AN/ Hey guys! Good grief it has been a century since I updated with anything! I've got a lot of short drabble/oneshots here. To be honest they're much too short to be stand alone pieces and even too short for me to consider putting them in my 'Hearts Tethered' Collection, so I figured that for ease, I'd put them all together in a new mini series. I hope you don't mind too much and I'm sorry for the shortness of some of these, but I hope you like and enjoy them all the same.

I haven't had much time unfortunately to write anything more substaintial, with Uni work creeping up on me in all directions. With any luck though I may actually be able to update a little more regularly soon. Those of you waiting for Advocacy Part 2 (my Lords Series) please bear with me a little longer. I've got it all planned out and its just a case of finding the time to write it all up. For the time being though, I hope these will do :)


She walked in on him in the bathroom. She didn't care for the procedures of privacy and knocking first. Besides, John rarely knocked for her and she didn't mind. Through the doorway which now housed Shayera, her form casually leaning against the frame, John could be seen. He was hunched over the basin with his bare and muscular back on full view. Shayera eyed him appreciatively before she caught his eye in the mirror.

"What are you doing, handsome?" She grinned at him brightly.

John returned her smile as he continued to lather foam and spread it over his face. "What are you doing in here, beautiful?"

He heard her laugh as he reached for his razor and he couldn't help but stretch his own smile wider.

"Nothing much," She replied as she settled on the stool by the sink having trailed her palm across his shoulders. Her expression was pulled into a frown as she rested her elbows along the edges of the basin "I was getting bored in there by myself." Shayera dubiously watched him raise the razor to his cheek.

He quirked an eyebrow "But the game is on, I thought you'd be watching it." Indeed there was a wrestling match or some sort of fighting match on and he had left her to her jeering so that he could shave before work. He could hardly arrive for monitor duty in the state his face was at the moment.

Her response was a disgruntled sniff as if something had irked her "It's not a real fight." She mumbled, sounding thoroughly disappointed "They aren't even hitting each other properly." She grumped.

John only chuckled as he brought the razor over his skin, removing the stubble that had grown beneath. "They're all mostly choreographed these days, honey. I thought you might have noticed earlier."

She tutted him "It used to be more genuine…whatever happened to good, traditional, violent fighting?" She shook her head in disgust "Anyway," She shrugged "I figured I'd have more fun watching you shave."

John cast her a side glance "Thanks…I think?" He ran the razor over his skin again and felt her eyes upon him quite acutely. She seemed to find the scene fascinating to watch. More fascinating than watching people beating themselves senseless apparently.

It wasn't until he bent over to rinse his face that she moved. Stooped over and splashing his face with water, John felt her hand against his bicep, a finger trailing his skin for apparently no reason.

"I suppose you'll be having a shower now."

He stood up and patted his face dry with a nearby towel "I was thinking about it."

She nodded her head as if she were thinking of something "Good…because I was thinking of taking one too." She stood up, pecked his cheek and sauntered off towards the shower, John watching her all the while. "Hurry up won't you?" She said as she set the temperature and began to undress before him, completely shameless.

John didn't need to be told twice.