Chapter 1

It hurts

She could hear their voices and the sound of their sparring.

She could hear the way Oliver's foot paced the ground, circling Sara, waiting for an opening.

She could hear Diggle giving his comments about their movements.

Roy's voice asking to be the next.

And she could hear her fingers tapping her computer absently.

For the first time she felt like an outcast. She knew she was being unreasonable, they needed her more than ever, but a small part of her, a part she confessed about to Oliver only recently couldn't stop from thinking if they could keep the same dynamics of the Team.

When, that morning she found Sara's jacket behind the salmon leader and Oliver's belt she didn't have to be the genius she was to put two and two together.

And it hurt.

It hurt more than when he slept with Isabel, because Sara knew who he was, he didn't have to hide anything from her. And it hurt, it hurt so much she felt like for a second she couldn't breathe properly.

He guaranteed she would never lose him, he talked to her, thanking her for her confession after the bomb she dropped on him about Thea, but, he was never hers for her not to lose him, right? They were partners, and when he said those words she couldn't stop the warm feelings enveloping her body, but that was it, they were only partners…

And now Sara was back.

She liked Sara a lot, the woman was the toughest she knew, she didn't care about what others might think of her, she protected her family and Oliver and she liked him, she valued him.

But it still hurt.

She knew what her answer was when Barry asked about her feelings for Oliver. She knew she was lying, she knew that what she felt wasn't just friendship; she didn't feel like that towards Diggle. But, just like she knew that, she knew that he didn't see her like that… but, at the same time, that tiny bit of hope at being the only woman that truly knew him always kept that nagging feeling in the back of her heart… ready to pounce whenever she least expected… and now that it did, at the vision of Sara and Oliver's things that were left behind, she just wanted to punch it until that feeling was once again well hidden in the depths of her heart.

She could hear now Roy's grunts and Sara's quick movements, the way she almost flew and how the younger boy was losing his patience.

Felicity turned off her computers, looked at her friends one last time and tried to make her exit as inconspicuous as ever and was successful. When she found herself inside her car, Felicity breathed deeply, commanded herself not to crumble and turned on the ignition.

"Are you sure about this? I thought we would go after Moira Queen." Sebastian said, observing the photos in front of Slade. All of them showed the same woman with a neat ponytail. In the majority of them she was walking beside two men, one of them Sebastian knew all too well. But you could see her alone in her apartment, in a book shop or just walking to the nearest coffee shop.

"I don't understand why we are following Oliver Queen's EA..."

"We are following her because she is important to our hooded friend and because of that connection I found out some very interesting things about Miss Smoak." his accent was more pronounced and Sebastian could feel the rage growing.

He didn't know why this apparently innocent woman could create such a reaction, but he made sure that he would observe the woman's actions the next time he popped into Queen Consolidated. Maybe a lunch between friends could be arranged and he would ask Miss Smoak to schedule it into Oliver's many meetings.

I know it's short but I'm still getting used with Arrow multi-chapter... This one is just to settle the mood of the story. Hopefully you liked it!