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Chapter 1: From the Shadows Comes Death Incarnate

'From the dark, vengeance and hate strike.'

A lone, cloaked figure sat on one of the many rooftops of the Hidden Village of Konoha, observing the bane of the village's hatred and planning many painful ways to skin them alive. Dressed in a black-hooded robe that was held closed by a crimson sash, the figure gripped the leather of her red pants tightly with her gloved hand, seething at the ignorance laid before them. Through the shadows of their hood, one could see the amethyst orbs that are their eyes. Deep in the recess, one could spot cold calmness and a raging sliver of hate.

The figure was keeping an eye on Konoha's Kyubi Jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze; although he was denied his heritage and was referred to only as Uzumaki. The boy was dressed in bright orange pants, a black shirt covered by an orange jacket, blue sandals, and a pair of green goggles that held back his spiky blonde hair.

A walking target, a bull's eye as bright as a small sun.

Sighing in dejection he sat down on the swing in front of the village's Shinobi Academy, his expression full of sadness and self-loathing, a look that should not be seen on a child. He turned his gaze to the other students who had passed being congratulated by their families and silently cursed them and their seemingly unobtainable happiness. They had it lucky; they didn't start out completely alone and helpless. They had people to love them.

They had someone.

Naruto's depression soon changed to a look of envy as he saw the newly appointed Genin proudly presenting their new headbands to their parents, how he wanted to rip them from their hands. He saw the love held between parent and child and constantly asked himself why he was the one who had to live his life without a family, without friends. Unable to take the sight anymore, he got up to leave but was stopped by one of his teachers: Mizuki.

A.K.A. Shady Motherfucker #1.

The figure on the roof viewed the scene from their perch and was able to feel the child's aura shift from depressed to angry and sighed in sadness, regret covering her like a wet cloak.

'Something should have been done sooner.'

Sadly, our unknown voyeur knew that they should have done something much sooner and much quicker, but then they would be on the run from the village constantly, and that was no way that Kushina Uzumaki wanted to raise her child. Oh yes, that's right; under the cowl of the black robes was the mother of Naruto, and the wife of the late Yondaime Hokage. She was somehow able to survive the attack on her family by the mysterious masked man, but just barely hung on. With careful planning, she stayed under the radar and began to plot. Her mind twisted around plans and safeguards that Konoha had put in place to ensure the young blonde's loyalty. Information was fed to her from her only student, Anko Mitarashi, another pariah among the village.

'Snake Whore.'

'Traitor's Apprentice.'

How she hated them.

Two years before Naruto was born, Anko had returned to village after escaping from her old teacher. She, along with 9 others, was given the Curse Mark from Orochimaru and only she had survived, after days of bone-liquefying pain. She was able to escape from the hideout that she was held captive in, but at the cost of some of her memories and all of her reputation among the populace of Konoha.

Apparently, the Curse Mark was to blame for their disappearance. Once she returned, she was looked over by many doctors, but they couldn't help her; not like they wanted to though. Who would want to help the student of a traitor?

Kushina would.

The woman visited the mentally scarred twelve year old one day and took a good look at the seal that the snake gave her, but not before wrapping the girl in a deep bear-hug. It was full of corrupted chakra, and Kushina had a theory.

If the seal used to stop the Kyubi's influence (which was full of corrupted chakra) could do so without fail, then who's to say that it can't do the same for Anko's Curse Mark?

It was simple logic.

Kushina explained her theory to the poor girl, and she agreed to try it. Anything to cut off her old ties to the snake and the things he had done to her.

So that night, Kushina prepared the seal and snuck into the Hospital under the pure cover of darkness and placed the seal over the Curse Mark.

The effects were instantaneous.

The mark disappeared from Anko's skin and she felt free. The twelve year old thanked the woman profusely and said that she would do anything to repay her for her kindness. Kushina decided to take Anko as a student in secret and began teaching her the skills she knew which was not a small arsenal.

You don't make ANBU captain by sitting around with a thumb buried in your ass.

