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Chapter-37: Sprinkle of Love


Upon reaching the hospital, I was about get out of the car when Edward took my hand and brought it to his mouth to brush a kiss on my knuckles. A warm and fuzzy feeling started to spread through my very being because of this crazy, sexy, rude and caring man. And then he opened his mouth and whispered, while looking into my eyes, "Tonight, Baby."

I felt a shiver of anticipation run down my spine and the ever present blush rapidly covering my cheeks. I surreptitiously checked to see if we were alone in the garage before leaning in to brush my lips against his. With a murmur of 'Tonight', I ran out of the car, leaving behind my very smug husband.


"Alright, Swan, you have been blushing every 5 seconds today. Spill it. What's up? Should I need to kick anyone's ass today?" Rosalie's voice brought me out of my Edward-induced day dream. Her emphasis on the word anyone told me who she was referring to.

I opened my mouth to tell her to calm down when he owner of the ass himself—Edward—took his seat at our lunch table.

Without sparing a glance at Rosalie, he looked at me and winked… and that definitely worsened the condition I was in. So I did what I could without putting any effort—I blushed—again. This made him smile broadly before he went to dig into his sandwich. How the fuck can he make eating a sandwich look so hot? This should be illegal!

A bump to my shoulder brought me out of my shameless ogling at Edward's now grinning mouth. I quickly turned to look at Rosalie. When she arched an eyebrow, silently asking me what was going on I smiled sweetly at her.

First, she looked confused as hell and then it seemed to click in place and with a very low squeal she hugged me to her side (Maybe she was spending too much time with Alice…) and then, she pulled me by my hand and stood up, leading me away from prying ears of brother-like figures and the main subject matter of the upcoming inquisition—Edward.

Edward must have caught our little exchange, because he smirked at me when I passed him, and I couldn't help but stick my tongue out at him. The sounds of his chuckles sent those butterflies in my stomach aflutter as Rose and I exited the cafeteria.

Once she had checked all the stalls in the bathroom for lurkers, Rose swiftly locked the door behind her and turned to face me.

"Alright, Isabella Marie, tell me. What's going on between you two?" she asked. By the smile in the corner of her mouth, I think she had guessed it correctly.

I sighed and smiled at her. "I am happy, Rose. He makes me happy. I think… I cannot believe I am saying this but… I think I am falling in love with him! Isn't that crazy?"

Rose laughed lightly and then replied, "That is completely crazy, Bell. You know what else is crazy?"

When I shook my head she smiled. "It is crazy that we'll both fall in love at the same time… with brothers! With luck, we may actually become sisters for real one day!"

I let out a squeal (Okay, so maybe I was spending too much time with Alice as well…) and hugged her. After we had cooled down somewhat, Rose placed one hand on my shoulder and said softly, "One more thing, Bell." I looked questioningly at her, asking her to continue and she did. She said, "I think you have already fallen in love with him. So has he… with you."

I felt my mouth dry up and swallowed the life-long insecurities trying to come out and asked in an equally soft voice, "You think so?"

She shook her head and smiled. "No, B, I know so. I can see it… on both of your faces."

I still couldn't believe it and started to say, "I don't know, Rose…"

She threw her hands up in exasperation. "Dude, you can be so clueless sometimes! I think when love comes running and bites you in the ass, only then you'll believe."

After her little rant, she calmed down and said with a smile, "Your heart knows it, B. Just allow your head to play catch-up."

With that she left, noticing that our break was over. As I walked back up to my ward, I remembered the last few days I had spent with Edward. I didn't know about playing catch-ups but what I did know was equally exciting and scary as shit… I was definitely falling in love with Edward Cullen… my husband and soon-to-be lover.


The whole day, I kept racking my brain for ways to make the following night romantic and how to make it easier for Bella. As a man of medicine, I knew that the first time was supposed to be hurtful for the woman, and the thought of hurting my girl made me want to somehow fast-forward the first time. But that won't do; because Bella deserved to be loved and cherished just the right way. And I will be damned if I let her be disappointed.

