Cinderella: Poland

Once upon a time in a like totally hipster pink castle there lived an unusual yet totally fashionable prince named Feliks. Who was sighing and moping about his room while lazily flicking the tassels on his curtains.

"Prince Feliks your fathers have requested your presence in the throne room. He has someone here he would like you to meet." The cheerful yet shaking Toris, his trusted servant and friend told him.

"I don't want to meet this person."

"Come now your highness…"

"We talked about this Toris. You are to address me as…." Toris let out a sigh before finishing the line for his friend.

"Totallyflyhipster1025. Honestly Feliks your love for your crystal page is too much."

"You're just jealous cause you just have Lit1 as yours. Totally unimaginative brosky."

"Umm, Totallyflyhipster1025 you were the one who gave me the name."

"Wrong Lit1! I only suggested it." The Lithuanian man nods his head as if in agreement with the polish prince when in reality he was taking a trip down memory lane. With him and Prince Feliks setting up their Crystal Ball Pages and Prince Feliks typing in Lit's screen name. 'Trust me. You're going to love it.' He said.

"Anyway Totallyflyhipster1025, your father is expecting us down in the morning room."

"I don't want to go." Prince Feliks huffed and puffed his little cheeks out. Poor Lit tried to coax the prince to coming downstairs and meeting this potential bride. But he was like no way I don't want to like meet this scary new person. Can't you say I'm sick or something?

"Not this time Totallyflyhipster1025."

"Two things. One I'm like so sick of that name now, we're going to have to come up with a new one. Two let's get this over with." Question Time. How many of you believe it will not end well?

"That may have been the worst meeting. How the hell is my son like this?!"

"Berwald, you know he has been like this." Said King Tino as he poured tea for himself. "He's never been one to be the life of the party when he is forced to meet new comers." King Berwald sighs deeply and is then presented with a cup of tea.

"Maybe I'm just not looking at the right team for him."

"Or you are just pushing him into marriage too hard." Tino said with a tone that meant his words.

"No that can't be it." King Berwald didn't notice the way that Tino rolled his eyes. "What if I try a new way for him to pick a bride?"

"Like a ball?" King Tino suggested absentminded.

"No…Wait. That's it! A ball! A ball is just the perfect solution! We can invite all the eligible people of the kingdom. He will not be able to resist a party and will go along with it. He'll see the one and boom! We will have a new royal couple."

"That's a lot to expect from one night don't you think?" King Berwald didn't answer King Tino as he already left the room to get the heralds to travel throughout the land to announce the upcoming ball. More like scaring the heralds to announce the ball.

King Tino took this as a cue to tell their son about the ball. At first Feliks was all like alright lets blow this party into the millennia, but when his daddy mom said it was so he could meet his future spouse he went into why me mode.

"There, there Feliks. We are not doing this to punish you. Feliks…"

"Then why don't you make Peter do this too?!" Referring to his adopted little brother from the English territory.

"Because Peter is too young to have a spouse he is only eleven years old after all. I know you think that what we are doing is a punishment, but we just want you to find someone who will make you happy."

"And bear you ten grandkids." Sourly he said.

"As I said we want you to be happy." King Tino was having a little difficulty not admitting that he would love to have little grandchildren running around the palace. "I'll make you a deal. If you don't find the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with. Then your father and I will back off our pushing for you to get married. No more meetings. No more dropping hints."

"You mean… like for real or just be a back seat driver?"

"We will really back off from our efforts." Prince Feliks was so over joyed that he glomped his other father so hard that they both fell down.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! You are like the best Daddy mom in the world!"

Meanwhile in the kitchen of a grand house on the other side of the city there was a girl nicknamed Cinderella who was hard at work, doing the biding of her stepfather and stepsisters. You see when Cinderella's father died he left his wife and child with huge debts. In order to save their home and lands, Cinderella's mother married a wealthy nobleman who had two daughters of his own. It was her hope that this man would become a second father to Cinderella and she would have true sisters to call her friends. It didn't turn out that way. You see about two years after the wedding Cinderella's mother died and that's when things went downhill for her.

Every day she wakes up before everyone else to make breakfast for her stepfather and step sisters. Then she would spend the rest of the day cleaning, more cooking and basically doing whatever she was ordered to do. Okay every now and again she may sneak a little something into their food in order to get back at them, but on the whole she was a good hearted person. She took care of the small creatures that lived in the house and took care of the animals out in the fields. Even her stepsister's pet dogs, a poodle and a cocker spaniel, preferred her over them.

