Key2DestNE: *in a wheelchair, with his legs bandaged* Uh…. Hey guys… I can already tell you guys are going, "Why is he in a wheelchair? Did he hurt himself?" Well, in a word… no. *glances nervously at the fox sitting on his lap*

DarkFoxKit: *was writing something in his lap, and she sighed.* … No, no, no! That's not right! It's too overdone! *tears paper out, crumbles it, and throws it into the full wastebasket* Ugh…

Key2DestNE: Can't find a good idea for COM? You know I COULD have helped you if you didn't slice my legs up… *shrugs, acting innocent*

DarkFoxKit: Can the act, Key! I'm talking about a script for our AN- HEY! IS THAT CAMERA ROLLING!? I TOLD YOU WE'RE NOT READY YET!


Key2DestNE: *smiles nervously at the camera, glancing between it and Fox* Uhhhh…. nooooooo…. What're you talking about? *unconvincingly*

DarkFoxKit: Key… look, THIS is what I'm talking about! *gestures at Key's 'injuries' as the bandages begin to peel off* Have you noticed that in all of our ANs so far you're the injured, poor, scared victim and I'm like the cruel witch who enjoys your fear and pain?

Key2DestNE: …W-whaaaaat? Nooooooo. Not at ALL…. *glances away, whistling innocently* I NEVER noticed that, Kit… When did THAT happen?

DarkFoxKit: *chews on her pen, before she looks up at the camera* … Hey! Stop that camera! I told you not to roll until we're ready! Ugh… Forget it, just get to the disclaimer and to the story!

Mew: This isn't fair! I don't have the special effects ready yet- I-I mean I'm not… uh… really awake yet!

Key2DestNE: *shrugs* Well, DarkFoxKit and I don't own the characters of Pokemon- that's GameFreak and Nintendo, stingy company… *coughs, before continuing.* We just own our own characters, in other words their personalities. We'll try again at the bottom once Fox has a script ready! *quickly turns off the camera*

Chapter 3: On The Road

Ash only remembered meeting up with Blue in Saffron City, they went to the Silph Co together and… next thing he knew he was waking up on the back of a Hydreigon!

"... WAAAAAAH!" Ash screamed, not knowing it was Mew. "D-DON'T EAT MEEEEEE!" he cried, trying to curl up into a ball before grabbing onto the Hydreigon's back to not fall off.

Mew giggled, shaking her heads. "Silly Ashy, I wouldn't eat you! Well, except for a Mew Game…"

Ash blinked at the Hydreigon for a minute before a realization came to him, and he looked closely. "... M-Memma?" He had never seen her transform into a Hydreigon before, and he has a strong fear to big Dark types, especially vicious ones like Hydreigon.

Mew smiled, "Of course, I wouldn't let you get hurt by that nasty girl."

Ash blinked, confused. "... Girl? … What girl?" He shook his head. "I don't remember any girl!"

Mew blinked before scowling. "Why that little- she erased your memories! When did she do that!?"

The boy gulped, knowing better than to anger Mew more when she's already angry, "I-I don't know… I-I don't even know who you're talking about…"

Mew sighed, shaking her head. "Oh… don't worry about it, Ashy. I'm just going to let you and Blue down around here… But keep in mind that the Elite Team Rocket are now on the look out for us, we need to be more cautious." Mew landed them just outside of Vermilion City.

Ash blinked, surprised. "Why did you land us here, Memma? And… who are the Elite Team Rocket?"

"Remember how you said you needed a bike before? I seem to have a faint memory that someone here will give out a free bike voucher to fellow Pokemon fans, if you show them a rare Pokemon in return of course." Mew said, returning to her Meowth disguise. "Luckily for you, you have plenty of those! Just show even Storm and it should do!"

"A Pikachu isn't THAT rare…" Ash groaned, shaking his head. "But fine, I'll try…"

Storm was still asleep himself, all curled up as Ash picked him up and cradled him in his arms after he returned Eon, who was still sleeping. Blue was also still conked out, but Ash looked at him. "... Why did you bring Blue with us? I thought he didn't want to stick with us."

Mew looked at Blue, before shrugging. "I didn't mention this before but… there's something about him that… makes him similar to… well… it's hard to say for now, but I just get the feeling you might want to stick with him for a while."

Ash blinked, surprised. "Really? You've got a feeling about him?" He frowned in confusion. "What is it?"

"... I think I'll tell you later, Ashy, just make sure Team Rocket doesn't get their hands on him." Mew answered quietly, and Ash shrugged.

"Fine, fine, but he needs to wake up, I'm NOT carrying an unconscious boy with me on my back into the city." Ash said, pointing at him.