So, trying to be the husband she deserved and googled ways to romanticize sex. "Yeah, I am a geek but she still wants me. So shove it ass-hole!" I mentally gave my inner monologue the middle finger.

Candle lit dinner…. Nope, we'll get out of work around ten because of the evening shift. No chance of getting that one.


Start watching a movie and then ease into it… No way! I am not going to share my Bella-time with that stupid Vampire fucker.


In front of a fire-place… Don't have one. Hmm… maybe someday though…

Filed away for future reference.

Taking a relaxing bath beforehand… Now we're getting somewhere… but maybe not our first time though…

Again, for future reference.

Sharing a drink to loosen up…. Yeah, don't think so. Drunken Bella was quite possibly the scariest Bella…


Sharing a picnic meal at the outdoors… Sounds nice actually. Maybe when we're not fumbling virgins though… and when it's not around midnight!


Showering the place with flower petals… Yeah, buddy, that's romantic but there's no way in hell I'll be able to find flowers at ten to decorate the place.


And then suddenly I saw it; the perfect way to make our night magical and romantic at the same time. Cullen, you're a freaking genius man!

Now I had to wait for the day to end before I could have Bella as mine.


"Edward, is everything okay?" Bella asked me when we were on our way home. "Great! My stupid ass grin must have made her worry if my face had got stuck at that expression." I finally schooled my face to look happy but not too eager. Yep, I got a poker face on!

I reached out to take her hand in mine over the center console and smiled at her. "Everything's perfect, Bellarina."

She smiled back and started tracing the lines on my palm in a soothing manner. She can calm me right down. She was my miracle… my Bella.

I was starting to get worried as we approached our building, thinking about the task I had asked Alec to get done when I called him from hospital. Let's hope he didn't screw anything up.

Just as I was about to unlock our door, Emmett's door opened and he came out—just like I had asked him to. He boomed in his usual over-loud voice, "BabyBell, where have you been, li'l sis? I have been looking around for you."

Bella looked startled at the sudden noise explosion but then she smiled at him. "Hey, Em, it's been really hectic at work lately. I feel like I haven't seen you in a while. How are you?"

Em tried to look hurt and said dryly, "Why would you remember this brother anyway? You are always spending time with Eddie. You don't care about me anymore."

Bella—ever the softie—fell for his pouting and said caringly, "No, Em, that not true. You are my big brother. I always miss you." Then she added conspiratorially, "I just have to endure Eddie because he's kind of my boss-man, ya know?"

I narrowed my eyes at her and she blew me a kiss. Then following the plan, Em said, "Do you have some time, BabyBell? I needed some advice from you… for Rosie's Christmas present."

Bella gave me a shrug, showing her unwillingness to leave me. When I nodded at her and said, "Go ahead, Bella. I'll wait up for you," she blushed, probably catching the innuendo and nodded back before following Em back to his place.

Just as he was closing the door Em grinned at me. I rolled my eyes, silently telling him, "Yeah, yeah, you'll get to win in the next time we play Call of Duty in Rosalie's presence."

Then I entered our home and started moving frantically, trying to set everything up for Bella's return.


After a very weird conversation with Emmett—where he asked me if he should buy Rose makeup, if yes then which brand she preferred, if clothes were a safer choice, how much risk he'd be in of losing his balls if he bought her a sweatshirt saying 'Sole property of Emmett Cullen', if getting her a platter of Esme's Chocolate Chip Cookies counted as present from him and so on—I opened the door of our place. And then, I gasped.

The whole place was darkened out, with only candles lighting the way from the foyer to the living room. As I followed the candle-lit pathway, I felt my heart bursting with sudden tenderness I felt for the man I knew was behind this.

I removed my jacket and left it on the back of a chair, and then, I took off my shoes, eager to get to the man at the end of the line. As I stepped into the living room, I saw the man I had been dreaming of for the past few months… the man who meant a lot to me… the man who was my personal Adonis—standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by hundreds of candles with a soft smile gracing his lips.