Well you can probably guess that at this time the doorbell rung and at the door was a… shaking little kid?

"Yes?" Oh by the Cinderella answered the door. Like those lazy ass relations of hers would ever answer the door.

"Do-do you, I mean can-can you spare, What I really mean is… do you-ou think you ccould buy some t-tomatoes?" The little boy held up a box of tomatoes. His large blue eyes shining wide with hope of some kindness from the young woman at the door. So he won't have to say to his big Russian Boss that he hadn't sold a thing today. The boy from Latvia might end up dealing with his Boss's crazy sister if he came back empty handed.

Cinderella seeing how much selling tomatoes meant to the boy bought the whole box of tomatoes using the last of what little money she had been given. The boy went away happy. Thinking that she might as well make tomato soup for dinner, Cinderella took the box of tomatoes down into the kitchen. Just as she had put the box down onto the kitchen counter she heard the sound of loud squealing.

"Oh god the mice are out in the foyer again." Not this time girly. Her stepsisters were jumping up and down with joy over an invitation to the ball. An invitation that said all eligible citizens of the kingdom were invited to come. Naturally a dash of hope came and went out with a squash for Cinderella.

"What are you looking so hopeful for?" Sneered one of her sisters.

"Just relief that it wasn't a mouse that was frightening you." It was a necessary lie. If she had told the truth, those itches and just add a 'b' in front of, would have teased and tormented her to no end, or at least till something better came around.

"Oh… Well don't get too excited. We need you to have your A game face on with helping us get ready for the ball! You defiantly don't look it, but you have probably the best fashion sense in this whole kingdom." The Second stepsister told her, for once actually meaning the compliment.

"Everyone knows how fashion obsessed the prince is when it comes to just about everything. And I am not going to let this big fish away from me because my shoes don't match my purse!"

"What makes you think that he is going to pick you over me?"

"Isn't it obvious with my perfect skin?"

"Perfect skin? You have a mole over your lip."

"It's a beauty mark! And what about one of your eye's being larger than the other?!"

"That's a lie they are both the same size!" One cat fight later….

Cinderella became very busy over the next few nights and days getting her stepsisters ready for the ball. Whether it was sewing together alterations on the gowns, fixing their hair or giving them complete makeovers with spa treatments as well as her normal duties, she was one busy bee.

Finally the night of the grand ball came… but we are going to switch over to Prince Feliks for just a little while.

The Prince stood in front of the mirror adjusting the gold details on his spectacular uniform. With the last piece added he flourished his caplet with a smile and a happy humming tune. Basically scaring his manservant with his change of attitude.

"Are you alright your highness?"

"Couldn't be better brosky." Cue Toris's worry meter rising higher since Toris hadn't called the prince by his new crystal page name Hipsterpinkpony. "You getting sick brosky? Your kind of pale."

"What have you done with the real Prince Feliks?! Sorry that was too loud." At first the prince was all like what is making this guy all cray cray and then he was all like L.O.L.

"Chillax Toris. For once I'm in a good mood about this little forced to go to ball. I go into it, socialize a little, dance with like one person. Then boom!" He does the hand gesture. "I'm out of there and don't have to deal with this cray cray marriage trap of my parents anymore."

"Okay….Hipsterpinkpony did the thought of actually meeting your true love at this ball might happen?"

"Get real Torisy since when has anyone ever heard of someone actually falling in love at first sight?" Switching over to Cinderella in 3… 2... 1…

Cinderella watched as her family's carriage disappeared in the distance before heading down into the kitchen to sweep away the ashes from the fire place. She barely swept up one small pile before tears started to well up in her eyes. She fell to the ground weeping at how it wasn't right for her to be denied one night of fun, to not be a servant to her family for just one measly night.

"Ahh. Don't cry Pretty Bella." A voice said. Cinderella lifted her head up and found a strange man in the kitchen with her and like any sane person she hit him in the face with a frying pan. What do you expect? They are in a kitchen after all.

The strange man writhed on the floor for a little bit causing Cinderella to feel instantly bad about hitting him.

"I'm so sorry." She gasped as she helped him up on to a chair. The strange man rubbed his sore cheek as she aided him.

"It's not so bad. I kind of heal rather quickly, being the Box of Tomatoes Fairy does that to ya. Which is a bit strange since tomatoes can bruise rather easily."

"You're a what?" The strange man rose up like a playful little child.

