The Chug-Chug of Sheldon's Mind

a/n - I hope you enjoy my little insight into what Sheldon's mind and I hope that you like it. :)

It is a wide known fact that when people kiss, they imagine that fireworks will streak the air, exploding in symphonies. They assume that the world would stop on its axis, refusing to spin just so that moment would stretch into infinity. For Sheldon, it was all of these things and more – but yet, it was none of them.

It was the ability to stop – to stop thinking, to stop caring, to stop distancing. All that mattered in that singular moment, was Amy. Sheldon found that his head was plunged into silence, no thought able to penetrate the bubbling feeling in his lower abdomen. It spread through his body like the common cold, taking over his body system without giving him a chance to refuse. What a strange feeling, it was unlike any other. It was neither discomforting or pleasurable but it promised more. It promised warmth, it promised Amy.

Thinking back, the only time he had come close to this unknown feeling was Meemaw singing Soft Kitty to her little Moonpie as a child, but it still had no comparison. This was stronger, more defensive and protective. This could conquer his feelings - make him indifferent to what he has hated and hidden from his whole life.

Sheldon knows now, that he could never let go of Amy, he could never simply let anyone else have her, as she was his and his alone, was she not? She was his Amy Farrah Fowler and he swore to himself that he would never risk losing the chance of this feeling, even if he was so afraid of change. It wouldn't be instantaneous. Hell, he wasn't even sure if it would be in the next couple of years, but he vowed to himself that he would try. He would try to over-come his resistance and hatred of change. He would try to show Amy his emotions more, because they were there. Oh, they were so definitely there. He would try until he succeeded because failure was not an option now. If anything scared him, it was that singular thought.

'What have you done to me'