Bound By Darkness

Warnings: Angst, Riku-Abuse, Violence, Sora + Riku, slight fluff, Dark, Ansem X Riku, Gore, Blood, Yaoi, Bondage, and Torture, Spoilers!!!!

Summary: After Riku let the darkness take him from Destiny Island, what happened to him? While Sora went on his quest, what was happening to Riku, Why did he end up with Malificent, what shattered his heart, what was the deal he made with Ansem and why doesn't he remember it? This is Riku's side of Kingdom Hearts and it isn't pretty. It's an attempt to explain what could have happened to him that made him give into the darkness of his heart.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama,

Author: Nyxe

Author's Note*: Here it is the grand finale, no flaming, and if you're a Mickey Mouse fan… try not to be too offended.

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Kingdom Hearts except my own copy of the game, which I play all the time ^_^

Chapter 11: Door of Light


Ansem watched from the shadows as Sora and his party made their way through the "End of the World". This Sora was not to be underestimated, there was a reason why the keyblade had chosen him. "Could it be", thought Ansem, "that this boy was to be a true savior?" Ansem smirked at the thought, then turned to his beloved Riku who was bound to the heartless emblem. Riku's eyes bore into Ansem's with intensity Ansem found rather amusing.

"Sora will defeat you! He's gonna kick your ass!" said Riku in an even tone. Ansem cocked an eyebrow but ignored him. Ansem considered the fates of two tragic would-be saviors who he had heard about. One was very much like Riku in appearance and had been seduced by darkness and therefore fell from the light. He had one of his wings ripped from his back as he was cast into shadows, the remaining wing stained black with his sin. However, his lover would not allow himself to remain in the light if it meant losing his beloved, so he tore one of his own wings off as well and went into the darkness to search for the one dearest to him. His remaining wing turned into a demon wing that symbolized his rebellion against the light and even now he is said to search for his lost lover. According to legend, only if and when the two lovers reunite would they be able to return to the light, after all they each only had one wing, and it takes two to fly.

Ansem chuckled cruelly at the thought; he couldn't help but wonder if Riku and Sora were destined for the same fate. Or rather would they have been destined, Ansem didn't plan on losing to find out. Riku would be his for all eternity and Sora would die a miserable death in the Void of Darkness.


Ansem was broken from his thoughts by Riku's angry voice.

"What is it Riku?" Ansem approached his silver beauty and ran a finger across the boy's soft cheek. Riku jerked from the touch with a hiss and for a second his eyes flashed with a subtle shine. "Could that be hope?" thought Ansem knowing exactly what hope meant: Riku's strength was returning somehow.

"Stop ignoring me Ansem! I refuse to hang here helpless while you hurt Sora!"

"Oh? And what do you think you can do about it?" teased Ansem, it would seem he would have to put Riku back in his place least a repeat of his last fight with Sora occur.

Riku struggled against his bindings but fell rather abruptly as the chains released him without warning at Ansem's command. Riku stumbled to his feet; his limbs were sore and numb. Riku shook off the discomfort and took a fighting stance; he was prepared to fight Ansem bare handed if he had to, even if he couldn't win, he could at least distract Ansem and buy Sora some valuable time.

"Want to fight me that bad huh?" retorted Ansem.

"Shut up Ansem! I don't care what happens to me as long as Sora's safe."

"How touching... but I'd watch my tone if I were you. Such disrespect will not go unpunished."

"Bring it on you bastard!"

Ansem summoned his dragon blade double sword and much to his surprise Riku was able to summon a keyblade.

"How did you?"

"Hmph, looks like my heart's still mine after all. Sora is my light!"

"Tch, we shall see boy." Ansem levitated slightly off the ground and lashed out with his huge weapon. Riku dodged his swings narrowly but couldn't seem to find an opening in Ansem's defense. Then Ansem summoned a demon guardian that had been born from his shadow.

