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Put Two and Two Together

by Me, Tanochan (in search of a new name, any suggestions?)

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Time. Is there anything more ridiculous? The passing of seconds, minutes, hours, days, years... Time is but an illusion, created by man to remind him of his brief existance on earth. A slave of his own invention, man must follow the clock. Unable to do what he wants, for lack of time. Time wears him down, destroys him phisically and mentally. Perhaps if man did not have to live by the clock, he would live longer.

Speaking of time, Helga was late for school.

"MIRIAM! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME?!?" she screamed as she grabbed her things and ran to the door.

"Wha? Did you say something?" Miriam lifted her head from the kitchen counter, wiping the drool from the side of her mouth.

Helga groaned as she pulled her shoes on and hopped out the door, "Forget it, Miriam!" she ran down the street as fast as she could towards the bus stop.

"Wait for me!!!" Too late. The bus was moving and the driver had no intentions of stopping for her. She ran in a sad attempt to catch up to it, and soon slowed to a stop. "Oh crap." she muttered and began the walk to school.

Why did she have to miss the bus today? Luckily for her, school was not too far away, she would be there in 5 minutes, if she ran. And she did. As she came closer to P.S. 118, each step became harder. Her feet were getting heavier and heavier. It was like trying to run in lead shoes. She was feeling lightheaded, but managed to make it to the school before she collapsed on the steps, panting.

She sat haunched over , gasping for the life giving oxygen. Her body ached and she was developing a terrible headache. Her breathing soon began to slow, the light-headed-ness faded, the dull pain subsided.

But not in time for school. The bell rang, "Oh great! All that running and I'm still late!" she griped, and tried to stand up so that she could go to class but her feet would not move. Something was holding her back. But what? A sudden rush of cold and hot sensations shot through her and she shuddered violently. "Woah... What was that?" she wondered alloud. What had caused it? She looked around.

A strangely suspicious-yet-perfectly-normal-looking white van parked about a block down the street caught her eye, for some reason. An equally suspicious-yet-normal-looking man stood resting against the door, his head against the driver's window and his legs crossed the way someone might cross thier legs while talking on the phone. He looked around, a calm smile plastered on his tan face. It seemed he was waiting for someone, a friend in the neighborhood perhaps?

She did not like him one bit. From where she stood she saw coffee stains on his off-white shirt, as well as what may have been splattered on it. She hated that. She hated the baggy pants he wore. The way he kept his hands in his pockets as he smiled calmly and searched for something, whatever it was, she did not know. She hated that calmness, the smile. She hated him. Loathed him beyond all reason. And there was no reason, she did not know him, did not recognize him and yet she felt such hate towards this man, more than she had ever felt towards anyone, even Lila, whom she thought to be her greatest enemy. Yes, she hated this man and had no idea why. This scared her.

The man moved, and the strange feelings filled her again. He slowly walked into an alley, hidden, though she could still see him, but she doubted anyone else could. Why had he moved? She looked up the street to wear the man was looking. Arnold was running up the street. He was late too. She suddenly got a sinking feeling in her stomach, the kind you get when on a rollercaoster, and that light-headed, dizzy feeling again. The man moved, and she saw it. "Oh my god..."

She jumped to her feet and sprinted, each a step 3 feet in length. "ARNOLD!" she jumped in front of him as the shot was fired.

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