"I'm Feliciano, the Box of Tomatoes Fairy and I am a here to help you and be your friend! So why were you crying earlier?" Cinderella was not sure if she should believe what this man was saying but he had such a kind and goofy face she went ahead and told him everything.

"I can help you; no I will help ya get to the ball! But first I'm going to need a few things. Do you have any mice?"

"I think I can gather a few of them." Cinderella found a few of the mice and brought them over but kept them in hand. "You aren't going to hurt them are you?"

"No, not at all Cinderella. Do you have some lizards and a pumpkin?"

"I don't know if I'll be able to find some lizards and as for a pumpkin I'm afraid that we don't have one in our garden."

"No pumpkin or lizards? Oh dear."

"My stepfather and stepsisters are allergic to pumpkins so there was never a real reason to have one in the gardens or house. Usually." Just then the stepsisters' pet dogs came bounding down the stairs looking like they wished to help.

"I see I see that these adorable little doggies wish to help us. As for the pumpkin, I suppose that we will just have to find something else. Let's see what we have here. We have some garlic, no too smelly. An onion, no you have cried enough today. Hey I know a tomato! It's perfecto! Good we gotta doggies, mice and now a tomato." With a wave of his wand the two were outside in the yard with the items requested. "Okay let's begin! A la pasta!"

A glow emitted from the tip of his wand transforming the dogs into a coachman and a footman. The mice into beautiful horses dressed in classy finery and the tomato became a fiery red coach.

"Hey it's a hot to trot. Now we just have to get you dressed. Twirl around for me will you?"

"Um…okay." Thinking this was strange she slowly turned around. The Box of Tomatoes fairy used his magic to create swirls of light that climbed and wove around Cinderella changing her humble dress into a beautiful shimmering gown made of pale moonlight and waterfalls. Silver roses decorated her hair and upon her feet were surprisingly comfortable glass slippers.

"Wow, muto beina bella. I admit I can't take all the credit for the design of the dress for it is the dress of your dreams. I can admit that I helped to bring it to life. Now go. Go and have a good time at the ball."

"I will and thank you. Thank you Box of Tomatoes fairy." She quickly hugged him and then entered the carriage. Heading off to the castle she waved goodbye to the Box of Tomatoes Fairy until he could no longer be seen.

Suddenly the sound of running footsteps came forth with a billowing cloud of smoke and a wail of wait! The carriage was forced to come to a halt.

"Bella Cinderella… (Huff huff) I… I almost (huff) forgot to a mention an importanta fact. You must leave the Ball before the stroke of midnight. After that my magic will fade. And you almost forgot your mask."

"Before midnight?"

"Yes, before midnight." (Huff puff huff)

"Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine in a minute. This isn't even the farthest I have run." In the face of scary things the Box of Tomatoes Fairy can run four times the speed of a normal person.

At the ball the two kings sat upon their thrones and watched closely the reactions of their oldest son. King Berwald tapped his fingers against the wood of his throne getting irritated over his son's lack of interest in any one. Luckily his mask kept him from getting scarier. Though he was still creepy. The guy just had one of those faces. King Tino meanwhile looked far more hopeful as he adjusted his youngest son Peter's mask.

"Go and mingle with the guests while I talk to your father." Little Peter went running down the steps with the little while dog Hanatomato at his heels. "And watch out for Hanatomato."

"Okay" he giggled to his father. Tino shoved his partner's arm bringing him to look his way.

"Don't look so downtrodden Berdie. It's still early and a few people may still arrive things like this take time." Berwald still looked sore. "What do you expect our son's soul mate will just appear like that?" After Tino snapped his fingers a hush fell over the crowded ballroom. Both rulers looked up in surprise and grew especially surprised when they viewed the source of the hush. They were in awe at the spectacle. Now how many of you are expecting pretty music and a bunch of facts to start appearing? Obviously if you were honest then you are a Hetalia fan, if you didn't well then you are in denial. This is a fairytale not an episode of Hetalia.

The spectacle was Cinderella entering the ballroom gaining the attention of everyone. Whispers went about wondering who she was. Was she a countess? A queen from another land or was she the Princess of the silvery moon come to dance with mere mortals? Naturally some of them were really farfetched ideas, the main point is that she gained attention; the best kind of attention was Prince Felik's attention. Feliks took hold of his friend and asked him who the girl was that had just entered.

"I do not know your highness. I don't believe I have ever seen her before."

"Are you sure? Look again." Shake him like a Polaroid picture Feliks!

