Bound By Darkness

Warnings: Angst, Riku-Abuse, Non-Con, Anti-Sora X Riku, Violence, Dark, Did I mention Angst?

Summary: After Riku let the darkness take him from Destiny Island, what happened to him? While Sora went on his quest, what was happening to Riku, Why did he end up with Malificent, what shattered his heart, what was the deal he made with Ansem and why doesn't he remember it? This is Riku's side of Kingdom Hearts and it isn't pretty. It's an attempt to explain what could have happened to him that made him give into the darkness of his heart.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama,

Author: Nyxe

Chapter 1: A Devil's Bargain


For what seemed like hours, Riku drifted in utter darkness, surrounded by taunting shadows. He was tightly bound by thick, constricting ropes of dark energy as he was carried into what seemed to be an endless void. He was beginning to think that allowing the darkness to take him from the Island Prison was perhaps a bad idea. However, there was no way to change it now. He was suddenly thrust down onto a hard surface and released. He could see nothing but darkness and feel nothing but the floor beneath his feet. A deep seductive voice entered his mind and he felt a warm breath brush his ears, but when he reached out there was nothing.

"Why do you seek the darkness young one?" whispered the voice. Riku turned in alarm, once again greeted by nothing. "I just want to have an adventure with my friends, where am I? Who are you? Am I dead or something?" Riku couldn't hide his nervousness and he slowly crept backwards hoping to find a wall or something that could be used as a guide out of the darkness. He stopped in his tracks however when he felt what resembled a hand grab hold of his shoulder. Once again the voice spoke to him.

"Are they really your friends?"

"Of course they are!" stammered Riku, outraged at the being's accusation. Riku thought he heard a smirk as a brilliant vision unfolded before him. It was of his island, his best friend and rival Sora was sitting with Kairi, who he had had a crush on since her arrival. He watched the two carry on a conversation, then suddenly Kairi made the exclamation to leave without him, just her and Sora together. The vision vanished leaving Riku in total darkness once again.

"You see," The voice teased, "They're not your friends, they were only using you to get off the island, they would never take you with them." Riku didn't know what to believe, it had to be a trick, surely Kairi didn't say that, and what about Sora, would he have gone along with it? After all they did both like the same girl. Riku could feel the fierce stabs of jealousy, hurt, and anger prick at his heart. What if they were together back at the island, happy of the fact he had been taken away? That was it, wasn't it! Sora didn't make much of an effort to grab his offered hand when he beckoned Sora to join him did he? Sora was probably glad to get rid of him, after all he did always beat Sora at their games, this was revenge wasn't it? Riku grabbed his head and fell to his knees. His thoughts were out of control, part of him knew he wasn't thinking straight, and the other part of him was frightened, confused, and desperate for answers. Once again Riku jerked when he felt strong hands grip him, this time he felt them on his shoulders as if to offer some sort of comfort. The mysterious voice leaned in close and whispered into Riku's ears, "I like you, you have a wonderful heart, so perfect and yet so weak, it's just the sort of heart that I've been waiting for." Riku, starting to feel uncomfortable with this invisible entity, shrugged his shoulders as if to get rid of the strange touch he felt.

"Is something wrong?" asked the voice.

"Gee let me think," spat Riku sarcastically, "I'm stuck in a dark room with someone or something I can't see, I've just been told that my best friends have betrayed me, I'm cold, tired, hungry, and in no mood to deal with you or anything else."

"Would it be easier for you if you could see me?" asked the voice.

"Do what you want, it's not like I can stop you. Actually, making yourself visible would be good. I'd like to see the face of the person who's ass I'm gonna kick." Said Riku venomously.

There was a sudden light and Riku watched as it formed a tall elegant man with dark skin, long white hair, fierce amber eyes, and a charismatic grin. Riku stumbled backwards in alarm and fell hard on his rear end. He looked up at the man and watched him give a graceful bow like that of a nobleman.

"Allow me to formally introduce myself, my name is Ansem."

"Yeah ok, whatever, " remarked Riku as he returned to his feet, "Look, it's been fun but I think it's about time I woke up because this can't be real, this is just some twisted nightmare I've gotten from eating Selphie's cooking and swallowing too much salt water." Riku turned and ran; things were getting way too weird. "Please let this be a stupid nightmare, please," thought Riku to himself. Riku ran a long time, he finally stopped out of sheer exhaustion and collapsed. There was nothing to comfort him, no way out, and all he could think about was Kairi's remark about leaving him behind. He opened his bright emerald eyes to the sound of soft footsteps. He peered into the darkness but was greeted by nothing.