Mew grinned. "Well, I've got just the thing~ Take off your shoe and wave it in his face. That ought to do the trick!"

Blue quickly jolted up. "I'm good!"

"... Wah?" Ash blinked… how did he hear that… or better yet, how did he UNDERSTAND that? "How did you even understand that? Thought you were unconscious!"

Blue blushed as if just realizing something, looking away. "... You'd be amazed what the human mind can understand while not all conscious. And keep your dirty shoes away from my nose." He stood up, looking around. "Where are we? This looks like the route that leads to Vermilion City." And he quickly returned his own sleeping Eevee.

Ash nodded. "It is, but I'm not sure what happened in Silph Co…. Do you know?"

Blue grumbled, shaking his head. "I just have some fuzzy details, like you won't leave me alone… someone or something was chasing us… I think we battled or something but we got knocked out. That's about it."

Ash blinked, surprised. "Huh? I don't even remember that much, it all goes blank once we enter the building!"

"Probably because she hit you harder with it." Blue said, stretching, acting as if it was no big deal. "So… we're here, I'm going now."

Ash quickly reached out and grabbed his shoulder. "Blue, wait… um… if you're just traveling, why not travel with me? At least I'm a real Pokemon Trainer who can help defend you from evil Trainers like Team Rocket."

"..." Blue muttered under his breath, looking away. "...Fine, fine, but only for so long, got it?"

"Thanks!" Ash smiled happily, making Blue scowl at this, but didn't say anything. "Alright! First we're going to see if we can get some bike vouchers and then it's off to Fuchsia City!"

"Please stop cheering so loudly, you've got out a loud annoying voice." Blue grumbled. Ash merely pouted, looking away. "Alright, but I think the Pokemon Fan Club might have them." Blue said and put his hands in his pockets.

"Hmm? How do you know that?" Ash asked, surprised.

Blue smirked, pulling out his own bike voucher in his pocket. "That's where I got mine. You're supposed to turn these in to the bike shop in Cerulean City."

"WHAT!? WE HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO CERULEAN CITY!?" Ash yelled in shock, not wanting to have to backtrack all the way just to get a bike.

Blue nodded. "Yep, although I know a shortcut through some tunnels that'll bring us right to the edge in a day! Or do you have any Pokemon that knows Fly?"

Ash grumbled, shaking his head. "None of them knows Fly… the closest would be Gale, who's a Pidgeotto, but he's not strong enough to carry all of us."

"Then how did we get here from Saffron City?" Blue asked, confused.

Ash nervously chuckled, looking away. "O-oh, you know… I have my ways!" He didn't meet Blue's eyes, and the other boy narrowed his.

"Let's just go..." Blue grumbled. I swear, this boy gets more confusing by the minute. Is he hiding something? ...Probably, but what could that be?

Ash and Blue walked into Vermilion City, Nya was on Ash's head and Ash was still carrying the sleeping Pikachu in his arms. Blue looked over at the Pikachu and Meowth.

"Why don't you keep them in their Poke Balls?" he asked. "After all, it might let you travel faster."

Ash shrugged, responding easily. "Storm hates Poke Balls, and Nya… I don't keep her in Poke Balls. Anyway… where's the Pokemon Fan Club you were talking about?"

Blue sighed, pointing to the familiar red building. "It's just beside the Pokemon Center. You didn't see it before?"

Ash blinked, before shaking his head. "Uh… no, not really… I was kinda busy with other things…" He chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

Blue shook his head in pity before continuing. "Well, it's here. Oh and you might want to hide your Pokemon, people here can get… pretty grabby when it comes to Pokemon. I don't mean they steal them but… they do get rough with them…" he whispered to the boy as they came in front of a fancy looking building with a big sign that says; POKEMON FAN CLUB, BRING YOUR BEST POKEMON!

Ash whistled in awe, looking up. "Whoaaaaa… This is huge! I wonder which Pokemon I should show for the pass…" The boy actually felt excited.

"That spiky-haired Eevee you had might do the trick," Blue said with a shrug.

Ash blinked, "Wait, how did you know I have a spiky-haired Eevee?" Of course he didn't remember battling with Blue, yet Blue seemed to recall that.

Blue blinked. "Huh? You don't remember?" he asked. Then he sighed. "Riiiight, you don't…"

"I wish I did." Ash frowned. "I feel like I've been left out of the loop."

"Yup, you have, Ashy." Nya snickered. "Big time, too!"

Blue just shrugged, sighing. "You can go in there and show off, I'll just watch. I already have my own voucher anyway and I don't have anything too rare to show off."

Ash frowned. "You have that Eevee…" He shrugged. "Aren't Eevee rare?"

