I was making my rounds at the hospital. It had been 2 months since my family had moved from Forks to New York. That family, what was left of it, was miserable. They were going through the motions, but there was just no joy anymore.

I went to work, checking on patients, using my skills to help others. Esme kept the house, but she didn't want to garden, simply sat staring at the wall for hours contemplating the children she had lost. Alice ensured we weren't in danger but hadn't been shopping or into her design projects. She tried to console Jasper, who was distraught and aloof, but to no avail. Emmett was off trying to calm Rosalie, who still didn't understand why we had needed to leave Forks and was on a rampage. Edward was off, who knew where, doing who knew what. He had disappeared almost immediately after our move.

I sighed. And then there was the child we had left behind, the one that probably needed me most: Bella. She was a daughter to me. Just as Alice and Rosalie were. And I just didn't understand why Edward had made us leave. I still contemplated whether it had been the right decision. But I knew I missed my little human daughter more than I could put to words. Being separated from her was like being separated from any of my children, it hurt. A lot.

I checked my watch, I had two hours to go on my shift. My pager went off just then. I looked down and then rushed to the operating room. It seemed there had been a car accident and I was needed ASAP.

I jogged, at human speed (how annoying), to the OR prep room. One of the nurses came into help me and gave me the full run down. Car coming out of the airport had been t-boned on the driver's side, both the driver and the driver's side passenger were DOA. The remaining survivor, a young girl, was on the table with a broken leg, 3 broken ribs, and serious abrasions to her face from the glass breaking on her window. They were worried about a punctured lung.

I finished dressing and rushed into the operating room, only to stop dead at the smell that assaulted me. It was familiar, and it scared me to death that I knew it. If my heart hadn't been stopped centuries ago I was sure it would have stopped then. It was Bella. It was my daughter.

"Dr. Cullen?" one of the nurses spoke to me, noticing the pause.

I shook my head and stepped forward. I had to help her, she had to be alright. She just had to be. If there was a God this was the time for Him to step in.