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Once upon a time there was a Spanish merchant who had two daughters. The eldest was named Ruby, because when she was born she became a precious jewel to her father. Everyone else believed that it was more likely how much she loved the jewel. Seriously people she had an almost obsession. The youngest daughter was named Belleza, meaning beauty and in her case it was not just about her bod but her personality as well.

Anyway the merchant and his children lived in a well off state due to how successful a merchant he was. But then his success hit the wall like shit hit the fan and it all came down in a big mess. Luckily he was able to hold on to a small piece of farmland in the country where the three were able to farm tomatoes. Incidentally Ruby started to wear a different shade of red. I'll let you figure out what that means. Anyway this went on for a while and blah, blah, blah the family felt hopeless then one day a ship came in belonging to the merchant and yeah that meant poor no more, at least not dirt poor. The happy go luckily Spaniard asks his daughters what they would like as gifts when he returned. Ruby naturally asks for expensive trinkets. Belleza only asks for a simple rose cutting.

The Merchant after writing down the gifts so he doesn't forget anything goes out on his journey. Unfortunately thanks to some directions that he got from an Austrian man he got hopelessly lost.

"Ay dios mio I am lost. I knew I shouldn't have taken directions from that man. He was lost on his way home as well." (Tummy growls) "I should stop and take a rest." He sits down by the side of a tree. He then opens his knapsack. "At least I have some tomatoes to eat, but I wish I had the foresight to have brought along some paella to go with them." Just as he was about to take a bite out of the delicious red fruit. Yes, it's a fruit. Look it up! Something caught his eye. It was a reflection off of the glass window of a huge castle.

"How did I not see that?!" Quickly the man ran to the gates and knocked on the door of the large house. "Is anyone home? Please I have lost my way and need someplace to rest my weary head for the night. I will even take the barn. By morning I will leave and never bother you again. Please." Just then the wide doors open and the Merchant went in. The entrance was dark save for a light in a distant room. Inside that room was a table with a feast laid out upon it.

"Santa Maria, there is so much food! I could not possibly finish it and I cannot taste it without thanking my host properly first. It would be most rude of me." So the merchant waited and waited. And waited.

"Would ya start eatin already?!"

"Shh! Romano we aren't supposed to talk to the man. You know what will happen if we upset him!"

"I don't care what kraut breath has to say about this! I don't wanta stand here all night!"

"Who is there?" Ghosts.

"Nobody here but us. I mean you! Please go ahead and eat up." The whiny voice said. The Merchant thinking more with his stomach than with his head ate the food without questioning it further. He stuffed himself like a pig and then followed the lights again into a bedroom. He slept like a baby except he didn't have to cry every once in a while to get his diaper changed. He woke u to a shining sun and a happy thought. Before leaving the grand house he felt that he had to leave at least some small token of his appreciation to his host. He went down to the room he had eaten his meal and left the best of his tomatoes in a bowl.

"It is not nearly enough to thank for what the owner of this grand house has done for me, but it is all I have to give him for now. When I get the money from what I have sold off of the cargo I will be sure to stop here and leave a far better gift of gratitude. Hmm what is this?" He turned his head to see a magnificent garden lying just outside the room. The Merchant went out to view the marveolous flowers blooming. He was amazed at the variety and colors throughtout the garden. But one particular flower caught his eye. A rosebush with the perfect roses of any he had ever seen. Without a second thought he took a cutting of the rose bush. "Perfect."

"Not for you!" A growl erupted from the throat of the speaker startling the merchant. He whipped around to see a hideous furious monster in the garden. "After everything that I have done for you this is vhat you do to repay me?!" I gave you food and shelter! And you steal from me!" He roared ferociously sending the spainish merchant on his knees in fear.

"Oh please Senor forgive me!" He pleaded. "I did not mean to offend you. I truly am grateful for what you have done for me. But the rose is not for me."

"I don't care!"

"Please listen to me. It is for my daughter." The Merchant thought if the Beast knew the reason why he took the rose and how he a devoted father cared so dearly for his child and more blah,blah,blah… But the Beast stopped listening after the word daughter. Enough to pause the Germany Beast's anger.

"You have a daughter?"

"Two actually. The rose cutting is for my youngest Belleza, it means beauty in my home land." The monster thinks about what the merchant has just said and then asks him a question.

"Does your daughter fit this name of hers?"

