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It had been only a month and two weeks when Coulson got the first ever phone call he had received during their vacation in the middle of the night when they were all sleeping outside together with the young Roberts. But he could not be bothered to take it and he left it ringing until Skye got fed up and answered it sleepily, "It's Skye."

"I need to talk to Coulson." She heard the familiar stern voice of Nick Fury.

Skye plopped her head back on her pillow and reached her hand out towards Coulson as they had been asleep facing each other. Coulson growled, "It's too late at night. Who the hell had the right mind to be calling people who are sleeping?"

"AC, it's Fury."

"Oh, shit." Coulson jolted up straight and grabbed the phone, "Yes, sir?"

"Are you sleeping with Skye?" Coulson heard Fury's voice which he thought sounded teasing and yet angry displeased at the same time.

"No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. I mean, we are all sleeping together, sir." Shit. Coulson face palmed himself.

"I think it'd be better off for me to not know."

Andrew rolled over on his back and rubbed his eyes, "Who the hell is making so much noise?"

"I don't know." David grumbled, covering his ears with his hands, "Someone angry."

"Fury." Andrew sat up straight suddenly.

"Yes, sir. I understand." Coulson hung up and like Skye, he plopped down on his back, going back to sleep.

"What did Fury say?" Andrew anticipated, still sitting up.

"We pack our stuff tomorrow. He needs my team back." Coulson mumbled.

"Damn. Just two more weeks. Is that so hard to go on without you? No wonder they revived you. They need you so bad. Urghh." Andrew punched his pillow and buried his face in it, "Two more weeks! That's all I am asking for! I haven't got enough time with that Harley!"

But it was not exactly Coulson's team that they needed, it was merely just Skye, for her gifted skillset in one of Agent Hand's mission. And in less than a week, they had managed to bring the operation to rest.

While Andrew had been granted to take his remaining day off after completing his routine physical fitness test, Coulson and Skye were also granted to take their remaining week off. "You're going to owe me for this," Andrew whispered to Coulson as they hugged out their farewell, "Please, take care of her."

They slept at the dorms but during the day, they would go out to restaurants, caf├ęs, movies and beaches.

And they handle people's judgement better now, "Your dad likes watching comedy movies?"

"Dad? You mean, my boyfriend?" And Skye would just grab his arm and pull him close. Coulson still feels uncomfortable when it happens but he could not deny his own feelings and he would just take her hands in his and plant a kiss on her forehead when he feels insecure about having to make their relationship clear. Honestly, he was still shy about kissing her openly and they never kissed again since that day he got beaten up by Andrew. He never told her about it and never did they ever talked about the kiss. Part of him was glad that they never talked about it, not having awkward feelings after that. But most of him longed for those lips again.

"I know, I don't seem to be handling this very well. But believe me, I am trying my best. I really do like you, Skye." Coulson said once in a restaurant over dinner, as he drew circles at the back of her hand with his thumb.

"I know."

When he found her quietly reading a book at the local library, he would sit down beside her just admiring her drowning in her own world of fiction. He would bring her out for a ride to nowhere, stopping at random plains or coasts. They would sit down, saying nothing. Just sit down quietly, with Coulson's arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"I'm still so sorry, Skye." He whispered one day when they were wandering about an organic market.

"AC, we've been over this." She replied, giving his hand a light squeeze without taking her eyes off the tomatoes.

"I know." Coulson turned her around and held both her hands in his, "I just want to say that I am sorry for pushing you away before. I never thought that I deserve you. I just want you to know," Coulson pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, "that you have made me a way better person than I was before."


"And that I owe some of this to Andrew too. For literally hitting me in the face to make me realise what I was letting go."

Skye laughed and poked his chest, "You chicken. You told me you fell!"

And then, time flew by a little too fast for them despite still having one week of their break left before their team is to be gathered again and Coulson had made a dinner reservation for their last meal together before the rest get back on the next evening.

Skye waited to be picked up inside the Bus which had been returned to them and was now parked in the hangar. Coulson had been out to service his precious Corvette. And despite being strictly told by the other crews of the hangar to not wander about, she still did went to roam around the busy place.

She was wearing a simple black dress and funny enough, a pair of high-cut Converse trainers instead of heels. Keeping things casual, she reminded herself. Skye could feel the eyes that were staring and gazing at her but she paid no attention and instead, gave friendly smile to them.

She turned when she felt a tap on her shoulder, "Hi, Miss Skye."

