Maybe Marta

By Ricky Temple

Marta, The Tavern Wench, was used to fending off would be suitors. So good at it is she, that she's earned the nickname of 'Maybe' Marta for her non answers in response to their propositions and pick-up lines.

Such as the time when Ridolfo the Troubadour tried to chat her up. Ridolfo had said "Ahh Senorita Marta you have the face and the body that can inspire a thousand love songs. Come let us go somewhere and make beautiful music together." Marta had smiled and simply said "Maybe Baby"

And then there was Honesty Bartram, The Trader. He always showered her with gifts; perfumes from the orient, jewellery from Persia, French silk and Lace from Chantilly. "Come lovely Marta" he often said "Let me take you on a Shopping trip your dad doesn't need to know and such a pretty face as yours should be dressed in the finest lace. Marta just smiles and says "Maybe Baby."

Even Grimalden the Green Wizard from Cornwall Isn't blind to her charms. That Saucy Celt often makes gifts to her of Arken Stones. He tells The Dungeoneers he needs them to recharge his powers and while he dose use some for this purpose the majority of them he uses to try and buy our friendly wench's affections but when he invites her to accompany him back to Cornwall Still Marta just smiles and says "Maybe Baby"

And its not just men Marta attracts she even caught the eye of one or two of the Dungeon Realm's female denizens. Why once the Witch Queen herself Greystagg propositioned her saying, "Marta dear let me take you away from all this drudgery come with me to Witchhaven and you'll never have to slave away serving drinks again." But again Marta just smiled and said "Maybe Baby"

Dragons Breath why ones even The Brollachan took a shine to Her and seeped up onto the wall of The Heifer to say "Marta I hunger for Knowledge of love and affection. I believe you with your information can feed this hunger, come with me and Teach me of these things." Marta shuck her head smiled, Blew him a kiss and said "Maybe Baby"

Oh yes Marta can fend off any would be suitor who some her way...well almost all for there is one who can get past her defences a certain Jester...

When Motley comes to the Crazed Heifer to entertain he never misses a chance to flirt with that serving lass. He makes her laugh and giggle and when he says "Why don't you come help me With my stand-up routine" she at first only smiles and as with the others Says "Maybe Baby"

But then Motley smiles back and retorts "Maybe Marta...I'll have you for me." Marta smiles and nods "Maybe you will Motley."