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The Child of Mew

Shadows of Kanto

Prologue: What Happened Before…

In every story… there comes a simple change, and with that, a new story is created and written. In the beginning of The Child of Mew, a young Trainer was orphaned at the age of 3 due to the Fearow Flock attacking them on their way to the next town. A Mew happened to fly by and discovered this child just before the mother's death… The child's name was Ash Ketchum, and the legendary cat decided to take him under her wing and raise him. The boy grew into a knowledgeable ten year old, thanks to the Mew Games the Mew put him through. However, these Mew Games were also very painful and terrifying at times, and he couldn't take it anymore, so the boy decided to run away from home and become a Pokemon Trainer.

At Professor's Oak's lab, Ash received a Pikachu… Although it was very stubborn and disliked him at first, the two became best of friends after they survived the Fearow Flock together. Since then they've been going on a journey together, catching and befriending many other Pokemon, as well as gaining two human traveling companions: Brock Stone and Misty Waterflower, two former Gym Leaders of the Kanto Region. Mew had always been beside Ash- despite him trying to run away from her, she stuck with him using a Meowth disguise. The three humans and their Pokemon went through a lot together, going through Gyms… surviving crazy Mew Games, and even fought with the infamous Team Rocket. Surprisingly, though, not much is really known about them, just that they're an evil organization that steals Pokemon to make money.

Ash had always thought Giovanni was the leader of Team Rocket, as did many others… However, during one desperate battle against a powerful young Trainer who worked for Team Rocket, he soon discovered that Team Rocket had many elites, and two of them were the leaders to these overpowered elites that even Giovanni himself doesn't know about. The powerful mysterious Trainer left Ash in defeat, but not without a fight, and a darn good one at that, defeating the Pokemon the Trainer used, at the cost of his whole team. Misty and Brock went their separate ways after Misty got a call to come back to her Gym and Brock decided to go with Connor, a famous Pokemon Breeder, to help fulfill his own dreams, thus leaving Ash to go on his own Pokemon Journey, once more alone, along with his Pokemon, and to do some serious training in case he runs into that mysterious Trainer or anyone like him again.

… However… that's not the end of the story, far from it. What you have heard thus far was just the tip of the iceberg. For Ash Ketchum would soon learn of the truth behind Team Rocket's powerful leaders… and of the dangerous shadows of the once peaceful Kanto region…

Chapter 1: Return to Saffron City

Ash was taking a break from walking… He's going back to Saffron City, but it wasn't a short walk back. "Ugh… I really wish I could just ride in the car from here, walking is such a pain in the feet!" He was eating some trail mix, without Brock he couldn't really cook and he firmly told his Memma (Pokemon term for 'parent' or 'mother'), who is currently a Meowth but in reality a Mew, not to conjure up anything to eat.

Storm, Ash's Pikachu, nodded, groaning as he sat down. "Uuuugh, no kidding… This SUCKS! My blisters probably have blisters, Ash! Can't we just get Mew to teleport us there? My feet are aching, at least you're wearing shoes!"

Ash rolled his eyes, scoffing- yes he can talk to Pokemon because Mew raised him, it's only natural he'd pick up their language, of course he tries to keep this a secret from others. "Storm… you've been asleep in my backpack for most of the trip; you have no room to complain. Besides, I told Memma I wanted to do this journey without her powers unless it's absolutely necessary. A long walk doesn't count as 'absolutely necessary', just convenience that will make me lazy."

Storm grumbled, crossing his arms as he spoke sarcastically. "Fine, jerk. Don't let us take less time to find out about this Gary look-alike you saw back in Saffron City on TV! I mean, it's not like he'll just up and LEAVE at any moment!"

Ash grumbled and sighed as he opened a can of Pokemon Food and put it down for Storm to eat. "Just shut up and eat your lunch, we'll be there soon." The two had a brother-like relationship; they argue a lot but they are very close to each other.

The Trainer's Pikachu rolled his eyes, beginning to dig in. "You got any ketchup, Ash? I'm starving!"

The boy looked at his begging Pikachu, who was giving him a puppy dog pout. "... No, I didn't bring any with me. And since when did you become so obsessed with ketchup?"

Storm shrugged, still pouting. "They made it so delicious when we ate at that fast food place! So can we get some!?"

Ash groaned, shaking his head. "You'll have to wait until we reach Saffron City. I still have some money left, enough for a restaurant of one… maybe two."

Storm frowned, huffing. "Let me guess- just for you? I'm STARVING for ketchup!"

The raven black-haired boy gave an annoyed look at the whining Pikachu. "Excuse me, but a Trainer and his Pokemon COUNT as ONE! Sheesh…"

Nya, the Mew/Meowth's nickname in that form, was just licking her arms in content. "If you want… I could make you some ketchup, Stormy."