"Hi, Gareth!" She greeted the man with blonde hair in his blue cargo pants and white t-shirt, "How are you?"

"I've been good." The man took off his aviators, "You?"

"I'm fine."

"Word has gone round that you and uh... Agent Coulson... Uh..."


"Are dating?" Gareth continued.

Skye laughed.

"Is that true?"

Skye could only nod her head. Well, at least to her, they were.

Gareth let out a sigh of what it seems to be of relief and smiled, "Okay. Good. Because the others have been bugging me to ask for your number for them because they want to take you out. I mean, yeah, I do have your number but is it okay of I could give it to them?"

Skye laughed again at Gareth's exaggerated delight.

"I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be telling you this and I know that this is inappropriate-,"

"You placed a bet on us, didn't you?" Skye folded her arms, amused.

Gareth hung his head and placed a hand at the back of his neck, "Yeah." But he quickly apologised, "Honestly though, there are those who wanted to take you out and they are bugging me because I'm the only who talked to you before."

"It's alright. I get that."

"I don't suppose I could give your number to them?"

"Not unless Coulson approves."

"Better not. I like you two together. It's so rare to see him so genuinely happy these days."

"These days - you meant, after New York?"

Gareth nodded. "I better get going. Your boyfriend is here." He hinted with a motion of his head. "Thank you, anyway. I'll get you a drink after I announced I won the bet." He walked away, a huge smile spread across his face, only to turn around again, with both his hand in his pockets and a cheeky wink, "Did I mention you looked especially gorgeous?"

Skye blushed at the compliment. When she turned to see Coulson in his typical suit and tie walking towards her, his hands in his pockets, she could not help but to feel a flutter in her stomach. This is cliche, but she swore that her heart skipped a beat. Skye had seen him in a suit for almost everyday for the past year being in the Bus together with him but the whole idea of him dressing up for an occasion that only the two of them was going to attend gave it a touch of what it seems to her as intimacy.

"How is it that you can never not wander about? Do you know how big this place is and how difficult it is for me to find you?" Coulson nagged, taking off his aviators and placing it in his pockets.

"Well, I would say you look good too."

Coulson's cheeks flushed, "Come on," he held out a hand, "Let's go."

Skye approached him, taking both his hands in hers, "Can we do something for Gareth?"

"What is it?" Coulson wrapped his arms around her waist. He never does these things, displaying his affection in public, especially within SHIELD perimeters. Being that close to her, he knows people are going to talk about it, especially when the hangar is a place where it is always busy and crowded with the crew. He knows he is going to regret this but it did not matter to him at the moment.

And it surprised him that Skye was as comfortable as he was about the lack of personal space between the two of them in that busy facility when she placed her hands on his shoulders, "He, uh, kind of placed a bet on us. That, you know, now we are dating."

"Ah, we're dating." Coulson's cheeks flushed again, a shy smile formed.

"How about we help him win that bet?"

Coulson pulled her in closer, "I don't want to dance around you anymore. I know that even here, in this hangar, there are loads of them who would want to date you. And I have to admit that I felt, let's say, threatened. Because they are all way younger than me, way better looking than I am. And yet, you never looked past me. You never take a second look at them. I just never thought you would actually want me. But no. Our age gap, my past. It never mattered to you. I have never been more wrong, Skye."

Skye cupped his cheek with a hand, "I still haven't thank Andrew for knocking some sense into you."

"Yes," he chuckled, "that too." He leaned into her hand and sighed, "But I know for sure now, Skye."

He placed his forehead against hers, closed his eyes and took a really deep breath, "I love you, Skye. I really, really do."

He heard a soft laugh, "Why did that take so long?" Skye closed her eyes and whispered, "I love you too, AC. I really, really do."

With that he felt something soft against his lips and he could remember them instantly despite almost a month since their first and last kiss. Her lips were still as soft and instead of comfort, this time round it gave him a sense of security. It sealed his doubts of losing her to anyone else. He pulled her waist in closer and for once, it did not matter to him anymore about what these people are going to say. He knows, that word will go about and Fury will come to know of this. But the lips on his ensured him that that should not be an issue he has to worry about anymore.

Skye could not help but to laugh when she heard a whimper as they parted. And she pulled away when he leaned in for another kiss, placing an index finger on his lips, the other pulling out his car keys from his pocket, "Boyfriend dear, you've made reservations, remember?"

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