As soon as they had left the two girls next to Jeans red jeep, Jack has set a course for his house just outside of town. His little sister Olivia would be home by 5 o'clock after her ice skating lessons and they had planned on a dinner around 6 o'clock with Danielle's parents, Arthur and Amelia.

However, Danielle was just looking out the window and not saying a word; which was strange even for the normally quiet girl. The sweet blonde wasn't even buried in her lyric book. It really made the icy eyed man worried, so he reached over and took his girlfriends hand.

"Dani? Is everything okay, babe?"

A sigh escaped her perfectly shaped lips and nodded, "Yeah. I guess I'm just a wee bit worried."

"About dinner?" Jack tried not to sound amused, but Danielle's knew her boyfriend well enough and rolled her eyes.

"No, about Friday."

"The gig?"

She nodded, "Why would you be nervous? You four have performed before, and with a few more songs you guys will have enough songs for a full album."

"Yes, but in other towns. We've nevuh played in our own town like this. In case you haven't noticed, us four ain't very popular around here. Well, maybe Punz thanks to Riduh."

"Well, I know that. However, I am sure you girls will do just fine. You have a lot of support."

"I know we do. That isn't the problem, love."


"You know how we each have a love song?"

Jack nodded, "Jean doesn't. After Ethan…"

"Oh." Danielle sighed, "Yeah. We don't know what to do. Especially after Jean suggested that we sing our love songs this Friday."

"Oh no."

"Oh yes."


"I don't know," Jack groaned at that comment as they turned into his long driveway. "Well, for now just don't worry about it. We'll get Liv and head over to your house for a nice dinner."

"Only if Mum cooks the meal and Dad doesn't touch anything but the teapot." Jack chuckled as he eased the car around the side of the old two story Colonial style house. No matter how many times Danielle saw the house; it never ceased to amaze her. From the white stone pillars around the iconic red front door, the beautiful stone façade, and cute shingled Gambrel style roof with double chimneys on both ends. On one side there was a two story sun room that Jack's parents had turned into a state of the art recording booth. On the side that Jack drove up to was a covered carport with an entrance into the house. It was through here that Jack led Danielle after opening her door for her.

"Olivia? Are you home yet," Jack called out as the couple entered the kitchen, only to nearly be knocked down by a blur of brown and white.


"Jack. You have to get out of here. You and Danielle both have to," Olivia's big brown eyes looked up at her big brother pleadingly.

"What's wrong, Livi? You're not usually like this." Danielle crouched down to the 10 year olds eye level, her voice worried.

Olivia looked at the older girl with wide and fearful eyes, "She's here."

Those two words sent fear straight to the green eyed girls racing heart, and everything that had happened in the last four months went rushing through her mind.

Flashback brought to by annoying exes

Danielle had lived in London her whole life. So, to suddenly move to a small town in "the colonies," are her dad put it, had been scary. Luckily, they visited every summer in order to visit her mother's parents. Her grandparents had died and left their old Victorian to the small family. Then, not long after, her Aunt Zea and Uncle Jett died in a parceling accident in their home country of Australia, leaving their son Ethan to her parents care.

She barely knew her cousin. Just that he was her age and his name was Ethan A. Bunnymund, nothing more or less. She didn't even really know what he looked like; just a vague memory of a thin and lanky boy with big green eyes like her own and a mess of brown hair.

The family of three couldn't attend both funerals, so her father Arthur went to Australia to oversee the proceedings for his sister and brother-in-law, as well to get her cousin and arrange his move to America with them; but her mother hopped on a plane to her hometown in order to settle her parents last will and testaments and get their new house in order. They both trusted Danielle to finish up everything in England, since she was a very sensible girl at the proper age of 16 years old. She knew what she was doing. Within a month, both funerals were over and Danielle had sent her transcripts to her new school, had their lovely flat packed up and most of their belongings sent over to her mother, and had finished some of the basic daily dealings her father's business needed done. (A/N: It makes no sense, but I can't figure out how to phrase it.)