The Pikachu perked up, nodding happily. "Y-yes please, Mew! I'm DYING without my ketchup!"

Nya smirked sinisterly, that made both the boy and the Pikachu nervous. "Well alright then, but you'll have to play a Mew Game with me if you want it. I'm not giving a free handout this time."

With that information known, Ash's Pikachu quickly shook his head, paling. "N-n-no, no! No, please, I'm good! I'm… I'm fine without ketchup! I-I can w-wait until we g-get to Saffron City!"

Nya kept smirking as she giggled. Works every time~

After Ash and Storm finished their little snack, they stood up- it was time to move on again. Storm climbed back onto his Trainer's hat while Ash continued walking, Nya just floating beside him despite being a Meowth.

Ash frowned, glancing at her in concern. "Memma, stop floating, what if someone sees?"

Nya chuckled, shrugging. "I have hypnosis for that! Besides, they'll just think they're crazy~ Hee hee, and you know I love promoting that! Plus it'll be funny to see their reaction to a 'flying Meowth'!"

Yes, Ash believes the one who raised him is certifiably insane, but he can't really say much or she'll put him through a Mew Game, and those are horrific! "Right… well… I think we're in luck; Saffron City is just up ahead, I can already see it in view!" Ash smiled.

Just before the boy could get into the city, however, someone stopped him, a little boy wearing shorts. "Hey! You're a Trainer, right? I challenge you to a Pokemon Battle!" He pulled out a Poke Ball, grinning.

Ash stopped and turned, glad Nya wasn't floating right now. "Eh? Right now?" The boy nodded, and he sighed. "Well, I have a couple of badges… You sure you still wanna challenge me, kid?"

The boy nodded, smiling. "I have three badges myself! I want to battle!"

Ash sighed, pulling out a pink Poke Ball himself. "Alright fine…" If he has three badges he must be pretty good, might as well see how good. "Three Pokemon only sound good?" The boy nodded, grinning. "Alright, then… Let's go, Kohona!" He tossed the Heal Ball to reveal Kohona, a Bulbasaur. "Ready for a battle?"

"Yes, it's about time I get to fight." Konoha smirked, readying his vines.

The boy looked at the Bulbasaur and danced around, grinning. "Awesome! Did you get that Bulbasuar from Professor Oak? I fought with another guy who had a Squirtle, and another one with a Charmander, and another one with a Bulbasuar too! That was about… a few months ago, they're probably evolved by now."

Ash sweatdropped, it's true none of his Pokemon, aside from Flutter the Butterfree, had evolved, but he knew they're still strong. "Just send out your Pokemon, kid…. You DID say we'd have a battle."

The boy smiled and nodded, tossing the Poke Ball out. "I'll beat you! Let's go!" With that, the Poke Ball opened to release a Pidgeotto. "This Flying type will easily take out your puny Bulbasaur!"

Konoha growled, not taking the insult too kindly. "How dare this little pipsqueak insult me like that!? I'll show you puny!"

Ash had to hold back a scoff, grinning behind his hand. Clearly this kid is full of himself, but at least he knows his types. "Alright then, let's see if your prediction is right. Konoha, use Vine Whip to tangle that Pidgeotto!" It's a shame Gale couldn't be here to fight… he's a Pidgeotto too, but Prof. Oak wanted to study him for some reason… Oh well, guess I'll make do.

With a smirk, Kohona tied up the Pidgeotto's wings real tight, causing it to flail around in shock. The boy frowned, clenching his fist. "Pidgeotto, use Wing Attack!" he called, trying to get the Bulbasaur's vines off his Pokemon.

It worked; Konoha had to let it go because its wings were hurting his vines.

"Now use Sand-Attack!" the boy called triumphantly, and the Pidgeotto covered the battlefield with sand, blinding the Bulbasaur. "And use Gust!"

Ash knew he had to do something or Konoha will get caught in a Flying attack. "Konoha! Focus, spread out PoisonPowder into the Gust!"

The boy's eyes widened at that command in surprise. "W-what!? Pidgeotto, no, don't use-" It was too late, though, as Pidgeotto was already poisoned from the attack as the sand began to settle.

Ash smirked, grinning happily at that. "Alright, and add to that Poison with Leech Seed!"

"With pleasure!" The Bulbasaur smiled as he released a seed from the tip of his bulb onto the bird's head. Vines grew out of the seed and spread over the Pidgeotto's body, slowly sucking energy away from it.

"Finish it off with Double-Edge!" Ash commanded while the Pidgeotto was down.