"You shit cheater!" snapped Riku as he dodged another swipe.

"Since when are there rules in the void of chaos? Rules are for games boy!"

Riku ducked and rolled under Ansem as he hovered and unleashed a fury of swings with his keyblade at Ansem. Ansem swung around angrily and shouted out "Submit!" Without warning the demon guardian lunged for Riku and invaded his body. Riku found it hard to move and his strength was being drained at an alarming rate. Riku tried to continue his assault even if it meant his death but was suddenly suspended in air. The guardian held him up by an arm and leg in a rather awkward position. Ansem smiled triumphantly and closed the gap between them. The guardian tightened its grip on Riku's wrist and forced him to drop the keyblade, Riku tried to fight but too much of his strength had been drained from the monster.

"Why do you fight? Why are you so determined to provoke my wrath? You belong to me now!"

"I never belonged to you! I never will belong to you! No matter what you do to me: hurt me, rape me, torture me, or even kill me, my heart will never be yours!"

"But it already is you fool, your heart enabled me to come back into the real world, your heart allows me to take your form and keep you here."

"Well then I'm taking it back for good! I know now that Sora loves me! I'll fight and die for him!"

Ansem viciously slapped Riku hard and in a movement too fast for Riku to see, only feel; Ansem tore open his shirt to reveal the heartless emblem that he had carved upon Riku. The scar emitted a strange green light and Riku suddenly felt and icy burn in his chest.

"You see! Here is the proof that I own you! You will never escape me."

Riku cried out in agony as his muscles strained to the point that he feared they would shatter his bones. It felt as if his entire body was fighting itself and the pain was unbearable. As Riku writhed and screamed Ansem smiled with excitement; Riku had no idea how much his tortured state enticed Ansem. At last Ansem made a subtle gesture and the pain began to ebb out of Riku. The scar stopped glowing and appeared to be no more than a subtle pattern of scar tissue on Riku's pale chest. The guardian released Riku and he collapsed into a crumpled heap on the ground by Ansem's feet.

"My dear Riku, stop this futile resistance, why not submit to me willingly? I could teach you to love me. I can make you cry out in pleasure just as easily as I can make you cry out in pain." Ansem positioned himself on top of Riku and began to gently stroke the boy's hair.

"Don't touch me!" Riku hissed.

"What? No 'Please'? And here I thought I had taught you better manners than that." Ansem proceeded to undo Riku's pants and slowly strip him. Riku tried to fight but with so much of his strength drained it was like a kitten trying to fight off a wolf.

Ansem's mouth trapped Riku's and his tongue sought entrance. Riku refused it until he heard a zipper and Ansem's member began to grind against his own. The friction caused Riku's treacherous body to react against his will and his hips involuntarily bucked against Ansem's as the sensation clouded Riku's mind. Ansem's tongue found entrance into Riku's mouth and effectively muffled any attempted protest. Riku gasped for air when Ansem's mouth finally released him. Ansem grinned wickedly at Riku's flushed face and wanton expression; 'beautiful' was the only word to describe him. Ansem moved lower on Riku's body, he used his tongue to trace the outline of the scar on Riku's chest, pausing every now and then to nip at the skin. His hands went to Riku's inner thighs and rhythmically stroked and grabbed at the tender flesh. Riku's body arched in desperate need while his mind violently protested.

"Stop!" cried Riku.

"I love you." replied Ansem.

"Don't say that!"

Ansem didn't respond, instead he took Riku's member into his mouth and proceeded to pleasure his victim. Riku bit his lip in an attempt not to moan or cry out but that became increasingly more difficult as Ansem brought him closer and closer to the edge.

"Sora!" yelled Riku.

