I yelled while trying to fight my way out of the grip of Hikaru. He was currently keeping me in place while Kaoru walked through row after row of swimsuits, trying to select a few that he liked best.

"It's not stupid, Haruhi." Hikaru said simply. "You need a wardrobe for the trip. What do you think you're gonna wear when it's that hot outside? Jeans?"

"But the whole school will be there." I tried to explain before throwing my weight against his arms. "What if I'm recognized?"

"The host club will not be on the same ship as the other students." Kyoya senpai said from across the room. He was currently sitting casually at one of the tables by the window, his laptop before him and his glasses hiding his expression. "I've made arrangements to borrow one of my family's yachts. It'll be fully stocked and waiting for us at the dock on the day of the trip."

I raised an eyebrow. A whole yacht just for the host club and me? Wow. "Oh. That doesn't mean I want to wear a bunch of girly junk."

Finally making his appearance in the club room, Tamaki senpai approached the group with a look of single-minded determination. "Guys, I have an announcement! We are going to hold a drawing!"

"And what kind of drawing will this be?" Kyoya senpai asked with a sigh. It's Kyoya senpai's responsibility to handle much of the detail as it pertains to the club. Since that means that he handles quite a bit, he's gotten into the habit of documenting just about everything we all do as a group. At least that's what I've gathered from his little rants when the budget runs out and Tamaki senpai keeps spending.

"We have a drawing that gives five lucky girls passage aboard the yacht with us! It'll be great publicity for the club. What do you think, Kyoya?"

"It means that Haruhi will have to conceal her gender for the trip but other than that, it shouldn't present a problem. The yacht has seven passenger rooms not counting the cook and maid quarters. If all of us except for Haruhi share and the winners agree to share, we can do the drawing as soon as tomorrow. That also means one winner will get a room to herself. Should there also be a side drawing for which girl gets her own suite? I can save one of the better rooms for it."

Tamaki nodded quickly, his golden retriever qualities coming out. "This trip is gonna be great!"

"Hikaru, let me go!" I finally screamed, getting tired of practically getting strangled. Letting the heel of my men's dress shoe come down on his foot, I waited for his grip to loosen before wiggling loose and running for Honey senpai and Mori senpai's cake table. Thankfully, Mori senpai turned slightly in his seat and put an alert eye on the twins. It was his silent way of offering his assistance if either twin tried anything.

"Why don't we call it a day?" Kyoya asked after a moment. It sounded like a question but anyone could tell by his tone that it wasn't negotiable. Shutting his laptop, he put it in his school bag and stood up. "The trip is in two days. We all need to pack and prepare for tomorrow's club meeting."

"But what about ice cream?" Tamaki asked, his puppy-like eyes shimmering with possible tears. "You promised you'd go with us for ice cream!"

With slight irritation in his eyes, Kyoya looked out the window quickly before turning back to Tamaki. "I can spare an hour. No more than that."

"Yes!" Tamaki cheered. "Ice cream's on me this time."

Half an hour later, everyone was piled around a table at the nearest ice cream parlor, each with their own treat. Kyoya, never a lover of sweets, had opted for vanilla, the plainest flavor that the place had to offer. Honey senpai was eating his banana split so fast that he wasn't even noticing every time Kyoya dropped a spoonful of his own ice cream into the bowl.

"What's the island in the Caribbean that we're heading for?" I asked after returning my attentions to my own strawberry topped ice cream.

"Saint Martin Island. It's the smallest known island in the world and is divided in half by the Dutch and the French." Kyoya senpai answered as he dropped his last bite into Honey senpai's bowl. Bringing out his phone, he typed something on it. "It says here that there's a possibility of a storm hitting the path we're taking on the trip. It doesn't look too threatening. Just in case, I'll inform the school and look further into it."

"You mean the trip might get canceled?" Honey senpai nearly screamed, his big brown eyes getting teary. When Tamaki joined in on the worry fest, I had to roll my eyes.

"You guys are filthy stinking rich. Even if it gets canceled, you can wait for spring break and go on your own."

"Yeah, I guess." Honey senpai sighed. When the waitress of the parlor put another banana split in front of him, his worries vanished.