Slowly he started to make out a familiar silhouette, he blinked his eyes and thought it was Sora. All of his hurt washed away at the sight of his friend. "Sora had come for him after all, Sora wouldn't leave him behind, Sora cared about him." Riku ran these thoughts through his poor anguished mind. He was on his feet and ready to run up and greet his friend when he suddenly noticed that this wasn't his Sora. This Sora was almost all black, and had cold, uncaring yellow eyes. This Sora didn't smile at him, this Sora looked at him without any emotion whatsoever. Riku was confused, it had to be an illusion, another one of Ansem's tricks, come to think of it where was Ansem? Riku would have much preferred the crazed nobleman as opposed to this frightening imitation of his friend. The Anti-Sora approached Riku and without warning slapped him across the face, effectively knocking him to the floor. Riku was in shock, how could Sora, no this wasn't Sora, was it? Anti-Sora took advantage of Riku in his confused state and kicked him several times in the ribs. Riku cried out for him to stop, and tried to crawl away. Anti-Sora grabbed him by the hair and forced his head back in a painful arch.

"You're pathetic Riku, you may have been better at swords than me and better at racing, but in the end I got the girl and you got nothing. Let's face it you're worthless, Kairi will never want you, especially not after what I'm about to do to you!"

Riku felt his stomach knot up and wondered why, "What do you mean by that? What are you going to do to me? Haven't I been through enough?"

"Hmph, you're heart's still not quite ready yet, but I can fix that." Remarked Anti-Sora.

"What does my heart have to do with anything?" stammered Riku.

"Simple, we need your heart, but in order to reach it, we have to break it!" hissed Anti-Sora as he closed the distance between him and Riku. Riku attempted an escape but failed pitifully. Anti-Sora had him pinned down to the cold, hard floor. Black ropes of dark energy seeped from the floor and wound tightly around his wrists. Unable to break loose, Riku tried to kick Anti-Sora, but his blows seemed to have no effect on the twisted creature. Anti-Sora began to undress Riku as he continued to struggle against his bonds. Alarm bells rang in Riku's ears, surely this copy of his friend wasn't planning on raping him? Riku began to cry out and scream for Sora to snap out of it, "Please! Anything but that!" he pleaded. Anti-Sora neither smiled victoriously, nor scowled in anger, he acted mechanically without feeling. Riku couldn't get passed the thought that he was going to be raped and beaten by an evil doll that resembled who he thought was his best friend. He wasn't sure of anything right now except for the fact that his pants and shoes were already in a heap nearby and that this horrible creature was leaning over him, licking his lips, trying to gain entrance into his tightly sealed mouth. Riku couldn't stop his tears from sliding over his soft cheeks, he felt a hand slide down his inner thigh and he yelped in protest. That was all Anti-Sora needed to ram his dark tongue into Riku's mouth and plunder it violently until Riku's lip began to bleed. Riku gasped for air once he was released, he couldn't believe this was happening. Anti-Sora gave him no warning and without any preparation thrust himself into Riku's virgin body and violently took him.

A pair of cold amber eyes watched from a distance while Riku cried out in pain as he was tortured by a shadow of his best friend. When at last it was over, Anti-Sora dressed Riku back to the way he was and had him released. Riku curled up in a ball and wept. Before leaving, Anti-Sora leaned next to Riku and whispered softly in mock comfort, "Deny it all you want, but darkness exists in everyone's heart, even Sora and Kairi's hearts, even your heart. I am a part of your Sora, the part he keeps hidden from the world; remember that for when we next meet my love."

Riku was so enraged and hurt that he lashed out at Anti-Sora but his fists hit nothing but empty darkness. He was once again alone and both his body and soul seemed to bleed in unison, he wanted to die, or to wake up and it all have just been a nightmare. But he knew it wasn't a nightmare, it hurt too much, he was in agony, and he felt a part of himself shatter somewhere deep inside of him.

He hung his head low and let the tears run quietly down his face. He jumped in panic when he felt strong hands grab his shoulders. He spun around and looked up in fear at the man towering above him.

"It's you again! What do you want!? You want to rape me too?" spat Riku viciously.

"Tsk Tsk, my you are a feisty one, I like that, you're heart is stronger than I thought, it will do quite nicely, might even be able to wield a keyblade." Ansem knelt beside a trembling Riku and offered his hand. "How about you drop the attitude and let me help you?"

"Ha! Thanks but no thanks, if you want something, take it, it's already been made clear to me that I'm weak and helpless, but spare me the mock pity and that bullshit about 'helping me'!" Riku all but screamed his hatred at the tall man. Ansem smiled at Riku as if he expected the response and brought his hand up to gently stroke a few stray locks of silver from Riku's eyes. Riku tried to dodge the unwanted touch but ended up aggravating his other wounds, he hissed in pain and mentally cursed at his weakness.

"Here." Stated Ansem as he cast a Curaga on Riku, Riku instantly felt the pain subside, however, it did nothing for the growing pain in his heart.