Riku's eyes started to tear up at the thought that Sora couldn't be his first. His body had been violated by darkness several times, and each time it seemed that another piece of him was lost forever. Like a flower losing its petals one at a time until nothing is left, Riku felt that he too was being robbed of something special as well. Suddenly his body bucked wildly, and his entire awareness centered on that area between his legs as he was finally taken over the edge in a violent climax. Ansem sucked him dry and brought his mouth to Riku's and Riku couldn't help but feel a bit unnerved at the taste of his own essence as it lingered in Ansem's mouth. The haze of orgasm cleared from Riku's head and he mentally argued against the self-hating voice that wanted to constantly beat him into depression.

"No! It doesn't matter how many times Ansem takes me, Sora said he loves me no matter what. I have to believe him. I have to be strong for Sora's sake and mine," thought Riku to himself as he glared angry emerald irises at the man who was starting to spread his legs. Ansem smirked at Riku's futile resistance and conjured up a dark vial. Riku was unable to move; his body was weak and exhausted. Ansem took his time and used the vial's contents to lubricate Riku's opening. Riku tensed and hissed at the intrusion of two fingers but was unable to escape them.

"Calm down Riku, you will soon learn that I can be quite gentle when I want to be."

"Shove it Ansem, I don't want to hear any more of your bullshit!"

"Once again Riku, your choice of words is rather ironic considering you're the one on the receiving end."

A third finger prevented Riku from arguing as he gasped and twitched at the slightly painful intrusion.

"Just be a good boy and submit." whispered Ansem seductively as he pressed his own member at Riku's opening. Riku tensed at the slow penetration, Ansem was taking his time and it drove Riku crazy. Riku's body would only just begin to adjust to Ansem before Ansem would inch in further.

"What are you doing?" growled Riku.

"I'm going to make love to you." answered Ansem.

"Stop saying 'love', I hate you! Now get it out of me!"

"Hate is a part of love my dear Riku." Ansem pushed himself a bit more; it was like a gentle sort of torture. Riku was forced to feel everything at a slow agonizing pace.

"No don't! It hurts! Take it out! Or shove it in but don't do this!"

"That makes absolutely no sense Riku, and no I won't take it out. It belongs inside of you. I'm merely teaching you to accept it. You and I are one but I have and always will have the upper hand."

Ansem pushed himself in further and Riku gasped again. All the other times Ansem had taken Riku it had been swift and violent and over within a few minutes; the pain was more intense but it came all at once. This that Ansem was now doing was too slow, it forced Riku to think about it, to be aware, his mind couldn't shut it out, his body wouldn't pass out, and he would remember everything. Ansem pushed inside of Riku again and Riku wondered just how much more of Ansem was there?

"Don't do this Ansem! I don't want it! It hurts too much!"

Ansem finally thrust his member all the way in and leaned over to kiss Riku's forehead softy.

"Bastard," was Riku's response.

Ansem pulled out almost completely and then slid back in. Riku struggled against it, Ansem had managed to strike something deep inside of him and it had felt good.

"No!" cried Riku.

Ansem paced his thrusts and took his time until at last he felt his own climax approaching. Riku could feel himself also coming closer and closer towards oblivion but tried to will against it. Ansem's grip on his hips tightened painfully and his thrusts increased their speed until at last Riku felt Ansem's hot seed erupt inside of him. Ansem grabbed Riku's member and forced him to climax as well, reveling in the control he held over the silver beauty.

Ansem cleaned himself off after releasing Riku and leaned over to run his fingers in the blood that ran from Riku's body. Riku watched as Ansem licked the blood from his fingers.

"What are you doing?" Riku was more than a little unnerved. Ansem didn't answer; he pushed Riku back down and ran his tongue across Riku's flesh. Everywhere there was blood Ansem licked him clean. Riku was now officially freaked out. However, Riku's feeling of being slightly unnerved shifted to all out fear as Ansem drove his fingernails down Riku's body and proceeded to lick the blood as he spilt it.

"Ansem Stop!"

Ansem used one sharp nail to slice a delicate but painful cut just barely above Riku's intimate area and lightly placed his lips to the wound and drank the blood as if it were wine. Riku's stomach twisted in fear, Ansem was going to drink him dry and kill him slowly.