After the devastating attack from the masked man, a fourteen year old Anko located her teacher and took her to one of the safe houses known only to the Namikaze family. Kushina, while drastically weakened, was able to point her student in the right direction before she lost consciousness and went comatose, placing all of her trust in Anko. For the following six years, Kushina was stuck in a coma that seemed to have no escape but was watched over every day by her student. Anko also took the liberty of watching over her teacher's son and made sure that the attempts on his life were thwarted and that the people responsible were left unable to escape capture.

And left unable to have kids.

Or digest food.

When Kushina eventually woke from her coma, she was met with the sight of her now twenty year old student who explained all that happened during her comatose state and how revenge seemed to be necessary.

From Naruto's Jinchuriki status being revealed, to the many attempts on his life, and finally the pure hatred that the villagers showed him; nothing about her son's life was left out to Kushina.

This left the woman in a state of pure rage and she was about to go and give the village a piece of her mind, but she was stopped by Anko who explained that if she just revealed herself out of the blue, then it would cause much more harm than good at his point.

Especially with Naruto since he was seen as both a scapegoat and a future weapon for the village. Any violence would be unwittingly shot back at him.

Kushina reluctantly agreed with her student and she decided to go back to her Clan's roots and dawn the cowl of the of the "Uzu Wraiths"; a group of trained shinobi of Uzushiogakure that were taught the skills necessary to be, not only shinobi, but assassins.

And look badass doing their jobs.

For the next eight years, Kushina and Anko watched over Naruto; Kushina from the shadows and Anko from the "light" if you could call the scum of Konoha that.

While Kushina kept herself hidden from view and protected her son in secret, Anko proudly professed her status as protector and friend to the Kyubi Jinchuriki, a giant 'Fuck You' to anyone who would dare raise a hand to the boy.

While this made Anko a much bigger target of the village's hate, she only cared for the safety of her teacher's son, who she soon saw as someone very precious to her.

With a fond smile at the memories, Kushina watched the assistant of Iruka, Mizuki she thinks he was called, talk to Naruto and saw her son run off with a big smile on his face. Kushina was suspicious of the silver-haired man, and with justifiable reasons. He was one shady son of a bitch.

She knew that he was a serious Kyubi hater, so whatever he had planned for her son would most likely cause her son more pain, something she could not allow. With the quiet grace of a phantom, she followed her son and made sure that whatever happened would not hurt him.

That Night (after Naruto steals the Forbidden Scroll)

'The security in this place is just awful.'

Naruto was currently on his way to the specified place that Mizuki had told him to go to, scroll in hand.

Kushina followed him and shook her head at the utter failure of Konoha's security. Honestly, how could a child wearing "Stab me in the Jugular Orange" sneak past, not just regular shinobi, but ANBU as well and take the Forbidden Scroll? It was pathetic in her eyes…

The Hokage passing out from a pair of tits just made her sigh.

As she refocused on shadowing her son, she noticed that he definitely had the Uzumaki stamina and that he looked so much like his father. She couldn't help but smile at that. Her son would be quite the heartthrob when he gets older.

She sighed and then thought, 'That is if he's seen as more than the Kyubi reborn… Oh, my son, I swear I will always be there for you…'

The blonde came to a stop in a clearing and rested against a tree before deciding to look in the scroll.

Who could blame him? He was a genin holding a forbidden scroll full of jutsu that could wipe the face of the Earth off.

Not that he would.


She heard him complain about how the first was "another stupid clone jutsu", and she couldn't help but silently giggle at how cute her son was when he was frustrated.

Just like her at that age.

She then watched as he resigned himself to learning the Shadow Clone Jutsu and saw him get it in only three tries! He even made over twenty clones! She did a fist pump in her mind and whispered out, "Way to go, Sochi!"

After learning that, he went on to learning a more destructive version and saw him practicing the Explosive Clone technique. She was proud to see him be smart enough to give the clone as little chakra as possible, but the explosion was still the same as a couple paper bombs. 'Not a bad start, 'she thought. 'He just needs to practice chakra control.'