By the time the break for her school rolled around, she was physically ready to move and begin a new phase in her life. However, the 16 year old was not emotionally ready. On her last day, she cried with her mates, but her smile was there as well. It only dropped when she had to tell her long time boyfriend, Ken Holmes, goodbye, but his smile was there. His violet eyes sparkled with love as he gave her one last kiss, his long red hair and her own strawberry blonde shielding them from the world. They had agreed that they would officially part ways on her last day. Both knew that a long distance relationship was cute, but not plausible since they were both still so young. He was her first love, and she was his, but one day they would find their true loves.

"It's been fun, that it has, these past 3 years," he said softly.

Danielle giggled as his little speaking quirk popped up, "Yes, it has. I'll miss ya, Ken."

"I'll miss you too, my sweet Dani, that I will," he smiled sweetly, his eyes brimming with love and sadness,"Promise me you'll try to be happy?"

"Aye, it's a promise. For all of ya here. I'll text as much as I can. But I don't really know how busy I'll be."

"You had better stay in touch! I would be very sad indeed if you didn't, that I would."

"Well, I would hate to make you sad," she absentmindedly stroked the X-shaped scar on his cheek, smiling softly when his eyes closed, giving her the chance to stand up on her tiptoes and kiss him once again.

It would have been a sweet kiss had one of their friends, a girl with long black hair and Sapphire blue eyes, not called out, "Ew! Get a room, ya wankers!"

Danielle got bright red and yelled back, "We will when ya get a boyfriend, Jasmine! Let me enjoy me last day!"

"Your accent is showin', Kirkland."

"Ya singleness is showin', Kamiya!"

"I don't need to have a stupid man by my side to be happy! I can take care of myself, thanks," Danielle's best friend crossed her arms and put her nose in the air.

"She'll never change," Danielle sighed and looked up at Ken, but he had his eyes on Jasmine Kamiya, "Well, maybe there is hope yet."

With that, Danielle moved behind Ken and gave him a push towards the other girl, causing him to trip and nearly fall right on her in surprise, but luckily he managed to grab her waist in time to steady himself.

"My apologies, I did not mean to, that I did not," the ginger managed to get out, despite his obvious embarrassment, but Jasmine could only blush and look away.

"I'm entrusting you to the other," the two looked over at Danielle, who had a small smile, not a trace of sadness on her face as she laughed and turned, heading down the hallway and out of the school, the spring breeze blowing her hair and uniform skirt softly.

A few months passed and she had settled in nicely at her new school. While her newness had worn off and most of the other students had left her alone, she had gained a friend in her advanced placement biology class.

It happened randomly when Danielle had dropped one of her folders and the papers had scattered around the room thanks to the light breeze coming through the window. A girl with long golden hair had quickly helped gather them up, but gasped when she looked at one.

"Danielle, right? Are you a songwriter?" her golden eyes were lit up and she was grinning.

Danielle squirmed and looked down as she nodded, "Kinda. No one has evuh read'em before."

"My besties and I are trying to start a band, but we are all on the suckish end when it comes to writing…and our record company can't help us either."

"But a company should have plenty on hand," Danielle organized all of her papers as she heard the other girl sigh.

"It's not that easy."

Danielle was quiet as she contemplated, "How about this," she turned to the other girl, "If you can convince me in two weeks that my songs are any good and that they match with the style you and your friends are goin' for then, I'll help ya."

"Jean Sanderson," the gold eyed girl held out her hand with a grin, "The girl who will convince you."

In the end, Jean had convinced Danielle and they had set to work on songs and scores. Jean had introduced the Brit to her friends and band mates: Rapunzel Corona and Merida Dunbroch. At first, Danielle and Merida butted heads thanks to their respective British and Scottish heritages. Luckily for everyone, they ended up getting along just fine.

To everyone's surprise, the one Danielle ended up not getting along with happened to be their boss: Jack Frost. He was a senior at their school and one of Jean's childhood friends. They bickered and argued over every detail, no matter how petty and small. Yet, the trio knew it wasn't anything bad, because Jack always had a slight smirk on his face. No, bad arguments happened between Jack and Moka, and they knew it when his little sister Olivia would come running into the studio and he had yet to come to listen.