"Not necessarily." Kyoya said, his phone still in hand. "The voyage is over eight thousand nautical miles to and the same back. That's not counting the week we'll be on the island. That's an estimated time of over ten and a half days for the cruise ship to arrive. Even on our yacht, which is faster, that will only cut the trip down by a little more than two days."

"So this entire trip is gonna take about a month? I thought it was only three weeks...Great...I gotta get going." I said after finishing the final bite of my ice cream, grabbing my book bag, I waved and hurried outside before anyone could convince me to stay longer. They may have servants to pack for them but it'll take me quite a while to figure out what I wanna bring on on a trip that lasts that long. I don't even think I own enough clothes.

When I arrived home, I unlocked the apartment door and put my book bag on the table. Locking it up, I was just about to get right to packing when a noise from inside my room made my hand freeze on the sliding door's handle. "...Who's in there?"

"It's me!" My father shouted in a sing-songy voice. Opening the door, I found, to my dismay, that he was shoving as many girly outfits as possible into a fancy pink suitcase. Holding up an extremely frilly dress of different shades of pink, his smile couldn't be any bigger. "What do you think?"

"I think you're gonna get me caught, dad. Tamaki senpai offered a drawing that lets five other girls use the same boat as the host club. I need to pack boy clothes." I told him, putting emphasis on the word 'boy'.

The smile on his pink painted lips dropped so fast, you'd think his lips would pop off. "Oh...I see..."

"Aw, dad. Don't worry. I'll still have fun." I tried to assure him.

"But what am I going to do for a whole month?" He whined. "I'll have to think of my beloved Haruhi all alone on an island with a bunch of handsome young men and not a stitch of acceptable clothing to wear. What if you get asked out on a date? What do you plan on wearing, a tux? Out of the question! I'm packing at least three pretty dresses and there's nothing you can do about it."

Rolling my eyes, I opened my drawers and tried to busy myself with packing a variation of camisoles, bras, panties and boxers. When I had enough for the whole month, which basically included every single pair I owned, even a few of the frillier ones, I drug an old green suitcase from under the bed and put them in it. "Dad, I don't know if I have enough boy's clothes for this trip. My jeans and shorts can be worn more than once but what if I stain my shirts?"

"Got it covered." Dad said with a strange little grin. Prancing from the room in his little sundress, I wondered what he had up his sleeve. Packing what pants and shirts I did have, I was just shoving a ton of socks in the bag when dad came back in. "Your extra shirts will be arriving in an hour or two."

I raised an eyebrow. "Where are they coming from?"

"Oh, nowhere." He couldn't manage to finish both words without giggling. "Now hurry and finish packing what you can. I'll get you another suitcase."

As promised, a knock at the door came an hour later. Putting the last pair of shoes I'd need in the green suitcase, I snapped it shut and opened the brown suitcase before going to see who was at the door. Dad was already there, talking to someone at the door. Walking out of my room, I went to stand behind my father and peek over his shoulder. The person standing there was a complete surprise. It was a man I had never met before. He was dressed in a nice suit and was wearing a driver's cap.

"Here they are, as requested. Have a good day, Madame Fujioka." The man said before bowing his head and walking off. In dad's hands were three large boxes usually used to store designer dresses. They were made of a red tinted wood and lacquered for a shiny finish.

"Did you hear that, Haruhi?" Dad asked after shutting the door and turning to face me. He must have known I was there already because he didn't look startled. "He called me Madame."

"You do look like a girl." I told him, which was very much a compliment for him.

He looked completely blissful as he flitted into my room with the boxes. Following after, I saw him place the boxes on my bed and lift the lid of the first one. Inside it was about ten random t-shirts and polo shirts folded into little rolls, like newspapers. "And now you have shirts."

"Where did you get these?" I asked before unrolling one and looking at it. It was a white t-shirt with the words Ouran Academy written on it.

"From a friend of the family." He said coyly. Finally getting a little tired of the secrecy, I rolled the shirt back up sloppily and put it back in the box.

"Really, dad. Who are these from?"

He frowned. "Fine. They're from that fine gentleman in your club. Kyoya. You're aware that he's been keeping me up to date on everything. I just made a little call and he sent some of his hand-me-downs."

My eyes went as wide as they could possibly go. "What?! You actually asked him for his old clothes?!"

