Hello FanFiction! This is pain17ification bringing you all a three-shot that is between our favorite whiskered blonde and the trio of fillies in search of their calling! This is a Naruto/Cutie Mark Crusaders Three-Shot!

The first part is Naruto/Applebloom!

Please note that this one-shot has NOTHING to do with my other story "Kouma Shōkan"! Also note that Naruto will be a colt in all of these, and the ends of each will timeskip to them being adults!

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[Scene Shift]

Honest Meddling

It was a beautifully sunny day in Ponyville as two earth ponies made their way to Sweet Apple Acres.

The first was a mare with a tan coat, a vibrant and smooth red mane, and deep purple eyes. On her flank was a red spiral. Next to her was a young colt with a bright orange coat, spiky blonde mane, and deep blue eyes. However, he had two things that stood out greatly for a "normal" resident of Ponyville; fox ears and a fox tail. Unlike his mother, the colt's flank was bare.

These two were Kushina and her son Naruto. The colt's father, Minato, was not with them since he was no longer alive. If one asked Kushina how she felt, she'd scowl and say, "Good riddance".

Now, before you get mad, let's look at the reason. Minato was a unicorn stallion who aspired to be as great as many famous unicorns before him. He wanted to make a name for himself for his self appointed "Soul Transfer" spell. What he planned to do was transfer the soul of a living creature into one that was dead, so he planned to give it a test run on two foxes.

Unfortunately, he was asked by his wife to keep an eye on a foal Naruto while Kushina went shopping for supplies on a very busy day in town. It was so busy that she didn't want her baby to feel constricted and uncomfortable.

Minato, with Naruto resting in his crib, decided to try out his creation. The result was the spell going haywire due to it having no true base to go off of. The stray beams of magic ended up bouncing all around the basement the unicorn was working in before they hit him, the living fox, and his infant son.

For Minato, he felt the beam that hit him drain him of his magic and his life while the beams that hit the fox and foal pulled them into the siphoning magic power. What ended up happening was that the bodies of the two creatures fusing into the "fox pony" young Naruto looks like today while Minato lost his life with the utter failure of a spell.

Kushina still wished she could've been the one to finish her husband after what he had done to their child.

"Look mom, we're almost there!" exclaimed an excited Naruto as he bounced on his hooves like a certain party mare. Kushina couldn't for the life of her figure out how Pinkie Pie had made such an impact on her at once shy son's personality. Now, he was nearly as excitable as she was.

"I know that, sweetheart. It'll be nice to talk to Applejack again after so long. It's been months since we last talked."

"I'm just happy that I get to play with Applebloom again! Last time we played, she was trying out a lasso thingy and snagged a pig!"

The mare smiled at her son's eagerness, though she couldn't help but feel that the child had very few friends. Applebloom and Pinkie seemed to be the only two the colt seemed so comfortable around, and she was worried that he'd miss out on getting to know other people.

"Yeehaw!" they both heard before they saw an orange mare with a blonde mane pulled back into a tail, green eyes, and a stetson hat on her head run up to a tree and boot it with her hind legs. The force of the kick knocked down all of the apples into the awaiting baskets below.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Naruto exclaimed with starry eyes as he somehow got in the cowgirl mare's face. Kushina blinked in surprise and looked down to where her son once stood…25ft. away from where he was now.

She face hoofed as she mentally ranted, 'It's like Pinkie gave him some of her crazy, laws-of-physics-breaking skills or something!'

A.J. smiled at the colt in front of her and ruffled his mane affectionately. "Hey there, Sugar Cube! I was wondering when I'd see you again!" Her smiled grew as the colt jumped up and hugged her, making her return it.

When he pulled back, he grinned and asked, "Where's Applebloom?"

The cowgirl mare chuckled and pointed her tail at the open barn and the orange colt was quick to run off and greet his friend. Kushina meanwhile had reached her friend and the two hugged one another in greeting.

"Good to see you again, Applejack. It's been too long."

"You too, Kushina. Why don't we go inside and catch up? I'm sure Granny Smith still has some of that ice tea she made this morning."

Kushina perked up at that and was already ahead of her friend at the sound of refreshing tea. Once the two were inside and comfortable, Kushina asked, "So, how is everyone else A.J.?"

"They're alright, though Applebloom's been a little down lately." She then chuckled and finished, "I have no doubt that seeing your boy will help lift her mood."

Kushina smiled softly before she sighed. "Not that I have a problem with your sister, but I wish my son would get to know other ponies. His friend circle is limited to Applebloom and Pinkie."

"Now, y'all know that ain't true, Kushina. He has me, my brother, Granny Smith, and Applebloom's friends also. Y'all are just overreacting and can't see that he's just fine."

"He really has more friends?" asked a surprised mother. "I never knew that."

"I'm not surprised. Ya do so much to provide for your son that ya sometimes miss out on some of the things he's done. Just relax, Kushina. Naruto will be just fine, and besides," the orange mare grinned and finished, "I have something y'all will love to hear."

"Oh, and what would that be?" asked an intrigued redhead.

