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Chapter 2
Steel Allies

Mary Jane Watson had just finished a photo shoot in Miami, Florida, and was now relaxing at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Miami. She had been there since the day she had heard that Spider-Man had been killed in a fight with some kind of monster.

The gorgeous redheaded super model had stayed in New York only because of her husband. But now that he was dead, she had decided to move on, accepting a job in Miami. It was far enough away from the Big Apple, knowing that it was also a safe distance.

However, it gave her mixed feelings. There was a part of her that wished she had never married Peter, and a part of her that knew she could never be happy with anyone else.

She had been in danger several times by Spider-Man's enemies, and yet they never knew who she really was. And there had been numerous nights that she had worried herself over what could have happened when Peter didn't come home when he should have.

Upon hearing that Spider-Man was dead, Mary Jane left immediately.

Everyone thought she was wrong for leaving Peter without so much as an explanation. But how could she tell them that she was Spider-Man's wife and that she was leaving because of what she had seen and experienced?

They would never understand, and so she gave no explanation and just left. Peter had not been officially declared as dead, but it would have been only a matter of time before the truth came to light.

She had a lawyer draw up papers that were to be filed when Peter Parker was declared dead, but as yet she had not heard back from him.

She wondered if something else wasn't going on.

Spider-Man had escaped death before, but something in her soul told her that Peter was dead. Or had died. But the longer she waited, the less convinced she became that Peter was truly gone.

She had been waiting and waiting for J. Jonah Jameson to appear on television ranting and raving about how Spider-Man/Peter Parker was a menace to society and that he deserved his death.

Another thing that bothered MJ was how Peter ever put up with that loud-mouthed newspaper editor and not just outright decked him? So many people would have.

But as she relaxed on her deck chair in the sun, dressed in only a white two-piece bikini, her sunglasses over her eyes and a pink-colored drink resting on the small table next to her, she heard the news bulletin flash the latest news from New York City.

" reports of the infamous Spider-Man having died this previous week have been amended, due to numerous eyewitnesses having seen the amazing arachnid swinging through the canyons of New York!" the television reporter said.

At hearing that, Mary Jane was once again conflicted.

Peter is alive! Or... is it one of his clones? Someone else? It couldn't be Ben. I mean, no one can come back from the dead! Can they? she wondered.

While her mind tried to decide what she wanted to do about her 'late' husband, her body instinctively reached for her phone to call her manager to get her a plane back to New York.


(X-Mansion, Westchester, New York)

Professor Charles Xavier watched as the new students, whom Dani Moonstar had dubbed The New Mutants, were going through their training session in the Danger Room.

Headmistress Jean Grey was controlling the robotics and holograms while Dani was giving them the necessary instructions in both team work and power usage.

While the six-person team was going through their exercises, Professor X felt something itch at the back of his mind. Something familiar.

Something has happened. Someone has... returned. He thought as he closed his eyes and concentrated. It Can't Be! He mentally gasped as he turned his motorized wheelchair around and exited the control center for the Danger Room.

"Professor?" Jean asked as she heard her long-time mentor leaving the control room.

Professor X went to Cerebro, his specially designed mutant-detecting computer, and activated it.

After a couple of minutes, he was able to confirm his suspicions.

"Elizabeth is alive!" he said to Jean and the other X-Men, once he was out of Cerebro.

"What? How?" Iceman, the arctic-cold creating mutant, asked.

"The Hand. They used a special ritual to resurrect her." Xavier said.

"Unbelievable." Beast, the brilliant feral-looking mutant scientist, stated.

"Well... if she's alive, then we should go get her." Logan said.

"No." Xavier said.

"What?" the razor-clawed mutant asked. "Why?"

"I can sense that something has changed. While her loyalty is to us, her emotions have been... altered." he explained.

"What do you mean?" Dani Moonstar asked.

"I sense a greater emotional connection... to Spider-Man." Xavier said.

"WHAT?!" Logan gasped.

"Why?" Rogue, the high-flying super-strong energy-absorber, asked.

"How?" Iceman asked.

"It was part of the ritual. I sense that Spider-Man interrupted the crucial part of the ceremony used to revive Elizabeth. As a result, she is emotionally bonded to him." the bald telepath explained.

"Then we need to get her back here and undo what he's done." Logan said.

"What he's done?" the powerful telepathic, telekinetic Jean Grey asked.

"I'm not convinced that Spider-Man is to blame for this, Logan." Xavier said.

"Maybe not. But whatever happened was still his fault." Logan said

"Logan!" Jean snapped.

"What?" the mutant brawler asked.

"You sound like that overblown newspaper editor from the Daily Bugle." Jean said.

Logan grumbled at that.

"Besides, we know Spider-Man. He's not going to take advantage of her. If anything, she might take advantage of him." Iceman said.

"You make her sound like some kind of slut." Rogue chided the snowman.

"Promiscuous is not the same as prostitution, and even they get paid." Iceman said.

"You would know." Logan smirked.

"No I don't. Could never afford a good one." Iceman said.

"So you've tried to buy one?" Cecilia Reyes, the force-field generating doctor, asked, arriving from the infirmary.

"Okay, this isn't about me now is it?" Iceman defended.

"Do we have anyone in New York who can investigate this matter until we get there?" Dani asked.

"Piotr is in New York right now." Beast stated.

