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When Dean woke, he felt something warm and fluffy around him and groaned, rolling over a little and pulling the feathers tighter around his body…FEATHERS?!

Dean sprung to his feet, horrified when he realized that he had practically cuddled a full-grown Castiel.

He wasn't a kid any more and somehow cuddling a grown-up Castiel didn't seem right.

"Hello Dean."


"That is the correct term, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is…but why are you hugging me?"

"I was merely keeping your brother and yourself warm."

"Uh, thanks Cas. Have you been watching us sleep all night?"

"Yes Dean, I have been watching over you."

"Great, like that aint creepy." Dean tried to oomph up the sarcasm in his voice, but it didn't really work as his heart was melting like a pound of butter left outside in California.

"So, Cas, you been back upstairs yet?"

"Not yet, I wished to spend a bit more time with you. I am eternally grateful for all that you and Sam have done for me. You saved my life on countless occasions and raised me to adulthood."

"Yeah, well, you raised me from perdition and all that, so I guess we're even."

Castiel smiled at this and Dean flinched when he saw a flicker of four-year-old Cas' contagious grin and cute laugh.

"Dean…you are upset. Have I done something to offend you?"

"What? No Cas, you haven't. I just…"

"You do not like me anymore, now that I am older, do you Dean?"

"What? Of course I do, it's just…"

Dean broke off when he saw Castiel's hurt expression and before he could say anything else Castiel vanished with a rustle of feathers, waking Sam up.

"Morning Jerk. What…" Sam cut off when he saw Dean's crestfallen face and the look of guilt etched across his green eyes.

"What did I miss?" He finished lamely.

"Cas, I upset him real bad man, I just-god I'm such a jerk. I mean, he looked like he was going to cry!"

"Dean, he's a full on angel now. Adult angels don't cry."

"How do you know? Just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean that they don't."

"I…I'm sure he's fine."

"He isn't. He did that scruntchy-up face thing that little Cas always used to do when he was upset. And he pouted like he used to as well."

"Don't worry Dean, you can't lie to him. We all miss the little guy. He'll get over it, Cas has faced worse."

"I guess so."

Dean still looked like he was about to cry himself, so Sam wrapped an arm around him.

"What else is bothering you? And don't say nothing cos we all know I'll get it out of you in the end."

"He hugged us all night Sam. He sat between us on the sofa all night and covered us in his wings to show that he loved us and that he is thankful…and this is what I do to repay him. I go and make him cry. SHIT!" Dean stood suddenly, kicking the oak side table angrily, only to curse more when his toes screamed in protest.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Bobby entered the room, staring incredulously at Dean who was hopping around the room clutching his foot and swearing like a sailor.

"He upset Cas." Bobby and Sam exchanged a look that said it all and moments later Bobby returned from the kitchen with three beers.

It was 6pm somewhere in the world…

"Cheers." Dean accepted his beer and slumped back down on the sofa, huffing as he drank the cool liquid and turned on the television.

No one was paying attention to the western that happened to be playing.


All three men were dozing when a flutter of wings alerted them of Castiel's re-appearance.


"Hey, Cas!" Dean sprung up and hugged Castiel, almost making the angel drop what he was carrying.

"What's that?"

"A photo album. I filled it with photographs from our time together. I hope you like it."

Dean watched open mouthed as Cas placed the album in his hands.

He settled on the sofa and began to flick through it, tears welling up in all three hunters' eyes when they saw the images.

There were ones of Sam and Cas asleep on their first night.

Cas in his wonky cot.

Cas chewing on his lemon teddy bear's ear.

Dean feeding Cas a bottle.

Sam feeding Cas a bottle.

Cas with strawberry sauce all over his face.

Dean asleep with Castiel sprawled across his chest.

Bobby cuddling Cas as he drank a bottle of beer.

A four year old Cas playing with Dean and his toy cars.

Cas in the bath smothered with bubbles and surrounded by rubber ducks.

Cas playing with Sam's hair.

Sam and Cas on the see-saw.

Cas on the swings with Sam pushing him.

Cas eating his first ice cream.

Cas dripping his first ice cream onto Dean's hair as he rode him like a pony with plaster clad knees.

Cas swimming and playing ball in the lake with Sam and Dean.

Cas at his coming of age party.

"Cas, it-it's beautiful."

"I am glad you like it, Dean. Now you don't have to be upset, you still have little-me with you."

Dean blinked back his tears and stood, Sam and Bobby swiftly following.


Dean burst out laughing as the three hunters engulfed Castiel in their arms, hugging the startled looking man as he looked at them wide-eyed and tried to pull away awkwardly.

"Guys…hello? You are invading my personal space!"

Bobby snorted and looked fondly at his three boys.

None of them could have been happier.


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