"Please Ansem, stop!"

Ansem finally stopped and looked at his handy-work. Riku looked up at him with a mixture of fear and anger. Ansem smiled at him darkly as he licked some of Riku's blood from his lips.

"I wonder if your precious Sora tastes as sweet as you."

"Don't even think about it Ansem! If you touch Sora I'll bite your dick off and watch you bleed to death!"

"Not before I feel you from the inside out with my bare hands."

"You're sick!"

"And you're delicious." said Ansem as he flashed Riku a crazed but teasing grin and winked at him.

"You bastard!"


Riku doubled over in pain as his scar seemed to once again attack him, but this time it didn't stop until he had passed out from the pain. Ansem scoffed at the sight of Riku unconscious on the floor.

"Fool" muttered Ansem as he made his way back to the physical realm to face the would-be savior Sora.


Sora and his companions emerged from the final resting place to what seemed to be a phantom of Destiny Island. The water moved but there was no wind, the trees did not stir, the waterfall was dried up, and the place was deserted.

"Is this my island?" said Sora softly to himself. He turned to see where the entrance to his and Riku's secret place should have been, but it was as if it had never existed. Sora took a moment and sighed at the memories the small cavern held for him.


A five year old Sora scurried into his favorite hiding place that only he knew about but was quite startled to find someone else in there. In the back corner, Sora could make out a crouched figure no bigger than he was. The slight hitching of the shoulders told Sora that the figure was crying. Sora walked cautiously towards the figure and placed a small hand on the figure's head. He was curious and couldn't stop himself from reaching out to touch the silver locks of hair. Suddenly the figure jerked and a pair of bloodshot emerald eyes met his. Sora crouched down next to the young boy who looked to be about the same age and said,

"Hi, what's your name? My name's Sora."

The boy looked at Sora for a moment and then replied softly, "Riku."

"Nice to meet you Riku, whatcha doin here?"


"From who?"

"I dunno, some older guys started picking on me about my hair color, they pulled it and said I was a freak. They also threw rocks at me and I ran away."

"I'll bet it was those guys from Luca Goer Elementary. They're a bunch of meanies who are always lookin for someone to pick on. Don't worry, just don't go to their side of the island."

Riku wiped at his eyes and nodded his head. It was a bit embarrassing to be caught crying, especially by another guy. Sora just gave him a big goofy grin and suddenly hugged him. Riku froze in shock but when Sora released him he felt better.

"Come on let's go find my other friends and introduce you to them, we could use another sparring partner." Riku smiled back and got up with Sora but before they made an exit, Sora stopped him.

"Oh I almost forgot, this is sort of my secret place that no one else knows about. I can't let you leave without swearing an oath of secrecy." Riku looked uncertainly at Sora who cheerfully smiled and held up his pinkie finger. Riku obliged him and the two new friends pinkie swore to keep their hiding place secret.

~~end of flashback~~

Sora was suddenly torn from his nostalgia by the voice of Ansem.

"This world has been connected. Tied to the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed. There is so very much to learn. You understand so little. A meaningless effort. One who knows nothing can understand nothing."

Ansem's haunting words sent a shiver down Sora's spine. He glanced behind him and saw what appeared to be Riku standing on the edge of the beach, quietly gazing out at the infinite expanse of water. Sora headed toward what appeared to be his friend, it hurt him to see the kind of enslavement that Ansem had forced upon his dearest friend and love.

Sora stopped in his tracks as Ansem's voice emitted from the outer shell of Riku.

"Take a look at this tiny place. To the heart seeking freedom this island is a prison surrounded by water. And so this boy sought to escape from his prison. He sought a way to cross over into other worlds. And he opened his heart to the darkness."

