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Chapter 7

It was oppressively hot and humid in a way that could fry an egg on the sidewalk. I felt like my brain was that hypothetical egg. All my thoughts were a scrambled jumble as I sat in the dirt outside of the youth center. Plants stuck in those little, plastic containers surrounded me. It was my job to make holes and stick things into them. I wanted Edward to stick his things in my holes. It was a shame, he was too busy planting trees near the soccer fields, because it seemed gardening did make you horny.

I might be going to hell for my dirty thoughts. I was certainly going to hell for my black thumb that was killing all of these plants. My thumb was the color of a starless night and the plants were already drooping. I was a serial plant killer.

The youth center originally was an old inn that was walking distance from my house. I remember walking past it when I was young and being positively terrified of the monstrosity of a house. Back then, it was covered in peeling paint and the grounds were covered with weeds. My adolescent self spent summers having nightmares about that place. My skinny, knobby knees shaking as I walked up creaky staircases. A cool breeze hitting my back and I turn around to find a ghostly white vampire leering at me with fangs dripping with blood.

I felt something wet hit the back of my neck.

"No!" I screamed. I fell backward onto the plants. The vampires were coming out during the day!

"Bella, what happened?" Edward was looking at me worriedly. He was shirtless and his chest glistened with a sheen of sweat. I wanted him to roll on top of me. That was until a bit of that same sweat dripped off his soaking hair. The mullet to be exact. That was disgusting. It seemed that I was oddly particular from where exactly that sweat came from.

I tried to calm myself down, but I was hyperventilating as I sat up. "You scared me and I killed the flowers! I'm a murderer!"

All the plants had been crushed when I used them to ineffectively break my fall.

"I was trying to cool you down!" He held up a bottle of water that must have been pulled out of a cooler. Droplets of water lazily moved down the plastic like the sweat that was doing the same on his cheek.

"I thought you were a vampire," I admitted in embarrassment.

He looked at me in confusion. "They only come out at night."

"True. It would be pretty dumb if they came out in the sunlight." I looked down at my grubby sneakers. They were covered in dirt. The bright white was now a dusty brown.

"It would be really stupid if they sparkled like disco balls. They do in those stupid books that Alice reads," Edward added. He was probably attempting to ease my embarrassment.

This whole conversation was stupid, but I liked the sound of his voice. It made me feel tingly.

Of course, that's when he got quiet. We got quiet. I was trying to avoid looking at his shimmering pectoral muscles. I wanted to lick him.

Oh God, I needed to think of anything else. Baseball could work. I knew nothing about baseball, except I did recall them scratching the front of their tight baseball pants when I watched the games with my dad. Edward's jeans were tight and there was quite a bulge. I wondered if he had anything he needed scratched?

I was losing my mind! Baseball wouldn't work. Elderly women knitting a quilt! I'll think about them. With their blue hair and long sweaters covered in kittens, they would sit and talk about tea. They would all be judging my inappropriate thoughts about Edward and making snide comments about how he needed to cut his hair. I was the only one to want that. It was my mullet! Those no good, old la—

"Bella, baby, what old ladies? Sweet thing, you're overheating! Take this sweatshirt off!" He started to help me undress.

It didn't hit me how bad of an idea this was until I looked down at the threadbare tank top I wore without a bra underneath. I didn't hesitate to throw on whatever I had clean when Edward flashed those bedroom eyes of his at me this morning. Unfortunately, it was laundry day. All I had left were some ratty tank tops, a pair of old shorts and my college sweatshirt that had margarita stains on it. My bras were wet and on top of a drying rack. It was supposed to be chilly today, so I thought the sweatshirt would be sufficient coverage. I was incorrect in my assumption. It was hotter than Hades, because the weatherman is an idiot.

Edward was staring at my breasts. There was some muttering under his breath as he held my upper arms. The sweatshirt now abandoned and on the ground by our feet. Finally, something clear came out of his mouth. "You're going to be the death of me, woman."