Konoha charged and hit the Pidgeotto right in the gut, sending it into a tree.

"NO WAY!" the boy screamed in frustration as his Pidgeotto fainted, unable to take the strain anymore. "How'd you DO that!?"

Ash couldn't help but speak up, startling the boy. "It's true Grass types have a lot of weaknesses, which is why many of them like my Bulbasaur here learn many moves that helps support and defend them from such weaknesses, like Sleep Powder to put them to sleep, or Leech Seed to help stall them out. Don't assume, just because my Pokemon's a Grass type, that it means they're completely weak, okay?"

The boy frowned, slowly nodding. "F…. Fine, let's go!" He tossed out another Poke Ball, sending out a Raticate.

"A Normal type, huh? Interesting, since they have such little weakness and pretty diverse…" Ash commented as he returned Konoha, since that was the end of Round 1 and onto Round 2. "Alright, let's go, Kooper!" He released a Squirtle from his Premier Ball, and he stretched, grinning.

"You… have a Squirtle too? What did the old man decide to give you two of his Pokemon?" The boy frowned in confusion, obviously believing Prof. Oak was the only guy who can give people a Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

Ash anime fell for a second, before scrambling to his feet and frowning at the boy. "Are you kidding me? There's more than just Prof. Oak's Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in the world, they're just the easiest to find!"

The boy shook his head, frowning. "Not from what I heard a Pokedex say- apparently they're so rare only Professors own them!"

Ash sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. "They are rare, but not impossible to find. But this isn't about that, are we going to battle or talk all day? Kooper, use Water Pulse!"

The Squirtle created a ball of water in his hands and threw it at the Raticate, who blinked in shock. The boy reacted quickly, though, shouting, "Dodge and use Hyper Fang, quick!"

The fast rat jumped out of the Water Pulse's way and bit down on Kooper's shell! Thanks to his hard shell the Squirtle was able to avoid serious damage, but it did still hurt.

"OW! LET GO OF ME YOU STUPID BUCK TOOTHED RAT!" Kooper screamed at the Raticate, who refused to let go.

"Kooper, turn around and use Bite!" Ash commanded, frowning in concern.

Kooper did indeed turn to the Raticate and bite down on its claws, and now both Pokemon were biting on each other, both Trainers knowing it's boiling down to a battle of wills.

The boy gritted his teeth, thinking. "Use- use Shadow Ball!"

Right in the Squirtle's face, Raticate fired a dark ghostly ball! Through pure reaction Ash gave the command, "Wah! Withdraw into your shell!"

Kooper barely had time to get his head into his shell just as Shadow Ball blew him into a rock! "Ow…" Kooper moaned.

"You okay?" The boy asked his Squirtle.

"Headache…" The former Squirtle Squad leader moaned. "MAN, that hurt…." He winced, rubbing his forehead in pain.

The boy grinned, fist pumping. "ALRIGHT! You've got this, Raticate! Hyper Fang while it's distracted!"

"Kooper! Water Pulse!" Ash quickly called, Kooper barely had enough time to just form the Water Pulse before the Raticate bit down on him! The Water Pulse exploded, soaking the Raticate. Both Pokemon dropped down unconscious, this was a draw.

Just attacking and attacking… that's what we've been doing… and we wore our Pokemon out because of that… Was that Trainer right about me always going head on with attacks? Ash thought to himself, troubled by how this ended in a tie. Technically, it should have been a win for him- he had more badges and experience… so how did he lose?

The boy smiled, holding out his hand. "Hey, great job! You're a good Trainer!"

Ash blinked, surprised as he shook the boy's hand. "Uh… thanks… but I could always use room for improvement, besides… wasn't this a three-on-three battle? We still have one more round to go."

The odd kid shrugged, grinning. "Yeah, we do, but this is such a rush! Honestly, you're super tough! Alright, let's make this a battle to remember! Go Charmeleon! This one I got from Professor Oak!"

Ash's eyes widened, this kid looked no older than eight years old! Last he checked you had to be at least ten to start a Pokemon journey! "H-hey, how old are you, kid!?"

The boy blinked, before shrugging. "I'm eight, why? I don't see the problem…"

The boy frowned, shaking his head. "... But you have to be ten years old to become a Pokemon Trainer!" He looked at Storm and at the Meowth beside him, the Pikachu just shrugged; he didn't know what the humans do when they become Pokemon Trainers. Nya seemed to know something, but she not willing to tell.

The younger boy who was Ash's opponent tilted his head in confusion. "Huh? No you don't, haven't you seen preschoolers with Pokemon too?"

