I will now refer to Koma as Roy because that's his proper OC name. Okay, enoughoftheauthornotesjustreadthestorykthbai

Cereal hoisted himself out the hole, helping Roy out too, much to passerby's fear. He even heard one say "Ah! Mutant freak!" Before he was promptly thrown into a wall by Cereal as they walked off, Cereal whistling a upbeat tune. "I dunno what universe we're in. It's not reality, I know that for sure!"
Cereal hypothesized.

"How can you tell?" Roy asked.

"I have the unnatural internet-induced ability to sense when the fourth wall's been heavily broken."


"Wuzzat?" Cereal confusedly replied to Roy.

"That!" Roy said, pointing at a big circular being with four "arms" on it's head with pointy ends along with eight eyes and two arms on the sides, and two legs. "Woahwoahwoah. He has EIGHT legs and EIGHT eyes?" Cereal said, panicked.


"HE'S A GIANT SPIDER AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Cereal replied, having that arachnophobia of his (curses, nature!), proceeded to panic like all heck.

"Cereal!" Roy said, slapping his face, "get a hold of yourself!"

"Ahkay, I'm back." Cereal said, seeing four shadows jump from seemingly nowhere, and tackle the spider beast. The beast tried shaking them off, and in the process, managed to hit a car right into Roy, causing him to fly back.

"Roy!" Cereal screamed, doing a Mario jump to him (complete with the 8-bit sound effect and minimal animation) and searched his pockets, magically pulled out a bottle of liquor, and poured it on Roy's face. He jumped up, in the process saying "WAZZAFACKAAAAUGHMYFACE".

"Oh good, you're up! Now, let's kill the giant spider beast heading for us stumbling due to being seemingly stabbed."


"Get up and run."

They did exactly that. Cereal searched Neccy. "Aha!" He said, pointing at it and shouting "Necronomi-freakin'-coneconomics!" As the beast was flung to kingdom come, and Cereal sighed a breath of relief as the four shadows walked towards them. Cereal held up his finger at them, holding the book open in the other hand, completing the mage look. "Hey, hey... Try anything and I'll say it." Cereal said, eyes literally setting aflame for a second.

"Who is he?" One voice said.

"I dunno, but I don't like his attitude." Another one said.

"I observe that he's some sort of... Magic user." Once again, another said.

"I like magic!" Another one said.

As the cliche dust cleared, they saw turtles on their legs, all of them the size of teenagers, each wearing their own color of headband; Red, Blue, Violet, and Orange.

"Are you a villain?" Blue mask said.

"Well, I guess not." Cereal replied, giving a shrug. Blue kept his katanas aimed at him. Roy, not having his precious katana, put up his dukes (fists for you non-1920's British gentleman folk), as the others braced for a fight.

"Roy, if they attack, don't hold back." Cereal whispered to Roy.

"Wait, one of them has fox ears..." Violet mask said.

"Another mutant?" Orange mask said.

"Might be evil..." Red mask said.

"Actually, we sorta kinda... Don't come from this universe. Or dimension. Waaaait, no. My FWA (Fourth Wall Ability) declares Universe. So, terrible mistake, wrong universe." Cereal bluntly put it.

"Not from... But how?" Violet mask asked.

"I have the Necronomicon and can break the fourth wall, that should really be self explanatory."

"How do you even use that?" Blue mask asked.

"It's called Necronomiconeconomics." He took care to clear a spell from his head.


"So, can we go now?" Cereal asked, closing the book.