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Felicity found herself in the basement, alone. She didn't know why she had ended up there. It hadn't been the sanctuary it had been since Sara had joined. Truthfully Felicity had nothing against Sara as a person. True she had taken Laurel and Moira's side when they ganged up on her and told her get out of Olivers' life, but that was a while ago and Laurel was her sister, they had barely known each other then. Not that they really knew each other now.

Felicity had seen the way Sara could handle pain and spar with the guys. She had scars and stories and seemed to just fit in. Felicity was jealous of that, but more than that, if she had to admit, she was jealous of the way she seemed to understand Oliver, she knew what he had been through; she had been there, with him. She knew his past and his present and she was becoming his future. They fought together like two halves of a whole, one mind with 4 arms and 4 legs and multiple weapons. Sara was there for Oliver in a way that Felicity could never be.

Yet despite everything that Sara had been through, she had a good heart, she was strong and she chose to fight for good. As much as she wanted to Felicity couldn't fault her. The few times she did spend with her, she actually quite liked her.

Felicity sat on the training mat on at the front of her computers. She could hear the comforting hum of the monitors behind her and she could smell the green leather and earthly masculine sent of Oliver on the equipment around her. Although both Dig and Sara used the equipment it still smelt primarily of Oliver. Felicity didn't know if that was due to him training infinitely more than the other two or if his sent, much like the rest of him, commanded dominance. Either way, she could smell him and even though she was angry and hurt, it still made her feel safe.

So she drank. The hum of the monitors, the smell of Oliver, and the sweet burn of the Vodka pouring down her throat, lulling her into a pleasant numbness. She was angry. Angry that Oliver had been insulted, sure, but more angry that she had felt the need to defend him and allow him to permeate yet another aspect of her life. She had been trying so hard to move on, to accept that he would never want her, not in the way she needed him to.

But she couldn't. She could not move on, she could not find a life without him, she could not accept that she would never be good enough for him. She loved him. She had known it for a long time. She was however starting to realise that she could not continue on this path either. She needed to move on, and to do that she needed to move away.


Sara walked into the lair and noticed a sound that she could not quite place. She silently walked towards the noise and found Felicity sitting on the floor, with her head between her raised knees. She was wearing a gorgeous dress, and her hair was cascading down her back. It was only when she came up in front of her that Sara saw the open bottle next to her, and her red rimmed eyes.

Sara and Felicity were not close, and if she had to admit it, Sara knew it was her own fault, but in her own way she did like the IT girl. Sara wanted nothing more than to reach down and hug her, she didn't know what had caused the tears, but she knew what it felt like to be crying alone and no one should ever have to go through that.

"Hi" Sara chose to say instead. "Want some company?"

Felicity gasped, "Oh shit, Sara, what are you doing here? I didn't think anyone would be down her for the rest of the night."

"No, it's ok. It's been…challenging, with my family lately and I couldn't sleep, so I thought I would come down here. It helps. Great minds I guess," nodding in Felicity's direction.

"I'm sorry things are so difficult between you and Laurel, I know how much you care about her, she will come around, and you just need to give her time. She has had more life altering moments in the past 18 months than most people go though in a life time. She just needs time, I would."

"She has been nothing but condescending towards you, she convinced me to help her and Moira "force" you out of Ollie's life and after I walk in on you crying in the dark, you still manage to defend her and make comfort me?" Sara asked incredulously.

Felicity gave a small shrug and half a watery smile.

Sara in turn poked her in her right arm.

"Ow" Felicity startled, rubbing the area Sara had just poked, "so you decide it's a good idea for you to attack me?"

Sara laughed, "If I was going to attack you, you would know it. I just wanted to make sure you were real. Normal people aren't as good as you." Sara finished with a smile, "so why are you crying, here of all places?"