Ash groaned, shaking his head. "I have but those were the teachers teaching kids about Pokemon, not them being Pokemon Trainers- you know what? Forget about it, let's just battle!" The boy took out a Cherish Ball. "Since you're using a Charmeleon, just figure this will be fitting, go Scorch!" He released a shiny golden Charmander, causing the younger boy to blink in surprise.

"Huh? That's a weird-looking Charmander… Oh well, guess it doesn't matter much!" He shrugged, smiling. "Use Smokescreen!"

"She's a shiny Charmander, you know, a Pokemon of a different color?" Ash spoke up while the Charmeleon fired out Smokescreen, covering the field.

The boy kept shrugging, surprising Ash less and less. "I have no idea."

Ash sighed, "Whatever... Scorch, you stay calm, alright?" The boy didn't want to make the same mistakes he always did; and that's being too aggressive during battle, that was a big mistake during his battle with the mystery Trainer, and he's planning to change that.

Scorch nodded, looking around cautiously but keeping a cool head. "Right, got it Ash!" The golden Charmander looked around in the thick smoke, but eventually she caught sight of a light… it was an orange light, the tail flame of the enemy.

"Dragon Rage!" Ash ordered, knowing a Charmeleon has stronger stats than that of a Charmander, he's going straight for the big damaging move.

The Charmander instantly fired off what looked like bluish-purple fire right at the tail, and the boy couldn't see it coming due to the Smokescreen.

Charmeleon was hit and roared out in pain!

"Charmeleon! Come on you can handle it! Use Dragon Claw!" the boy quickly demanded, only a little worried.

Scorch's evolution counterpart charged at her with its claws singed red. Ash quickly commanded, "Fight back with Metal Claw!"

Scorch's claws turned into iron steel before going claw to claw with the Charmeleon, but of course the Charmeleon's claws were bigger, much bigger, and was quickly overwhelming the smaller Charmander.

The younger boy cheered, grinning. "That's the way to do it! Fire Fang!"

Ash blinked before frowning. "Scorch, Smokescreen- hide in the smog!"

Before the bigger Charmeleon could bite down his fiery fangs on the smaller Charmander, Scorch quickly coughed out black smog in his face and hid in it.

Ash smiled, seeing an opening now. "Yes! Now use Mega Kick!"

The golden Charmander wasted no time jumping and using her foot kicking the Charmeleon right in the face! He was sent straight to the ground, struggling to get up since she had her foot right in his face, before biting it.

Scorch jumped and shouted in pain as she grabbed her poor foot and bounced on it. Ash sweatdropped at the scene.

"Nice, the thing just bit her like a Rattata." Storm chuckled.

"Remi wouldn't be happy to hear that, Storm," Ash commented to the chuckling Pikachu, who quickly stopped. Remi is a female Rattata Ash has, and she's a feisty one too, Storm has a little bit of a crush on her.

The boy grinned happily, fist pumping again. "Use Slash, Charmeleon! I know you can do it!"

Charmeleon stood up with his claws ready to slash at the pre-evolution counterpart. Ash gritted his teeth, know he had to act fast.

"Scorch! Ember at his face now!" he shouted, just as the Charmeleon was about to attack.

The Charmander swung her tail flame like crazy, unleashing her fire at the Charmeleon's face- this didn't do much to the fiery lizard, but it did stall him from using Slash on her.

"Now use Dragon Rage!" Ash called quickly.

Without hesitation, Scorch fired off a blue dragon-like energy that chomped down on the Charmeleon! He fell back, trying to shake off the energy, before slumping, unmoving.

The boy's eyes widened in shock. "C-Charmeleon? C'mon, get up! You can keep fighting!"

Ash sighed, shaking his head sadly. "Look, don't push your Pokemon too hard. If they're unable to battle don't force them."

The boy gave a glare, stomping his foot childishly. "But it's not fair! How could you beat me with a Charmander? Charmeleon should've been much stronger than a mere Charmander!"

Ash sighed again, shrugging. "It's true that when a Pokemon evolves they become stronger than their previous evolution, but that doesn't mean they're invincible. You need to use good strategy, too… otherwise you can lose."

The boy huffed, turning away. "This sucks…. You're really strong, but I thought I held my own until that last Pokemon…"

Then the boy looked at Scorch with curiosity, tilting his head. "You… have all three? A Bulbasaur, Squirtle AND a Charmander? Okay the Charmander looks weird but still…"

Scorch narrowed her eyes in annoyance and Ash chuckled, shrugging. "Well these three I just happen to run into during my journey…" Or maybe I just got really lucky like that Trainer said… His thoughts darkened at that last bit, before smiling at the boy.

"Wow… That is so cool! I hope I could find a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle myself too!" The boy said with stars in his eyes. "Oh, by the way, my name is Tim, who are you?"