As the image of Riku turned to face Sora, Ansem revealed his true form. Sora was taken aback by the menacing man before him. Ansem was tall, graceful, and beautiful in a way that most evil was. Ansem seemed to be the very embodiment of temptation, an image of Lucifer, a manifestation of cruelty and lust.

Sora reached out and shouted Riku's name in a desperate attempt to regain the psychic bond they had shared in the previous fight. Sora wanted to know if Riku was all right, Riku needed him, he would not fail.

"Don't bother", taunted Ansem, "Your voice can no longer reach him where he is. His heart belongs again to darkness. All worlds begin in darkness and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came. You see, darkness is the heart's true essence."

"That's not true!" yelled Sora, "The heart may be weak. And sometimes, it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!"

"So you have come this far and still you understand nothing. Every light must fade, every heart return to darkness!"

Ansem summoned his demon guardian and proceeded to attack Sora and his companions. Sora fought viciously against the madman and his demon shadow. Donald and Goofy tossed him ethers and potions as he delivered the Ragnarok combo upon Ansem over and over again. Ansem soon broke off from the fight and vanished into the island. Sora and company pursued him as the fabric of the mock Destiny Island began to rip at the seams. Sora leapt into such a tear but Donald and Goofy were repelled by an invisible barrier.

Sora fought against a large darkside first, the demon was of little challenge and it's dark blood stained Oblivion. Then Ansem came back and fought Sora alone. The fight was similar to the one Ansem had recently had with Riku but Sora was far stronger and his heart was yet to be stained with darkness.

Meanwhile, Riku stirred from his unconsciousness and saw that he was alone on a floating ledge of rock inside a dark void. Riku looked around and saw something terrible. He couldn't tell if it was a machine, a demon, or both. A great vessel made from the fusion of thousands of demons and held together by darkness. Riku felt his scar burn at the sight of it, this was made from no ordinary heartless demons. It was made from the very demons of Hell and a vessel designed to transport souls into damnation. Riku couldn't help but wonder if there were any limits to the evil that ran through Ansem's veins and decided he'd rather not think about it. The ship approached slowly and Riku attempted to back away but that would be impossible. The demon at the top saw Riku and beckoned him with its large claw-like limb. Riku silently debated whether or not jumping would be a good idea but a sudden gravity like force pulled him towards the ship. The demon navigator grinned wickedly and Riku soon found himself in the demon's dark clutches.

"You are of Ansem, you have a job to do here." explained the demon.

"Let me go!" In a flash of darkness, Riku found himself alone in what appeared to be an organic hidden chamber of the ship. His clothes were missing and there appeared to be now way in or out of his new prison.

A low rumble soon began to spread throughout the ship; Ansem was summoning it. Suddenly the walls of the chamber that held Riku burst into several organic wires. All at once they seized Riku and held him tight at the chamber's center. Riku struggled but as he did, the grip of the wires tightened. About half of them began trying to work themselves into Riku's body. Gently sliding into his skin like several organic plug-ins. Riku cried out more from fear than serious pain. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him, and then it came clear as one certain wire found the back of his neck. Ansem was also wired to the Doom Ship; Riku had been linked to it to serve as an alternate power source for Ansem to consume as he fought against Sora. This was insane thought Riku. Riku was jostled by the force of the ship as it moved and he hissed in pain as the wires bore into him. Riku prayed quietly for Sora to win somehow.

Sora couldn't help but feel a certain dread at the sight of the abomination. As Ansem challenged him, he watched his companions disappear and for an instant his heart was lost. Sora fell from the ship but Riku's voice suddenly came into his head as if he was hearing a prayer.

"Giving up already? Come on Sora. I thought you were stronger than that." The tone was slightly cocky but playful, like a last vestige of Riku's will and strength had been released to aid Sora. Sora's heart jumped, the thought of Riku triggered his flight ability and Sora soared to destroy his enemy and free Riku.

Again the ship quaked and a third of the wires that bound Riku suddenly withdrew and feel limp and powerless. Riku's heart leapt with hope that Sora was possibly wining.