"If you forgive the pride of a father then the answer is yes. She does fit the name she has been given."

"Wunderbar. You shall return to your home and then you must come back with your daughter Belleza and she will take your place."

"Take my place?! You cannot be serious senior; no father will send his daughter to death. I would rather die than have my daughter die in my place!"

"You misunderstand me. I am not going to kill your daughter. She vill stay here with me. She vill be well cared for. I shall see to it. Now leave this place while you are still able to." The merchant opened his mouth to protest until he saw the freakin scary face on the monster.

"Do you think it is vise to argue with me? Now go mein patience is veering thin." The merchant fled at top speed from the castle. It wasn't till he was halfway home that he bothered to reflect on what just happened. He was quick to believe that it was all a dream that had gone horribly wrong till he looked at his hand that held the rose. Then he thought Holy crap a talking muffin! Just kidding. I really do love that joke. No he thought holy crap I almost got killed for a rose! Now my daughter has to pay for the mistakes of her father. Perhaps we can run. But to where and with what money could we go to? And how long till he comes looking for us? If we flee he may very well kill me and my two daughters. Oh ay dios mio what have I done?

The guilty father made the rest of the way home and was greeted enthusiastically by his youngest child.

"Father! You have come home early!" She spotted the rose cutting and took it carefully from her father's hand. A smile came to her face from seeing such a lovely cutting. Just wait till she finds out how much that particular rose costs.

"Father is something wrong?" He attempted to smile and brush off his worry, but then Ruby came into the picture. For once Ruby did not act selfish and asked what the matter with her father was as well. The poor man broke down and cried. The girls carry their father into the house. Over a cup of hot cocoa he tells them everything that had happened on his journey.

"Belleza, why did you have to ask for a stupid flower?! Why couldn't you be sensible and have asked for a dress or new shoes?!" Ruby fumed.

"I will go. I won't have that monster take any of my children."

"No, I will go."

"But Belleza…"

"Father you gave your word and I cannot bear to have you suffer when this was ultimately my fault. I asked you for a rose cutting and out of love you took one for me. Now out of love I will take your place." The Merchant tried and failed to convince her to not go. But she was determined to do the right thing. The two set off to find the castle that belonged to the Beast. They came upon it at dusk and was greeted with a caravan of treasures.

"Merchant to show that our master is not as vile as he appears he has constructed this gift to you." A voice similar to the one that he had heard the other night spoke. Belleza and her father hugged one last time before she departed into the castle. Inside she found that there was no one to be seen inside there.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Faintly she could hear the sounds of someone arguing with someone else. Cautiously she followed the sounds and came upon a fearful sight. The Beast: himself. Long thick grey fur, teeth like razors and horns protruding from his head. Claws sharp and in powerfully muscled hands. Attached to an equally muscled bod…oh and he had a tail too. At first Belleza was frightened by the image but she soon realized that she was going to be living with this being for a long time. So she tried to calm herself down, but it was harder to do than she thought. She stayed in the doorway and listened in on the conversation hoping to hear something that could be a good sign.

"Master, it vill be all right calm yourself. You've got the girl here in ze the castle."

"You're 'a already a' halfway there with her just buy her some pasta and she will fall in a' love with you." Responded a sweet Italian voice to the Austrian voice.

"Doubt that will happen to kraut breath." A more stern sounding Italian voice spoke.

"See Romano agrees vith me!" The Beast shouted in frustration.

"No, no, no. You must not have those thoughts Monuesir. You barely know the madamemoiselle. Who knows she may be ze one?" The French accent hinted at.

"But she is so beautiful even in those peasant rags. She looks so angelic." He then stroked his face. "And me…well look at me!"

"You will just have to make her see past all that." A female voice spoke to him softly.

"I don't know how to." The german beast sulked.

"You just a' need a little confidence boost!" The Italian voice rang out.

"Mai oui! Starting with a charismatic smile to melt the heart of any lovely young lady." The Beast curled back his lips revealing a creepy array of sharp white teeth. Seriously people it was creepy, especially to the poor little Italian voice who was starting to cry.

"I think you try too hard." Came the quiet subtle voice belonging to someone whose first language was Japanese. At that moment Belleza choose to enter the room.

"Excuse me?" In a state of shock the Beast growled at the girl scaring her. The brute was also too stupid at that moment to realize what he was about to say.

"So you fear me just like the rest of them! Vhat should I have expected? Anything different?!"