"Colossus?! Are You Kidding Me?!" Iceman asked.

"What's wrong with him?" Cecilia asked.

"He's not the first person I'd send to 'investigate' what's happening with one of our old teammates." Iceman said.

"Especially not if she's with Spider-Man." Rogue said.

"He's not known to just walk around on the street, now is he?" Cecilia asked.

"Who? Spider-Man?" Beast asked.

"Yes." she said.

"Agreed. And Colossus is more the person you send to break someone out of prison." Iceman said.

The group looked at him funny.

"What? He's all brute strength and you know it!" Iceman explained.

"I will contact Piotr and inform him of the situation." Xavier said.

"You're still gonna use him?" Iceman asked.

"Yes. It will be a new experience for him. And he has never let us down before." the telepath said.

"Why is he in New York now?" Dani asked.

"He's trying to get over Kitty." Rogue said.

"The only way he could do that is by getting himself some nookie." Iceman said.


"Ouch!" Iceman yelled out, Rogue glaring at the arctic mutant.

"Unlike you, Bobby, Colossus ain't all about 'getting some' when he's on the mend." the Southern mutant heroine said.


(Soho Apartment, New York City)

The sexy raven-haired Greek woman let out a deep, impassioned moan as she came again, the handsome and muscular Russian mutant beneath her holding her hips firmly but gently as he continued to thrust up into her body.

The shapely 5'9" woman may have seemed petite next to the large 6'6" man beneath her, and anyone who saw them would have compared this erotic action to that of a woman riding a horse.

To which she would have immediately agreed.

Their first time together had been a testament to that statement, the Russian being the largest she had ever had within her.

Still, he was patient and gentle and oh-so accommodating to her needs.

Elektra Natchios had known many dangerous men in her life. Daredevil, who lived on the edge a lot, Wolverine, who is the best there is at what he does, and even Deadpool, who was as annoying as he was skillful.

Of all these dangerous men, including the ninja of the Hand, Bullseye, the Kingpin of Crime, and even various SHIELD and HAMMER agents, Elektra found it odd that she would actually find some solace and even happiness in the arms of this man.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin was a sharp contrast to the men in her life. He was powerful, but kind and gentle and even artistic in his own way.

Having met Piotr at the Guggenheim Museum a month ago, noticing the large Russian actually sketching some of the paintings in the museum, Elektra was impressed with his artistic talents and introduced herself to him. The pair got to talking, and eventually she offered to pose for him if he would create a painting for her. Piotr agreed, and the pair went to her apartment in Soho, where she began posing for him in various postures, the Russian mutant actually trying to find which one suited her best. But with each day that passed, Elektra became more brazen and unabashed, eventually posing nude for his drawings and paintings. This eventually lead to them making love to each other a week ago, and in that first instance, Elektra was hooked.

In Piotr she found a man who was much like she wanted and needed in one breath.

Despite certain differences between the two lovers, and in a lot of ways they were opposites, the pair found themselves connecting at a level neither thought possible.

They eventually revealed their own unique identities and abilities to each other. Even that did not stop them from pursuing their current relationship.

Piotr felt his heart thump like never before as the sexy ninja woman squeezed his raging member, Elektra gasping and moaning sensuously to make him come for a third time that day.

As the euphoria of their orgasm washed over the pair, Elektra leaned down and kissed Piotr hotly on the lips. Piotr wrapped his arms underneath her arms, gripping her shoulders firmly as he held her. Elektra broke the kiss and snuggled herself into Piotr's muscular chest. Her raven-dark hair was splayed around her shoulders like a black waterfall, her cheek rubbing up against his firm skin as she sighed happily.

Piotr said nothing as he embraced and held the woman in his arms. He didn't feel like ruining such a tender moment with words of tender words of poetry or love.

Mostly because he wasn't sure he did love her.

He cared for her, he liked her, admired her beauty and the grace she had demonstrated beforehand in her martial arts training. He had even heard that she was a dancer once, her Greek heritage being the basis for her performance.

It was nearly a half hour later, when Colossus's phone rang.

Muttering in annoyance at the interruption, he picked up the phone resting by the bedside, and answered it.

"Yes? Yes, I am. What? She is? The Hand did what?" he asked, gently sitting up and getting Elektra to grumble in protest at being moved from her comfortable position.

At hearing the words 'The Hand', however, Elektra's attention was rapt.

"But I thought Spider-Man was an ally. Yes, if I can I will. Of course, Professor." he said as he hung up the phone.

"Trouble?" she asked as Piotr swung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Oh, yes. I am afraid so. A friend of mine has... returned... and..." he started to say.

"Somehow Spider-Man is involved with your friends mysterious return, thanks to the resurrection rituals of the Hand ninja clan."

"How did you..."

"I believe I can help you, my friend. I was once trained by The Hand. That, and I consider Spider-Man an ally as well." she said.

Piotr looked stunned. While he knew who she was, he had never actually seen her in action. And now he wondered if that would be a good thing.


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Sorry if people were expecting more of Spider-Man and Psylocke. This was mostly a set-up/filler chapter for the next one, where I am planning on having Mary Jane and the X-Men confront the webslinger about his new relationship with Betsy.

And as for the Colossus/Elektra pairing here, I did that mostly because I had never done it before. And I don't think anyone else ever did either. So hopefully, that will be something new for everyone to read.

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