Infinite Stratos

Lightning Blaze

Chapter 1: The Arrival

"Ichika!" shouted a young woman of 15, her big ponytail bouncing, as she ran to her friend.

"Houki?" asked Ichika Orimura, alarmed by his friend's shout before being pulled into a hug.

"How have you been?" Houki Shinonono asked him.

"Good, but my job was hard," replied Ichika while stretching.

"Did you hear the news"? asked Houki, ignoring his reply.

"Does it involve another male IS pilot found?"

The IS , short for Infinite Stratos, is a powerful exoskeleton initially designed for space travel, but was then redesigned as a war machine. Due to a glitch, the IS are only compatible with women. Ichika was the only exception.

"How did you know that?"

"Newspapers. The girls also regularly update me on what's going on." At this, Houki's smile faltered a bit, but Ichika dismissed it.

"Did you know that he has a twin brother who was able to do the same thing?"

Ichika's face was nothing more than surprised. Before he could ask Houki to explain, they heard a chorus of girls saying, "ICHIKA!"

Ichika and Houki turned to see four girls running at them at near high speed. Ichika barely drew a breath before he was tackled into a hug by the four girls. Ichika was barely able to breathe with the amount of girls hugging him, not so much as not being able to move a finger. He managed to turn his head, which ended up with him trying to spit silver hair out of his mouth.

"How are you doing, my husband?" asked Laura Bodewig. From the sound of it, she is now well versed in titles and such.

The other three, Charlotte Dunois, Cecilia Alcott and Lingyin Huang were silent, merely hugging him tighter until Ichika began gasping for breath. They peeled off him and waited for Ichika to talk.

"Fine, thank you," Ichika said while getting his breath back. Laura blushed a bit while the girls were glaring daggers at her.

Houki checked the time at the train station and saw the next train ride. "Guys, the train is leaving in five minutes."

While they were getting on the train, Ichika noticed something. Two young men were getting on the same train not far from him. Ichika looked at where the train was going, and noticed that the sign said 'Infinite Stratos Academy'. Before he could put two-and-two together, he was suddenly dragged on the train by Houki.

The ride to the academy was relatively quiet, with the only noise being the snacks that Charlotte brought. The silence was broken when there was a knock on the door. Ichika opened the door to see the two men that Ichika saw earlier. He noticed that the two had similar facial features, dark hair, gold eyes and a small scar on the lip. One of them wore a hooded jacket, so he wasn't able to see more of his features. The other, however, was smirking as he realized that Ichika was the only guy in a cabin full of women.

"Hello," said Ichika, wary of the two.

The hoodless one laughed a bit and said," No need to be wary of us, we won't bite." He turned to his brother." At least, I don't."

The hooded one responded by hitting his brother on the head. "I'm not the one who scared your last girlfriend away."

At this remark, the girls looked at the two, more focused now. Curious, Cecilia asked, "You do realize this train is headed for the IS Academy, right?"

"Yes, we do," answered the hooded one.

This got everyone confused, as the academy was full of women who could pilot an IS, barring Ichika, who was the only male that could.

Lingyin was about to ask them a question when the train slowed to a halt, which made the boys go back to get their stuff before Lingyin could ask them for their names.

Five minutes later, the six of them were heading to the main building, and looked at the class roster. To their delight, all of them were in the same class this year. Ichika noticed two names that were foreign to him, but once again, before he could investigate it, he was dragged along by the girls to Maya Yamada's class. They picked out seats, with the girls obviously sitting next to Ichika. When everyone was seated, Miss Yamada began," Welcome back students, I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation." She paused to allow the students to voice their confirmation, before continuing on," Today, we have two new students joining us today. They are twins, if you are wondering. Miss Orimura, can you please bring them in?"

Miss Chifuyu Orimura opened the door to let the two in. The first one to enter was the hoodless man, wearing his apparent trademark smirk. His uniform was rolled up to his elbows, and the red stripes were blue. His brother soon entered, wearing his hood again. Ichika noticed that this hood was stitched to his uniform, and had a red sash in place of the belt, letting it trail behind him. The hoodless one began first," Hello ladies, my name is Fiero Caruso, nice to meet you all."

Some of the girls sighed in admiration when he talked. With prompting from Fiero, Chifuyu and Maya, his brother began talking.

"My name is Dante Caruso, good to meet you all."

Ichika could have sworn that the girls who sighed when Fiero talked have fainted when Dante talked.

Dante continued, "We hope to not be a burden for all of you for letting us enter, but we hope to help you belle donne with anything we can."

This time, all the girls fainted.