Ash held out his hand, which the boy took. "My name is Ash, I'm heading to Saffron City right now to look for something."

Tim nodded as he shook the older boy's hand, smiling excitedly. "I'm heading to Fuschia City myself, hoping to see a real ninja in action! I heard Koga is one of the best!"

Ash shrugged, sighing. "I was gonna go that way too, but the bridge is out- so I gotta go through Saffron again."

Tim grinned, nodding. "I heard, but thankfully my big brother is waiting for me over there with some bicycles. Well, I guess I'll go to a Pokemon Center and get going, I'll see you later Adam!"

"It's ASH!" Ash yelled as the boy ran off, chuckling in amusement.

Scorch and Storm gave a sigh, the Charmander grumbling before she spoke up. "He's a spoiled brat…"

"You're just angry that he called you weird." Storm smirked.

Ash sighed before turning to the Meowth, "Memma, did you do something to overwrite the law saying that only ten year olds or older can start a Pokemon journey? And if so, why?"

Nya shrugged, giggling. "Who, meeeee? Now why would I do such a thing? Hee hee~"

Ash, Storm and Scorch all glared at her while the Meowth/Mew just kept smiling 'innocently'.

"Look, it just seems unfair that kids always have to wait until they're ten years old, if they know enough about Pokemon I say let them go and have a fun journey. You should've seen it before in the old days where they had to wait until they were at least 20 years old to handle Pokemon." Nya answered finally, shrugging.

Ash continued to glare. "Well, what if they aren't READY to handle Pokemon yet, Memma?"

Nya kept giggling, "Pokemon aren't stupid you know, if the kid can't handle them then they'll learn the hard way. Personally I got sick and tired of them always disobeying their parents and running away from home just to become a Pokemon Trainer to prove them wrong, it's happened A LOT, Ashy. At least this way they can grow more experience with real life experience."

Ash blinked in surprise, thrown for a loop by that. "Wait… really? So…. you just made it so they COULD go, instead of them doing it to spite their parents?"

When Nya nodded, Storm blinked. "...Huh. You… actually did something nice for a lot of people."

Nya rolled her eyes at that, scoffing. "Despite what you may think of me, Stormy, I always do. It is part of my duty after all. All legendary Pokemon have some duty to care of the Earth and its people and Pokemon, mine just happens to be… a bit more complicated and bigger than most since I usually look out for reality shifting, environments, and the people and Pokemon themselves. Others like Suicune for example just look out for water, Raikou for Electricity and Entei for fire. Others look out for one major thing like environments, or maybe even the spirit world like with Giratina."

Ash nodded, he already knew this but his Pokemon didn't, despite how crazy Mew can be she really does care and look out for this good world, even if she does it in her own twisted way.

Then Mew/Meowth looked at Ash, grinning mischievously. "Besides, I do remember a certain child that ran away from home before to become a Pokemon Trainer, the same one who picked out a stubborn Pikachu and almost got killed by the Fearow Flock a few months back, I wonder who it was~"

Ash blushed, glancing away nervously. "M-Memma, that's different…"

Nya just gave a giggle at her child's nervousness, shrugging. "Well that little stunt did make me wonder if the other parents had to go through the same worry, only they can't help their children like I can. So it's what gave me the inspiration to just take out the age limit altogether."

Scorch yawned and stretched, sighing as he jumped on Ash's cap. "This is all good, but aren't we supposed to be somewhere now?"

Ash straightened up, remembering. "Oh right, we should be close to Saffron City now. Scorch, return!" The boy shot the red beam of light at the Charmander, turning her into red energy and being absorbed into the Cherish Ball.

Storm sighed, curling up. "So we're going to find out about that Gary-look-alike, then straight to Fuschia City?"

Ash nodded, shrugging. "That's the plan… well, assuming I can actually get a bike to use…"

The boy and his two Pokemon walked along the path and were glad that they made it into the city again, Ash stretched out, grinning. "Ah, it's good to finally be back!" He looked at the tallest building in the city. "I'm glad to see the Silph Co. is still up and running."

Storm nodded. "Same here, it's a relief to see tha- hmm? Hey Ash, look over there, I see the look-alike at the entrance!"

Ash stopped and almost did a double-take, surprised. "What?" We found him already? The boy blinked a few times and looked at the entrance… What he saw looked just like Gary but also a little different… for one he wore different clothing; a green jacket, a black t-shirt, blue pants and a necklace with a small blue stone. Gary usually wears a blue t-shirt and a pendent with a green and yellow yin-yang symbol. Their physical appearance also had some differences too, their spiky hairs are the same but this boy's is a lighter shade brown.

