Sum: I tried

The great Decepticon ship, known as Nemesis, was silent. Too silent for anyone, but it was a strange welcome. Megatron wasn't shouting at his commander, Starscream wasn't plotting, Knockout was actually working, and Soundwave was still the same. The Eradicons were a bit uneasy of this silence, but they welcomed it as if it was a golden egg that would be treated like fragile glass.

It was also peaceful, which was odd for them, but they took the chance to gossip and talk about few things they have heard from the other side of Nemesis to catch up with the news (who knows what's going on at the other side of the ship) and hear any missions that the other Eradicons went down to Earth.

"Anything new today?" One of the Eradicon asked, chewing on the light blue Energon like human would do to a gum. The second one, with wings, looked at its companion and hummed.

"Nothing as of right now, things' kinda slow these days ya know?"

The vehicle Eradicon sighed though its non-existent nose, while sucking on the sweet blue energon through its derma. He was bored and there was nothing to talk about since the gossip mayhem had passed last night. So there was nothing left to talk about unless their high officers did any sort of shenanigans that would excite their day (which leads to few Eradicons to lose their life while at it, but it didn't faze him really).

However, gossip is not just one of their pass-times, they also like to spar and wrestle for dominance with each other until it had escalated to the part where one of the arms has to be replaced or their armor's banged out, much to Knockout's migraine.

But he wasn't into the mood to spar or to wrestle. Just felt like talking and not giving any, as humans would say, shit on what others would say.

His fellow winged companion saw his dilemma and shook his head, "C'mon, we gotta get back to work if you want some action for yourself. Who knows? We might find something that might perk our interest."

Oh how right they were.

Both of them walked through the hallway, leading to the main ground where Megatron and his officers would be. The path was pretty simple enough; just walk past the Medical Bay where Knockout's occupying and turn left when passing two hallways of the right. Nemesis is huge, so everyone in this ship had to at least use a mark on the specific wall to know where. It's really no wonder, since Megatron had at least only one incident of getting lost in the Nemesis when it was built.

Also, their shenanigans were simple enough to know where they're going.

They were about to pass Knockout's med bay, until they heard muffled yelling coming out from the room.

Both Eradicons looked at each other in confusion. Normally, it wasn't new when you heard yelling from that room. But that only happens when Starscream was there for his repairs.

However what's more confusing to both of them is that the yelling was too higher pitch to be Starscream's and they knew that Starscream hadn't done anything to Megatron as of lately.

It was later solved that it was Knockout who was yelling, but at who was a mystery.

Due to the fact that their curiosity is too much, both Eradicons decided to listen in to the problem from the other side of the door.

"I don't want to do this anymore paperwork! Report after report, its no wonder why you haven't even complained about this."

"You pushed them all to me when you go out for driving." another voice rumbled, and the spying duo realized that it was Breakdown who was talking back, "Even after Commander Starscream had ordered you to not go out during Megatron's recovery, you still go out and race with some humans."

"Hey! I needed some air, and besides didn't I say I'm an drive enthusiast?"

"Sure, sure...If you continue like this, you won't be able to race with Autobot's scout."

There was an audible gasp, "Breakdown! You don't mean that! Please tell me you're joking!"

"Do I look like I'm the one who likes to make a joke, Knockout?"


"Then work."

"But...but...we made plans to have a race today!"

"Well, you don't have to worry about that, I already called him-"

"You what!"

"-and he said that it's fine that the race was postponed and moved it to tomorrow since he had no missions on that day. As long as you finish your medical work then you can go out and race him."


"Tomorrow, now get to work or else I'll call Bumblebee that you're going to have all nighters again and have it move to another day."

"Working! Working!"