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Yuki Sohma didn't like Valentines Day.

Every single day at Kaibara High, legions of girls swooned over him and stared at him adoring. At first, Yuki was flattered. However, the novelty had worn off long, long ago.

Valentines Day was the darkest day of the year for Yuki Sohma. Being swarmed by thousands of crazed fangirls was enough to spoil anyones day.

Besides, they're was only one girl that Yuki wanted to be with on Valentines Day. And she was totally oblivous.

Tohru Honda hummed to herself as she doddled absent mindedly in the margin of her Maths jotter. She glanced up and saw Yuki looking at her and smiled brightly. Totally oblivous.

Yuki sighed to himself and took out his school stuff. It was going to be a long day...

Yuki had barely survived school today. Chocolate had been thrown at him, stuffed toys lobbed at his face and he was pretty sure someone had tried to marry him. It was an eventful day. He had hardly talked to Tohru today because everytime he tried the fangirls would pull him away. He was suprised at how much he missed talking to her. He wished he could tell her how he felt but...he couldn't. He just couldn't get out the words.

Yuki finally made it home. At least now he could talk to her. As he walked through the door Tohru glanced up from making dinner. A radient smile spread across her face. Yuki felt his heart lurch and could feel the heat on his face. Tohru frowned.

"Are you alright Yuki-kun?" She asked." You've gone really red! Are you coming down with something!? A COLD!?"

Tohru rushed forward and felt his forehead. Their faces were only a few centimetres apart.

"I-I'm fine, Miss Honda!" He stammered." You really do-"

Shigure wandered into the room. He caught sight of the Yuki and Tohru standing extremely close to each other.

"WHY YUKI?!" He exclaimed."How terribly brash of you! I do believe I can feel the flowers of romance blossoming!"

Yuki jumped back.

"Stop being such a pervert! I wasn't...doing anything!" He snapped."I'm not YOU!"

Tohru looked confused.

"Was I doing something wrong?" She asked nervously."I don't understand but if I'm causing trouble I promise I won't do it again! Please forgive me!"

Shigure laughed."Yuki was the one at fault, taking advantage of such a poor, innocent girl! Its CRIMINAL! Why, I do believe Yuki is a perver-"

Yuki smacked Shigure on his head.

"You are such a fool! I'm going to my room!" He shouted.

Shigure whimpered from the floor.

A normal Valentines day, all in all.