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The hallways were always crowded with people in the morning; that much never changed in Burgess High. She'd been here since her freshman year, and the now senior didn't know why she expected anything else as she darted between crowds of people; long blonde hair swaying behind her in high pigtails yet still falling past her waist. She'd have to start coming early like she did last year, because this was idiotic and time consuming. Luckily the music blaring in her ears blocked out the annoying gossip, her pale red lips mouthing the lyrics that she was determined to learn.

The gold eyed girl huffed as she finally reached her locker, straightening out her v-neck red t-shirt before undoing the code on the lock and quickly grabbed her books, shoving them into the beat up burlap messenger bag hanging from her shoulder. Looking around with a glare, she turned up the music more and headed to her class at the end of the hallway.

Dodging paper balls flying across the classroom, she sat in the back corner of the room with a group of three other girls. The group sat next to a window, with two in the front and two behind. Currently, the two in the back, were arguing over something.

"Hey, Dani," the golden eyed girl tapped the last girl's shoulder, startling her friend out of her writing as she slid into the seat in front of the redhead.

"Jean! You finally showed up," the strawberry blonde smiled softly, looking at her best friend over her glasses, her accent lilting and revealing her British background.

"Yeah. This place is a nightmare in the morning."

The other laughed, "That'd be why I come early."

"Are you sure it's not because good old Jackson needs to be woken up by his sweet little girlfriend?"

Danielle turned as red Jean's shirt and glared, "Oh, bugguh off. Jack has nothing to do with it."

"Oh, Ah'm sure it does, jus' a wee bit," a Scottish voice suddenly sounded, making the two turn.

"Well, done arguing are you, Merida?"

"Punz started it," the redhead defended, pointing to the girl with the long blonde ponytail sitting next to her.

"I did not!"

"Ya did too!"

"Merida! Rapunzel! What are you guys? Five?"

"More like three," Danielle snickered, not bothering to look up from her notebook.

Jean rolled her eyes, "Honestly. What were you guys arguing about anyway?"

"Outfits for Friday," Rapunzel giggled.

"Oh, shit, I forgot about that," Danielle reached over and poked Jean with her eraser in the third eye, "OW!"

"Language," she murmured before going back to the lyrics on the paper.

A roll of the eyes was the only response Danielle got as Jean turned back to the other two of the group, "Anyway, I forgot we had a gig Friday. Not like I had plans otherwise… So, what's the plan, ladies?"

"Well, Punzie wanted ta wear tha matchin' outfits with tha color highlights. Ya'know, tha long sleeved shirts, vests, and skirts?"

Jean nodded as Rapunzel spoke, "But Merida wanted to wear the element specific ones because you know how she hates wearing skirts."

Another nod as she thought about all the options, "Hmm…. I think we should wear the school outfits. It's our first gig since school got back in, so why not come back with a bang? Plus, you could wear leggings, leg warmers, and high top sneakers with yours, Merida."

Merida nodded, her curly red hair bouncing with her, "Yeah. Tha' would be pretty cool."

"Yes! You would be in your red outfit, Meri, with Punzie in her pink, Dani in her blue, and me in green! It'd be a hit! And we can sing our love songs," Jean wiggled her eyebrows in a suggestive manner. Danielle once again poked her in her third eye, causing Rapunzel and Merida to laugh as Jean glared and rubbed her forehead, "Would you quit doing that? You weren't even looking so how did you know what I was doing?"


Jean sighed as the bell rang and the teacher entered the classroom, signaling the start of the first day of school. Or should she say Hell on Earth?

The whole day passed fairly quickly. Jean shared two other classes with Danielle, one of which also had Merida in it, all but one class with Rapunzel, then had a class with Rapunzel's super popular boyfriend, Flynn Rider. He was a cool enough guy in Jean's opinion, just a little too fascinated with hair. She blamed it on the fact that his parents owned major hair care companies. "It must have rubbed off somewhere during his childhood," Jean thought to herself every time he grabbed her hair and asked what her routine was. He did it to the whole group, really. If he weren't with one of her best friends, Jean would swear he was gay.

A sigh left Jean's lips as she entered her last class of the day. She had no friends in the class, which was no surprise, seeing as how it was an advanced science class. The class was arranged in three rows of dual desks for partner work, and as she looked around, she noticed an open table towards the back and quickly headed towards it. It was against the wall, and under a window like her seat in her first class, which she enjoyed, until she a heard a deep male voice from beside her.

""Ope ya don't mind if I take this seat, shelia," Jean groaned and turned to her right, only to see one of the last people in the school she ever wanted to talk to. Her golden eyes narrowed as she took in the appearance of the guy standing next to the desk. His hair was dark blue, long, and spiked a bit to stand off his neck slightly; he was tall and tanned, which made his green eyes and perfect smile pop against his skin. The white polo he wore did nothing to hide his muscled arms as he leaned against the tabletop, closer to Jean, who turned her head.

"Do whatever you like, Ethan. Just one rule: no sluts under the table," Jean pulled out a few notebooks, giving the Australian male the cold shoulder, and missing the flicker of sadness in his eyes, the falter of the smirk before it came back full force.

"Thanks, shelia," a signature eye roll followed by a deep chuckle, "So 'ow 'ave ya been, Jean?"

"I don't see what it matters to you, Bunnymund," she spat out before the teacher entered the room.