Danielle had quickly learned to avoid the white haired boy's girlfriend. She had never met someone so stuck up and mean. The first time she had encountered the girl was at school. Danielle and Jack were in the music room; she had written a new song and wanted Jack's opinion on the tempo.

They sat on the piano bench together, laughing and playing tunes together after bickering about song and finally agreeing that it would sound better if it were fast paced. The icy colored male had received a text, one that made him sigh and the light in his icy blue eyes seemed to go out.

"Somethin' wrong, Frostbite?"

The smile he gave was weak, "Yeah. Just Moka."

"Ya girlfriend, right?"

He nodded, "Ya don't seem very happy, Jack," Danielle said with concern lacing her voice.

"We're just going through a rough patch since my parents died."

"I'm sorry. I hope things get bettuh soon, mate."

"Me-" he was cut off before he could finish by a shrill voice, "Jackson Frost!"

The duo turned around and faced the newcomer, Danielle's mossy eyes widened in surprise at the girl in the doorway, her expression angry; the girl was beautiful with waist length platinum blonde hair, mint green eyes, and a figure any model would kill for.

It was this same shrill voice that Danielle heard now coming from Jack's living room, but this time it was sickly sweet instead of poisonously angry.

"Olivia, dear, who was that?"

"No one, Moka," the 10 year old called back, pushing at the couple in the kitchen with a frantic hiss of, "Leave! Now!"

Jacks pale eyes were darting between the living room and the door, unsure of what to do.

However, Danielle had already made up her mind. "No, Livi. We will not," determination laced her voice as she stood up, ruffling the little girls brown hair with a twinkling laugh before she took Jack's hand and shot him a wink, "Ready for a show?"

Jack grinned, his eyes now holding a mischievous glint to them, "Let's do this."

He quickly picked his baby sister up and threw her in the air a bit, laughing at her squeal of surprise, "Jack! Stop it!"

"Oh, you wish, Liv!"

"Dani! Help me! Make him stop," the girl giggled and squealed as her brother continued to toss her up in the air as if she were still a toddler and not a grown girl of 10 years in age.

"Eh? Now why would I do that, Livi darling?"

"Traitor," the brown eyed girl quickly squirmed out of her brother's arms and raced into the living room, both teens chasing after her.

"What is going on?" The trio looked up, immediately stopping in their places as their eyes fell on Moka, who had not changed one bit in the past few months.

"Moka. How nice to see you. I hope you're doing well," Danielle straightened up, a gracious smile on her face as she stepped forward, taking the silverettes hands in hers and kissing her cheeks in greeting.

"I…well…" Moka was speechless for a second before gaining her composure and pulling away quickly and turning to the white haired boy behind Danielle, "Jack! I need to talk to you."

"So, talk," the icy boy walked over to the couch and fell backwards onto it, "Dani..." he nearly purred and held out a hand, which she took with a blush. He pulled her down on top of him, making her squeal.

"Ahem!" Moka cleared her throat, glaring at the two, while Livi made faces behind her back.

"Yes?" Jack sighed, playing with Danielle's hair.

"I said I wanted to talk, Jack," Moka flipped her hair over her shoulder prissily, a huff escaping her lips as she crossed her arms.

"And I said for you to talk."

"What about…them?" the face she made was one you would make at gum stuck to the bottom your shoe, which pissed Jack off to no end.

"Anything you have to say to me can be said with my sister and my girlfriend in the room," he glared at his ex girlfriend over Danielle's strawberry blonde hair.

Moka pretended to tear up, "I don't think you want them to hear this, Jack."

"There is nothing you could say that I wouldn't want them to hear."

A soft sigh, "Jack, I'm pregnant."

Jack started shaking behind Danielle and she quickly turned to him, only to find him silently laughing, "Oh, dear, Moka, you have jokes."

"Jack, I'm serious!"

"I don't care if you are. It's not mine."

"Of course it is, Jack, you're the only one I've been with."

He stopped laughing and sat up, his eyes as cold as the color suggested, "We both know that is a lie. One, because I never slept with you. Two, because if I had, it has been six months since we broke up and you'd have to be at least that far along, and to be that far along, you'd be showing. However, your figure is still flawless."