"Haruhi, relax! It's a great way to catch his attention. He'll see you wearing one of his shirts and think of all the fond memories he had in the shirt and it'll make him smile."

"Fond memory, you mean. He's probably only worn this shirt once." I corrected, feeling exasperated. I can not believe dad did this. "And Kyoya senpai doesn't smile, he smirks. Sometimes."

Dad rolled his eyes before picking up all the rolled up shirts and putting them in the empty new suitcase. Placing the now empty box aside, he pulled off the lid of the next one to reveal one shirt, all smoothed out and held in place with pins. It was the shirt that they had been selling all month at school, in honor of the trip. It read 'Ouran Academy sails the Caribbean'.

"Well, isn't that nice!" Dad exclaimed. "Didn't you say they were selling these shirts for two thousand yen each?"

"Yeah but they sold out. I wonder how he got a spare one." Checking the size, I was a little surprised to see it was a petite small. It's as if Kyoya had got this shirt specifically for me.

"Make sure to wear this on Saturday, when you leave." Dad ordered before unpinning the shirt and putting it on a hanger. Placing the hanger on the display hook on my wall, he placed that empty box aside and opened the last one as well.

Both of us gawked as dad removed it from the box and held it up. It was a mossy green gypsy sundress made of a soft stretchy material. The hemming across the bust and across the back were crocheted and beading was sewn in periodically over the front. The skirt of the dress was sewn so that it looked as if it were six different sections put together. The entire hem of the skirt had about three inches of lace. It was girly enough to please dad and vintage enough that I would enjoy wearing it.

"Haruhi, how pretty! All of those boys in the host club are always giving you frilly pink dresses. This is the first one Kyoya has given you. Would you wear it?"

Running my fingers along it, I took it from dad and held it up to me. "I just might."

"Try it on, try it on!" He practically demanded.

"Please, dad. Let's just pack it. I'm tired and I need to make dinner." I begged.

"Very well." He mumbled. "I need to get ready for work anyway. I've asked off for the day of your departure. I wanna be on that dock, waving you off."

"Thanks, dad." I smiled. Admiring the mossy green dress one more time, I put it in the brown suitcase and snapped it shut.

At dinner, dad was all over the place, trying to make sure I had everything I needed. "And don't forget to find your passport. I think it's in my bedside drawer. You'll want your driver's license as well just in case they want to see that."

"I won't forget." I assured him before taking another bite of rice with pickled plum and beef stirred in.

Later that night, after dad had left for work, I finished up the dishes and located my passport. It was almost difficult for me to fathom that I would be on international waters thirty-six hours from now. When everything was packed except for the outfit I was supposed to wear for the first day of the trip, I washed up, brushed my teeth and went right to bed. By the end of the club meeting tomorrow, I'd know which girls would be on the yacht with the host club. I hope none of them are my customers. I'd rather have some peace and quiet on the trip.

The next morning, I quickly prepared for school and hurried to the kitchenette. When I had packed some of last night's leftovers in my bento box, I put it in my school bag and hurried out the door. On the walk to Ouran Academy, I wondered if it would be in my best interest to thank Kyoya senpai. If I did, it might knock off some of my debt. He was good about choosing irrelevant times to cut my debt down. If he didn't want any credit for it, it might make him angry though...

My questions seemed to almost answer themselves when I entered Ouran grounds and found Kyoya senpai himself walking towards the doors to the high school. Not really thinking my reaction through, I hurried until I was walking beside him. "Kyoya senpai."

He glanced my way briefly. "Haruhi. What is it?"

"I wanted to thank you for the shirts and the dress." I said quickly.

He didn't seem upset that I had thank him, just maybe a little bit surprised. "Your father requested it and I had not use for any of the shirts. The dress was actually something that I picked up last time I spoke with your father."

"Why?" I asked, unable to help myself.

"He explained that I was the only host who hadn't given you one." He told me with a shrug of the shoulders. "I'm not one to be public about such acts. Try to refrain from sharing the news with the other hosts."

Raising an eyebrow, I nodded. "Uh, sure. No problem."

