Chapter-1: My Super Boring Life

Hey! I'm Bella, as in, Isabella Swan. But I prefer Bella. I'm 23 years old pharmacist with a super boring life. My dad, Charlie (also known as Chief Swan), is a cop in the stupid, little, mossy town of Forks, Washington. My mom, Renee, is totally harebrained. She changes her hobbies every few months. But professionally, she's a kindergarten teacher at the Forks Elementary. She loves to experiment with stuffs like- hairdressing (a disaster!), pottery (she somehow singed her eyebrows with that one!) or candle-making (this one was epic- setting me Dad's beloved uniforms on fire!)... Well, you get the idea.

Charlie is the exact opposite of Renee. He goes to work, gets back home, lounges on the recliner, watches TV (sports only!) while drinking beer or having dinner and then goes to bed. Totally boring!

Sometimes I wish I was like my Mom- a little bit... at least in the beauty front! But no! I was all Charlie! Standing before the mirror I always curse my Dad. Did he have to be so... plain? I had both his boring chocolate brown eyes and uncharacteristic brown hair. If it's any consolation, my hair does have part of my Mom in the red highlights and the slight curls in the ends. My skin is porcelain white – from my Mom – seriously I look like a part albino or some shit! My figure is not to die for; it is okay. Though my best friend, Rosalie, always says I have a decent rack and mile long legs but… well, she's supposed to say that- she's my best friend after all.

I was born and raised in the slimy, sickly, sloppy town of Forks; where it rained over 360 days of the year. I hate that place. At the end of high school when everyone was either getting married (small town mentality… getting pregnant then getting married) or preparing to escape to sunnier climates, I could not. It was not due to lack of good grades or scholarships; it was because I knew my parents will be heart-broken without me. That was the time I seriously wished I had a younger sibling.

Anyway, I gave up Stanford, UCLA and NYU. Instead, I went to college in Seattle. It was a good compromise. I didn't have to live in Forks but was only 4 hours away from my parents. Rose, being the most dedicated best friend, joined me there for Pharm D. Now, after 5 years of excruciating studies we are both registered pharmacists. We had both applied to Seattle Grace hospital for jobs- Rose as a hospital pharmacist and me as a clinical pharmacist.

Last month we got our appointment letters. Now we are living in the apartment which Rose's parents Mr. and Mrs. Hale had gotten us with Rose's little brother (by 6 minutes), Jasper. Jasper was doing an internship at Seattle Grace and we are like three happy siblings!

In Seattle, Rose became a night patron of sorts. Her latest haunt was Joe's – a bar most of Seattle Grace frequented. There she would pick some random guy for each night, go clubbing or something, and then within a week she moves onto the next guy. Whereas I, dutifully went to work, after work went to Joe's (only if work was stressful – which it wasn't in most days; because for the first month I was to intern under various doctors. Then I was going to be appointed to one of them), came back home and went to bed. So in that sense, I am truly Charlie's daughter.

On weekends, I would go home to visit my parents and then curl up in my old bed with one of my classic romance novels. I liked the idea of romance, having never experienced it myself. Being perpetually awkward and having a Dad with access to guns never really attracted guys. So… yeah, I am Isabella Swan, 23 years old and still a virgin.