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Chapter 2: Proof, Love, and Plans

'Just when you think things can't get worse, life nut-shots you.'

Naruto stood in his apartment, shocked into silence at Kushina's confession that she was in fact…his mother. It shook him to the core, especially when he originally believed that he was an orphan whose parents either died or just dumped him at the orphanage.

Was everything he knew a lie?

What else could possibly be a fabrication? For so long he'd believed himself to be alone forever, unlovable, unwanted.

Now, this woman who he just met tonight is telling him that she's his mother and has been watching him from the shadows for the past eight years.

"How do I know that you aren't just trying to deceive me like so many of the villagers did before? How can I trust you after just meeting you? For all I know, you could be trying to kill me while my guard is down! You wouldn't be the first to try!" he cried out, tears threatening to leave his eyes.

Kushina herself was beginning to tear up as the words fell from the poor child's mouth. She couldn't believe how little trust her son had for other people. She knew that the villagers would eventually break him, but seeing it up close was just too much for the redhead.

"What do I have to do to prove that you can trust me? I'll do anything!" she asked desperately.

Naruto was quiet for a moment as he thought it over. He thought over everything she told him and finally came up with a solution. "You said that Anko-chan has been helping you watch over me, right?" At her nod, he continued, "Then, if she vouches for you, then I'll give you a chance. She's the only one I trust with something like this."

Kushina couldn't have smiled brighter. Her son was giving her a chance to prove herself trustworthy! She couldn't screw it up, so she bit her right thumb, pulled back the sleeve over her left arm, and spread her blood on the seal on her left forearm.

"What are you doing?' Naruto asked her, curious as to why she made herself bleed.

Still smiling, she responded, "This seal is known as a Bond Seal. It is made by having two parties make a binding contract with one another, in blood. I have the one you see on my arm while Anko has the other. We made it years ago when I helped her get rid of her Curse Mark and she swore herself to me as my student. The seal works as a locater, communicator, and fail-safe."

"What do mean by 'fail-safe'? That sounds bad."

"If one of us breaks the contract without removing the seal, the one who broke it will have their chakra network become tainted and kill them. It's mainly to ensure that both parties uphold their end of the deal."

"That sounds…quite effective. Okay, so what did you just do with your seal now?"

"I contacted Anko and made her aware of my location. She should be here soon."

Dango Bar

Anko Mitarashi, Special Jonin of Konoha and secret lover of one blonde fox-boy, was having a friendly chat with her friend Kurenai Yuhi, the Genjutsu Mistress. They were merely talking about how their recent missions went and about life in general. Kurenai then decided to ask a different question topic out of the blue.

Out of the blue.


"So Anko, what's up with you and that Uzumaki kid?" she asked her violet-haired friend with a small smirk.

Anko had a slight blush on her face at the question, damn Kurenai! She was Naruto's friend and protector, but the woman was slowly developing feelings for the blonde knucklehead. She admired his drive, determination, and compassion for the few bonds he had.

Hell, whenever they hung out together, he treated her like she was the most important person in the world to him, and it warmed her heart whenever he did so.

She may have also sneaked a peak at him when he was changing.

Just a small one.

"We're friends Kurenai, and I trust you with a lot of things, so don't blab this out to anyone, alright?" she asked her red-eyed friend. Kurenai nodded and Anko said, "I think I may be falling for the little gaki."

This shocked Kurenai. Anko never admitted to liking anyone, especially since everyone still saw her as a traitor's pupil and nothing more. "You're falling for him?" she asked in shock.

Anko nodded and replied, "He just has this aura about him that draws me to him. He always gets up after getting knocked down, he strives to do what's right, and he treats me like I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. I've never had someone treat me like that without some ulterior motive. That's what made me admire him and fall for him."

Kurenai was shocked even further at that. Her friend was being completely serious here and admitted to falling for the village's pariah. She smiled to her friend and said, "Well, that's good. I'm happy for you, Anko."

"You are?" Anko asked in surprise.

Kurenai nodded and replied, "Yes, it's about time someone treated you like you should be treated; other than me of course."

Anko smiled at her friend and said, "Thanks Nai-chan."

