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Written by: ScorpinokXV

Story idea from: Crazyboi23.

Chapter 1 - Unknown Destiny

In the Golden Realm of Asgard

Steve Rogers also known as Captain America felt out of his element, as he followed his friend and Avengers teammate, the Mighty Thor through the main city leading to the royal palace. As they passed, Thor's fellow Asgardians all warmly greeted him with smiles, and waves from the children running and playing in the streets. Most gave Steve a curious glance, and nodded to him in greeting to show respect to him as Thor's guest. Steve wore his traditional red, white, and blue costume, and carries his indestructible shield strapped across his back with the straps around his shoulders.

Cap glanced up at his friend to see Thor with a big smile on his face as they entered the palace. "Good Captain! I welcome you to the Realm Eternal! We shall have a feast this night in thy honor!" Thor patted Cap's shoulder in comradery, forgetting about their strength difference, causing Steve to wince a little. "I'm honored to be invited here, Thor." Cap said to the Thunder God as they continue to walk down the long hallway to reach the throne room. Steve decided to ask Thor about his decision to bring him here. "Could you tell me why it was only me that you invited?" Thor stopped suddenly, and glanced over at Steve with sad eyes.

"The Avengers hath heard about yon estrangement from Lady Carter. Thou hast been forlorn as of late, and I felt that thou couldst use a change of atmosphere for a time." Thor looked apologetically at Steve, who sighed and nodded. "It's fine, Thor. Sharon, and I grew apart over the years. We're still friends, but only that." Steve stared at Thor questioningly. "This sounds like something Tony would come up with." Thor coughed into his hand, and started walking more briskly down the hallway. Cap shook his head, and chuckled. "It figures that old Shell-Head would have a hand in this stunt. Still, this place is starting to grow on me. It reminds me of a simpler time. A time before the War ever happened. War...Thor's people know of War more than most, but it hasn't diminished their love of life...even if it's an immortal one." Cap was brought out of his thoughts, when he saw a woman with beautiful long raven hair, and blue eyes that glanced at him before returning to look at Thor. She is wearing a red, and white form fitting costume with a white headdress that covers most of her forehead, and covers the sides of her jawline. She also has a red cape that flows down to her booted feet, and a sword that is sheathed in a scabbard tied across her slim waist.

She approached Thor, and gave him a warm hug in greeting, that was returned by the Son of Odin with him smiling at her. "Fair Sif! Thou art a most welcoming sight to behold on my return to the Realm!" Sif surprised Thor by punching him in the arm. "Why doth thou strike me, Fair One?!"

"I hath missed thy company er these many years...but thy heart always remains with the people of Midgard." Sif gave a stern glare to Thor, who rubbed the back of his head in confusion. This caused Sif to sigh, and shake her head in disbelief. "Still thou hast no knowledge of a maiden's longing, Milord? This I fear whilst ne'er change." Sif then turned her head to stare intently at Steve, who unconsciously straightened his posture when her eyes fell on him. Thor noticed this, and gestured to his friend. and teammate. "Gentle Sif. Allow the Son of Odin to introduce to thee my fellow Avenger, and good friend Captain America!" Sif gave an appraising look to Steve, who felt something that he never felt since before taking the Super Soldier serum and becoming what he is now: He was nervous! "Thou hast the countenance of a Warrior who hath known many battles." Sif regarded the shield that Cap is carrying. "A shield is forged to defend those who hath no defense against thy enemies." Sif smiled, and held out her white gloved hand to the Star-Spangled Avenger. "Tis a pleasure to meet one from Midgard who doth protect his realm with Thor. I am a Shield-Maiden of Asgard. You may call me Sif. In regards to thee, doth thou prefer to be called Captain?"

Steve tried, and failed to speak when he stared into Sif's eyes. Eyes so much like his own that have seen death, and war but still hold a hope for a better tomorrow. "Get a hold of yourself, Soldier! She's waiting for your answer! Why do I feel like I'm that same scrawny kid I was back then when I look into her eyes?" Cap cleared his throat to try to get rid of the butterflies in his stomach. "No, Ma'am. Just call me Steve." Cap said as he took his gloved hand in hers, and gave it a shake. Thor smiled knowingly when he saw Steve's nervousness, and Sif's growing interest in his friend. "The fates smile down on thee, Steven Rodgers. T'was not thy intention to travel from Midgard, but e'en then thou hast found the Lady Sif, who shall help thee to heal thy wounded heart." Thor folds his massive arms over his muscled chest, and decides to do his best to help his two friends become a couple.

None of the halls occupants notice a small serpent that is coiled around the wood of one of the torches that light the hallway. The snake hisses lowly, and it's eyes glow an angry red.

