A/N: Hello, KLK fandom, this is my first KLK fanfic! As you've read in the description, the obvious spoiler for those who have yet to watch episode 18 is that Satsuki and Ryuko are sisters (or at least half-sisters, since they share the same mother). So please, don't flame me since I've already given you a heads-up.

Anyways, ever since that plot twist I've been dying to make this AU. Warning: characters are somewhat OOC, especially Ragyo whom I've decided to make less sinister to fit the AU.

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"Hey, Satsuki!"

The 8 year-old awoke to her younger sister bouncing on top of her while she lay in bed. Groggily, she sat up as her sister slid off of her stomach and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "What is it, Ryuko? It's in the middle of the night," she whispered.

Ryuko's lively blue eyes blinked at her. "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Satsuki let out a yawn. "It's too late," she frowned. "Go back to bed. We can make one tomorrow."

Her younger sister pouted. "Please, Satsuki! Just for tonight! Just for a little bit, I promise," she pleaded.

She sighed. "Mom and Dad will get mad if they hear us."

"Then we'll be very quiet," she grinned. "Please..."

After contemplating for a moment, Satsuki acquiesced to her sister's request and slipped off the side of their bed. Ryuko followed after her little sister while trying to keep her excitement contained. Slowly, Satsuki crept the door open so that her and her sister could squeeze through without being heard, and they ventured out into the empty hallway. It was too dark for Satsuki to make out where she was going, but she could hear her younger sister's footsteps bounding down the way and around the corridor. "Come one, Satsuki!" Ryuko whispered, her voice echoing across the vast walls.

"Shh!" she quieted. "Or else they'll hear you!"

The joy in Ryuko's cerulean eyes dampened a bit after she considered the consequences if their parents were to discover them sneaking out at night. "Ok..."

They lived in a mansion, where gates surrounded the outskirts to protect their castle from any intruders, and guards were always stationed outside their front doors. Their father and mother were the king and queen, after all. And as such, the two were protected at all times and rarely got to interact with other children of their age. Satsuki, one year older than her sister, was to become queen at age 18, and her sister, Ryuko, was to become the princess.

"Ok, we're here," Satsuki said as she wrapped her hand around a large gilded doorknob that led into the mansion's large ballroom.

Ryuko pushed her way through the door and run into the center of the room with a wide smile. "Do it, Satsuki!" she said excitedly.

Satsuki held out her palm tentatively. "Okay..." She gulped. "Here I go..."

It started with a small white glow that materialized and hovered over her hand. Ryuko's eyes went wide with awe as her sister willed the wisp of white to proliferate into the air and float to the ceiling, where it exploded in a magnificent burst of cold. The room was bathed in a light bluish color as snow began to flutter from the top of the ballroom and blanket the floor in a thin layer.

Ryuko held out her hand and felt a snowflake drift onto her finger and melt. "So cool..." she murmured to herself. Satsuki smiled; she was glad to see her sister so enthralled with her powers. "Hey Satsuki, look!"

She watched as her sister fell backwards into the snow and made a snow angel, giggling all the while. Her eyes softened with affection. "Wait for me!" she laughed as she trotted over to her and fell next to her. Together they laughed and ran around and danced in the white flurry as snow continued to coat the ballroom floor. Ryuko rolled a snowball into her hand and flung it at her sister, hitting her on the shoulder. Satsuki giggled and retaliated with a snowball of her own.

For a while, they had fun. Satsuki grew more confident and brave with her powers. With the flick of her wrist, she shot a wisp from her hand, which caused a mound of snow to appear suddenly. Ryuko climbed up it quickly. "Make another one!" she shouted happily. Again, Satsuki shot another blast from her hand, creating a mound even tall than the last one next to her. Ryuko leaped on top of it, her fall cushioned by the snow. "Again!" Satsuki shot another, and another as her sister jumped from one to the next.

"Wait, Ryuko!" she shouted back, trying to keep up with her sister's pace. She was going to fast for her to catch her in time.

"Catch me, Satsuki!" Blinded by joy, Ryuko still continued without stopping.

"Ryuko, stop!" her sister cried. She didn't have enough time to creat the next mound and catch her. She accidentally shot a beam into the air. Her sister fell limp as the shot hit her right on the head. "Ryuko!"