"Of course I was scared when you growled at me like that. I'm also in a strange place to which I will have to live away from my family forever." She then took a moment to pause before going on. "Even though I was more or less forced here. I'm going to try and put my best foot forward." Tentavily she put out her hand to him. "I'm Belleza."

The Beast appeared dumbfounded at what has just happened. He looks behind him expecting an angry mob to attack, like in early American Horror movies. Instead he saw his 'friends' cheering him on.

"I am Ludvig." He said bowing instead of taking her hand. To which a certain candlestick was about to drag on about how he should have taken her hand and given her hand a kiss, then with a smoldering glance continue with kisses upon her arm till he reaches her lips and then… Eventually the one with the Japanese accent was able to shut him up before the Beast decked him.

"Follow me to your room." The French one managed to squirrel away from the others and hopped over to them.

"Allow me to light ze way." The French accent's owner was a talking golden candlestick.

"A talking candlestick?" The girl asked more to herself to assure her of her sanity. Which is a little counterproductive to talk to yourself to say you are not going insane.

"Oui, I can talk. I can also make women swoon with but a few mere words of my native tongue. But for now I shall simply light the way for a jolie lady and him." Ludwig roughly grabbed the candlestick and went on to showing Belleza to her room. Along the way the candlestick pushed his master to try and talk with her. Ludwig was uneasy in his words and ended up sounding like a drill sargent.

"You can go anyvhere in the castle and along the grounds. But shall never try to leave or else." Again his servants/friends groaned at his choice of words and at his threatening glare. Finally the two arrived at her new room.

"Dinner vill be at eight sharp. I expect you to vear something appropriate." With that he shut the door leaving the girl to her self-consciousness. Belleza looked around her new room and found it actually quite nice. A lovely canopy bed, classy and not to mention sassy wardrobe.

"Hey check it cool. Finally someone to dress up!" Belleza was again startled by the ability of speech that came from furniture.

"Oh sorry should have forewarned ya. Okay spoiler alert some of the furniture here can talk. Now with that out of the way. Allow me to intro you to the one and only Feliks! What's your name?"


"Oh that sounds like a wicked cool name. I like it. So you have been introduced to the whole gang or what?"

"Um I have met Ludwig and a talking candelabra."

"Oh that's Francis. He's okay but way to into the romance novels you know. I take it that he is the only one you have seen as of yet. With the acception of my fabulous self that is. I guess I should give you a demo of each one here. With Francis, he's once more an okay brosky. But not near as fly as me. There's the piano man Roderich always up for the classic hits, but try modern and you get the boot. Speaking of boots, the best ones are made of leather and like the best leather is Italian. So do not forget the Italian brothers. Romano, he's always got a sour face so don't take it personally, however you're a chick so you'll fair better. His little brother Feliciano is about the biggest cry baby you can meet, but total sweetheart so it balances out. Then there's like Elizabeta de teapot she's like the only girl here and really more of a tomboy then you would think. Next is Kiku he's a bit weird always quiet except when directly talked to, he's a clock by the way. Oh and duh that totally reminds me the Italian brothers are a mop and broom. That's it really oh wait there's…Never mind their here." The door opened wider as several servants entered the room. It was Elizabeta with her tiny tea cup charge H.R.E entering the room.

"Hello Miss Belleza. I thought you could use a cup of tea." Elizabeta poured the tea into the cup and he bounced (cutely) over to Belleza.

"Thank you."

"Hey you a want 'a see me do a trick?" Little H.R.E then proceeded to blow bubbles in the tea.

"H.R.E! That is very rude." Elizabeta scolded lightly. H.R.E blushed in shame but it soon turned into a blush of a different sort when he saw Belleza smiling at him.

"Now we should like totally get you dressed for dinner." Feliks said with flair. "Oh I have a total heart stopping dress in a wicked hipster pink!" He then pulls out the dress with a proud of it face. Elizabeta not so much face said this.

"I'm afraid that vill be too much for a good first impression." Feliks was annoyed that his first pick dress wasn't able to make the final cut.

"Well I do have this check it cool blue number that will go great with these kicking heels."

"This vone is much better Vhat do you think Miss Belleza?" Belleza looks at the gown and gladly puts it on. Feliks and Elizabeta then proceed to finish getting her ready for the dinner. The same was being done for the best at a more minimal scale. They just brushed his fur until it was dog show ready.