My heart clenched at the sight. I couldn't believe that this incredible man wanted me as much as I wanted him. This must be a dream. I don't know how I walked, but suddenly, I was standing in front of him.

I reached up to run my hand through his sexy-as-fuck hair when a sudden beeping noise infiltrated our bubble, startling us both.

The incessant beeping noise continued as I tried to remember what it stood for, when suddenly, Edward's eyes turned into large ping-pong balls. The next thing I knew, he was rushing towards the dining room and I was following him.

I could smell smoke as we entered the room, and then a sudden zirrr sound came to our ears and before we knew it, the sprinkler—which must have been activated by the heat—had soaked both Edward and me with freezing cold water. Can you say throwing cold water to cool down one's libido?

After the initial shock wore off, Edward turned to face me with a guilty expression on his face and said apologetically, "This was not part of the plan, Bella. I am sorry."

All I managed to do was to shake my head at his unnecessary apology and then, turned to inspect what had caused the fire.

In the end, it turned out that two candles had fallen down on the Oriental rug and had set it on fire, making the fire alarm go off; which in turn, had activated the sprinkler and caused us to look like two drowning cats.

The culprit rug had already been put off by the water, so I motioned towards the candles and suggested, "Maybe we should blow these out as well?" Edward nodded and then sighed, as he made his way to the living room to blow out the candles there.

I switched on the lights and then proceeded to put out the candles in the dining room and the foyer. By the time I was done, Edward had taken care of rest of the candles and the fire alarm had been reset.

I took in the sad expression on his face and went to wrap my arms around him in a hug. I placed my head on his chest and said, "Don't be so sad, baby. It's the gesture that counts and I can honestly say that this was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you. It was really beautiful."

However the chill of a December night coupled with my wet clothes made me feel too damn cold. By the end of my speech, my teeth had started to chatter and Edward had started running his hands up and down my arms, trying to warm me up. He tilted my head with his thumb and index finger and said, "I am glad you don't see this as complete stupidity."

I shook my head, realizing that the words of that bitch, Tanya, still haunted him, and said with disgust, "Don't let that shit-headed bitch make you feel like you're stupid, Edward. You are one of the most brilliant men I know. And it really was the most thoughtful and sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Now don't think of that hag. Tonight's supposed to be ours, remember?"

He smiled at me and nodded. "Every night after tonight will be ours, Baby," he promised me. "But first we should get you out of these wet clothes. I don't want you catching cold."

I felt so contented to see him worrying about my well-being that I grabbed his head and then gave him the kiss I was going to place on his lips when I first saw him amidst the candles. He kissed me back softly and then, in a sudden motion, he picked me up in his arms bridal style. As he walked up the stairs with me in his arms, I couldn't help but feel my heart begin thumping loudly in my chest. This was it.


This time, Edward did not ask me if I wanted him to take me to my room or his; because he didn't need to. And maybe because I was trying to live up to my recently acquired nickname, 'Vampire Girlfriend,' and was kissing his jaw and neck—anywhere I could reach—while holding on to his shirt collar for dear life.

When we reached his room, Edward put me down on my feet and tried to step away. But I, being a horny bitch, quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and reached for his lips with mine. Edward put his hands on either side of my hips and kissed me for a few seconds. Then he ran his hand over my shoulders and I shivered—both from the cold and his touch.

Edward quickly slowed down the kiss and stepped back slightly, making sure to keep our hips separated. I was about to complain but he put one finger on my lips and said, "Baby, we've got all night. You need to get out of these clothes. You're cold."

I couldn't argue with that but because of habit, I had to put in something. So I petulantly pointed to his shirt and said, "Your shirt is wet too. What if you catch cold? If you get to worry about my well being, I certainly can do the same for you too."

He gave me the crooked smile and nodded. "How about we both get out of these wet stuff? You can stay in here while I change in the bathroom."

