~Soul of Crystal~

Chapter 3: Redhead

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I fall backwards onto the dirt, and look across from myself to see a younger boy with a mop of striking red hair. He growls at me before picking up a half-mask which must've made the cracking noise when we ran into one another since it is now slightly broken. "Watch where you're going!" he snaps, grabbing a Pokéball that had dropped next to him.

"Hey!" Gold says with a frown. "Since Krys here can't get angry, I'll get mad for her and-...isn't that one of Professor Elm's Pokémon? ...It is! Give that Chikorita back!"

The boy glares before jumping to his feet, and running around Gold. I sit up, and go after him. It doesn't take me long to catch up to the younger kid, and I grab him by the scruff of his neck. I dig into his pocket for the Pokéball, but pick something else out instead. A trainer card. I read off the name: Silver.

"Let me go dammit!" he exclaims, jerking himself out of my grip, before turning around and slamming his fist into my face. I hit the ground, and lie there for a second as 'Silver' swipes the trainer card from my hand and backs up.

"YOU JERK! Why'd you punch her for?!" I hear Gold yell, and he runs at the redheaded boy before getting punched in the gut. "Oof! You brat!" The scrawny child clenches his fists, before turning and running away.

"Yeah! You just go and run! Coward!" Gold calls after him, whilst clutching his stomach. "Ow..." He glances over at me. "Krys!? You're-you're-...not bleeding. How's that possible!? He punched you in the NOSE."

I sit up, and blink.

"You...still don't feel anything, do you?" Gold continues flatly.

I look at his face, before getting up and sending out Aqua. "Stop him," I say, pointing at Silver, and my Totodile rams into his back.

"Agh!" the boy yelps, and hits the ground. Turning around in anger, he pulls out his Pokéball, and throws it. "Chikorita, use Tackle!"

"Rage," I counter. Aqua dashes forward and slams into Chikorita.

"Chikaaaa!" it cries, and Totodile pins it to the ground.

"Rage once more," I say.

"Get up and use Tackle!" Silver exclaims. Chikorita knocks Aqua backwards, but my Totodile gains its footing before slamming the grass type into the ground. "Chika..." it says as it faints.

Silver growls and recalls his Pokémon as I walk over to him. "Tch!" he says, and punches me in the face again.

I hit the ground for the second time today, and Gold hobbles over to me. "You should've seen it coming that time...well, let's go talk to Elm," Gold says, and hauls me to my feet. "I bet he was freaking out about that damn brat. I am so gonna beat the crap outta him next time we cross paths!"

"...ilver..." I say quietly, remembering the red head's name.

"What?" Gold asks. "Couldn't hear you."

I shake my head, and walk back towards the professor's.

Gold jumps up and down before running after me. "Hey, wait a second! You didn't answer my question!"


Gold shoves the door open with a mighty push. "What did you want you weirdo?" he asks Elm, then raises an eyebrow. "Now...what is going on here?"

Professor Elm looks at both of us from around a tall, redheaded policewoman. "Kids..." he says; his appearance is a wreck.

"I was called here because there was a robbery," the woman says. "Apparently a redheaded kid took the last Pokéball Professor Elm had."

Gold points at the policewoman in realization. "Krys got punched in the face by a long haired redhead!" he states.

"You got punched in the gut," I add.

Gold shoves a hand over my mouth. "Let's leave that embarrassing detail out of the story, shall we?" I stare at him and he turns back to the two adults. "We saw him running away earlier."

The policewoman nods, and writes something down on a notepad. "Do you know his name?"

Gold looks at me. "Umm..."

"Silver," I say.

"Excuse me?" the woman says, her eyes narrowing for some reason.

"His name was Silver," I repeat blankly. "It was on his trainer card."

"Trainer eh..." the policewoman says, and writes something down.

"Yes," I say, and Gold rolls his eyes.

"...It must be him..." the woman murmurs. "Well, the boss will be interested with this news." She closes her notepad and nods to each of us. "Thank you for your helpful cooperation in my investigation." With that, she walks outside.

Gold stares after her with a wary look on his face.

Elm walks over to us. "I don't know what to do..." he says, wringing his hands.

"You can go take a nap," Gold suggests, raising his eyebrows; Elm gives him a look and I blink.

"We brought something Mr. Pokémon wanted us to show you," I say, and pull out the egg.

Elm double takes. "T-that!?" he says in shock. "It...it's practically glowing!"

I glance down and watch as the light softly pulses.

The professor stares. "That is a...huge discovery!" he says, and tries to take the egg from my hands. It doesn't budge.

"...EH?" he says. "Why won't you let go."

I blink. "I'm not doing anything..."

Elm frowns. "Maybe the egg is attached to you somehow? It might be a new form of egg hatching! I must write this down!" he says, and scrambles around for some paper and a pen.

I wait as he writes down a long list of facts about the glowing egg and Gold sighs, putting his hands behind his head. "Boooooring," he says in annoyance. "Let's go now."

I put the egg back into my bag and follow him to the door.

"Ah! W-well, goodbye children! Good luck on your journey! I hope you beat the first Gym Leader!"

"Gym Leader?" I ask quietly as we walk towards Route 29.

Gold looks over at me. "Yeah. The first one is in Violet City. I'm going to battle them. Are you?"

I blink at him.

"C'mon, you should do it Ice Queen!" Gold says, lighting punching my arm. "It'll be fun!"

"Fun..." I murmur.

Gold grabs my hand. "Let's go! We've got a lot of training and traveling to do!"

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