"Well Riku, how are you feeling?"

Ansem was nowhere to be seen, but one of the wires had apparently created a psychic link between the two.

"What is going on Ansem?"

"A final battle… It's a shame that you can't watch."

"Tch, whatever, I don't need to see to know that you're getting your ass kicked. That's why you're talking to me isn't it? You're having to recharge."

Riku smiled upon his own revelation.

"Enough, I'm taking what I need from you!"

Riku's body jerked violently as the wires began to drain him of whatever power he may have had in order to heal Ansem's wounds.

"Ansem… you… you bastard!" cried Riku as his whole being seemed to protest the vile theft of energy. At last Riku fell into dark oblivion and he passed out.


The battle between Sora and his companions versus Ansem waged for quite some time until at last all of the boom cores were eradicated. The wires that previously held Riku died and Riku was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor. Riku tried to think of something to do and was suddenly enveloped in warm light. Riku wasn't sure what had happened but he found himself suddenly in the presence of what appeared to be an odd looking mouse person.

"What the hell?" retorted Riku.

"Hi there, My name's Mickey, seems you could use some help back there, any longer inside of that ship and well…"

Riku's attention suddenly shifted to where a violent explosion occurred. The Doom Ship was destroyed.

Riku turned to look at his rescuer, then he noticed he was now wearing clothes and his wounds had been healed.

"It is futile. The keyblade alone cannot seal the door to darkness." Ansem's voice startled Riku and he watched as Ansem made a desperate last stand against Sora before a pair of ornate white doors: Kingdom Hearts.

"Kingdom Hearts! Fill me with the power of darkness…" Ansem reached out at the doors and willed them to open. As they did, a dark mist seeped from within.

"Supreme darkness!" declared Ansem.

"Oh no I've got to stop him!" said Riku but Mickey blocked his way and motioned for him to wait.

"You're wrong!" Sora's voice rang out against Ansem's, "I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts is light!"

Suddenly a powerful light burst through the doors and consumed Ansem. Ansem vanished in a burst of dark energy and to all onlookers appeared to have been defeated. Riku watched excitedly hoping the villain was at last gone for good but a sudden ache in his chest seemed to foreshadow otherwise. Riku could see the faint green glow of the scar from under his shirt, "what does it mean?" he wondered.

When Riku looked up he was suddenly on the other side of the large doors.

"Ha! Did you honestly think it would be that easy? I told you before that we share the same heart Riku, you still belong to me. I may have been cast back into darkness but this time I have you to release me once again." Ansem's voice rang in his head just as it had done so before.

"It can't be!"

"Stupid boy, you know I'm right. This isn't the first time I've been defeated, but it is the first time I planned ahead of time and since we share the same heart I can reside within you and you can walk out of here with me in tow and I can reenter that dimension. We will be together forever my love; this is far from the end!"

"You're wrong Ansem."


"I will not do as you say and walk through those doors. If we share the same heart then so be it, I will remain here and keep you in the darkness where you belong."

"Do you realize what you're saying? You will suffer in this world of darkness just as I had in the past, you'll never see your beloved Sora again."

"If it means Sora can be happy, I will gladly sacrifice myself for him."

"You fool!"

"I will stay in this darkness until I am strong enough to purge you from me, and when that time comes I'll find a way out of here and you can go to Hell for all I care!"

"No! Damn you!"

"Shut up Ansem you're giving me a headache!" Riku shut Ansem out of his head, it was possible since Ansem was still in a weakened state. He felt an immense burden weigh in his heart and a hand came to rest on his shoulder.

Riku turned to see Mickey.

"I overheard your mental confrontation with Ansem."


"Call it a perk of being a keyblade master. Anyway, I won't let you carry such a burden alone. Besides the door of Kingdom Hearts has to be sealed from both ends."