"Jack, please," this time her pale green eyes welled up with real tears, "How can you want that," she gestured at Danielle who was now sitting on the couch with Olivia, braiding the young girls hair neatly, "Over someone like me? I am gorgeous, popular, and rich!"

"You are stuck up, mean, and a downright bitch," Jack snarled back, "You made my life miserable. You were never there for me when I needed you. You used me for my money. You were rotten to my sister. You, Moka Mallificent, are nothing but rotten brat."

The sound her open palm against Jack's pale cheek resounded through the house, "How dare you?"

"How dare he what?" Everyone turned to Danielle, who was now standing up and smoothing out her skirt, "How dare he tell the truth? How dare he speak his mind? How dare he treat you like the child you are instead of the spoiled princess you act like?"

"Shut your mouth, Kirkland! This has nothing to do with you!"

"Oh, yes it does," she stepped closer to the girl she held such disdain for, "It has everything to do with me, because you have hurt the man I love both emotionally and now physically. Now, I suggest you leave before you end up in a lot of pain."

Moka snickered and glared, "I dare you to try."

"Danielle, that was very uncivilized," a green eyed man with bushy black eyebrows tried not to smile as he attempted to scold his child, but eventually a smirk made its way across his face, "But I am very proud of you."

Danielle blushed and smiled brightly, "Sorry, Father, I just could not let that idiotic twat insult Jack, Livi, and myself like that."

"Aren't ya glad I taught ya a bit of combat, Dani?"

"Oh, that was all of her American side coming out!" a pretty strawberry blonde woman with bright blue eyes said as she served everyone big slices fresh apple pie. "That's my girl," she kissed the top of her daughters head and gave a it a ruffle.

"Ma! Don't do that!" she waved her hands at the woman with a huff.

"Look! Jackie even had to bandage your hand," she grabbed Danielle's right hand, with was indeed wrapped in a bit of white bandage.

A chuckle was heard from Danielle's left, "I think she broke the girl's nose with that hit." Jack had a wicked grin on his face as he leaned over and kissed his girlfriends cheek, "Thank you for defending my honor."

Danielle rolled her eyes and pushed him away with her free hand while pulling her other one out of her mother's grasp.

"Mrs. Kirkland, do you have any vanilla ice cream?" Olivia voiced. "I think Danielle needs some. Her cheeks are all red. She might have a fever!"

Ethan burst into laughter and slipped her a five dollar bill under the table, only to be joined by Amelia and Jack.

"Olivia Frost!" Danielle's face got even redder. "Oh, you are all impossible!"

"From the mouths of babes," Jack leaned over and gave Danielle a sweet kiss on the lips. "Hey, I have a question."

Danielle gave a sigh, but a smile graced her lips, "Yes, Jackson?"

He pushed back his chair and slowly got down on one knee, "Let me know if this is too sudden. I don't mind waiting to ask this again. Actually, depending on your answer, I'll probably ask you everyday to make sure."

"Ja-Jack?" Danielle looked around, her eyes wide, and saw that everyone was grinning and her mother was tearing up a bit. Her gaze turned back to her boyfriend, tears pricking at her eyes, "Jack, this better not be another one of your pranks."

"No, my dear, it is not. I am very serious for once in my life," he pulled a pale blue box out of his jacket pocket and took a deep breath before opening, revealing a slim ring of two intertwining silver bands; one inlaid with a pattern of bright green stones and diamonds while the other had pale blue stones and diamonds, and at one point where bands meet sat a twinkling white snowflake with a pale pink flower blooming out of it, "Danielle Nicole Kirkland, you are the love of my life and I want to prove that to you every day. So, in order to do that, I think that marriage is the best option. Would you do me the highest honor of becoming my wife?"

She was speechless as tears rolled down her cheeks. The room was silent for about a minute before the mixed voices of Olivia and Amelia was heard, "Well?"

With a roll of her green eyes, she nodded, "Yes, of course, you horrible man."

Jack grinned and immediately hugged Danielle around her waist, "Oh, thank God." He pulled back and gave her a loving kiss before sliding the ring on the proper finger.

"I love you, Jack."

"I love you too, Danielle."

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