"Sorry," I squeaked. He moved closer and I followed suit until our perspiration mingled. I wanted to slip and slide all over him.

"Don't be, baby. It would be the most amazing death ever," His one hand went into my hair and the other pulled me tighter to him as it rested on my butt. "Do you feel that, my Bella?"

I wondered if he was asking about the copious amount of moisture we were both emitting or his erection that was poking me?

"I feel—"

Before I could get the words out of my mouth, Edward and I were blasted by a hose. The ice cold water was a sharp contrast to the heat of the day. I was soaked, even though Edward was trying to shied me from being the hose's target.

"Damn it, Emmett!" Edward yelled. "Turn that goddamn thing off!"

The giant of a man grinned at us. He looked every bit of a reject from some heavy metal tribute band. His mullet was a pulled into the back of a trucker hat in a limp ponytail. It reminded me of the scraggly tail that my grandmother's nasty, old chihuahua that smelled like urine had. That dog was about as bright as a bowl of oatmeal and I was certain that this Emmett guy was too.

"Sorry, little girl, but my lady wanted payback for you trying to pierce my kid's brain." He giggled at a pitch that was way too high for his size. "We're good now."

I pushed past Edward and attempted to apologize even though he and that lady of his were certifiably insane. "I'm truly sorry. I'm new at piercing things and her baby ears were so tiny. Perhaps it would have been better to take her to your physician to—"

"No biggie," He stated, as his gaze landed on my breasts. "Those boobies are some of the mighty finest headlights I've ever seen, little girl. You must be learning about no bras from Janey."

His eyes remained fixed on my boobs. I looked down and saw my nipples poking through my now transparent shirt. Oh my God.

I was too shocked to cover myself, but Edward wrapped his arms around me and placed his palms over my bosom. My back was cradled into his chest. This would have been incredibly sexy if it wasn't for the audience that was gathering.

"Stop looking at my girl!" Edward exclaimed. Emmett just continued his girly giggling.

Jasper ran over and pulled off the Budweiser tee-shirt he wore. "Bella can wear this!"

It was very kind of him. As I tried to wiggle my way into the large shirt, I observed Alice march past him with a picnic basket. She didn't glance in his direction.

"Hey Alice!" He called out.

"Hello," she answered, but looked only at me. "Help me get lunch ready, Bella."

Grabbing my hand, Alice led me toward the picnic tables. I looked back to see Jasper staring at us walking away. Staring at Alice to be exact.

"You listened to me!" I actually squealed. She wore a very pretty, but not obscene, yellow sundress like one of the outfits I suggested. Alice started unpacking the basket nonchalantly, without a care in the world. "He keeps looking over here!"

I had regressed to a boy crazy, gossipy teenager again.

"I did!" Alice gave me a hug, and then continued to unpack sandwiches. "It feels good to finally have some power."

A few minutes later, I heard Jasper ask Alice, "Would you like to get some dinner with me?"

I was just like the matchmaker from A Fiddler on the Roof.

"What are you smiling about?" Edward rubbed my shoulders before sitting down to eat.

I watched Jasper sit close to Alice and whisper something in her ear. Her smile was small as she pretended to be unaffected, but there was a bright twinkle in her eye.

"I just love how something can just turn your whole day around," I answered happily.


That happy feeling had faded quite quickly. I was in a fetal position on my bed wearing a clean tank top and a pair of panties. The shower I took did nothing to alleviate my discomfort from the heat or the ache in my muscles. I wasn't used to such intense physical labor. Note to self, I hate intense physical labor.

The air conditioning was broken. I had found an old floor fan in a closet that was now blowing the humid air on me and a fine dust that I was too lazy to clean off first.

"Baby, what the hell are you doing? I thought you were getting dressed to go to Jane's?" Edward came in drying his hair with one of my dad's faded bath towels, another one was barely wrapped around his waist. The air condition was broken in his house. It seemed that it was a common occurrence for the citizens of Forks. It didn't surprise me in the least that the awful repair man was the giant Emmett.

