Happy belated Valentines Day, and Single Awareness Month, as I share you a treat for Beast Boy's alternative girlfriend drabbles. So without further ado, here's the first story. Also there won't be a BBxRae Drabble so sorry BBrae fans, because I'm trying to experiment on many what ifs. If you have a suggestion on a pairing for any DC girls with Beast Boy, let me know on the comments. I do not own Beast Boy or anything from DC comics. Enjoy.


Girlfriend: Bumblebee

Story: Rainy Day


"Man, it's storming out here." Karen said as she takes off her Bumblebee uniform and puts on her civvies. She has taken the pleasure to have the Tower by herself since the other boy's are gone, Speedy is going to Central City to visit his mentor when he has the flu, Aqualad went to Altantis to eat with his mentor and his family, and the twins are at Guatemala with their girlfriends.

Karen Breecher is wearing only her yellow tank top with blue skinny jeans on. She decides to watch some movies on BET, as long as it doesn't have any Tyler Perry bull crap. Lucky for her, it's showing 'Crooklyn', her favorite movie back when she grew up in a middle class family.

Suddenly, her communicator rang as she picks it up, wondering if Speedy got himself arrested "Seriously, if arrowhead behind bars for bar fighting again," she muttered as she answers it "Hello?" she said.

"Hey Bee, it's Beast Boy and I'm at the door."

Karen smiled as she hears the only Titan that she can tolerate from the West coast. Ever since she and Cyborg went splitsville, she was feeling lonely since the robotic Titan broke her heart for some girl from a different time, literally. Beast Boy also suffered some heartbreaks, first it was that Terra girl, who betrayed his team and then all of a sudden she's a schoolgirl who may no may not be her. Then there's this thing with Raven, who brutally shattered his heart after the Tokyo incident, first she keeps smacking him like he's her stress reliever, and when he confessed his feelings to her, she told him that she doesn't love him that way and she only saw him as an annoying pest and she even blurted out that she doesn't date animals.

It was then that when she visited the Tower for her date with Cyborg, she began to notice how quiet and sad the changeling was. What ticks Karen off is the fact that his teammates didn't noticed, when she asked Cyborg about it, he just shrugs and said "Grass stain's just suffered a rejection from Raven, but I'm sure he'll get over it." That's the thing, Beast Boy has suffered two heartbreaks from the girls he did nothing but be kind to him, and they took advantage of his kindness and spit it to his face. What does the world have against for the sweet boy?

When Cyborg broke up with her, Beast Boy was the only person to confront her about it. He knew he doesn't want her to suffer the same ordeal like he has. No boy ever wanted to date her since she grew wings on her back and mostly people call her a rip off of the Wasp from the Avengers. It was then that she and Beast Boy hang out for a while, she has to admit, Beast Boy was a fun guy to hang out with, better than Cyborg who was sexist and doesn't want to pay for dinner. The other Titans didn't saw it coming when she and Beast Boy announced that they're dating, causing Cyborg, Jinx, Hot Spot, Thunder, Lightning, Speedy, Robin, and Starfire losing the betting pool when they were betting on Beast Boy and Raven together, in fact no one won the betting pool at all.

When the insect theme Titan opens the door for Beast Boy, he was holding an umbrella and was wearing a black jacket with a Ramones t-shirt underneath, and black cargo pants with sneakers on.

"I thought I could come over to keep you company, Bee." Beast Boy said, as he enters inside the Tower.

"Thanks Marky, I appreciated the welcome visit." Karen replied, ever since she learned that Beast Boy's real name is Garfield Logan, he instantly request that he would preferred to go as either 'Gar' or 'Mark', she likes Mark better as she calls him 'Marky'.

The two are back in the TV room watching the movie. Garfield was popping some popcorn as Karen prepare some drinks. They sat on the couch as they watch the Spike Lee film. Bumblebee has once told Gar that she once grew up in Harlem and was living with her grandfather after her parents were killed in a break in. Karen wants to be a cop so she can take down criminals. It was then when she was fifteen, she was stung by one of her grandfather's enhanced bees when he was working with Ray Palmer. It was during that time when she got her powers and became known as Bumblebee.

As they watch the movie, Beast Boy would stretch his arm and placed it on her shoulder, which she gladly lets him as she lay her head down on his chest. The changeling couldn't help but he loves the fruity smell of the shampoo she used on her hair. It was then the two would give eachother kisses as they lay on the couch, making out with each other as the rain makes soothing music.

It was the happiest day for the two.


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