Giles blinked and stared at the tests splayed out on the table before him. His mind felt fractured. How was such a thing possible? How could a dead thing make life? His eyes tracked over to his slayer, asleep in her chosen mate's arms.

There were protocols for these things. Pregnancies were not to be encouraged. They shortened the life expectancy of the slayer and provided new weaknesses. The party line, hatred swelled in the watcher's chest. The party line was done. No one would steal this from his slayer.

Buffy needed explanations. She needed protection. There would be prophecies and maybe magics involved. Research might very well save them both.

Giles watched the vampire's face for a few moments. If research failed, Spike would battle all the forces of heaven and hell for his mate and their child. Giles swallowed, closed his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose. The world had run mad, and he was so thankful for the vampire that held his slayer's heart.

He glanced toward his sister and Willow, each buried in dusty tomes that contained the strangest magics. Xander and Anya were combing through a pile of books looking for every reference to demonic pregnancy they could find.

Tara was half hidden, as she slouched in an armchair pursuing her own line of research and taking copious notes. The girl seemed to have more of a handle on this thing. She'd known. He hadn't even suspected. Guilt flared again.

"This is like a demon fairy tale. Halfrek loved them." Anya sighed. "I never got them."

"Tell us the story." Giles leaned forward.

"I don't remember it all that well." Anya bit her lower lip. "A human princess fell in love with a half breed. She had him bound and brought to her. She used his body repeatedly. Her body grew round with child. In her excitement, she thought her captive would want their child. She freed him and he drained her. The baby meant nothing to the demon. All he wanted was his freedom."

"I won't be leaving my family or draining them." Spike snarled. "We need to know how it was done and why."

"I'm guessing the why was because you didn't have condoms back in the day." Xander snarked.

"I'm dead." Spike snarled. "My swimmers drowned over a century ago."

"Not really." Tara looked up at the group. "You are somewhat dead."

"This isn't that movie with the rodents of unusual size." Anya smirked.

"No. Vampire's have some functioning biology. They aren't alive, but they aren't fully dead. You can have sex." Tara blushed and deep crimson. "So, your reproductive system works on some level."

Giles blinked as he considered this bit of information. He'd never considered vampire biology much. He'd read the required texts, of course, but he'd cared more for the magic than the science. The vivisections had been gruesome enough to read about. He'd had no desire to witness one.

"Why don't we have more information on this?" Giles reached for a book on vampire anatomy.

"The Council never bothered to research beyond ascertaining that the sperm of a vampire was not viable." Lorraine shrugged. "It isn't how vampire's reproduce."

"Basically, vampires are too cold to produce viable sperm." Tara blushed again. "So, I've been looking at this from a biological point of view. Infertility in human is sometimes treated by changing underwear to cool the production area. At other times, warm baths are recommended."

"We practically lived in the bloody hot tub." Spike looked at Buffy and saw her smile.

"You must have been in there long enough to allow your reproductive system to resume functioning." Tara smiled at Spike.

"But that would take hours." Lorraine tilted her head.

"Well, we were busy." Spike grabbed Buffy's hand.

"Hours? You were busy for hours?" Xander stood up with his mouth gaping.

Giles took off his glasses and began to polish them.

"Wanted to do it right." Spike smiled. "Keep my kitten purring."

"Vampires make voracious lovers." Anya smiled. "I remember one time..."

"No." Xander held his hands up. "I don't want to hear it."

"I've been alive for more than a millennia. I have a past." Anya glared at Xander. "I've had to hear about every near miss you've ever had And the misery of Faith again and again, but you can't listen to me once."

"I just don't want to know." Xander shook his head.

"Makes him feel nervous." Spike smiled. "Afraid she'll always lust for the past lovers? She doesn't care. Demon girl loves you. Only the Powers That Be know why. There are more things in heaven and earth. I suppose."

"Shakespeare aside, we have a biological explanation." Giles sighed. "That frees us from the endless hours of searching for a spell or what not that could have resulted in this pregnancy."

"You managed the P word without choking." Buffy grinned. "Good job, Giles."

"Yes, make funny of the stuffy old man." Giles glared at her but softened it with a smile. "Biology might offer us the reason, but there is still the rhyme. What will this pregnancy produce? Is carrying it to term safe for you? We have to find the answers quickly."

"So, the research continues." Buffy smirked. "You owe me a back rub, Spike. It told you this party wouldn't be over if we found the answer. There is always another question."

"We could use magic to get those answers." Willow looked hopefully between Giles and Lorraine. "It wouldn't be hard to do a simple divination. I have the stuff for it in my bag."

"Or we could avoid using magic around a pregnant slayer for safety's sake." Spike glared at Willow. "The way your spells go, we could all wind up with a bun in the oven."