MisterCereal, the breakfast food writer, sat in front of his computer listening to retro 8-bit music and writing a story, this one to be specific. His phone started ringing, and he removed his headphones, pausing his music to answer.


"Cereal! I have an idea for a story."

"Come on over!"

"Alright! Bye!"

He hung up. "Quick call."

"What was that?"

"NYAAAAAAGH!" Cereal nearly fell off his chair to turn to Koma.

"Don't sneak up on me!" He complained.

"Sorry. Now lemme tell you about my idea..."

Many minutes of explaining went on in a montage. In one of the scenes, there was a kitten.

"That's the gist of it." Koma finished.

"Ah, so we break the fourth wall by talking about the fourth wall while referencing various shows like in MisterCereal's Breaking of the Fourth Wall but instead of the SWAT Kats it's the old TMNT series where they go forward in time?"

"Pretty much."

"Good." All of a sudden, reality around them started crumbling into voxels. (Basically 3D pixels. I'll let that sink in.)

"Koma, I wanna tell you something in case we die!"

"Yes?" Koma said, face getting red.

"I read Jane Eyre 13 times and the humorous stories I write take inspiration from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series!"

"Oh." The redness faded from his face.

"What'd you think I'd say?"


The two of them fell through time and space, hearing various cartoon theme songs.

"Oh hey, my Necronomicon!" Cereal exclaimed, latching on a black book with a gray skull on it.

"Why do you have a Necronomicon?"

"I got it from my Necronomiconeconomics teacher in college."

"And why haven't you told me you had it?"

"It was in DWMA Rants chapter 23, remember?"

"Oh yeah."

"However, in the name of cliches, I forgot how to use it."

"God darnit, Cereal! Quit being cliched!"

"Sorry, so many people on do it!"

Koma rolled his eyes.

"Hey, we're reaching our stop! YAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Cereal screamed in girly terror.



"Quit being a girl."



"Ow, my head. Oh hey, still got Neccy!" Cereal said, hugging his Necronomicon.

"You're naming it Neccy?"

"Shut up or I'll start repeating Necronomiconeconomics over and over."


"AAUUUGHH!" Cereal said, getting out Febreeze from out of nowhere and spraying it.

"What is it?" Koma asked.

"It smells like literal crap in here..."

"We're in a sewer." The fox boy replied.

"Oh, great. Here comes the germophobia..."

"Oh, get over i- OH GOD I'M GETTING IT TOO!"

"Hey, over there!" Cereal said, pointing to a tunnel.

"Yeah, maybe we'll find a way out from there!" The two ran to the tunnel to find a manhole. Koma tried to open it, but the sounds of effort he was giving off didn't fool good ol' Cereal.

"Lemme try." Cereal interjected, looking in Neccy. "Oh, I got it!" He said, looking into the book. "The instructions are as follows: Think of the spell. Say Necronomiconeconomics. Now this is a spell book I like." He said, looking at the manhole, and shouted, "Necronomiconeconomics!"

The manhole blew clean off as they emerged from the sewers. They saw neon signs, a lot of traffic, and hot dog vendors.

"Judging by this, I think we're in... Err..." Cereal said, looking around. He saw someone getting mugged.

"Ah, this is New York." He said.