"I-I-I-I-I t-el-ll Y-Y-O-u. I-I-I do-do-nt kn-kn-ow h-e-er." Hey look the Prince stopped shaking him, oo goo-goo eye mode.

"Then I must find out who she is! Whose idea was it to have a masquerade in the first place?" Toris was only able to mumble you did before falling to the floor in a dizzy mess. Prince Feliks mowed his way through the crowd to reach this mysterious maiden. The smart guests made room for his highness producing a circle around the ballroom for the mysterious lady and his highness.

Upon seeing that so many nobles had gathered around her as if they had figured out that she was not one of the aristocracies and were ready to throw her out. She became even more nervous when the Prince himself came from the circle and walked straight up to her.

Unfortunately at that time the Prince soon realized that he too was nervous. A common problem with him was that he could find some reason to like a stranger he would still be quite the scaredy cat around them. Realizing this woman was a stranger causes him to go into a sort of scared stiff. His parents took note of this. King Berwald attempted movement only to be pulled down by King Tino.

"No, no, no, no. Let him figure it out for himself."

Hesitant, but determined Prince Feliks put his hand out to her. Cinderella a little scared as well placed her hand gently in his to which the prince kissed her hand. Feeling a well of confidence rising within him he lead her into a dance. The music began and the crowd looked on at the spectacle. The Prince and the mysterious girl were dancing together. Already a few heartbroken souls cried out that they lost their chance at the throne and the prince for the way they danced it was clear there was something brewing. Others felt utter delight that the Prince had found his princess. Already the kings started planning the wedding and celebratory ball that was to follow.

All that went through the minds of the dancing couple was the person in front of them.

'Say something to her. Something cool and smooth. But don't go mainstream. Anything but mainstream.'

"Lovely night tonight." 'Agh! I went mainstream!'

"I believe that it is more the company than the night itself that is lovely."

'Okay good so far. Don't blow it this time.'

"I suppose so granted some of these people are really lame in costume ideas." 'That's going to make her think you are a jerk, Feliks!' Toris wanted to shout thinking his highness just blew it. Surprisingly the reverse, she laughed.

"I think you're right. Take the swan over there far too many feathers of the wrong color. She looks like a Christmas goose."

"Goose? I thought she was a turkey." The two laughed. Again proving some fault in others wasn't always evil. Sometimes it was a good conversation starter.

The two danced, ate and mingled not really leaving the others sides often. Cinderella could not help but see if she could fool her stepsisters, they mingled with her family. She succeeded in fooling them as not one of them took notice that it was her under the mask. The night continued to be a happy and fun filled night until the large clock started to ding dong the arrival of midnight.

"It's midnight!" Cinderella gasped.

"What about it?" Prince Feliks asked before trying to lead her into another dance.

"I have to go." She starts to leave and the Prince takes her by the hand urging her to stay, but she was insistent that she had to leave and on her way. They ordered the guards to stop her. But Cinderella was far too fleet footed and managed to make it out of the castle and to the stairs unfortunately for her she tripped and lost one of her shoes. She was going to go back to get it but caught sight of the guards coming. She fled into the carriage. Allowing her to get home before the magic could disappear.

The guards returned to their kings empty handed. The ball was broken up. Now Toris who had followed the guards out took notice of something that was lying on the ground.

"Your highnesses look what I have found!" Toris happily called out. The highnesses were hoping that somehow he had caught the girl that was going to be their daughter in law; instead they were disappointed to find that what he had brought back was a shoe. Granted it was a strange shoe being made out of glass and all, but it was curious that this should be important to them. "It is 'her' shoe." He explained. This of course made a world of difference and made them happy more so it made Prince Feliks happy.

"SO out of the box check it cool!" The Prince gasped taking hold of the shoe.

"I will never understand the language of young people today. Is he happy or what?" Berwald asks Toris and his wife.

"With this shoe I will find her. Whoever can fit this glass slipper shall be my wife!" He shouted to the heavens.

"Okay son go and find your dream girl. Toris you will accompany him and if anything happens to Feliks or to the glass shoe it's on your head." King Berwald tells him while heading to his bed chambers. Toris looks shell shocked and then looks to King Tino.

"Remember to pack lots of snacks and keep Feliks from buying anymore ponies while the two of you are away. Come along Peter it is far past your bedtime." King Tino spoke after leaving a scared Toris and klutzy prince holding the glass slipper.