I took a deep breath, realizing that if he was too much of a gentleman to make the first move then I would have to bite the bullet. So I looked directly into his eyes and said in a shaky yet determined voice, "I think it will be more efficient if we help each other out of these wet clothes, don't you?"

Without allowing him to protest, I reached for his shirt and started to unbutton it. A low groan left his mouth before he placed his hands on my hips again and stood perfectly still—a silent invitation for me to have my way with him. A sudden sense of power surged through me as I quickly pushed his shirt off his shoulders. He shrugged the shirt off, letting it fall to the floor.

I slowly but deliberately placed my hands on his chest, and then, just because he was so sexy and handsome and mine, I placed a kiss at the base of his throat. And once I had a taste of his salty skin in my mouth and undiluted scent of him in my nose, I continued kissing his chest—all over… wherever I could reach.

I peeked at him to see his reaction as I let my hand slowly move downwards past his stomach and stopping over his zipper. Another low groan came out from the back of his throat as he tilted his head back. His eyes were clenched shut and I could feel his hands digging into my skin. I lowered my eyes and took in the very prominent bulge in his jeans. "That must be painful, right? I mean with so much blood rushing in one part of his body… I should help him out… free him." I said to myself as I grasped the zipper in between my fingers and tugged it down.

Before I could chicken out, I grabbed the waistband of his jeans and underwear together and pulled them down past his knees. Another groan escaped his tight-lipped mouth as he sprang free of the confines of his jeans. Not wanting to be side-tracked, I let his pants stay where they were and slowly touched the part of him that had been almost a mystery to me up to that point.

Now I may have watched porn before, I mean come on; you cannot be Rosalie Hale's best friend and not watch porn… but seeing Edward in real life was much better than anything I had seen before.

I was fascinated by the silky and smooth yet hard texture of him and kept touching him when finally Edward broke the silence. "Baby, if you don't stop right now, I will be done in two seconds. And I don't want that."

The husky timbre of his voice made my face flush with color and I let go of him before meeting his eyes with a guilty look. I bit my lip and said, "I'm sorry."

In a swift motion, he freed himself from the jeans and underwear that were hanging around his ankles and then hugged me to his chest. I could feel his body—his gloriously naked body—against me.

A squeak-like sound came out of me as soon as the thought hit me. Edward was oblivious though. He buried his nose in my hair and mumbled, "There's nothing to be sorry for, Baby. Though I must say, this kind of feels one-sided."

I took a deep breath, forcing myself to not blush and replied boldly, "Then why don't you do something about it? No one is stopping you."

A mischievous smile came on to his lips and he winked. "Hmm… you're right. Maybe I should remedy the situation."

I felt a shiver run down my spine, and like a mute, I nodded—unable to make myself speak anymore. He fingered the hem of my purple sweater for a moment and then grasped it and pulled it over my head. The cold air hit my overheated body, making me shiver again.

Edward cupped my face in his hands and brought our lips together. A slight brush… a more sure touch and then it all became too much for me.

I literally assaulted him, trying to weld our lips together. He didn't refuse, he didn't push me away. Instead, he grabbed hold of my head with one hand and tilted my head so that he could deepen the kiss. His other hand was moving lower. His thumbs slightly brushed the curve of my breast before moving down… down… down… to grab the waistband of my jeans.

I was starting to feel asphyxiated when he let go of my lip and started to place wet kisses down my throat. Before I knew it, I felt cold air hit my thighs meaning I had just lost my pants. I gasped, which made him chuckle. "Cold, baby?"

Determinedly, I shook my head and said, "No. I am too warm actually."

He raised his head and grinned at me. "Good, because I am about to set you on fire, Bella." I was about to ask him what the hell he meant by that when he grasped my waist in his hands and lifted me up so that my wet soggy jeans tumbled down to the ground. In the next minute, he had put me down on my feet and was already resuming his previous path of kisses. And then I felt… him.

