Infinite Stratos

Lightning Blaze

Before the chapter begins, I will say a few words.

First of all, the main character, despite being twins, is Dante, as I've gotten his design first. Fiero was a suggestion from my 9-year-old brother.

Secondly, Dante is an obvious reference to Assassin's Creed, as no one else wears a red sash with a hood other than assassins

Third, expect Dante to be in more of my fan-fictions

Last of all, this will have some stuff not seen, but then again, I've only been able to see the English version of Infinite Stratos, so expect some weird stuff.

And to answer a review, I haven't really thought of Ichika and Houki, as I've been more of a Ichika and Charlotte kind of guy, but there will be a poll to see who Ichika will end up with. Laura won't be able to do it, as she will be paired up with one of the twins.

Well, I took some time. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: New Roommates

After everyone regained consciousness, the class continued. Dante took the back seat at the left-most corner, while Fiero took the front seat, smiling the entire time. As soon as everyone settled down, Maya began the class.

"Now, bus-slots, as you know, are for Equalizers. Today, you will learn how to properly apply equalizers to your IS."

For the rest of the class, Maya talked about the equalizers, different types of equalizers, and how to properly install them. During the lesson, Fiero took the time to flirt with the women around him, while his brother took notes on the lesson, while also making blueprints for a new weapon.

At the end of class, the two of them began looking for their room. However, fate had a different plan for them.

Walking through the halls, Dante and Fiero were confronted with a horde of women, all asking to go out with them. Undaunted, Fiero used a hologram projector to make holograms of himself, confusing the women. While they were trying to find the real Fiero, Dante ran up the walls above them, effectively running above them. By the time the holograms disappeared, Dante and Fiero were long gone.

It was a few minutes later that the twins found their room, room 1024. Unlocking the door, they saw a double bed room, with a small kitchen, a bathroom and a small balcony. On the wall, they saw a television set, with complimentary remotes. After checking out the room, the twins began unpacking their stuff. Dante took out his wooden practice sword that he had when he was a little kid, and placed it above the TV. Fiero put the radio they always had on the desk between them. When the basic necessities were finished, Dante rolled up his right pants leg and began rubbing a medicine on it, being sure to take off the bandages first. When he was done, he replaced the bandages and rolled the leg down. With everything taken care of, the two began looking for the cafeteria, occasionally confronted by women who ask them various questions. After a while, with many flirts from Fiero, the twins reached the cafeteria. After getting their food (rice and fish for Dante, rice and meat with a bit of wasabi for Fiero), the two began looking for a place to sit. The only open spot was where Ichika, Charlotte, Cecilia, Houki, Laura and Lingyin were sitting. They began to walk towards the table, but a group of women were blocking their way again. Fiero used his holograms again, also making copies of Dante. Making it through, the two began to walk up to the group, and Fiero asked, "Mind if we sit here?"

"No, no, go ahead," said Ichika.

With that, the twins sat down and began to eat. Fiero surprised them all by eating all of the wasabi on his plate, seemingly ignoring the spiciness of it. Everyone was surprised by this, except Dante.

"H-how did you do that?" asked Houki.

"Do what?"

"How did you eat all that wasabi without kneeling over in pain?"

Fiero finished chewing and said, "Easy, just ignore it, and the pain will be but a passing thought."

Charlotte looked uncomfortable, remembering when she did the same thing. Fiero began making conversation with Cecilia, mostly about politics and the royal family. Dante talked with Ichika and Houki.

"So, what room are you Dante?" asked Ichika.

"Room 1024," replied Dante.

"What do you know, I'm in room 1025."

Dante smiled and shook Ichika's hand. "Well then, you are my new roommate."

The rest of lunch passed by in silence, with the usual flirts from Fiero and the constant silence from Dante. When lunch ended, the brothers went to the locker room to change into uniforms. When they left, Ichika turned to the girls and said, "We should give them a welcoming party."

The girls went wide-eyed at this, as they didn't think about a party yet.

Charlotte suddenly said, "I call the food."

Lingyin: "I got the music."

Cecilia: "I got the decorations."

Laura: "I'll get the snacks."

This left Ichika and Houki in charge with getting the twins to room 1025 for the party. They just prayed all would go well.

End Chapter 2

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