Riku smiled a forced smile and headed for the doors. On the other side, Sora and his companions fought to push it closed but one of the hinges appeared stuck.

Goofy peered into the crack and saw an army of evil festering in the darkness. Perhaps Ansem was right after all, Kingdom Hearts was a door to everlasting darkness.

"Hurry!" pleaded Donald.

"I can't…" said Sora.

"Don't give up!" Riku's voice startled Sora, he was so relieved to see that Riku was alive.

"Come on Sora! Together we can do it!"

"Okay!" Sora nodded his head with determination and Riku pulled as Sora pushed to seal the doors.

A few darksides began to creep up behind Riku and Donald cried out. They suddenly burst and Mickey revealed himself to the others.

Goofy and Donald addressed their king with relief but Mickey turned his attention to Sora. "Now Sora, let's close this door for good!"

"Close it quick!" wailed Donald.

Then Sora looked into Riku's eyes, the sorrow he now noticed struck him to the core. He had automatically assumed that no matter what side of the door they were on, they would all be transported home once it was sealed; but the sadness in Riku's eyes indicated otherwise.

"But…" Sora argued.

"Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light." said Mickey. Did that mean that there was another Kingdom Hearts? One for true light as this one was for darkness? Could Riku and Mickey be saved?

"Sora, you can trust King Mickey." said Goofy, sensing Sora's inner turmoil.

"Now! They're coming!" shouted Riku.

"Donald, Goofy, Thank you." said Mickey sincerely as he readied his keyblade.

The doors began to shut and Riku gazed serenely at Sora, wondering if he'd ever see him again.

"Take care of her." He said as if to say "forget about me and be happy"

Sora saw the glisten in Riku's eyes and felt that he too would surely cry, but he knew that now wasn't the time for tears, the door had to be sealed and he would have to get stronger in order to save Riku.

At last the doors shut and together Sora and Mickey sealed the doors of darkness. Sora looked helplessly as the blank space that the doors had previously occupied. He turned around to see Kairi wandering around on a rock.

He rushed towards her and called out to her.



"Remember what you said before? I'm always with you too. I'll come back to you!"

"I know you will!" Kairi cried out, understanding that Sora didn't mean he was coming back to her to be her lover, he was making it clear by his tone that she was like sister to him and he wouldn't come home without Riku.

Their fingers briefly touched as the mass underneath Kairi broke away to be reborn as Destiny Island.

Sora waved at her with his boyish smile and disappeared into the void. All around her, Destiny Island sprang to life and Kairi found herself wandering into the boys' secret place. She had always liked Sora and thought he liked her to but his affection was different and the realization was a painful blow in the midst of all that was happening. Looking at the cave drawings Kairi realized something, the picture Sora had drawn: she had always assumed it was her but as she looked at it she saw it was just Sora's really bad attempt at drawing Riku. She noticed the recent change to it too, where Sora's character was feeding a paopu fruit to the 'Riku' character. A tear rolled down Kairi's face and her heart mourned over the misunderstanding. However, she felt no anger and decided she would wait for them both to return, she would not forget them, and hopefully things would all work out in the end.

Meanwhile Sora, Goofy, and Donald walked a long path towards nothing, they were unsure of where to even begin looking for the door of light. But such things didn't matter; they would find it no matter what. Sora made himself a promise that day, he loved Riku, Riku was his best friend and more; he would never give up searching for him…never. Even if it meant that he would have to cast himself into the darkness, he would do anything to save Riku.



In the realm of darkness Riku stood for the longest time trying to digest all that had happened. Mickey lingered close by but allowed Riku to grieve on his own.

"You pathetic fool… You have no idea how badly you messed up."

"Get out of my head Ansem!"