I know I had touched him before but this time, I felt him brushing the skin of my stomach—skin on skin. Another shiver raked though my body and Edward looked up at me to check if I was indeed okay. The goose bumps on my skin caught his attention and without another word, he picked me up and carefully placed me down on the bed.

He took in the sight of me—lying almost naked in his bed—and then shook his head. "I am the luckiest son of a bitch in the world." I let out an inpatient sound, and he smiled. "Patience is a virtue, Baby."

I couldn't help but snark back, "And virtue is exactly what I am offering you. So you gonna get up here, Cullen?"

He smirked and started to climb up on the bed. And then suddenly, he was hovering over me and kissing along my collar bone. He moved his lips sideways and when he found his way restricted by my bra, he nuzzled the strap, trying to get it to move.

I took pity on him—and myself—and arched upwards to unclasp the damn thing. Once it was undone, I looked at the intense look on his face and shrugged it off of me and threw it somewhere behind him.

Edward didn't look down at first. He kept his gaze fixed on my face and when I bit my lip, not knowing what to do—he seemed to snap out of it. He finally let his gaze move downwards—to my chest. And then he let out a moan before bringing his hands up to cup my breasts in his palms. He lightly squeezed me and then moved his thumbs in circles over my nipples.

I felt them harden underneath his touch and he let out a sigh—a happy sigh. "You're so beautiful, Baby. You're my beautiful girl. You are perfect, Bellarina."

If it was anyone else saying those words, I would have snorted, or scoffed, or slapped them on their heads, or quite possibly do all of above. But hearing Edward say those words made me want to believe them… and I did believe him; because in that moment, there was no one but Edward and I in the world.

Checking my face for any sign of discomfort, he lowered his mouth and started placing kisses on my breasts. They were not the feather-light kisses he lavished on me before; no, they were hungry, and passionate, and wet kisses, making me want to do… something. The moment his mouth closed around one nipple, I practically leapt out off the bed.

I should have felt embarrassed to have him see me like this, but I wasn't. The only thought running through my mind was, "I need more… more of his kisses… his touches… his tongue… more Edward."

As if he could read my thoughts, he took his hand off of my breast, and I whimpered at the loss, which then turned into a moan as he placed the hand on my hip. He was breathing heavily as he pleaded with me, "Baby, can I take this off? I need to see all of you Bella. Please."

I don't know what I said; just that some garbled words left my mouth but he seemed to be fluent in garbled-Bella-tongue. Because the next thing I knew, my panties were gone and Edward's fingers were moving languidly up and down my lower lips. "Thank fuck I shaved this morning!" was the only rational thought I could form before I felt one of his fingers circle me down there.

I moaned softly before looking down, and the sight that greeted me nearly shoved me over the edge. Edward was lying in between my legs with his fingers exploring me and an intense expression on his face—as if I am his greatest discovery. Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed a handful of his hairs and started tugging—wanting his lips back on mine.

He complied, and took my lips to his in a tender yet passionate kiss—the way only he could kiss, I am sure. As our faces lined up, so did the rest of us and I felt him brushing my embarrassingly wet folds. Loud moans escaped both of us at the sensation. Edward used one elbow to hold his weight up and hovered over me, panting the words out, "I can't wait anymore, Baby. I need you, Bella."

I slipped my hands under his arms and held onto his shoulder blades for dear life as I gasped out, "Then take me, Edward. Make me your wife."

My last words had an incredible effect on him because with a possessive roar, he slipped himself in me slightly. I could feel him stretching me when he reached my barrier. He looked right into my eyes, and with a groan, that sounded like 'mine,' he entered me fully in a stroke. A stinging pain gripped me and I clamped my mouth shut, determined not to let him hear a sound of my pain.

But my eyes must have betrayed me because through my tightly closed eyelids tears were streaming down. I felt Edward place a kiss on my eyelids as he whispered, "Shh, Love, I am so sorry. If could take away your pain, I would. Believe me, Love."

