Castiel followed closely behind Dean as they ventured out of the motel room. They were clothed now, of course, and Dean was carting his duffel bag. Cas noticed that the ground crackled under their shoes. Broken glass lay along the concrete outside.

Sam Winchester was leaning against the parked Impala with his arms crossed. There were dark circles around his sunken eyes. There was a brooding look of annoyance on his face. It was apparent that he did not get the sleep he needed. He sighed as Dean and Castiel walked to him.

"I hope you two had a good time last night," he said in a hard voice, standing up from the car, "'cause no body else did."

Castiel watched Dean's face glow red with embarrassment. Dean glanced around before placing his bag on the hood of the car, stepping close to his little brother.

"You heard us?" he asked quietly.

"The entire tri-county area heard you, Dean," Sam said flatly, gesturing toward the motel.

Castiel and Dean both turned around. The windows from all the motel rooms were shattered, including some car windows nearby. Glass was all over the sidewalk and parking lot. People were all standing around in their pajamas, talking in huddled groups about the destruction. Castiel swallowed harshly. He knew his celestial form had caused damage, but not to such a major extent. He glanced back at Dean and shared a look of shock and shame.

"Shit," Dean said, looking back to his brother "That was us?"

"Oh yeah," Sam replied, looking annoyed and disgusted, "it was Cas screaming your name. Trust me, I know. Because I freakin' heard it, okay? Angelic sex screams caused this. And not just here. The buildings across the street, too."

"Oh god," Dean sighed, covering his face with his hand briefly, "I'm so sorry, Sammy. Did – did all of these people hear it, too? What did they think it was?"

"I talked to a few of them," Sam admitted, a yawn breaking from his mouth, "They all think it was some freak electrical storm. You killed the power, too, you know. And surged my laptop, thank you very much," he spat.

Castiel felt terrible. He had never meant to destroy any of these things. He was just trying to give Dean what he'd requested of him.

"My deepest apologies, Sam," Cas said, looking away in shame.

"Tell that to my computer," Sam said, rolling his eyes.

"Cas couldn't help it," Dean said, coming to his defense, "it's not his fault. It was mine. I'm the one who -"

"Stop!" Sam interrupted, "please don't explain. I understand. You probably got caught up in the moment. That's all I need to know. Now, can we get the hell outta here?"

Dean immediately grabbed his bag off the hood.

"Yes. Get in," he said to his little brother.

Sam sighed and dragged himself around the car. Castiel took one last look around, wishing he could somehow remedy the destruction. He returned his attention to the Impala, though, following the Winchesters. The angel started for the backseat, but found that Sam was climbing into it already. Dean seemed to share Castiel's confusion.

"Uh,'re riding in the back?" Dean asked.

Sam shut the door, taking off his jacket and balling it up in his hands.

"You kept me up last night," Sam grumbled, laying his head on his jacket against the seat, "I'm sleeping now, dammit."

Castiel chalked Sam's irritability up to his lack of sleep. He watched Dean roll his green eyes before getting into the driver's seat. Castiel copied, sliding in beside him. It was nice to sit beside him in the front seat, for once. Dean leaned close, his face full of seriousness.

"From now on, let's save the angelic mojo for special occasions only," Dean suggested in a whisper.

Castiel nodded, glancing back out at all of the broken windows. He certainly did not want to destroy any more motels. Perhaps they could go to a secluded location, next time.

"Don't be ass-grabbin' up there," Sam called from the back, "I can still hear you."

"Shut up, Sammy," Dean growled, "go to sleep."

Castiel smiled a little at Dean and Sam's odd way of showing brotherly affection. He'd always admired their bond. Dean started up the Impala and winked at him as he backed out of the parking space. Once he began the trek toward the interstate, he reached casually over and turned on the radio.

After a few miles, they paused at a stop sign. Castiel sat and listened to the song playing. It was a beautiful melody he'd never heard before. The tune was gentle and soothing. A certain word in the song caught the angel's attention.


He smiled, recalling the conversation about birds and bees. He had enjoyed Dean telling him that it was okay to enjoy pain with pleasure. Dean was able to make him feel so much better about a lot of things. He was lucky to have found and saved him. Because, from then on, Dean saved Castiel in return. And in so many ways.

Castiel turned to voice his thoughts to Dean, only to find that the human was staring at him already. The angel was taken back by his expression. He seemed like he'd been staring at him for a few moments, searching over him with wide, pensive eyes. There was something written in the vibrant green hue of his stare; some gigantic thought that seemed to want to burst free. Perhaps the song had induced him to feel something, too.

"What is it, Dean?" Castiel asked quietly.

Dean's mouth opened a little, as if he were about to speak. He seemed ready to say it; something that was going to mean something. His eyes bore into Cas's, shinning with deep rooted emotion. Castiel waited for him to speak, seeing the desperation rise in his face...

But Dean's mouth shut again. His eyes remained on Cas's as he reached over to take his hand, instead. Castiel tightened his fingers around Dean's as the soft song drew to a close.

"Nothing," Dean mumbled, turning his eyes to the road and pressing the gas pedal, "I just love you."

While Castiel was once again glad to hear the words slip from Dean's mouth, he knew it wasn't what Dean had truly wanted to say. There was something else that he was suppressing. The angel stared at him, wondering what colossal notion was weighing on his mind. It seemed that, for now, he wasn't going to find out. Castiel clung to Dean's hand anyway, smiling.

"I love you, too, Dean," he replied.

Dean slowly walked back to the Impala, where his brother leaned against the trunk with his computer. Sam had just woken up from their car ride, and seemed a little groggy. But Dean needed to talk to him. Sammy was the only one he could talk to about this. Dean's hands fidgeted nervously at his sides as Sam glanced up at him.

"Where's Cas?" he asked, "I thought you two were gonna sneak behind a bush or climb a tree or something."

"Uh, n – no. I...I sent him to get some pie and beer," Dean answered, scratching the back of his head.

Sam slowly sat the computer down on the trunk, looking fully up at Dean.

"You mean, you're actually apart for once?" Sam said, smiling, "that's a first."

"Sam," Dean said, feeling his heart beat faster, "I gotta ask you something."

His little brother seemed to notice his nervous energy. His stupid smile faded away and he stood up straight, finally serious.

"Okay. What?" Sam said, shrugging his shoulders.

Dean took a steadying breath, glancing around. He never thought he'd be asking about this subject. To anyone. This wasn't something Dean thought about. Ever. But now, it was different. Cas made it different. He looked up at his little brother, hoping for an honest answer.

"What made you want to propose to Jess?" he asked.

A look of understanding fell over Sammy's face almost instantly. Dean could see that he knew what he was really asking. He was asking for advice on planning a future with someone...

A future with Cas.

(Author's Note: All together now: "awww!" :) I know. This last chapter was a total ball of fluff. In case you were wondering, the song was "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Part five is called True Vessels and is up on my page. Thanks for all the reviews!)