Nya blinked, tilting her head. "I recognize that boy from somewhere… I wonder…."

Ash couldn't stop staring… it was just so odd to see almost a clone of his rival here, yet it's not Gary… "Um… should I talk to him?" Ash felt nervous now that he's seeing him in person… the Gary-look-alike had some kind of aura around him, similar to that mysterious Trainer, and that was enough to make him weary.

Storm shrugged. "We might as well, yeah…. He seems pretty strong!"

The boy gulped, shaking his head. "Maybe we should approach him cautiously, I mean there's something about him that's similar to that mysterious Trainer… and I rather not have a repeat of what happened last time." Ash whispered.

Nya shrugged. "Well, I'm not!" With that, the Mew/Meowth walked up to the boy, and smiled, purring.

Ash's body turned pale white. Are you CRAZY!?

The Gary-look-alike boy looked down when he heard her purring, glancing down at her. "Hmm?" He bent down to her, beginning to pet the Mew/Meowth. "Well hello there, what are you doing way out here? Are you alone?"

She shook her head, pointing at Ash with one paw. He paled, trying to find a place to hide. The boy just dived head first into a wall! Storm flipped off his frantic Trainer.

"Ash! What are you doing? Just talk to the boy!" Storm snapped at his Trainer, hiding like a scared Rattata… not counting his Remi.

Ash shook his head. "N-no way, he's really kinda scary…" he whispered, before seeing a shadow cover him.

Ash jumped when the shadow turned out to be the Gary-look-alike. The boy looked at Ash curiously, raising an eyebrow. "Are you playing hide-n-seek or something?"

Ash quickly stood up and grinning nervously, "N-no, I was just… looking for some… uh… loose change? Erm… W-well uh… hello! Nice to meet you… Forgive me for saying this but you kinda look like someone I know."

The boy blinked in surprise. "Really? Well…. maybe I'm related to them. Can you describe the guy for me?"

The raven hair boy chuckled nervously, he felt like he was talking to Darkrai himself. "Um… H-his name is Gary Oak, and he has the same hair style as you and-"

"Gary Oak, you say? … Yeah, he's someone I know." The boy sighed, shaking his head as if trying to remove a parasite.

Ash blinked, surprised at that. "You do?"

The boy shrugged nonchalantly, rubbing his forehead. "He's my twin brother."

This shocked Ash to the core, for as long as he knew Gary he had always saw he had an older sister, that was it! No brothers, let alone a TWIN! "W-wait… You're Gary's TWIN!?"

The boy shrugged again. "He doesn't mention me at all, does he?" When Ash nodded, he rolled his eyes. "Well… what's your name?"

Ash was still opening and closing his mouth like a Golden, "... Uh… w-well I'm…" He quickly cleared his throat. "I'm Ash Ketchum… B-but wait, if you're his twin brother then… why doesn't Gary or Prof. Oak mention you?"

The boy sighed, looking away. "Gary and I never really… see eye-to-eye despite being twins. And my Grandpa… well, let's just say we had a disagreement the last time we spoke to each other."

Ash frowned, before speaking up quietly. "... Well… uh… could I at least get your name?"

The Gary twin looked at Ash again, looking away. "... Just call me Blue."

Ash blinked, "Blue? … That's a name? It's a color!"

Blue shrugged, chuckling. "Well I knew someone named Red, so I'm not the only color named person."

Ash blinked in surprise at that. "Wait, Red? As in… the Kanto Champion Red!?"

It was at this that Blue gave a sigh and rolled his eyes as if seeing this reaction many times before, before nodding. "Yes, the very same Red. He's probably out looking for Mew right now… I hadn't seen him since he left to find that impossible Pokemon. Anyway, I'm just out traveling on my leisure."

Ash, ignoring the Mew bit, spoke up in confusion. "Wait… aren't you a Pokemon Trainer yourself?"

Blue nodded, sighing. "Well…. yes, but why do you ask?"

Ash decided to dive right in and go for it, shrugging. "I was wondering… if you'll have a battle with me? You know, just a quick one-on-one?"

Blue blinked before groaning as he facepalmed. "Oh come on, not another one. Listen, Ash, I don't battle. I only keep Pokemon with me to protect me from wild Pokemon but that's it, I'm not a Trainer and I don't battle with other Trainers, though for some reason everyone wants to battle me whenever they see me."

Ash blinked, surprised. "...B-but you just SAID you were a Pokemon Trainer. Besides, you have some kind of… aura, around you…" I know he doesn't seem to like battling based off of his lost on Sabrina and what that Arcanine back at the salon said, but… I want to engage his skills at least…

Blue looked at the boy in confusion, raising an eyebrow. "... Aura? Oh come on, you're saying everyone wants to challenge me because of some stupid aura? People've got to learn to leave a guy alone."