Satsuki ran to her fallen sister, who was unmoving. The snow began to melt and fade around them as she knelt down and rolled her over. Ryuko's breaths were shallow. "Ryuko, Ryuko wake up!" With tears brimming her eyes, she shook her sister gently but she did not stir. "Mom, Dad!" Feeling utterly helpless, she yelled for her parents.

The door swung open immediately and her mother and father ran in, still dressed in their night clothing. "What happened in here?" Ragyo demanded. She saw her youngest daughter lying on the floor. One of her front bangs was glimmering.

"I-I didn't mean to - I mean she was just...and I accidentally - I didn't mean to!" Satsuki stammered out through her sobs.

Her father bent down and caressed Ryuko's head. He looked up at his wife with a direness in his eyes. "She's ice cold," he said stiffly.

"I-I didn't mean to hit her..." Satsuki sniffled.

Ragyo bent down and felt Ryuko's cheek with the back of her hand. "You're right. This is bad."

"I-is there anything we can d-do? Can we help h-her...?" her older sister asked.

They exchanged glances quickly. "We have to take her to him. It's the only way," her father said solemnly. He gathered the unconscious girl in his arms and they rushed out the ballroom door. Satsuki followed them into the carriage. Silently, they rode off into the night.

The carriage bumped along down a forest-filled path and into a small clearing where a single house stood. They loaded out of the carriage and towards it. Cradling Ryuko in his arms, her father stood at the entrance and knocked hastily at the door. Satsuki hung onto her mother's hand as they waited for a response. "Soroi, Iori, we need you!" the father shouted.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps approaching them. An ancient-looking man and a younger boy with blonde hair appeared in the doorway as it opened. "What is it that you need at this hour of night?" the older man asked. He was the town's only medicine man, known for his infamous cures of all kind.

"My daughter..." he said sadly as he held out Ryuko. "She's been hit with Satsuki's magic. Is there anything you can do to help her?"

Soroi, the older man, leaned in closer to examine her. He gently laid a hand on Ryuko's forehead and his eyebrows furrowed. "Hm...this doesn't look good at all. The magic has hit her brain," he said as he examined Ryuko's condition. "Quickly, bring her inside before it completely freezes it."

They laid her on a wooden table. Satsuki stood on her tippy-toes to catch a glance at her sister, whose breaths had become shorter. Her skin was also paler than usual. The white streak on her left bang had not gone away from her navy blue hair. Soroi and his nephew were busying themselves by going through the large cabinet of potions and strange-looking concoctions. "Is there anything you can do for her?" her mother asked anxiously.

"Yes, there is one way. I know how to remove the spell from her head using magic," he said. When he was finished pouring ingredients into a flask, he whispered a spell at it. The liquid inside started to glow a bright hue of purple. "This should do it. However, we're going to have to erase her memory of Satsuki having these powers."

Satsuki looked up at him in shock. "W-why?" she asked.

"Because it would be too dangerous if she were to know. We don't want another incident like this occurring, right? You're lucky that the magic did not hit her heart, or else it would've been fatal."

Satsuki lowered her head with guilt. "Ok..."

"Now then, I will perform the spell." He took the flask and poured a bit of liquid over Ryuko's head. The liquid sunk into her head and her head began to glow faintly. Soroi whispered and the glow vanished. The streak on her head turned blood red. "There. She is better. Her memories of your powers have disappeared."

Her father stood up immediately. "Thank you so much, Soroi," he said gratefully.

"What is that red streak in her hair?" Ragyo asked.

"It is a scar that the magic has left, but it will do no harm. It will just serve as a reminder to never her see Satsuki use her powers."

Satsuki nodded sadly. However, her gaze perked up as the color of Ryuko's skin returned to normal and her breaths became regular. "I'm just glad she's alright," she said.

"Don't let this incident happen again, am I clear?" he asked Satsuki. She nodded. "Next time she won't be so lucky."

They left the house that night silently with Ryuko fast asleep in her father's arms. Satsuki still continued to cling onto her mother's hand, but not has tightly as she had done before. On the carriage ride home she stared down emptily at her hands, remembering the moment as her magic had struck her little sister. The terror she felt as she lay there limply. Silent tears slid down her cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Ryuko..." she whispered silently to herself.

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