Suddenly, Anko felt a slight tingle on her left forearm, one she welcomed reverently, and a vision of Naruto's apartment room came to her mind. She knew that Kushina was responsible for it, but what was going on? In the vision, she saw Naruto staring straight at her, so that meant that Kushina had revealed herself to him. But why did she?

Why now?

Throwing down enough money to pay for the dango she ate, Anko stood up and said, "Sorry Nai-chan, but something's come up. I have to go."

She then left the bar before Kurenai could utter another word, much to the genjutsu-user's chagrin.

'Wonder what's gotten into her, 'she thought.

Anko was roof-hopping at high speed so that she could get to Naruto's apartment quickly, this what not an occasion to be late to. She moved so fast that even the ANBU only saw a purple and tan blur pass them by, raising many eyebrows. Kushina's training methods had really paid off for Anko.

She was faster, stronger, and more perceptive than she ever had been.

When she made it to the complex, she hurried to the blonde's front door and knocked. She couldn't hear a thing from the other side of the door, so she figured that Kushina had placed a Silencing Jutsu on the room. She decided to call out, "Naruto-kun, it's Anko! Open up!"

After a few more seconds, the door opened and Naruto saw that his friend was on the other side. He smiled and greeted, "Hey Anko-chan! Can you come in?"

She nodded and was led inside by the still smiling blonde. She noticed that Kushina was on the couch with her hood off, revealing her face to the world. Anko gave her a small smile and said, "Hey there, sensei. Long time no see."

Kushina returned the smile and replied, "Hello Anko."

Naruto had just finished shutting and locking the door before he turned to the two women and said, "Anko-chan, this lady told me a few things that need your confirmation."

Anko nodded and asked, "Alright, what did she tell you?"

"She said that she has been watching me for the past eight years, that she was in a coma for the six years before that, that you have helped her watch out for me, and that she was my…mother." He took a deep breath and ended with, "Is what she said true, Anko-chan? Is she really my mother? Don't you dare lie to me"

Anko was quiet for a bit before she took the blonde into a gentle hug and said, "Yes, all of it is true, Naruto-kun." She let him go and waved her arm at Kushina while saying, "She is Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the Red Death of Konoha, the previous Kyubi Jinchuriki, the wife of the late Yondaime Hokage, and… your mother, Naruto-kun."

Naruto widened his eyes in surprise. So, what Kushina said was true after all. Not only that, but she was the previous host of the fox and the Yondaime Hokage's wife. If that was true, then that means…

"The Yondaime was my father?" he asked the both of them in shock.

They both nodded and Kushina said, "Hai Naruto-kun, Mina-kun was my husband before he gave up his life to protect the village and seal the Kyubi into you. Before you get upset," she said while noticing Naruto clench his fists in anger, "you must know that he couldn't have asked for anyone to just give their child up for the sealing. Would you have done that?" Naruto slowly shook his head no. "Then I'm sure that you now know what he went through before the sealing. He wanted the village to see you as a hero, but I had a feeling that it wouldn't happen; and I was right."

Naruto was slowly calming down and had tears in his eyes before he asked, "Did you ever regret-"

"DON'T YOU DARE FINISH THAT QUESTION!" Kushina interrupted him. "I would never regret giving birth to you, Naruto-kun, and neither would your father! So, don't you ever think that we do!"

Naruto was surprised at her outburst and was slightly scared after it. She noticed this and slowly embraced him in a hug. It was the first hug she had ever given him since his birth and it brought tears of joy to both eyes of mother and son. Naruto hugged her back and began crying his heart out at the return of his mother. He may not know about her, but he was determined to give her a chance.

"Just one thing. While I'm giving you a chance now…I'm still angry…so very angry that you left me alone. We will talk about it later" Naruto looked deeply into Kushina's eyes with a fire.

"O-of course, Naruto-kun. I'll explain everything, I promise" Kushina grasped her son's cheeks between her hands.

"Okay then…Kaa-chan" Naruto smiled gently.

Anko smiled at the heartwarming scene and wiped a stray tear from her own eye. 'I guess they deserve some alone time. Don't wanna be a third wheel…' she thought before she made her way to the door. She was about to reach for the knob before her wrist was grabbed from behind. She turned and saw Naruto had grabbed it and that he was smiling at her. She smiled back before he crashed into her with a hug. She was surprised but welcomed it anyway.

"Thank you for everything, Anko-chan."