Well to sum up the rest of what happened that night. Cinderella's carriage reverted back to a tomato in front of her house. Yay! Then the family showed up and they loved rubbing her face in every detail of the ball she 'didn't' go to. Cinderella just listened and kept the smiles and laughs down in her throat. Then they all go to bed resuming normal, oh wait um before the family arrived Cinderella noticed she still had the other glass slipper so she hid it near her box of tomatoes to remind her it did happen and it wasn't all just a wonderful dream.

The next day, in the afternoon her sisters came barging home from shopping with excited grins.

"Father you won't believe what is going on right now! The Prince has declared that whoever fits this show the mystery girl left behind will become his wife! He's heading this way!"

"Quick girls get on your best dresses and be ready for his highness's arrival. Cinderella, you get some tea and be quick for God's sake!" Cinderella hurried to the kitchen and felt the need to check where she kept the slipper. Was it a sign to tell him who she was? Or…

"Cinderella tea now! His highness is almost here and I don't want you being within his eyesight!" Back to work girl. Cinderella brought out the tea to the table and was then shoved back into the kitchen. There she could see everything through a crack in the door. The Prince came in looking bored and his servant nervous as he held the shoe. Her eldest stepsister went up first and found that she couldn't even get her foot in the shoe.

"I don't understand I put butter on them to make them slip in." She was then shoved aside by her sister.

"Move over blubber toes it's time for a real dainty foot." Somehow she managed to get the shoe on. Only to have it hurt her foot painfully and had to be pulled off.

"We're leaving." The Prince huffed.

"Now wait Feliks we should at least inquire if there are any other young ladies in the house."

"There aren't any other ladies in the house." The stepfather answered.

"We're leaving." The Prince answered again and the three protested to his departure trying to entice them with tea and treats. They were stopped by someone at the door. The Prince actually answered the door himself. Standing before him was a little boy.

"Excuse me I didn't mean to alert the whole household, but I just wanted to thank the nice lady who bought my tomatoes from me, is she in?" The Prince and Toris curious came up with a similar idea.

"Do you see her here?" Toris asked him. The boy looked up at the two and said neither of them were the lady. The Prince looked to the stepfather who was biting his lip.

"You dare lie to your Prince?! Show us this other girl immediately!"

"But your highness she is just a maid really, a servant."

"It doesn't matter. I wish to see her and I mean to see her. Bring her to me now!" The stepfather ran and grabbed Cinderella and brought her to the Prince. The stepsisters upset to see that their sister was allowed to even try the slipper on came up with a plan. Not a good plan, but a plan. Cinderella was lead to a chair so that she may try on the slipper. The Prince Feliks himself was to hand her the slipper. The sisters set their plan into motion. They 'accidentally' shoved the servant of the prince so that the slipper would fall and break before the slipper could even be handed to Cinderella. Not very well thought out. Since they didn't know what they were doing and couldn't think of a good idea on a good day. They just ended up tripping each other and looking like further bubble brains when they spilled the contents of the tea all over themselves. Giving their father a reason to feel ashamed of them, finally.

Still this went unnoticed by the Prince as he was far too absorbed with the girl before him. There was something so familiar about her and yet he did not know her. And most confusing yet he did not have his stranger danger senses going.

"May I?" He asks holding out the slipper on bended knee. Blushing she nodded and put out her foot delicately as the slipper was slipped onto her foot. A perfect fit. Instantly there were protests from the sore losers, I mean stepsisters who were sore losers.

"That doesn't prove anything! There could be another girl who could fit that show. What is she isn't the rightful owner?" The stepfather reasoned

"Truthfully we haven't thought of that." Toris replied honestly.

"Well, I do have a solution." Cinderella said softly thinking that she will be ignored again. But Feliks heard her. Go Feliks!

"What is it? Come on girl don't be shy."

"Well I do have the other slipper." She reached into her pocket and pulled out the other glass slipper giving everyone a reason to say that the mystery of the Midnight Flyer was closed. And the stepfather and stepsisters were given the right to faint.

Prince Feliks took Cinderella to the castle not noticing that he had forgotten Toris. Who was able to get a ride from a chicken farmer. By the time that he got there preparations for the wedding were underway and thanks to the pushing of the royal parents the wedding took place three days later with a very joyous kingdom save three people who grumbled the whole way thru it. But who cares about them anyway their part is over anyway. So Prince Feliks a.k.a Hipsterpinkpony1025 and Cinderella a.k.a Rulzglassshoes lived happily ever after.