"Well if you're going to show off your spiky-haired Eevee it wouldn't do me much good just showing off a regular Eevee." Blue shrugged, nonchalantly.

"..." Ash nodded slowly. "Good point, I guess… But are you sure you don't have any more Pokemon?"

Blue hesitated for a minute before shaking his head, frowning. "No… I'm not a Pokemon Trainer so I don't collect Pokemon."

Ash sighed, "Fine, fine…" He put Storm into his backpack and released Eon from her Luxury Ball. "Eon! Let's go in and show off!"

"Eh? Show off?" Eon blinked. "Why, what are we showing off for?"

Ash shrugged, smiling. "I want to let other people see you! Plus I'll get a bike for this…"

"Fine then, but they better not pile on me..." Eon grumbled.

Ash walked in, the people in the club looked over, they were sitting at some big fancy table with a statue of a Rhydon in the middle, Ash noticed a man with a Pikachu beside him.

"Hey, we have a newcomer! And my, this one has an adorable little Eevee!" a lady with a Clefairy said with a smile.

The man smiled, standing up. "Ah, welcome, welcome!" He walked over. "It's always nice to have new members join our little club of Pokemon lovers!"

Ash blinked. "E-eh? Oh, I'm not planning on joining, I-"

"Oooh! Is that a rare spiky-haired Pokemon!? I haven't seen one since someone brought in that rare spiky-eared Pichu a few years ago!" The man was studying Eon like she was a new species or something, making the Eevee kinda nervous. "This is most fascinating!"

"Uh… Th-thanks… um… I'm here to get a bi-" Ash was interrupted again.

"Allow me to brag about my Pokemon too! It may not be quite as rare or unique as your adorable little Eevee but it's pretty special all the same! Come here Rapidash!" the chairman called, and a Rapidash came walking in, its flames were a ghostly gray. Ash's eyes widened in shock.

"I-is that… a shiny Rapidash?" he asked weakly. "I… w-wow!" That IS a rare Pokemon… no wonder the chairman is so proud of it.

The chairman nodded, smiling. "I can tell you're in awe… Well, I'm not too surprised!"

Ash had a big love for Pokemon, but an even bigger respect for unusual Pokemon like spiky haired ones like Eon or shiny ones like Scorch and Nidosaur, mostly because they usually get made fun of because of how different they are, or hunted down because of how rare they are.

The boy was all over the Rapidash, looking it over eagerly. "Wow, this is soooo cool! I can't believe you actually have a shiny Rapidash!"

The Rapidash seemed to be loving the attention, rearing it's head so Ash can pet it better while the chairman bragged, "Ah yes, my lovely Rapidash, its flames are so authentic and lovely and warm…"

Blue couldn't help but chuckle at the boy's admiration while he kept stroking the majestic horse, while Eon and Nya just watched and chuckling themselves, the boy acted like he's never seen a shiny before.

Ash smiled, nodding. "Yeah, but the fact that it's shiny just makes it all the better! It looks almost like a ghost!"

"Ah yes, the majestic ghost." The chairman smiled happily. "I am so happy to see one so young like yourself to admire the true beauty of my Rapidash, and I simply adore your Meowth and spiky-haired Eevee!"

Ash smiled, looking at them before glancing at the chairman once more. "Hey… is it okay if I get a bike voucher then? I kinda need it for my journey."

The chairman merely laughed, nodding. "Of course, of course! For a true Pokemon Fan like yourself, why even simply give you a voucher? In fact, I think you deserve a deluxe bike voucher, this will give you a very expensive but very nice bike!"

Ash's eyes were twinkling, "Really!?" Blue blinked in surprise- he never got a deluxe bike voucher…

The chairman nodded once more. "Of course, my boy! Or rather, fellow Pokemon Fan Club member! I only give these ones to the true Pokemon fans, who I believe deserve it." He handed the boy a golden bike voucher.

Ash smiled as he took it, before bowing in thanks. "Thank you sir! Oh… and out of curiousity, why are you giving away bike vouchers?"

The chairman smiled kindly. "Well, I know most Trainers can't afford a bike, so it's my way of donating to your world! I prefer to just train my Pokemon a little, though, enough to keep them healthy. And besides… I have my own wonderful Fearow to fly me around where I need to be."

Ash smiled and nodded, "Thank you very much!"

When the boys finally left the place, Ash felt so giddy, he was practically bouncing up and down. "I can't wait to see what this voucher will get me!"

