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Put Two and Two Together, ch 5

By Tano
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Another afternoon came, and Arnold went back to the hospital to visit Helga, as he had done so every day for the past few weeks. It was always the same thing. He would come into the room to find Brainy sitting by her bed, silently watching Helga as she slept. Brainy would see Arnold come in, nod, then move aside. Arnold would take his place beside Helga, and Brainy would watch from the back of the room. They never said a word to one another: there was nothing to be said. Arnold would then whisper to Helga, and hold her hand until it was time to leave.

Arnold expected the same thing to happen that Friday afternoon. He walked into the room, and almost fell over when he saw it.

Helga was awake. She sat up, smiling and laughing and talking with Phoebe, who looked very happy. Arnold was in shock. He couldn't speak. He stared at the two girls from in the doorway, without a word.

Phoebe noticed him, "Arnold!" she said.

He then found his feet moving him forward, and he was standing in front of them. "You- you're awake!" he finally said to Helga, who looked at him funny.

"Who are you?" she asked, and his heart sank
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