Hello everyone, and welcome to my new story! This story is a crossover between Naruto x Assassin's Creed, with Sakura as the main character. Some of this story will follow canon, but a lot of it won't as well. Some of the characters, especially Sakura, will be OOC. Please bear with it, since this is my story anyways. Either way, I hope that you enjoy my story!


Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Assassin'e Creed, or any of it's characters. I wish I did though...but this fanfic is mine. MINE. :3

Hiding the Truth

Full Summary:

To her teammates and the rest of Konoha, Sakura Haruno is considered a weak Genin ninja who would never surpass her peers. However, Sakura has been hiding a very big secret. Sakura is actually an Assassin, and at a Master rank by age 13. Living in two very different but similar worlds, Sakura is starting to have a hard time hiding her true identity. So when she "vanishes" from Team 7 after the return of the Wave mission, they blame themselves for not supporting her and helping her like they should have.

After 3 years, Konoha decides to become allies with the Assassins. In order to show proof of this new relationship, it is now considered a requirement for each ninja team to have one Assassin member. When Sakura realizes that she is back with Team 7, she tries her best to continue to hide her secret. But as Team 7 continues on missions in order to find their lost teammate, the Templars are on the rise-and with the Akatsuki as their ally. What will Team 7 and the rest of Konoha do when the truth of their relationship is revealed, and with the fate of the world along with it?