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Dean saw, in front of him, Cas tilt his head a little. His angel sat quietly across from him at the motel table while he ate. Cas was definitely thinking something. Dean could tell by the blank stare of his blue eyes.

"It was to my understanding," he said quietly, "that the definition of the word 'kink' was a twist or curl in something caused by its bending upon itself."

Dean smirked. He had a feeling that Cas was going to bring it up again; what he'd said at Bobby's house the night before. And, in all honesty, Dean thought it was only a matter of time that they would start exploring. Cas needed a sex talk, anyway.

"Yeah, well," Dean said, taking a bite of his sandwich, "I know a different meaning."

"What meaning is that?" Cas asked, curiosity potent in his eyes.

Dean took a moment to think. How was he going to explain it to someone who had never even had sex just a week before?

"Last night, at Bobby's," Dean began, "you said that the pain added to your pleasure. That's a kink. It's like a sexual preference. A thing that gets your motor running."

"Motor?" Cas repeated.

Dean sighed. He forgot that Cas didn't do well with metaphors.

"You know, a thing that arouses you," Dean stated.

"You arouse me, Dean," Cas said, his blue eyes displaying childlike innocence, "So, does that make you a kink?"

Dean smiled at the notion.

"That's nice. But no, Cas. They're things that are a little out of the ordinary. Like, er, spanking."

"Oh," Cas gasped, his eyes widening, "So, the pizza man was kinking with the babysitter?"

Dean smiled, but rolled his eyes. Was Cas ever going to forget about that stupid porno? At least he was sort of following along.

"Sure, Cas. That was a kink. Just like they were pretending to be a delivery guy and a babysitter. It's called role-playing, and it's a kink, too."

Cas was quiet for a moment, staring blankly at the table. Dean figured he must have been trying to wrap his angelic head around all this new stuff. He noticed, though, that Cas's breathing was picking up. And he knew exactly what that meant. It was only a matter of time before he said -

"I wish to engage in intercourse, Dean," he gulped, "can we do it now?"

Dean gave a chuckle as he wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin. All it took for Cas to get horny was the mere mention of sex. Dean tossed the napkin on the table before raising to stand. Cas nearly jumped up, his fingers twitching at his sides.

"You'll have to put your tie on the door," Dean said, sliding out of his jacket, "so Sam will know that -"

Before Dean could even finish, Cas disappeared from the room. He returned a second later with his tie missing and his chest heaving. Dean gulped. Seeing Cas act so desperately made the heat rise in him. He pulled his shirt off over his head and stepped to crush his mouth to Cas's.

Apparently, Dean was taking to long to remove his pants. He felt Cas huff a breath as he pulled away. With the rise of his hand, all of their clothes disappeared. Dean's eyes fell down to see Cas's dick visibly throbbing. The sight made his own start to harden. Never, before being with Cas, did the sight of a hard dick arouse Dean this way. But belonging to Cas made all the difference.

Dean stepped forward and tugged on it as he kissed Cas's open mouth. But as slow and caressing as Dean wanted to be, it seemed Cas was all the more eager. He tightly gripped Dean's shoulders and forced him back toward the bed. Dean was surprised at the angel's change of demeanor. He was very much different from the timid virgin he'd been a week ago. He was impatient now, and it was sexy as hell.

Dean fell to sit as he looked up at Cas's face. The angel paused as his blue eyes stared down at Dean's growing erection.

"We don't have anymore lubricant," Cas reminded, sounding a little panicked.

Dean pulled Cas down into his lap, hoping to ease his frantic mind. Their dicks laid against each other, both hot and stiff. Dean traced Cas's bottom lip with the edge of his thumb, feeling his hot breath rush over it.

"We'll just have to do it the old fashioned way," Dean said calmly.

Cas was watching as Dean spit into his own hand. He then brought it down to grab both erections, stroking them as he looked back up. Cas whimpered and thrusted a little, his hands clutching Dean's neck and shoulders. This was one of Dean's favorite parts; watching and feeling Cas become desperate with need.

"Dean," he groaned, "faster."

Dean complied, tightening his fingers and rubbing harder. With his free hand, he tilted Cas's head back to gain access to his neck. Dean pressed his lips to Cas's Adam's apple, sucking lightly and feeling the air rush beyond the skin. Cas held the back of Dean's head as he thrusted more. The poor guy had almost no control over his pelvis.

"I...I'm almost.." Cas gasped.

Dean could feel, with his lips, Cas's throat vibrate as he tried to speak. It was nothing new to him that Cas was ready to come so soon. As Dean's lips dropped to Cas's collar bone, he began to wonder if it was true about Cas; about him enjoying pain with his pleasure. There was one way to find out...Dean glanced up before sliding his open mouth down over one of Cas's nipples. Watching the angel's face, Dean clamped his teeth down onto it.

An obscene, throaty cry fell out of Cas above him. He pressed Dean's head harder against him, holding him there. Dean could feel Cas's dick pulsing in his hand and the hot come shooting onto his stomach. Dean blinked as Cas quaked on top of him. Obviously, the angel did enjoy the pain...

Cas let go and leaned back, looking down at his chest in shock. He seemed baffled at his own body's responses. Dean, however, felt he was on the verge of following right behind Cas. He scooped up some of Cas's warm finish from his stomach and brought it to his dick. He stroked himself, using Cas's come as lubricant. It was just enough of a push to send him over.

Dean grunted as he came, clinging to Cas's hip with his free hand. He was unable to support the weight of his head and it fell back. Cas peppered his neck with kisses as his hand slowed to a stop. Dean's mind turned fuzzy with bliss. All he could think about was Cas's arms closing around him and his mouth latched to his neck. Man, he loved this. Dean loved finishing with Cas.

"That was amazing, Dean," Cas stated, his chin resting against Dean's as they shared the same heavy breath, "and...you're right. The pain does add to my pleasure."

Dean smirked a little, his blurred vision staying fixed on Cas's blue eyes.

"It makes me wonder," Cas mused, raising his head, "what is your kink, Dean?"

"I don't think I have one, Cas, baby," Dean answered, "that I'm aware of."

Cas seemed a little disappointed in Dean's reply. What was the angel hoping to hear? Dean hated seeing his eyes so full of remorse.

"But," he said, watching Cas's baby blues brighten, "that doesn't mean we can't find one."

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