Blue just chuckled, glancing at the boy. "You sure got spoiled, huh? You're lucky, because the rarer the Pokemon you showed and more admiration you have for the chairman's Pokemon, the better the bike voucher he gives you. The chairman is a very rich man who is super enthusiastic about Pokemon, that's how he made all these Pokemon Fan Clubs." He then looked down at the voucher. "But to be honest, I never knew about there being a deluxe voucher!"

"Guess I really did get lucky, huh?" Ash chuckled, but inwardly this troubled him… being lucky… is that why Mew chose him? He's been asking himself this question since that mysterious Trainer said so to him, but he tries not to think about it. He wanted to ask Mew why she chose him as her child, but he didn't want to either because he was afraid of the answer.

"I guess now we'll have to walk to Cerulean City." Blue said.

Ash groaned, shaking his head. "I wish we could just teleport there."

Nya grinned, speaking up. "Oh, Aaaashy~ You COULD just let me teleport you both there…"

Blue looked at the Meowth, who was grinning like she just ate a Pidove. "What's with your Meowth?"

Ash smiled nervously, shrugging. "Uh… err… I think we can get there faster if we… have a device that can mimic an Abra's teleportation…"

Blue blinked and frowned, raising an eyebrow. "There is no such device…"

"It's new… I have the, uh… prototype from Sabrina after I beat her…" Ash said, hoping he would just go with it.

Blue frowned even more, crossing his arms. "Alright then… show it to me. What is this teleporter, and why haven't you been using it?"

"I wanted to walk on the journey myself, but this is just backtracking right now and a big waste of time." Ash said as he gestured to Nya silently. She nodded and walked behind him so Blue wouldn't see him as she used Transform to turn into a small gadget that looked like some kind of metallic arrow, before flying into his bag. Ash pulled the 'teleporter' out, waving it a bit. "See? I told you I had it!"

Blue blinked, surprised. "... That is… pretty cool, but why an arrow?"

Ash thought about it and answered, "You're supposed to say a town or route's name and then it will point in the general direction and teleport us there. Like this!" He threw the arrow up. "Cerulean City!"

With a distortion of light, sound, and overall disorientation, the trio disappeared, before reappearing right in front of the Cerulean City Pokemon Center.

Blue fell on his butt as he hadn't expected that to work, "..."

"Good enough of proof for you?" Ash chuckled as he grabbed the arrow when it fell down.

Storm began to grunt from in Ash's backpack, "Is it time to eat breakfast yet?" the groggy Pikachu spoke. "Or am I seeing things?"

Ash blinked, before Blue fell back, trying not to hurl. "B-Blue, you okay?"

The pseudo-Trainer gulped, nodding. "F-fine… just… gimme a moment…"

"Oh that's right… I'm sorry about that, first time teleport is usually pretty sick." Ash said with a nervous chuckle, remembering how sick he was when his Memma first teleported him, of course she does it so often to him that he barely feels a thing now. "Give it a good ten seconds, just to be safe!"

Blue shook his head, breathing in and out. "N-no… just a second…! I-I'll be fine..."

"Hey Mom… isn't that guy Gary? I remember seeing him in a red car full of cheerleaders." A boy pointed at Blue, who was still trying to get over teleportation sickness.

The woman frowned, pulling her son away. "Don't stare, Timmy! It's rude."

Ash chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. "I think people sees Gary a little too often, the little cocky boy always tries to get everyone's attention."

Blue sighed as he stood up, coming over the sickness. "I don't really care… I just keep going in my travels and stick to the shadows. Now let's just hurry up, get our bikes and move on."

Ash nodded, before blinking. "Wait… you never got the bike?" He frowned in confusion. "I thought you said you had one already!"

Blue shrugged. "I never bothered to turn it in before."

Ash sighed, shaking his head. "We need to talk about your issues some time down the road, now come on!" He grabbed Blue's arm and dragged him outside.

"Hey, what are we doing?" Storm asked, still feeling sleepy, and noticing that Nya was nowhere in sight.

Ash shrugged, smiling. "Getting our bikes, Storm! Maybe now our journey will go faster!"

"Bikes? Oh cool! I hope you get one with those little baskets, I'd love to just sit in one of those, feel the wind in my fur while eating a nice big apple and a big bottle of yummy ketchup!" Storm said while closing his eyes and daydreaming about it.

Ash and Blue looked at the Pikachu, sweatdropping, before Blue turned away quickly, "... There's the bike shop," he pointed out. "Let's head in."

They entered the shop, and saw many people looking around for bicycles, mostly little kids begging their parents for one. A girl was looking a red bike.

"I want a bright red bicycle… I'll keep it in my room so it won't get dirty." she said with a smile.

Ash raised an eyebrow at that… If you're going to buy a bike and not ever use it, then what's the point of even getting it in the first place?