A ragged breath left me as his soothing words and the retracting pain made other thoughts come into the forefront of my mind. I opened my eyes to see Edward holding very still and looking scared as he stared at my face. I smiled at him trying to take away his worry and placed a kiss on the side of his neck, "I am alright, Edward. It doesn't hurt anymore."

I was hoping to get a smile in return, but he just continued to stare at me. I quirked an eyebrow, not knowing if I should ask; when he said in a whisper, "I forgot to put on a condom. I bought the fucking shit today and now I forget it! I am an irresponsible jerk."

Before he could try and kick his own ass, I stopped him with a hand on his cheek. My touch seemed to calm him down somewhat and I giggled at his lost and worried expression. "Edward, I am on the pill. I have been on it for the last five years. It helps with the cramps." I grimaced not wanting to have this discussion right now—which brought me to the point I was trying to make.

I cleared my throat and smiled at him. "Not that I this is unpleasant, but I was kind of hoping you'd… move."

Edward blushed, making the tip of his ears turn pink. I started to giggle, but then he twisted his hips slightly, and my giggle died down to turn into a loud moan. The sound seemed to spur him on because he quickly pulled out almost all the way before slowly entering me again. So this is moving… God! Edward can move!

I totally agreed with my subconscious and let out another moan. God! Can I be anymore louder? Edward nudged his nose against mine and smiled. "Of course, you can, Baby. There's no one but us in here and your moans are kind of a turn on."

Realizing that I had spoken out loud, I tried to divert his attention and wrapped my legs around his waist. A loud grunt came out of his mouth as he felt the result of shift in angle. I grinned at him, "You're right. Sounds can be a turn on."

He narrowed his eyes and quickened his pace. Soon I couldn't think of anything else other than Edward and me… and Edward in me. I could feel my stomach tightening when Edward whispered loudly, "Are you there, Baby? I can't hold on much longer."

I whimpered and tugged on his hair, trying to reach the top together. And then, he touched my clit with his finger and I was falling… down to the abyss of the most powerful orgasm in the history of orgasms.

In my haze, I could feel Edward thrust into me once more before stilling. A sudden rush of liquid between my legs told me he had been there with me all along.

When we were both breathing normally again, I took in our positions. In the last few minutes, Edward had turned us so that now I was lying spread-eagle on top of his chest and his hands were moving leisurely on my lower back. I raised my head, suddenly feeling shy, and looked at the man who was now my husband—in every sense of the word.

Edward had a wide-ass grin plastered on his face as he met my eyes. "We are amazing together."

A startled laughter burst out of my mouth and all the shyness disappeared. "I shouldn't stroke your ego and say yes. So I would say 'no comments'."

He moved our hips separating us and making me flinch at the slight movement. Then he smirked. "You can always stroke something else, Baby."

I lightly slapped his chest before starting to get up. I need to clean up…

But Edward's arms encircled my waist and he held on to me. "Where are you going?" I could hear the slight tone of desperation in his voice.

I mentally shook my head and thought, "Silly man, does he think I will leave him now that he has popped my cherry?"

Trying to reassure him that I had absolutely no intention of going anywhere, I leaned down and kissed his jaw and then said, "I need to clean up, Baby. It's kind of sticky down there."

As soon as he realized why I was moving his face lit up in a bright smile and he said sweetly, "Let me take care of you, please?" How do you say no to those eyes? The answer was simple you don't say no. So I let out a sigh and nodded at him. With a kiss on my lips, he got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

Within seconds, he was back, holding a wet wash cloth. He placed one hand on my knee and cleaned me up carefully, making me feel my stupid heart try to beat its way out of my chest. When he was done, he went to put the wash cloth back in his bathroom and returned to me.

As he climbed in behind me and spooned me in his arms, he placed one hand on my stomach and kissed my temple before wishing me 'good night'. Lying under the covers, wrapped in Edward's arms, I felt a smile creeping up on my face. I was Mrs. Edward Cullen… I was his, and by some weird hoodoo, he was mine. What more could a girl ask for?

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