I walked around the stair case and saw Tyler sitting there.

"hey there you are,what are you doing?" i ask him sweetly. he looks up at me.

"look care, i cant do the college thing right now" Tyler starts to tell me.

"yeah,i completely understand. i have been pushing waayy to hard and you need to make your own decisions. the point is youre back and we're together."

"the reason we are together is because Klaus granted us permission too be sorry but i cant live like that."

"i see, soo this is about Klaus"

"no this is about me. he killed my mom and got away with it. i cant just start caring about physiology and frat parties"

"you havent even given it a chance" i snap at him.

"i didnt come here to give it a chance." i stared at him for a moment and put the pieces together.

"you came here to say goodbye"

"i need to go after him. i need to find away to destroy his life like he did mine."

"you know what Tyler, for someone who hates Klaus, you certainly sound alot like him" i snap at him and walk away from him. i cant believe he is doing this. i left the party. about an hour later i walk into my dorm room and find Tyler in there packing. great here it comes.

"hey" he says.

"hey" i reply back while taking my scarf off.

"Care" he says and then i cut him off

"wait, i have been thinking about it" i take a deep breath" and i have decided im not going to have this conversation again. i cant just sit here while i am waiting for you to come back."

"i dont want that either" Tyler says.

"Then stay, just be the love of my life. just love me more than you hate him" i practically scream at him. i see his eyes watering and i am trying so hard not to breakdown.

"im sorry care, i cant do that" Tyler says.

"No. No. No! " i am starting to cry now "dont you dare walk away from me" i scream at him as he walks past me about t walk out of the dorm room with his bag over his shoulder. "i swear to God Tyler if you take one more step we are DONE. okay! no more surprises, no more excuses, no more chances, we are done." i hold my breath when i see him tilt his head toward me and i can see the tears on his face and then he takes another step toward the door waits a second then walks out so fast. i cant even handle this. he is just walking out on me. i sat on my bed and just cried.

Flashback over:

the next day.

i didnt go to any of my classes and i havent fed. i just laid in my bed and cried. how did life get this screwed up for me?

there was a thunder storm outside. i guess it kind of fits the situation of depressing and gloomy except the lightning and thunder terrifies me. pathetic. i am a vampire who is scared of the weather.i am just laying in my bed and every time the lightning strikes there's a blue flash across my ceiling then a blood curdling rumble that will make me jump very time. i wish i had a distraction. i lay there awhile until i fell asleep.

i woke up to a bright sun shining in my eyes. i groaned and turned over in my bed, shortly throwing a pillow over my head to cover my eyes. It's too late i cant go back to sleep now. i grab my clothes and i got in a shower, it was hot.I cant take this anymore, first bonnie, then Stefan and now Tyler. Elena hasn't even been here since, no texts or calls nothing. what am i still even doing here? college here isn't the way i planned. i sighed deeply in my empty dorm room. i am Caroline Forbes. miss mystic falls and a strong vampire. i am not just going to sit here and sulk. i got up and grabbed my phone. i went through my contacts on my phone until i saw Klaus' number i sighed considering to go to new Orleans then i pushed that thought away and i kept scrolling until i found Stefan's number.

to Stefan:

hey :) -C

to Caroline:

hey care. how are you? -S

to Stefan:

im fine. where are you? -C

to Caroline:

small town in Maryland trying to blend. whats wrong?-S

to Stefan:

i was wondering if you would like a friend. would you mind if i came with you? Tyler broke up with me and i am just done.i need to get away so im leaving for a while.i just need a break and a friend. -C

to Caroline:

Care, that sounds great we can me nomads together lol. we can talk when you get here. be safe. it will probably be about a 5 hour drive. -S

to Stefan:

thank you Stef. ill text you when i leave and when i am close so i can get the address. thanks again Stefan. -c

i got off my bed and went straight to my closet and i grabbed my suitcase. i put it on my bed and started filling it with my clothes. i packed the rest of my stuff and my books and my stuffed teddy bear i have had since i was born. i started carrying things out to my car. surprisingly i got everything to fit, i had to put the entire back seat down but i still managed. i locked my car up and went to the office to drop out. i am glad i didnt bring too much stuff with me to college, just some essentials.

well i am leaving this place behind. i turned my back to look at the school one last time before hopping into my car. i put the address Stefan gave me into the gps in my car and by the time i got about two towns over i figured i would fill up on gas and i will be set to get there without any other stops. i have my mini fridge in my passenger seat, every time i seen it, it left a small smile on my lips. its pretty convenient rather than a cooler, i got some cold snacks to munch on some b+ blood bags (my favorite) and some drinks.

i pulled off the high way to a gas station and it was practically empty, only one other person was there. i walked into the store as a man walked out leaving as i was entering. i walked straight up to the woman at the register. "pump 4, $40 please" i said with a small smile on my lips.

"thanks come again" i smiled at her and walked back out. i was pumping my gas when it got around ten dollars worth, the guy came over that passed me in the store. i watched him warily as he got closer.

" you look new" he said with a cocky grin. i looked at him as he got closer to where i was.

"im just passing through" i say quickly to him.

"what a shame" he says back moving closer to me." my name is Tristan" he put his hand on my butt and pulled me close to him. i am so not in the mood for a creeper, i take his hand and snap it, he drops to the ground and i let my Vampire face show careful so the cameras dont see it and i compel him " what are your intentions with me?" i ask him.

"to have my way with you, regardless if you want me or not" he said in a robotic voice.

after he told me his face became one of confusion on why he just admitted that, he looked back up to me and i locked my gaze on him and i compelled him to leave and to find the tallest bridge in this town and jump "and if you so happen to survive you will not remember me. but every time to feel sexual in anyway i want you to picture maggots eating away at your flesh if you would have died and not been discovered" i finished the compulsion.

i am definitely going to regret well, at least i know the world is rid one rapist. that was even a little dark, even for me. i got into my car and drove away.

yes i am finally in the down town area. well this place is worse than mystic falls not very impressive. but the view of the trees and the old castle looking churches makes up for it. i wonder why Stefan chose this place of all places to settle down. i pull up to an apartment that Stefan is renting. as soon as i get into the drive way i see Stefan open the door and stand on the porch, his arms across his chest. As soon as i put the car in park and turn the ignition off, Stefan is there holding my door open for me with a small.

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