"Alright Ash, I'll get my bicycle first." Blue said as he headed over to the shop manager. "I'll take a bicycle please." he handed the bike voucher to him.

"Ah, a bike voucher, sure, sure, what color do you want?" the manager asked.

Blue looked around and chose a blue one, "This one will do."

Ash chuckled, "A blue bike for a blue boy, nice."

Blue glared at him, "Just shut up and get your own bike!"

Storm smiled looking around, "Oooh, get that one!" he pointed a bright yellow bike with a basket.

The boy chuckled at his Pikachu's enthusiasm, "Just give me a minute, Storm. Hi, I'd like to get a bike."

"It'll be about nine thousand dollars." the shop manager said.

Ash dug into his pockets and took out the deluxe bike voucher, "What can I get for this?"

The shop manager's eyes bulge out when he saw it, and stared at it as if he couldn't believe it, gaping in shock. "The deluxe voucher!"

Ash nodded, grinning openly. "Yeah, so what can I for it?" he repeated. "I'd like a bike."

The cashier slowly shook his head, as if trying to shake off the shock he was in. "U-uh… you can take any bike you want from here…"

Ash blinked himself, shocked. "Wait, ANY bike!? As in… the most expensive one too!?"

"Of course, that's what the deluxe voucher is for!" the manager said with a chuckle. "You didn't realize that when you got it?"

Ash slowly shook his head. "U-uh… no, not at all! How COULD I know that?" He glanced at Blue, before speaking again. "So I would like the…" Ash stopped and noticed a yellow bike… he did see Storm pointing at it earlier but he didn't notice that it was a rare, limited edition Pikachu bike! It has the tail's marks and its cheeks and lightning mark, as well as a Pikachu's head basket.

The manager raised an eyebrow, surprised. "...Yes? What would you like?"

Ash slowly pointed towards the bike. "...I'd like that one, please. I think it'd be really powerful!"

Storm was fawning over it himself, loving the bike that had his figure all over it, Ash could literally see hearts floating from the Pikachu's head over the Pikachu Bike. "THIS BIKE LOOKS AWESOME!"

"Oh, that's the very rare limited edition Pikachu bike. We used to have three others, and that's the Kanto Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle Bikes, but some rich Trainers took those already, we only have the Pikachu left." The store manager said.

Ash smiled, nodding. "Well, I'd like it please! The voucher DOES cover that, right?"

The manager nodded, smiling. "Yes, but only barely! And would you like a bike, sir?" he asked, turning to Blue.

Blue thought for a moment before nodding. "Sure, just the standard bike for me- I've got a voucher myself."

"Okay, take any of these you want." The manager gestured to the more normal looking bikes.

"So which one are you choosing?" Ash asked as he took the Pikachu bike, to which Storm was still cuddling up with.

Nya, still in her 'arrow transportation device' disguise, was giggling, watching watching the cute little Pikachu fawning over the bicycle. He's acting just like a little kid, begging his parents for a brand new toy, how cute!

"I'll probably just take-" Blue was about to say when someone suddenly spoke up.

"Hey… aren't you… Blue? That boy who was almost Champion at the Elite Four?" a man spoke up, startling them both.

Blue cringed, before taking a deep breath. "... No, I'm sorry, you've mistaken me for someone else."

The man shook his head. "No way, it's totally you! I am SO honored to meet you, you were awesome in your fight against Red!"

"H-hey! I'm not who you think I am!" Blue quickly said. "I'll just take this bike. See ya!" The boy grabbed a green bicycle, tossing the voucher on the counter, and just about flew out of the store!

The managed blinked once, twice, then shrugged and took the receipt. "Are you taking that bike, young man? If so, I'll take the voucher off your hands."

"Yeah, I am. Here you go." Ash put the voucher on the desk and took the bike out, following Blue. "Hey Blue! Come on wait up! Why are you running?"

Blue groaned after he finally slowed down, panting heavily. "Nothing… it's nothing. Let's just get on these bikes and head to Fuchsia City now, across that bridge hopefully…"

Ash nodded, glancing at Blue worriedly as he unfolded the bike, getting on it. "Alright, let's go Blue!" I wonder… did Blue actually defeat the Elite Four before and actually fought with Red? I wish I knew more about him…

He'll tell you, in due time, Ashy. Mew giggled from in his backpack as the two headed out of Cerulean City, Storm ever so happily relaxing in his little basket.

Ash grumbled. I know, but I want to know more about him! This guy is such a mystery! I'm not even sure his name's really BLUE!

Like I said, Ashy, he'll tell you in good time~ Mew giggled again, sounding as mischievous as always.

To Be Continued…

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