She smiled at him and held him tighter before she replied, "No Naruto-kun, thank you for everything." She then surprised the blonde, and his observing mother, by kissing him on his whiskered cheek. She chuckled at his now red cheeks and decided to tease him a little. "Ne, Naruto-kun are you blushing?"

He blushed a little deeper as he sputtered out gibberish, something about snakes, ramen, and a lack of clothing.

Kushina laughed behind her hand and Anko merely silenced the boy by kissing his other cheek. He surprised them both by fainting at that. The two women looked at the downed blonde then at each other before the burst out laughing.

After a while, Kushina asked, "So what was that all about, Anko? Kissing my son like that?"

Anko blushed slightly and replied, "I uh… Well… That is…" She then took a deep breath and said, "I think that I may be falling for the kid."

This surprised the redhead. "Really?" she asked.

Anko nodded and said, "He just seems so… I don't know any other word to say other than 'perfect'." Kushina was quiet, allowing Anko to continue. "He has a heart of gold, an unbeatable drive, he's a like his own little ball of fresh air and sun, and he treats me like I'm someone very special to him. I don't know what else these feelings I have could be other than-"

"Love," Kushina finished, shocking her pupil. "You love him, Anko, and the feeling is so foreign to you that you're afraid of what may come from it. Am I right?"

Anko was silent for a bit before she turned to look at the passed out blonde. She smiled softly and said, "Yes… I do love him… And yes, I am afraid of what could become of this, but…"

Kushina listened to her pupil before she stopped. "But…?"

Anko looked to her sensei with a fire in her eyes. "But I won't let that fear hold me back."

Kushina nodded with a smile and said, "Very good, Anko. I'm sure that he'll return the feeling one day." She then lifted her son to place him on his bed. Before she entered his room, she turned back to Anko and said, "You also have my blessing, Anko. If you are successful, then I only ask that you be there for him and never let go." With her piece said, she left her student in the main room to let the words sink in.

Anko was in a stunned silence before she broke into one of the biggest grins she ever made. 'I will never let him go, Kushina-sensei. He means the world to me.' She then left the apartment room via the window and went home for the night.

About an hour later

Naruto was slowly coming to from his fainting spell. He was surprised that Anko kissed him on his cheek, not once, but twice! He wondered what she meant by them. He also wondered what Kushina would say about it. He was about to get up when a familiar voice said, "You should rest more, Naruto-kun. You have your team placements tomorrow, after all."

He turned to the voice and saw Kushina leaning against the wall near his bed with a smile on her face. "How long was I out?"

"Only for an hour; give or take 10 minutes. Anko left a little while after you passed out. She really cares for you, Naruto-kun," she said with a smile.

Naruto smiled as well and replied, "Yeah, and I care about her too. She means a lot to me." He then turned serious and asked, "So, what happens now? I mean, you said that the Village Council will cause problems if they see you. And it's not like you could just take the 'village weapon' away from here, right?"

"Actually, that is exactly what I plan on doing."

"Come again?"

Kushina smirked and said, "Not now, of course, but soon I plan on leaving the village with you. I've had plenty of time to think it over, and I don't see a reason not to." She then had a scowl on her face and said, "This is not the Konoha I grew up in. they knew that I was the previous Jinchuriki, but they didn't give a flying fuck about that! I was treated with the same respect as any other shinobi or kunoichi. But now, they treat Jinchuriki like scum and 'demon spawn' and I won't allow that to happen to you anymore."

Naruto was amazed at the amount of determination coming from her. He also saw that she was completely serious about this and that she really did care for him. He smiled and said, "I'm gonna hold you to that… kaa-san (mother)."

Kushina was shocked at what he just said. 'He called me kaa-san!' she thought happily. She then nodded to him and replied, "I promise, Naruto-kun. And an Uzumaki never breaks their promises." She then said softly, "Now, go to sleep. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow, Sochi."

He nodded and was asleep in a manner of minutes. Kushina looked on with a loving smile and kissed him goodnight on his forehead. She then left the room to sleep on the couch. She swore that she wouldn't let anyone hurt her son again and promised to be there for him as his guardian from the shadows.

The Bloody Guardian of the Kyubi Jinchuriki would soon be a most feared name throughout all of Konoha.

And all the world would finally know of peace.


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