"I believe that my lil' sis has herself a crush on lil' Naruto," informed Applejack with her grin still in place.

Kushina giggled at this as her mind immediately pictured her son and Applebloom spending time together as coltfriend and marefriend.

"That's so adorable! They'd be so cute together, and I know that they'd also be very good for each other. My baby seems more outgoing when she's around."

"And Applebloom is much happier when he's around. I think they'd be a perfect match," A.J. agreed.

Kushina then got a gleam in her eye and giggled, making the cowgirl mare raise a brow in confusion. Seeing that A.J. wanted to know what was up, Kushina suggested, "Why don't we…help your sister out; help her and my son get together?"

"Ya mean meddle? I don't know… That seems pretty devious and dishonest to me."

"Now, it isn't dishonest. We both honestly want the best for them, and we honestly believe that they'd be a cute pair; so why don't we do some honest meddling and get them together?" asked a grinning Kushina.

A.J. sweatdropped at her friend's twisting of her worries. Chuckling at being outwitted, she nodded and the two mares started to make plans.

Meanwhile with Naruto and Applebloom, the two children were playing Tag throughout the orchard with smiles and giggles. Right now, Naruto was "it" and was chasing a happily squealing Applebloom around the barn's perimeter. Unknown to them, they played long enough for the adults to finish planning and they began their "honest meddling".

As Naruto got closer to his target, Applebloom looked back with a smile as she tried to run faster. However, she wasn't looking where she was going and A.J. was quick to place something to make the filly trip safely. When she did, Naruto immediately stopped smiling and rushed over to his best friend before he helped her out.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked in worry.

Applebloom meanwhile was blushing at how close her crush was to her and how sweet he was for helping her back to her hooves. "Y-Yea, I'm alright. Thanks, Naruto," she said gratefully before she smiled to him. She decided to express her thanks by kissing his cheek, making the hidden mares bite down happy squeals while the colt was blushing up a storm. Applebloom then ran off again in laughter while yelling, "Y'all are still it, y'know?!"

Shaking himself out of his blush, Naruto quickly ran after her again. They chased one another for about half an hour before the mares acted again. This time, Kushina was the one who tripped one of the children. Naruto didn't know what he tripped over as he fell forward and tumbled into Applebloom – who had stopped when she heard him cry out in alarm. When the two stopped their tumble, Naruto was on his back with Applebloom on top of him and her lips just inches from his own.

Kushina and A.J. grinned as the two turned atomic red.

"Uh, Applebloom, could you-?" began Naruto before the flustered filly interrupted him.

"N-Naruto, I have something I wanna tell ya…" She was nervous, he could tell, but he didn't interrupt her. "Y-Y'all know that you're my best friend, right?"

"Yea, and you're my best friend too Bloom," he replied, making her smile at the nickname he would sometimes call her.

She grew nervous again as she said, "W-Well, I was wondering…well more like hoping if ya liked me… I mean, I like ya a lot."

"Of course I like you!" he said with a grin. "How could I not like my best friend?"

She shook her head and got off of him, letting them both sit face to face. "Not like that… I mean that I like you…like a mare likes a stallion," she explained while averting her gaze with a beet red face.

The adults smiled at the cute scene while A.J. thought, 'Y'all are doing great, sis. Just be honest and true to yourself, and he'll have to see how much he means to you.'

'Come on Naruto. She's confessing to you, so please don't be a dense knucklehead!' mentally pleaded Kushina.

Naruto slowly went over her words and scrunched his face in thought. Slowly, his mind clicked and his face became dusted with a small blush. He looked to his friend and saw her anxiously waiting for his reply, so he smiled and hugged her. She gasped silently as he did so before she smiled and melted into the embrace.

"I like you too, Bloom… And I mean like you," he said before clarifying, making the filly giggle and the mares high-hoof at their success.

Still smiling, Applebloom asked, "Would you go with me to the Town Festival next month…as my coltfriend?"

He looked to her and his smile grew into a grin before he kissed her cheek, making her blush scarlet. "Of course I would…if you'll be my marefriend?"

She eagerly nodded and the two hugged again while the mares smiled at the scene. This was the start of a relationship that never wavered.

[Years Later]

*Wah! Wah!*

An orange stallion with a fox tail and a red spiral on his flank sighed with a smile as he got out of the bed he shared with his wife who was sleeping peacefully. He watched her sleep for a couple of seconds and kissed her cheek lovingly before he went to the next room over to take care of his daughter.

"Calm down, Gala (1); daddy's here," he softly whispered as he picked up his infant daughter and soothed her back to sleep. He fell back asleep in the chair he sat in with the orange coated, redheaded foal in his lap.

This was the scene that Applebloom walked in on in the morning and she smiled softly at the sight. She giggled quietly as she remembered that she probably wouldn't have gotten here without her sister and mother-in-law's "honest meddling".

'Honest or not, I'm still grateful for what they did. My life is perfect,' she thought before she kissed her sleeping husband and child and went to make breakfast. It was just another morning for the Apple-Uzumaki family.


1~ A gala is a type of apple. I figured that the daughter needed a name associated with apples.

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