Walking inside with him, I paused in the foyer. He was walking towards the stairs that led to the club room. Figuring it was the best use of time until everyone else arrived at school, I hurried after him. Every few days, I would do my leftover homework in the club room. It was always peaceful there, even if Kyoya senpai was present. He was so quiet, you'd think he wasn't even there except for the clicking of his computer keys. At the club room doors, he paused and took a golden key from his pocket. Unlocking the doors, he pocketed the key once more and walked inside. Following, I turned on a few lights.

"Shut the door." Was his only response. Doing as he said, I went to sit at one of the window seats near his table. The silence was a little awkward as he took his laptop out and started it up. Twiddling my thumbs, I bit my lip and blew air out through my nose.

"So...What's the news on weather for the trip?"

"He looked up at me only momentarily. "It seems as if the storm will stay. The cruise ship will pass through the storm just fine and the yacht should, since it's a small storm. Just in case, I'm having a helicopter on call. In the event that the weather is too violent, it will take us to safety."

I nodded and brought out the book we were currently reading in Literature class. The entire class had finished reading it already but I liked it so much that I was starting it over. "This school is weird."

"Why do you say that?" He asked after a minute.

Looking up at his expectant expression, I shrugged. "Normal schools don't take trips this luxurious. During special times of year, there might be a planned trip to a local museum but never any more than that. A month long trip that includes a cruise and staying in the Caribbean is really big for me."

He seemed thoughtful for a moment before returning to his computer screen. For the next several minutes, I read while the tapping of his fingers on the keys filled the silence. When the twins finally arrived, I was almost grateful. Too much silence sometimes scared me. Especially if it involved Kyoya. The slightest noise could annoy him into adding onto my debt.

"Haruhi! You're here!" Both twins shouted before hurrying across the room. Standing before me, they both seemed to be carrying some kind of white cloth in hand. Holding it up, they presented a large banner that announced the drawing for passage aboard the host club's yacht. "Help us hang this outside the club room!"

Sighing, I followed them out and walked up the ladder as they steadied it, taking the nails, I hammered it in place on both sides and stepped down. It was a good place to hang it since most of the club's guests tended to walk this way at several points during the day to see if they could catch a glimpse of their favorite host.

"Looks good, guys. Did you make it?" I asked. It looked as if each letter had been crocheted on the cloth.

"Yes, we did." Hikaru said boastfully. "Kaoru and I are really fast at crocheting."

"Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi!" Someone shouted. Turning, I saw that it was one of the twin's guests. She had light brown, almost fawn-like hair and dark brown eyes. She had a small group of followers as they headed over to read the banner. "Oh! A drawing? That would be wonderful!"

One of the followers, a boy with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes, glanced at the banner before giving the girl who had spoke a worried look. All but ignoring the silence exchange, I listened as Hikaru explained that the drawing would take place at the very end of the club meeting after school.

"And don't forget." Kaoru said smoothly. "All students must be present at the dock for head count by six in the morning."

One of the other girls in the group tsked. "Why do they always make us get up so early for trips. I don't even have to wake up till seven-thirty on school days and that still gives me an hour of getting ready and half an hour more to get to school."

"You are right, mademoiselle." Tamaki senpai whispered in her ear, startling her. It even startled me. I hadn't seen him show up. "It should be a crime to take away from a young lady's beauty sleep. Not that any of you need it. You're all flawless."

All the girls swooned, except for the girl that Tamaki whispered to. She must be another host's devoted guest. The fawn haired girl swooning seemed to anger the boy by the lead girl. As if to assert his dominance, he put a protective arm around her. "We should get to class, Kojika."

"In a minute." She told him distractedly before swooning all over again. Tamaki senpai was now talking directly to her.

"Ladies, I was thinking about this afternoon's drawing and it would make me very happy if you five were the ones to be selected. But alas, it is up to fate. She can be such a cruel mistress."

Four of the girls nodded, their hands clasped together and their eyes shimmering. "We'll all enter the drawing."

Seeing as I was no longer in danger of having to talk to anyone, I crept back in the club room and went to get my bag. Glancing at Kyoya, I walked past him. "See you at the meeting."

"Try to be a few minutes early. We're all wearing costumes and you need time to change."

I sighed. "I'll try my best."

Leaving the room, I snuck by the chatting group and went straight to class.