Ash shrugged, sheepishly smiling. "W-well, it's not just that… but something about you….."

Blue sighed, "Something about me? … Look, I'm just a boy who became the forgotten twin of the Oak family, nothing special about me. But… if you won't leave me alone until I battle you, fine, let's battle. What are you using?"

Ash smiled in excitement. "I'll be using my Pikachu, and you?"

Blue gave a bored sigh, shaking his head as he pulled out a Poke Ball. "I'll just use my Eevee then."

Ash frowned, why is he being like that? Well, that's what he's trying to find out… "Alright Storm, here we go!"

Storm jumped into the battlefield on all fours, sparking in excitement. "I'm going to get you!"

Blue sighed, before letting out his Pokemon. The Eevee looked at the Pikachu just as boredly as it's Trainer. "Yeah, whatever. Troublesome Pikachu…"

Storm bristled, glaring. "What'd you call me!?"

"Storm, cool it!" Ash scolded before looking at Blue's bored expression, and he frowned. "Blue, I don't want you to lose to me on purpose, I want an honest to goodness battle, you hear me?"

Blue rolled his eyes. "Why do I need to? I barely need to put any work into this…"

Ash frowned… he could see some other emotion past Blue's boredom…. but he couldn't tell what. "... Blue, just please battle with your real strength, even just for this one battle."

Blue grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Sabrina said the same thing, but I'll just battle how I want. Eevee, use Growl."

Eevee opened his mouth and let out a loud growl at the Pikachu, lowering his attack. It then turned into a yawn, causing Storm to blink. "Ahh… I'm too tired for this…."

"H-hey, don't just fall asleep on me!" Storm glared, beginning to charge.

"Storm! Use Iron Tail!" Ash called, trying to keep his Pokemon calmer.

The Pikachu jumped and turned his tail into steel and whacked at the Eevee, who just used Sand-Attack on his own accord and blinded Storm and made him miss completely.

Ash blinked in shock. "W-what the heck!?" He attacked on his own…? Wait… that Trainer from before… He said the true symbol of strength was when- …Was when you didn't have to give an order… Or was it that they can evolve through just a snap of a finger?... Either way, this proves he's a very advanced Trainer at the very LEAST.

Blue sighed, shaking his head. "Tackle."

Eevee hit Storm right in the stomach with a Tackle attack, it seemed like a pretty strong one too as it was enough to hit the Pikachu back.

Storm gritted his teeth, glaring. Even with an Eevee, this guy is strong! He then charged again, his cheeks sparking.

Ash blinked, before calling out to him. "Use Wild Charge!"

Storm charged at the Eevee with a full on powered up Volt Tackle cloaking him. Blue's eyes actually widened in surprise at this, calling out, "Dig now!"

Eevee quickly buried himself underground to avoid the incoming Volt Tackle. Blue crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes. "Impressive, to have a Pikachu that knows Volt Tackle, that's pretty rare among many Trainers, Ash."

Ash blinked, "Volt… Tackle? Wait… Storm, when did you learn Volt Tackle?"

"Back when that Dewott almost killed you." Storm answered with a huff. "But I guess you didn't notice… I mean you were pretty disorientated."

Blue looked down, he didn't call out any commands, but Eevee jumped out from beneath Storm and pounced the Pikachu! Ash's eyes widened. Again! He didn't call out a command yet his Pokemon just knew what to do! I'm SURE that's something a very experienced Trainer can do!

Storm grunted in pain, laying on his back. "L-let… me… go!"

"Use Thunderbolt now!" Ash quickly called.

Blue sighed, "Bite."

Eevee opened its mouth and bit down on Storm's neck! Storm cried out in pain, he was in too much pain to focus and couldn't unleash Thunderbolt.

Blue cringed at this as a memory suddenly invaded his mind. This… this is just like with Red's Charmander that time… "Eevee, stop!"

Eevee did stop and got off the Pikachu, Ash blinked in confusion as to why he suddenly stopped the attack. "H...Huh? Blue, what are you doing?"

Storm gritted his teeth, sitting up. "Y...Yeah, why'd you guys stop? You were winning…"

"Because Blue said so, troublesome Pikachu…"Eevee shrugged, yawning.

Blue crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow. "Well what are you waiting for? You should take advantage of this and attack."

Ash glared, shaking his head stubbornly. "I refuse to win because you let me win, Blue. We fight without one of us giving up!"

Blue rolled his eyes. "Well… then I suppose I give up."

"No! I wanted us to battle fair and square!" Ash snapped.

