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100 years later

Jordan's pov

I sat up in my bed. I looked at the clock and it was 6 o'clock in the morning. The other soldiers were just waking up. I grabbed my armor and slipped it on then I grabbed my sword and tied it to my belt. I went to the mess hall and quickly ate breakfast. Then I headed to the Arena and I found Nicole already training. The arena was alive, training dummies were moving all over the place. Nicole had her bow out and she was firing her arrows at all the dummies quickly taking them out until there was one last dummy. Nicole made her bow disappear and drew her dagger. Nicole ran at the dummy and swiftly cut off its head.

I walked over to Nicole. "Hey Nicole how's the training coming along?" I asked her. I ducked as an arrow sailed past my head. "Hey Nicole stop it's just me. You know your husband."

"Great gods Jordan I almost shot your head off." Nicole smiled. "Don't startle me like that."

I smiled. "Sorry Nicole how was I supposed to know you were paranoid in the early in the morning."

Nicole scowled. "Oh you are so dead." She drew her sword and charged at me.

"oh gods." I drew my sword and blocked an attack aimed for my neck. Nicole jumped back and I charged after her. She smirked. "You can't get me." I ran after her and brought my sword at her head. Nicole lifted up her sword and blocked my attack which made sparks fly. We battled for half an hour but we were equal in skill, then I got the upper hand and knocked her sword out of her hand then tripped her. I pointed the sword at her neck. "You lose."

She smiled. "So it would seem. Now help me up you big brute." I sheath my sword and offered her my hand. She gladly took it and I helped her up. I looked into her dark grey eyes and leaned forward. She leaned forward too.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." I whispered back to her

Then we kissed. I don't know why but every time we kissed it felt like time stopped. It was the most wondrous thing ever.

"Oh come on guys get a room." Said a voice behind me. "How many times am I going to tell you guys?"

Nicole and I broke apart blushing and turned to see Alex. "Hey Alex what's up man?"

Alex gave me a confused look. "Don't you know what today is?"


Alex laughed and smacked me on the back of the head. "It's voting day you idiot. You know the day when everyone is supposed to vote for who will be the four commanders and the 12 assassins."

Nicole and I laughed. "I wonder if we will actually get a commander this time or at least an assassin. No one can ever seem to make up their minds on who they want to lead them. Well then again Chaos doesn't want an assassin unless there are commander s."

Alex laughs. "So true. Every voting we have been to the votes is all over the place. Come on love birds lets go vote before everyone else wakes up. You know how much I hate giant crowds"

Nicole's pov

Jordan and I have been married for about 15 years. The good thing about being immortal (immortal like hunters in other words they can die in battle) is we get to spend eternity with each other. I felt like I was going to melt when Jordan kissed me and I was pretty upset when Alex interrupted us but I guess that is our fault for choosing such a public place to kiss.

We headed to the Chaos mansion and voted. We placed out ballots into the box and went to do other activities. If there were any winners they would be announced at dinner time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nick's pov

We had just finished eating dinner when Chaos stood up and called for our attention.

"Soldiers I have an important announcement." Chaos said. "Today you all voted for who should be your commanders and assassins.

The room grew quiet but many of the soldiers whispered under their breath. "Here it comes. Another ten years with no leader and no assassins."

"This year surprisingly there have actually been winners for the commander and assassin positions." Chaos unfolded a paper. "Let's see the majority of you choose Jordan, Nicole, Alex and …" Chaos looked at the paper with surprise "And Misty."

Jordan, Nicole, Alex and Misty looked around confused. But Misty looked confused the most.

"Soldiers your peers have chosen you to be their commanders. Will you all accept?" Chaos asked.

"This is a real surprise. We're not sure why you voted for us but Yes we will accept." Replied Nicole.

Chaos smiled. "Ok and now on to the Assassins." Chaos pulled out a different paper. "Let's see the people you voted for are Aaron, Lucian, Tessa, Helix, Shiera, Roxan, Nick, Stella, Vixen, Karen, Vergo and Hailey.

Everyone stood up and cheered for their new commanders and assassins. Chaos held up his hand for silence. The room quieted down and everyone took their seats.

"Congratulations young heroes. Soldiers I am so proud of you. You actually worked together to choose a group of people that you think will lead you to greatness." Chaos smiled.

The soldiers smiled. Jordan stood up. "I really appreciate being selected but I'm curious why you guys chose us we are still newbies. I mean we have only been here for about a hundred years while most of you have been here for more than a 200 years. Plus we are still the lowest rank in the army. So why chose us?"

Hal, one of the older soldiers stood up, "We choose all of you because we thought you the best people to lead us into battle. We thought you were the right choice. Yesterday evening we were all talking about who would make great commanders and assassins. Many of us talked about you guys and I guess today many of us voted for all of you."

Jordan nodded his thanks to Hal.

"Ok commanders and assassins meet me in my office after you eat we have some things to discuss related to your new jobs." Chaos said. Then he walked off to his mansion. Each soldier came up and congratulated the new commanders and soldiers.

The commanders and assassins thanked all of them then headed to Chaos's Office.

Nicole's pov

I knocked on Chaos's door. "Come in." said a voice from behind the door.

I opened the door and the other new commanders and assassins followed me in. "Lord Chaos you wanted to see us about something?"

"Yes I did." Chaos said. "Now that you are the commanders and Assassins I wish to give you my blessing. When you receive my blessing you will receive some of my power. All of you will become some of the most powerful beings in the universe."

We gave Chaos shocked looks. Chaos smiled and waved his hand towards us. The last thing I remember was a surge of power flowing over me.

I wake up in my bed. As I sit up my body starts to hurt all over. I looked on my night stand and found a letter.


When you wake up meet me in my office.


I slipped on a plain white t-shirt and jeans then headed to Chaos's office. I was about to knock on the door when it opened. I look in and see my friends.

Chaos looks at me and smile. "Ah Nicole I am so glad that you are awake. Come take a seat our lesson is about to begin." I nod and sit down next to Jordan. Chaos started training us in our powers and helped improve on weapon skill. For the next fifty years Chaos trained us in mastering our powers. After our training we led the soldiers into battles many times little did we know that we still had yet to face one of our greatest battles on earth.