Ludwig stood in the dining hall with his posture like that of a solider ready to go to war. Seriously this was his relaxed pose. It became even more rigid (it was actually possible) when Belleza entered the room looking more beautiful than before. His heart was racing while his feet and hands began to sweat. Not that hard when you're covered in fur but he was having a moment so it was worse.

Dinner began shortly after they were seated and thoughout the meal Belleza would notice things about the beast. How he was rather neat and tidy in his eating habits. How he was rather shy when he would speak to her and how was hardly the image of what she thought he would be. In fact it became even more apparent as time went by. She found him to be a little rigid and a neat freak, but also rather kind and considerate. He cared for his gardens and left fresh flowers in her room every day. He fed the birds and other animals near his castle. His servants often quarreled amongst themselves and he would ty to stop them. Don't get me wrong they worked, just more at his own expense. The Point is he wasn't acting like a mindless animal so yeas he was closer to getting with Belleza.

Many days past and it was clear that Belleza and the beast were getting closer. Lovely dinners, romantic strolls in the gardens and nights curled up by the fire with a good book or two oh yes very nice days. Every night the Beast would also ask Belleza a question.

"Belleza, will you marry me?" And every night Belleza would answer in a way that was confusing. She wouldn't say yes and she wouldn't say no. Yeah she just didn't say anything really. Which kinda sucks.

One day Belleza was walking down the hallway and saw Francis the candlestick sighing and looking out the window with some lovesick expression. Quietly she approached the window to see what he was looking at. Outside the window was a small group of people. The first she had seen in quite some time. There were three men and one woman. The men were each different. One was albino and seemed to have been of a pranking nature. The two others were blonde they looked like twin brothers, but one was calm and the other loud. Way loud. The girl appeared to be the one gaining Francis's attentions.

"Who is she?"

"She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The lovely Brooklyn."


"A nickname from her childhood. Her real name is Lynda and she is the elder sister of the two blondes. They work with Gilbert to deliver food and other items to the castle. I have gazed at her from this window dreaming of a time where the two of us could be as one. To touch the strands of her chocolate locks lightly tinted with golden strips that capture the frame of her face. The fierce fire behind her clear stormy eyes to be bestowed upon me in the fierce throes of passion." From there it just gets more detailed and awkward till finally he makes a non-pervy remark. I mean Finally! "It is a sad thing to have someone you care for in such a way that you cannot truly have them with you. So near and still so far."

Belleza offered what little comfort she could to Francis while she thought on his words. While looking back at her time in the castle with the Beast… I mean Ludwig.

Later that night as her and Ludwig were walking in the garden they took a break to sit along the edge of the fountain. Ludwig decided to ask his question again.

"Belleza will you marry me?" Immediately he was on the edge of his seat as she looked away from him, believing that tonight she would officially say no to him. Crushing his hopes in a blaze of infamous glory.

"Yes, I will." Ludwig was in a state of shcok and euphoria. Oh a new word. He had her repeat her words to affirm what he heard. "I said yes, I will marry you Ludwig."

He was over the moon as was the eaves dropping servants that no one almost didn't hear her say something. Something rather important.

"Before we can get married I need to tell my family. I need to seek my father's blessing. Please Ludwig I have to see them. I promise that I will return."

"You do not know vhat it is that you are asking." He said turning away from her.

"Ludwig, please let me see them. I swear to you I will return to you. I beg of you." Behind them the servants were making all kinds of motions to dissuade him from agreeing, but he ignored them and sighed. He pulled out a ring and placed it in her hand.

"Vhen you go to bed tonight turn the ring around your finger twice before you go to sleep. Vhen you vake you vill be back vith your family. You have three veeks to be vith your family. If you don't return by the end of that time, I do not know if I vill be here to greet you."

"I promise to return." That night Belleza turned her ring and prayed that her dreams would take her home. Aww that's sweet. Morning came and with it a return home. Actually new home. You see all that bling the Beast gave to the merchant allowed him to rebuild his business like ten times over so they became mega rich. Meaning totally bitchin new house and stuff.

Belleza raced to find her father and sister who were over joyed at seeing her. At first they thought that she had somehow escaped from the Beast, but looking at her they weren't sure. And well specifics get lost during reunions. The Merchant's guilt had left him and now he could be able to make it up to her. Ruby could now show off all the new jewels she got and could get her sister to go shopping with her for more. Life was good for the reunited family for the three weeks. The night before Belleza had to leave she told her family the whole story of what had happened at the castle of the Beast and then the bomb was dropped when she said she was returning to marry the Beast.