"Hello class! Welcome to Honors Chemistry," the short blonde haired lady fluttered around the front of the room, her colorful outfit making it seem like she was better suited to be an art teacher rather than a science teacher. "First things first, turn to the person next to you and say hello to your new semester long chem partner. The only thing that will change this will be death, a fight, or a schedule change. If you wish to move seats, your partner will as well. No exceptions and no excuses. Understood?"

Cheering and high-fives could be heard all around the room, which blocked out the sound of Jean's groan and her forehead hitting her notebooks as Ethan chuckled and leaned on his elbow, watching Jean with amused eyes. She just closed her eyes slowly and prayed for help.

He leaned over and whispered into Jean's ear, "Well, this should be a fun semester, shelia. I've missed ya."

The final bell rang and Jean rushed from the classroom, face red and eyes guarded. She raced to her locker, grabbing what she needed and putting away what she didn't before darting between crowds again, fumbling around in her bag for her keys when her phone vibrated. Pulling the thing out with a groan, Jean noticed that she had a text from one "Rider Boy". She kept heading out of the school as she tapped out her pin and opened her messaging app.

Rider Boy: Hey dorkette. Left ur keys N clssrm. Will b w8ng w/ group car

Jean: Who am I driving today?

Rider Boy: I got Punz & Jack has Dani. Jst Meri 2day cuz Hic still has lessons

Jean: Okay then. That's good. Too much HW in this place.

Rider Boy: W/ ya on tht

Jean: lol Be there in a few. See ya.

Rider Boy: Cya

Jean shook her head in frustration and locked her phone, shoving it back into her bag then leaving the building through a side door with a path up a hill where students could park if they drove. Her short black tulle skirt rustled as she hurried up the path, wanting to get home and away from the tall brick school. The sound of rocks crunching under her black Victorian lace up boots stopped at she reached the edge of the paved lot, only to be replaced by the pitter patter of the boots on concrete.


She looked up and saw her friends in various positions around three cars; Rapunzel sat on the hood of a spotless white 2014 Ford Mustang with a black convertible top and the brown haired pretty boy Flynn leaned against the side, facing a young guy with white hair leaning against the hood of a navy blue 2001 Volvo S40. The oddly colored male had his arms wrapped around the timid Danielle, and was playing with the ends of her hair as he laughed and joked with the other couple and Merida, who was easily visible thanks to her mane of curly red hair, as she threw her bag into the back of Jean's red Jeep Wrangler. After Rapunzel called out to her, they all turned to wave and make faces; which she eagerly returned, picking up her pace even more.

She was about halfway across the lot when she suddenly felt an arm wrap around her waist then she was lifted and another arm was under her legs, the person carrying her in a princess hold. Her pupils grew and covered her gold iris as she struck out with her palm, striking the persons jaw and causing them to drop her. She landed on her hands and knees, which she used to swing around and knock the person on their ass when she kicked their feet out from under them.


The blue haired male groaned and rolled over onto his side, "Ya sure can hit, shelia."

"What. The Hell. Is. Your. PROBLEM?" Jean immediately jumped to her feet, furious beyond belief.

Ethan chuckled, "I was thinkin' about kidnappin' ya an' takin' ya somewhere quiet."

Jean fumed, "I told you last year. Stay away from me. I don't care if it can't be avoided in class. But outside of that, stay. The. Hell. Away. Or are you so dense that you can't understand that?"

The male on the ground sighed and looked up at the sky, "I know, but I can't. I never could."

"Well, then learn. Or you'll run into worse than what I just gave you," Jean turned on her heel and headed over to her friends, leaving the Australian male laying on the ground, trying not to acknowledge the actual pain and longing that he had on his face.

Nobody bothered to calm Jean down when she joined the group, just quietly snickering at what they had just seen. Jack and Flynn kept glancing between them.

"Just post it later," the two boys stiffened at Jean's voice, turning to her as she placed her bag in the back next to Merida's before turning around with a smirk and the three burst into a fit of laughter.

"Man, Jean, you really got him good," Jack managed to get out between chuckles and gasps for air.

The girl shrugged, "I am a woman of a many talents. One happens to be self defense."

"That's because of how protective Sandy is over his precious baby girl," Flynn said, a bit of mockery in his voice.

"Careful, dear, or else she'll do the same to you," Rapunzel said from her seat on Flynn's car hood, a small smile gracing her lips as Flynn shot a glance at his friend, who just crossed her arms.

"Ya scared, pretty boy?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," Flynn rolled his eyes at Merida's taunt before checking the time on his phone, "Shit. It's almost 5. We should head out, Punz."

The blonde nodded and headed over to Jean, who quickly plaited Rapunzel's long blonde hair so that it didn't get too tangled while she rode in her boyfriend's convertible, "Thanks, Jean. See everyone tomorrow!" With a wave, the two took off.

"I think I need to get you back to my place so that we can get Liv before heading to your place. I don't want another lecture from ol' Artie boy about keeping you out too late," Jack played with the ends of Danielle's hair as she nodded and waved to her friends before getting into Jack's car and they took off as well.

"Well, guess it's our turn," Jean reached into her pocket but froze with a groan.

"No keys?"

A nod. A jingle. A sigh of relief followed by a chuckle.

"Flynn gave'em ta me but told me not ta tell ya," Merida said.

Jean's smile looked sweet but her gold eyes were murderous, "Remind me to thank him tomorrow for that."

"My pleasure," the blue eyed girls smirk was mischievous.

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