"I tried. I'm broken. This is far as I've gotten." I lifted my fingers in the air and wiggled them slowly. "It hurts to do this."

It was true. Every movement was an exercise in trying not to weep at the pain.

This was why I liked libraries. The comfy chairs and quiet stillness that was only interrupted by the sound of pages being turned gently. The action would happen in one's mind and not in the real world. It was nice not feeling the uncomfortable aching.

Edward joined me on the bed. His fingers lazily traced up and down my arm

Never mind. Libraries didn't have men with towels becoming slowly unknotted using their hands to stroke you. This was one ache I think I could enjoy if the rest of me wasn't in agony.

He curled his body around mine. I moved my head into his neck and got a mouthful of his hair. I choked on it for a minute and spit it out.

"We need to talk about your hair, Edward! I don't want to tell you to cut it off, but I will suggest it. You aren't my boy—"

"I am your boyfriend," He disagreed.

"Okay then, boyfriend. Your hair is trying to murder me. I think it doesn't wasn't us together," I admitted. I truly believed that.

"Bella, I solemnly promise to someday cut my hair. Not today, because I think this is the perfect way we can learn to love each other with our faults. You can learn to deal with my hair and I can learn to deal with your ugly sweatshirts. I really want to burn them in a bonfire." Edward rolled on top of me. His towel slipped away. Both of my hands went to his bare ass, I dug my fingers into it.

"I'm going to marry you one day, Isabella Swan." He kissed my nose and pushed his erection into me. Hello there, Big Edward.

His dick had momentarily distracted me from his words. "I did the marriage thing. The marriage thing is bad."

"The guy you married was bad. Marriage itself is a good thing. I've been waiting for just the right girl." His fingers traveled into my underwear and moved into me. My panic trumped how good he felt inside of me. The look on my face must clearly showed my feelings, because Edward murmured against my lips. "It will be okay, baby, we'll take it slow. I'm just laying my cards out, so you know our endgame."

"Edward—" I started to pull away.

"Shh. . . Be with me." He covered my mouth with his, as I continued to feel the way the movement of his hands made me come undone.

I pulled the tank top off. "I need you to have sex with me. You keep making me swoon over your words."

"Honey, this will be old fashioned love making." He kissed down my chest and my underwear was quickly removed. He grabbed a condom from his jeans.

"Look at you being romantic again," I joked, as he nipped my neck.

Edward entered me swiftly and I clutched him tightly. It felt perfect.

I groaned, as he moved over me. "At least, I will have this before your mullet asphyxiates me."

"I was thinking a similar thing about you sweatshirt smothering me." He kissed me and pulled away slightly. "I adore you."

"I find you pretty special—" I began, but I was close to the edge. I fisted his mullet in my hands and pulled it tightly.

"Oh Bella!" He roared, collapsing down on me.

It was incredible and we were even sweatier than before.

"Get off her you, fiend!" My bedroom door was thrown open and a sad looking Angela barreled into the room. Her face was streaked with dried tears and her eyes were red. "You're naked! I'm so sorry!"

I pulled a sheet over Edward's naked body. He was shielding mine from my friend. "Ang, this is Edward. Edward, this is Angela."

"I need to go," she sniffed.

"Don't leave, Angie! What happened?" I inquired. Edward tried to roll off of me, but I held him tight. It was uncomfortable, but I didn't want to let him go yet. Plus, I didn't want Angela to get another look at my man.

"Ben is dating one of Victoria's stripper friends! He left me!" She started weeping. "Can I stay here?"

"Sure, but maybe you could go downstairs for a little bit." I motioned toward Edward and I. "We'll be down in a jiffy."

Angela smiled sheepishly and ran downstairs. I was going to destroy Ben. He was as bad as James.

"You're a wonderful friend, Bella," Edward kissed me again. "You can teach our children to be that loving."

I punched him in the chest making him laugh. That was when it hit me.

I was falling in love.