"I forbid you to do such a thing! No daughter of mine is going to marry an evil Best!"

"I'm telling you he's not evil. I know he may seem rough around the edges, but he is really rather kind and sweet."

"Where in your mind does threating death for taking a rose means kindness?" Ruby asked disdainfully.

"Look I know that it isn't making much sense to the two of you, but I gave my word to return to him after three weeks. And the three weeks end tomorrow." Belleza left the dining room and went up to bed. Now Ruby under the impression that she was helping her sister snuck into her bedroom and took the ring from her finger. The next morning Belleza noticed that she was still at home. Immediately she began to search everywhere for the ring. The hours of searching ticked by till she finally confronted her sister to see if she took it.

"Ruby did you take my ring?"

"Yes, I did take your ring and it is somewhere safe. I will give it back to you when you have come out of your crazy cycle."

"Ruby I need to go back to Ludwig. I swore that I would return to him."

"Can't you break your word just this once Belleza? He's not that important to you…Oh my god he is?" Boom baby this is love revealing!

"When I agreed to be his wife I said yes because I cared about him. It wasn't till we were separated for these three weeks that I came to realize that I have feelings deeper than merely caring for him. I do love him. I do love Ludwig." After having her mind explode Ruby was in such a daze of shock that the ring was given back to Belleza. Quickly the ring transported her back to the Beast's castle.

"Ludwig! Ludwig, where are you?!" Belleza frantically searched the castle looking for his hunky form. She finally found him out in the garden lying on his side with the moble servants gathered around him in worry.

"Bella you are back!" happily spoke the Italian broom. "She's a back Master Ludwig!"

"What happened?" Tententivaly she asked drawing nearer to them. The fan man was the one to answer.

"Deepry affected by the thought of your broken promise he corrapsed." Belleza carefully moved the Beast so that she could see his face. His face showed deep pain of the heart. His eyes slit open and in short breathes he spoke to her.

"You…you came back?"

"I promised I would. I'm sorry I'm late."

"Did you come back solely to honor a promise?"

"I came back for a different reason other than to honor my promise."

"To call off our marriage to be?" She moved his head so she could speak into his ear privately and away from the prying ears of the servants.

"I came back to tell you…that I love you Ludwig." The two then shares a kiss and both felt from that kiss how much they loved one another. After the kiss Belleza's eyes open to a huge surprise. Before her did not stand her beloved beast, but a handsome just as ripped as the Beast, man with blonde hair. He looked happily at his hands and then at Belleza.

"You've done it! You've broken the spell!"

"Spell?" She asks him confused as to what has just happened.


"Zoot Alor!"

"It rearry worked?!" Belleza and the mysterious hottie looked to see other humans. Each a different level of hotness and cuteness.

"What is going on here?" The handsome man took hold of her hands and went on to explain.

"Years ago when this country was close to var. I had heard that my brother died in battle. Mein heart turned to cold and cruel for that I was cursed by a caterpillar eye browed vizard to become the beast, until I could find a woman who to love me as a beast. That douchebag even went so far as to curse friends and servants into household appliances."

"And now thanks to you all of us are free to live in our like own skin again." Feliks who was once a wardrobe took the time to twirl around like a little school girl in joy. Childish Italian Feliciano also joined in till he was reprimanded by Romano for acting like a sissy girl and how that was why everyone walks all over him. Ignoring them for a while we return to the real juicy stuff.

"All of this…it's…there's so much to take in. Making it so hard to believe it all happened."

"I don't know vhat else I can do to convince you it is all true." A sly look came over Belleza's face causing questions in the Beast's…I mean Ludwig's mind.

"You can do one thing to convince me. You could growl for me." The man let out a playful growl to his lover giving her a reason to kiss him again.

Not too long after Ludwig and Belleza were married in a grand ceremony with family and friends. It turns out Ludwig's brother was the albino guy that delivered food to the castle. He had survived the battle and came home to find that he brother had been cursed. To help his brother he managed to get a merchant family to help supply the castle with food and so he could keep an eye on his little brother. Oh and Francis and Lynda those two like totally hooked up after the wedding. And a lot of other things happened and …you know what let's just say what really need to be said. Ludwig formally known as the Beast and Belleza lived happily ever after.