"Do you really want to stay here, you never know when your friend's shadow might come back for you again, this really is no place for children." Remarked Ansem.

"I'm not a child!" spat Riku.

"Then stop acting like one and deal with me!" demanded Ansem, his voice taking on a slightly threatening tone. Riku was afraid, he couldn't think straight, he was lost in a world of darkness, his friends had betrayed him, his body ravaged, his heart torn to pieces, and his only way out seemed to be a Devil's Bargain. He needed time to calm down and think, surely there had to be another way out; but what if that Anti-Sora came back? He couldn't bear a second encounter with that monster, and what about the one in front of him. Sure Ansem looked handsome and regal, but something about those eyes screamed "evil" plain and simple.

"So what's it gonna be kid? Stay here and get raped and beaten in the dark for the rest of eternity or let me show you the way out in exchange for a simple favor?" Ansem cradled Riku's face gently in his hands, forcing the youth to make eye contact. Riku sighed in self defeat, "What do you want from me in return for a way out of here?"

Ansem's features lit up in a triumphant smile, "It's simple, if I let you out of here, you must get stronger so that when the time comes you can return the favor by setting me free and together we will free all worlds."

"Why can't you free yourself?" asked Riku suspiciously. Ansem ran a finger down the side of Riku's face, noting how soft and pale his skin was for someone who lived on the beach.

"Simple, for me to be released, it requires a lot of magical ability and you have the potential for it; also I must be released by one who is already outside. So do we have a deal or do I leave you here to fight off the shadows by yourself. You know, it's not very often they get a new playmate around here, and you are so beautiful, quite the catch I'd say." Riku slapped Ansem's hand away and paced a few times before consenting to the deal. "Very well Ansem, I'll help you if it means I can go free and find my friends!" Ansem grinned almost wickedly as he ran his fingers down the silver haired youth's chest. "What are you doing!?" stammered Riku. "Shh! Here it is." Whispered Ansem sternly before plunging his hand into Riku's chest and gripping his heart. Riku watched in horror as a green mist enveloped him. "Take some of my power, it will aid you in your quest, and do not forget, this heart belongs to me now!" Before Riku could argue about that last statement, he felt a tremendous gust of wind and felt his head spinning as if he was falling in a dream.

When he woke, he found himself in an eerie bedroom. He was comfortable tucked into a grand canopy bed, his clothes were clean and neatly folded on a nearby chair, he himself was wearing a black satin robe with a strange heart-like emblem on it. Next to him, on the bed stand was a tray prepped with warm food. Too hungry and upset to care if it was poison or not, Riku wasted no time in devouring the meal. Just as he finished he could hear the huge double doors on the far side of the room begin to open. Riku froze and stood ready to run like hell to the window if he needed to. In came a tall, black robed woman carrying a staff of some sort. The woman had a suspicious air about her, and Riku wondered for a moment if she was the type of witch that was cannibalistic.

"My dear child, you've recovered so quickly, you must have gone through an awful ordeal. To think I found you totally abandoned just outside this here palace." The woman spoke kindly but her tone was false and sounded almost cruel in nature. Riku tried to think for a moment, about this 'horrible ordeal' she had mentioned, when it suddenly occurred to him that he couldn't remember anything after being swallowed by darkness at Destiny Island. The woman took in his half dazed, half lost look and spoke again to him, "Poor child, it seems you're lost, why not go back to sleep, all will be explained to you when you're feeling better." Riku still tried to remember what had gone on, he knew it had been bad, really bad, something to do with Sora, and Kairi, and a man whom he had never met before in his life.

"Ansem?" The named rolled off of Riku's tongue as if by a will of its own. The woman smiled at the mention of the name, "I can see I was right about you when I found you." This tore Riku's attention from his own muddled thoughts, "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Malificent, and this place here is known as Hollow Bastion, do not worry, you are safe here, go back to sleep and when you awaken I will return and things will all be made clear for you." Thew dark shrouded woman turned and left with an eerie silence. Riku could feel the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Every instinct in his body told him to get the hell out of there; get dressed, go for the window, and hope the ground wasn't too far away. However, his instincts were thwarted by a sudden overpowering sense of sleepiness and an inviting bed that beckoned him with the temptations of fluffy pillows, cool sheets, and a warm comforter.

To Be Continued?

Here it is my first fic ever posted of Depending upon the responses I get will determine whether or not I continue it. I know I was a bit cruel to poor Riku, don't get me wrong, I love the boy but when I played the game, I felt there had to be a good reason why he turned to Malificent (aka scary bitch) not just that Sora was hanging out with a dog and a duck. Anyway, I will not tolerate flames; you were thoroughly warned. Anyway, there you have it. Hope you liked it, now go read a humor fic or try to beat Sephiroth.