Blue grumbled, turning to face Ash with a scowl. "What is with you? Why are you so determined to make me battle and win? Look, the way you battle is okay, but you can't be so aggressive or agitated while battling… I know I made that mistake way too many times."

Ash shook his head, glaring. "It's not that I'm trying to MAKE you win, but giving up won't help either of us!" He winced at the aggressive insult, but tried to ignore it for now.

The forgotten twin sighed, shaking his head. "Just forget about it." He returned his Eevee back into his Poke Ball and began walking away, but Ash wasn't going to give up that easily. He picked up Storm and handed him two Oran Berries.

"Here you go buddy, these will help make you feel better, you get some rest now." Ash said to the tired Pikachu before putting him in his backpack, with the bag open of course, and began walking after Blue with the Meowth walking behind him, finding this quite amusing.

"Blue, I'm not letting you out of my sight…" Ash spoke up as he hurried after the Gary twin.

Blue turned and scowled, glaring. "Just leave me alone, I have no reason to challenge or talk to you anymore."

Ash shook his head, glaring right back. "Maybe not, but I do. I'm not leaving your side until I figure out why you're so cold!"

Blue was surprised by this… why wouldn't this kid leave him alone? "I'm not cold, I just didn't want to battle! There's nothing wrong with that!"

Ash crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes. "... I can tell you're a very experienced Trainer by just how you battled, half the time you didn't even command the Eevee to attack, it just did it on its own."

Blue just rolled his eyes, scoffing. "Oh please, just because the Pokemon acted on its own a few times it automatically says I'm an experienced Trainer? No, it just means the Pokemon can think for itself, because I just got it from the wild."

Ash glared, getting right in his face. "That's Tauros crap and you know it! I've caught plenty of wild Pokemon before, and none of them ever does something on their own! Not only that, but I know it's an advanced technique, to let your Pokemon battle on their own!"

Blue grumbled, this kid was annoying. "Will you just GO AWAY already!? Not everything is what you think!"

The other boy frowned and crossed his arms as Nya jumped on his shoulder, "... Show me what Pokemon you have."

The spiky brown hair boy blinked, "What?" He didn't expect that to come out of the kid's mouth…

Ash shrugged. "You heard me- show me what Pokemon you have. Eevee can't be your only one!"

Blue grumbled, "You just won't quit… Fine, just look and leave me alone." he released two other Poke Balls; a Growlithe and a Spearow. "There, happy now? These three are the only Pokemon I have."

Ash frowned in thought, nodding slowly. "Alright… Two of them are really rare Pokemon- so you're not just an ordinary Trainer." He smirked at Blue.

Blue shook his head, scoffing. "Oh please, I didn't catch them. I was just walking on my own for a while when I came across an Eevee digging through a garbage can, I gave it some food and it followed me. After a while I decided to just clean it up and it went into a spare Poke Ball I had. The Growlithe I found someone abusing it before abandoning it on the streets. Like with Eevee I gave it some food and healed it up with some Super Potions. After a while the Growlithe also went into a spare Poke Ball. The Spearow I saw had an injured wing, after bandaging it up and taking care of it for a few days, I tried to let it fly away free but instead it went into another Poke Ball. I swear these guys have a problem, but whatever, at least they keep me safe from hostile wild Pokemon."

Ash blinked in surprise. "...W-wait… it just…. They all followed you?" He was completely surprised. "That's… Well, it happened to me for a few, but…"

Blue shrugged, sighing. "But yeah, I'm not a Pokemon Trainer like I said, they just kinda do what they want and I only say commands if I feel it's necessary."

Ash frowned. "...Well, I'm still following you! So where are you heading now, Blue?" He raised an eyebrow at the boy who just began to hit his head on a nearby wall.

Blue returned his three Pokemon and glared at the annoying boy, moving his head away from the wall. "Not that it's any of your business, but I was going to Silph Co. to see if my brother's been there… that and to get some extra Poke Balls in case anymore Pokemon need a home. I'll probably let someone adopt them later when I get back home."

Ash nodded, smiling. "Well, I'll join you then! And perhaps we can head to Fuschia City afterwards!"

Blue glared at him even more, "Hey! I don't want you coming with me!"

Ash shrugged, smirking. "Too bad, you're stuck with me! Besides I've been pretty lonely since I had to leave a few friends of mine anyway!"

"Hee, hee, that's my boy! Sticking to the traveling partner you chose!" Nya giggled like a happy school girl.

Blue scowled, glaring angrily. "Whatever, you annoying shadow, follow me if you want- but don't expect me to treat you like a friend or a pal!"

Ash just kept smiling as he shrugged. "Sure, let's go! On to Silph Co!"

To Be Continued...

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