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It has been months since Coulson's return and Skye's revival. Although every one is still paranoid on people trying to get to them, Coulson's team is a little more protective of each other now. They did not show it though, their protectiveness but they know everyone's eyes are sharper now, always looking out for each other. And throughout the months, it has been clear to each other too, the couples in The Bus. There was no need to clarify anything between them and there was no need to declare, although May and Ward did - to Coulson, that is.

But the one thing that Coulson still have doubts about is his feelings for Skye. They had grown closer since his return and he had been extra protective of her like she had always been for him. But he was not sure if it was because of the incident where she found her in that abandoned warehouse, or that someone tried to kill her or the fact that the feelings he had developed for her since they first met had grown.

On nights he woke up from a nightmare, he could feel her hands clamping over his, placed on his chest, calming him down like she did when they found him on that damn memory machine. But the thing is, she was never there when he woke, it was just a memory he tend to relive to bring his stress level down. He will tend to close his eyes and relive that moment when she places her head on his chest, relieved that he got back. Because that made him feel safe, secured. Protected. To know that someone was there for him when he was at his lowest.

But although he would not wake to her calling his name again, he will see her gazing away in her room with her door wide open when he goes down to fix himself a drink.

"Are you alright?" Skye would turn to him as he walked down the stairs.

"I am. Are you?" He would response.

"If you are."

At times she will join him at the bar, listening to him talk about his past missions and sometimes, the cellist his heart once belonged to. In which he started to back away from the memory of Irene, the cellist, "It's another life for me now. She won't even remember me."

It will break her heart when Skye hears him say that but he always managed to convince her that Irene would have found someone better, someone who did not keep away secrets from her about the job he does.

At times, Skye would tell him stories how she had been passed around. She never had any friends that stayed and that she feels like there was no one actually there for her. She would tell stories of how even in high school, she never managed to make any and that she always gets into trouble but still, no one paid enough attention to her.

He would hold her hand to calm her down, because he knows the feeling of being lonely. He understands that. He knows that feeling of no one being there for him. He would wipe away the single tear that would run down her cheek, telling her she has the team, now. In which she replies with, "No, I've always had the organization watching my back. And when I almost died, they were the ones who tried to bring me back too."

Coulson needed her company. And Skye needed his too. Both coming from solitary lives, no one really had been there for them except SHIELD, in which their lives are always at stake.

There will be mornings when the team would find them both crashed on the couch in the lounge, beer bottles all over the table and they would not say a thing about it. Because they are in the Bus and they are all they have got. There will always be a night when you need someone to talk to or confide into.

The months had been rough on them, with missions just ringing up on them and Coulson knows that his team deserves a break having to have dealt with so much throughout their first year as a team. Or at least he thought they needed it. He had negotiated with Fury and Hill on giving their team a break before but he was turned down.

That day he decided to talk about it again over a private video conference between them, to get at least a month's break for his team - that was he came to the point of yelling when Fury constantly turned him down. In which, he managed to calm down when he found his team by the door staring at him, wondering how their boss' bosses had ticked their boss off, "You wouldn't even give me time off to recover before you set me off for another mission after I returned. So, do please know that I really need time to pull myself back together. And the team too. Especially Skye, that is."

"Coulson. We need a team that could quickly respond to our calls and yours is the only one who could do so because you are the only one with the Bus." Fury calmly reasoned despite already grinding his jaws together because he realized Coulson's team was still there. He never thought Coulson could be so persistent. He was always known to just obey orders, bending it only now and then.

Coulson massaged his temples before he took a deep breath to speak, "I am no Avenger, I know that. I am just a soldier brought back from the dead."

"Coulson. Don't." Fury interjected.

"NO. Listen to me!" Coulson slammed his hand on the computer table.

At this, Ward turned to face his team, ushering them off to leave their boss alone, "Yes, I am to obey orders. But with all my respect, Director Fury, I know that you have gave me the chance to live again. I owe that to you. Please, Director Fury. Could you at least consider giving it for my team? They had stood by SHIELD through the times, even Skye, considering she's just a consultant. And we both know what she is more than just that. But despite pushing her around and let her be lonely all her life, when she found out about what she actually is, she still sticks by us. She deserve this, Director Fury. They deserve this. Plus, you could always let Agent Hand take the Bus for a while."

In the screen, Fury looked over to Hill who came to stand beside him before whispering something.

"It's not that I can even hear you guys if you talked softly." Coulson rolled his eyes.

"Phil," Fury started. Coulson knew the moment Fury addressed him by his first name, Fury meant to address him as a friend, "You meant so much to the board, to SHIELD." On the screen, Hill exited their conference room.

"And I think it's time you deserve this break." Coulson's eyes lit up.

"Give them two months, Coulson. And you too. Before that, get down to the Sandbox and handover the Bus."

"But Lola's coming with me."

"Of course she is."

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