After half an hour of watching her son practice the two techniques, both separately and in synch, she saw Iruka show up and scold Naruto for taking the scroll. She saw the utter confusion in her son's eyes, and then saw Mizuki throw multiple shuriken at the pair of bickering shinobi. Iruka took the hit for her son, earning him major points in her book, and told Naruto to run before glaring at Mizuki and snarling that he would die to protect the boy.

Naruto did as he was told and was followed immediately by Mizuki. Kushina followed as well after leaving a Shadow Clone to stay hidden and make sure Iruka followed as well.

After a brief loss of visual, she caught up to them and saw Iruka appear not even five seconds after. After some small arguing between the two Chunin, Iruka was yelling for Mizuki not to tell Naruto something. The silver-haired man ignored him and blurted out, "The reason the villagers hate you, Naruto, is because you're the Kyubi reborn! You are the Nine-Tailed Fox!"

She saw her son freeze up and leave himself open for the incoming giant shuriken.

"NO!" Iruka shouted and once again took the hit before she could do anything.

She could hear the scarred Chunnin whispering words of comfort and reassurance to the terrified boy, who was staring at his teacher in shock.

Mizuki then taunted Iruka and asked him why he helped Naruto when the fox killed his parents. Iruka faced Mizuki and said, "That's true, and I do hate the fox… But, Naruto is not the Kyubi! He is a shinobi of the Leaf, and is my precious student! I will die to save him!"

Kushina smiled to Iruka and thought, 'If I ever have to go through with Operation: Purge, you will be one of the few I spare, Iruka-san.'

She then saw Mizuki about to throw the final giant shuriken.

Seriously where did he keep them all?

Did he cram one up his ass?

His throw was stopped by Naruto head-butting him in the gut, with enough force to split the thing flesh of his forehead. The blow made Mizuki lose his grip on the weapon and fly into a tree. Naruto glared at him and growled out, "If you ever lay a hand on my sensei, I'll kill you!"

"Go ahead and try it, Demon Fox! I'll take you down without breaking a sweat!"

"Try it. I'll return whatever you throw at me a hundredfold. I am Naruto Uzumaki and I will not be beaten by scum like you!"

Her son then made so many clones that they covered the entire clearing in a large wave of orange.

One appeared next to her and noticed her, but she held up a finger in a "shushing" motion and whispered to it, "I'll talk to you later."

The clone nodded and proceeded to assist his "brothers" in beating Mizuki within an inch of his miserable life.

Once they were done, Kushina pulled a clone aside and told it, "Make sure Naruto knows that I'll meet him at his apartment. Only tell Naruto, understand?"

The clone nodded and left her alone. She then used Shunshin to head to her son's apartment.

Naruto's Home (after talking with the Hokage about Mizuki's "Test")

Kushina was sitting on the couch in Naruto's apartment waiting for her son, legs crossed and hood pulled tightly over her head. She saw how crappy it looked and grew angry at how little her son was given for holding back the one thing everyone in Konoha feared. She then heard the door open and saw the blonde walk in.

He looked at her suspiciously, but she merely went through a couple of handsigns and the walls slowed blue when she was done.

"What did you just do?" asked Naruto.

"I used a Silencing Jutsu on the room. The old man loves using that crystal ball of his to watch over you, and I couldn't let him see me. Only you and one other have that right in this entire village."

Naruto shifted slightly and asked, "Who are you? I've never seen a person like you before, yet you act like you've known me my whole life…It's honestly kind of creepy."

She smiled in the shadows of her hood and replied, "I'm someone who loves you and has watched over you for the past 8 years. Another who would give their life for you."

This shocked Naruto. This woman said that she loves him and watched over him? Who the hell was she and why did she reveal herself now?

"I know this must be shocking to you, but I'm telling you the truth, Naruto-kun. Along with Anko, I've watched out for you while you were in the village. I wasn't there for you for the first six years of your life, but I swore that I would not miss out on the rest of it! You're the most important thing to me, Naruto, "she the removed her hood, showing her beautiful face, violet eyes, and crimson hair, "my son…"

From outside, another cloaked figure took in the scene before him.

'Hmm, things should be quite interesting now. Let's see what the boy can do.'

With a fond smile…he leapt into the shadows.


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