Riku was shocked at Ansem's last response and suddenly collapsed in pain as his entire body began to glow green. Mickey turned and watched in horror at what was happening. Riku appeared to be… splitting into two! A burst of bright light and darkness exploded and when the mist receded there were two figures collapsed on the ground. Whatever had just happened had taken an enormous amount of energy. Mickey approached one of the figures and brushed the hair from its face. It looked like an identical copy of Riku; the face, hair, body type, everything except for the hair color which was white and Mickey had no doubt in his mind that the eyes would be a maddening fire color. Mickey then turned his attention to the other figure; it was Riku and he was unconscious. Somehow Ansem had managed to be reborn but he had borrowed Riku's body to do it and Mickey wasn't sure if he should kill Ansem, run away with Sora, both? Mickey gripped his blade firmly and held it over the reborn Ansem. Seeing Riku's face and knowing who it really was, was something straight out of a sci-fi horror. Mickey was just about to stab the villain when a pair of flaming orange eyes flew open; and the figure launched itself to its feet. The figure grinned maniacally and summoned a dark hooded outfit. Riku finally stirred and looked to see what had happened, he was startled at the sight of himself but with Ansem's eyes before him.

"Well lovely? What do you think?" teased Ansem, his voice hadn't changed a bit.

"You're sick, how dare you!" yelled Riku angrily as he summoned his keyblade.

"So eager to fight eh? I'd love to oblige you but there are more pressing matters. I was wrong, there are two Kingdom Hearts, and therefore the link between worlds hasn't been completely severed yet. I'll need a keyblade in order to escape this place and I suggest you hand it over willingly least I tear you apart." Ansem turned to stare at the mouse king. Riku held his keyblade tighter and Ansem grinned. "Oh how silly of me, I almost forgot just how much we really share." Ansem summoned a keyblade similar to the one Riku carried. "Seems this dark dimension's worlds will be rather fascinating."

Riku backed away slowly, he had to get away somehow, he had to find a way to warn Sora and the others.

"That's right, with this body and the magic it took to trigger the separation, it would seem you and I are evenly matched." Ansem glanced over at Mickey, "Looks like I'll just have to even the odds."

Riku didn't have time to react before Ansem turned gracefully and thrust his keyblade into Mickey. Mickey dropped his keyblade and crumpled to the ground. Ansem picked up the keyblade and smiled sadistically. Mickey dissolved into a mist of lights that slowly faded into the darkness.

"You monster!" yelled Riku.

"Silence, don't forget who owns you still!" warned Ansem as he studied the blades while considering the possibilities of customizing them with the right materials.

"Sora is the savior of light." said Ansem.


"Only he can open the door of light… and when he does… I'll be waiting for him."

"Like Hell you will!"

"But I'll need your help, only you can find Sora."

Riku stepped back some while considering his options. He had to get away, only then would he be able to figure something out. Sora had to be warned, Ansem had to be stopped, but how? Ansem had two keyblades now and Mickey was dead, Riku couldn't bare the thought of what all Ansem might do to him especially since they now shared the same face.

"Well Riku? Where's Sora?" Ansem's eyes flashed dangerously and approached Riku.

Riku gripped his keyblade tightly and cried out in his head for an escape, his keyblade began to glow and without warning he was enveloped by a bright light. Ansem watched in amazement, as Riku seemed to unlock a new ability of the keyblade. After all, Riku's keyblade was designed to unlock hearts, so it seemed also to unlock the hearts of worlds. In a burst of light Riku managed to teleport away from Ansem.

Ansem grinned with delight; it seemed that the chase was on. Ansem would follow and find Riku no matter where he hid and eventually he would use Riku to find and kill Sora. With Sora dead, the light would be defeated and darkness would at last reign supreme.

Riku managed to teleport to what appeared to be some old forgotten ruins. He felt himself drift into unconsciousness but not before making out the outline of an approaching figure who seemed to have a single wing of dark feathers. He knew Ansem would chase him, but he also knew he would have to get stronger and be ready for him when the time came.

The End… To be continued in the sequel fanfic: Tortured by Light which I will begin really soon!

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