Girlfriend: Harley Quinn

Story: Comedy


Harleen Quinzel is finally reformed.

After the Joker died, like really died and not some robot, or shapeshifter, but the actual Mistah J dies after his most unforgiving scheme to break Batman: turning the third Robin into Joker Jr. Harley felt bad for the kid, having to shoot Joker rather than Batman, and felt guilty for being involved into one of his schemes.

Since then, Harley was found after being thought dead, and is sent to Arkham for a couple of years and is declared sane. She wanted to get out of the criminal life, get out of being in the Joker's shadow, all she ever wanted...was love.

She left Gotham behind to travel across the state, deciding to become a biker babe and travel the road along with her two pet hyenas, Bud and Lou. She knows that Batman is keeping tabs on her, but she doesn't care, all she wants now is to see some sights.

Her next trip is Jump City, she knows that Nightwing, the first Robin, takes up residence there along with his Titans. She doesn't want to cause trouble, but she decides to stay at a motel, but where would her hyena's stay?

She parked her bike and leashed Bud and Lou at a local diner. She was wearing like any classic biker babe: black spike helmet, a leather jacket, white midriff t-shirt, cut up daisy duke shorts, red striped thigh high socks, and black leather boots. She read the chalkboard and it says open mic night, meaning she can be up there and do some entertainment.

Once she got inside, she sat at an empty table as she orders a drink. She got some lemonade as she takes a sip, and then she saw someone coming up stage on the mic.

"What's up everybody, Garfield's in the house!" said the green man wearing his civvies.

'My what a cute guy.' Thought Harley, to tell you the truth, out of all the Titans, she seems to have a crush on Changeling, formerly known as Beast Boy, during her reforming days.

Changeling begins "Okay, so what is up with the super villains in this city, am I right? We got an old British dude who once tried to takeover California with his British Inquisition, even though California originated from Mexico, and a couch potato who sits and watch too much tv and tries to kill people with his tv trivia, even though nobody cares Battle of the Planets anymore. What is up with their gimmicks? I mean they're so lame, hell, Johnny Rancid has more imagination than them."

Harley couldn't help but laugh at his jokes. She can relate because she knows a couple of villains with cheap gimmicks, but not as modern as the ones in Jump. Her laughter caught Changeling's attention and she noticed that he's winking at her.

"You know who has the worst gimmick out of all of them? Steamroller. I mean, he's like, what, a robotic cybernetic man who's theme is a construction worker? He makes Dr. Light more intimidating!"

'Actually, Dr. Light was a rapist.' Harley thought as she cracked up with laughter so much, she held her sides and fell down on the table. She has never laughed in a long time, maybe it has to do with how Changeling is known for his jokey attitude, or maybe she hasn't laughed like this since Joker.

"So, what other villains got the lamer gimmicks, Mad Hatter and Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Lewis Carol called, stop shamming his characters into villains!" The customers starts laughing, because what Changeling said is the truth. Most villains with lame schticks are always forgettable, and Harley knew how the villain game works: you pick one goofy gimmick and become three times affective and deadlier with that gimmick.

As Changeling finished his comedy act, he walks towards Harley's table and smiled at her "Haven't seen you around here before, your new here?" He asked her.

Harley blushed as she smiles at him "Well, I am from Gotham, but I'm traveling around the country with my babies."

"Oh, you have children?" He asked her.

"Well, more like my little hyenas out front, leashed in all." Harley reassured "Besides, I don't think I can have children."

Changeling looked at Harley, as he asked her "So, I have this pad, I used it when I'm on my bad days at the tower."

"What kind of bad days?" Harley asked him in concern.

Changeling sighs "Well, one time this girl I work with, Raven, anytime I tried to get her to open up, she would just snapped at me for it. Then my boss, always making me the pencil pusher, or in this case hardcore training. Whenever my buttons are pushed, I get so edged up so I rented a beach house and sometimes go there to calm down." Harley looked at him with sadness in his eyes, like a confused lost puppy. Would you like to stay there?"

Harley was stunned, she was a complete stranger to him and yet he offered him a place to stay in his beach houses. She smiled as he gives him an answer "Yes, yes I would love to, but why so sudden?"

Changeling sigh, he looked at Harley as he raise his arms in surrender "Okay, you got me. The only reason I offered is that I...sorta knew who you were..." Harley placed her hands on her hips while giving him a look "But I'm really being honest here, I really want you to stay at my pad."

She raised an eyebrow, Harley then asked "Why do ya want little ol' me, a former villainess to stay in your secluded beach houses?"

"Because your cute." Changeling blurted before facing the other way.

Harley's eyes widened, and automatically, she grabbed his shirt collar and drags him inside a closet.

Changeling was sweating, Harley was glaring at him with daggers in her eyes. She lean closer to him, and then...she pressed her lips against his. Changeling was surprised by this, as he kissed her back. Harley wrapped her arms around his back, as Changeling grabbed her legs as Harley use her legs to wrap them around his waist.


10 minutes later, Harley and Changeling, now looking like they were hit by a hurricane, came out of the closet and then out of the diner. The former Harlequin saw her "babies", taking a nap, just before they wake up and are excited to see their "mama" Harley with an unfamiliar stranger, so Bud and Lou get into their defensive position.

"Calm down, my sweet little angels." Harley assured them "He's your mama's new beau, ain't ya, Beastie?"

Changeling nodded "Hey, little dudes, names Changeling, but you can call me Garfield, like the cat." He said as he change into a green hyena. Bud and Lou seems to like him already.

'Maybe I should join in the hero life, once in a while.' Harley thought as she watch Changeling play with Bud and Lou, as they lick his face up "Say Garfy, do you think I can be a Titan?"

Changeling respond "Well, we have one member in the Titans, Jinx, who was once a criminal, and also Red-X, Billy Mumerous, Kyd Wykkyd, Angel, and Mammoth are Titans as well, so yeah, I'm sure you'll be a good additional member of the team."

Harley smiled widely, finally she has found a right path. No more tricks, no more Joker, no more abuse, she is finally free from crime, and a change of scenery away from Gotham.

Harley Quinn will be a hero.


Here's Harley Quinn by popular demand!

I once watch a documentary about the villains from DC comics, and Harley Quinn is the most polarizing character in the DCU. She is the nicest out of the Batman rogues and everybody liked her more than Joker. She even helped Batman find a lead to Joker in one episode of Batman TAS.

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