Near the Sea of Marmora - Loki's Castle

With a brooding look, Thor's evil step-brother Loki the Trickster gazes through the eyes of his familiar while sitting upon his throne with a goblet of mead in one of his gloved hands. "Thor hast brought a mortal man into the Realm Eternal? Thy stupidity knows no bounds, dear step brother!" Loki sneered, as he took a drink from his goblet. He watched as the mortal dined with the warriors of Asgard, and was even granted an audience with the All-Father himself. Loki stood up quickly from his throne, and threw the goblet against the far stone wall, shattering it to pieces. Loki was seething with jealousy, and clenched his fists in anger. "Odin sees fit to give worms his time, but Loki, thine own son in all but blood is cast out from the shining light of Asgard's palace?! I say thee nay, Father!" Loki started to pace about his throne room, with a sinister look. "This mortal worm shall know a thousand deaths, and despair like none other! I will take thee from thy precious Midgard to a place that you will never escape from!" Loki sat back down, and grinned with sinister delight, when he witnessed through the eyes of his familiar that the mortal wanted to return to Midgard. He saw that the Lady Sif was using her sword to cleave a passageway from Asgard to Earth. "Tis time to bid thy friend a fond farewell, dear step brother! HA-HA-HA-HA!" Loki's hand glowed green with arcane energies, as he continued to watch, and wait for his moment to strike.

Outside of the Asgardian Palace

Thor, Captain America, and Sif were walking through the city to where Sif's brother Heimdall was standing guard on the Bifrost bridge leading back to Earth. Cap turned around to look at Sif. "Sorry about this, Ma'am. I received a priority one call on my Avengers ID card that Baron Von Strucker, and his H.Y.D.R.A. organization are attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. I've got to get back to Earth and help!" Sif nodded her head, and Thor put his helmet back on his head. "Not alone, Captain! Thor will aid thee in thy mission!" Sif drew her sword out of her scabbard, and got a questioning stare from Steve. Sif smiled, and explained. "If thou needst, Sif shall transport thee, and Milord to Midgard with mine enchanted sword." Sif swung her sword around in a pattern, and then made a slashing motion to her side that cleaved time, and space. An opening appeared showing a busy New York city street. Cap smiled at Sif, and nodded. "Thank you, Ma'am. Now let's..." Before Cap could finish, Sif held up her hand to halt their advance. "I doth not wish to be reminded of the centuries...Please, call me Sif." Cap looked a little embarrassed, and scratched his cheek with a gloved finger as he had a pink dusting on his cheeks. "Thor shall not be thy only ally in battle. Sif shall aid thee as well!" Steve was going to say something, but a stern look from Sif made him bite his tongue before telling her of the danger they would be facing. Thor gave a boisterous laugh, and came up behind them both and wrapped his arms around both of their shoulders.

"Thou willst find Captain, that Fair Sif hath won many a previous disagreement in Asgard with yon penetrating gaze." Thor looked down grinning at Sif, who huffed and elbowed Thor in the ribs, getting a grunt of discomfort out of the Asgardian Prince. "Thou shall not deceive thy friend with half truths about this Daughter of Asgard." Sif gives Thor a look that has him turning his head, and chuckling nervously. Cap nods his head at Sif. "Roger that, Sif. Your more than welcome to join us in bringing down Strucker!" Sif gives Cap a winning smile that turns into a battle hardened grin. "Let us be on our way then!" Sif rushes through the tear, with Captain America, and Thor following close behind her. The group wasn't aware that the tear Sif made through Time, and Space was tampered with by Loki's magic. Sending them to another universe entirely. The tear still glowed a sickly green, before it closed up never to be re-opened.

Near the Sea of Marmora - Loki's Castle

Loki watched with mad glee, as his hated step brother, and his former betrothed entered the tear with the mortal to never return. Loki laughed, and held his head with a gloved hand. "At last! At long last! Loki hath triumphed! No longer willst I be ignored! Mine enchantments on thy hammer, and sword shall guarantee that you shalt not ever meddle in mine affairs again! HA-HA-HA-HA!" The whole of Asgard began to tremble, as if it knew that the Thunderer would be returning to it's soil no more.

Justice League Universe - Prison outside of Metropolis City

A pitched battle was being waged between the members of the Justice League, and their alternate reality counterparts the Justice Lords. The League managed to fool the Justice Lords into thinking the League's version of Lex Luthor was breaking out of prison. The League members are battling their counterparts, except for Lord Superman, who is fighting the Flash.

"Come on." Flash zooms out of the way of Lord Superman's swing of his fist. Flash speeds behind him. "I'm right here!" Justice Lord Superman lunges for Flash, only to miss and hit his head into a wall. Flash races behind him, and wraps his cape around his head, and spins him around laughing. "You must have a ton of lead in your shorts, cause you can't hit me!" Flash sees him freeing himself, and sticks out his tongue at Lord Superman. Flash then turns around, and smacks his backside. "You couldn't hit the broadside of my sweet tuchus!" Flash's smile doesn't last, as Lord Superman closes the distance in a heartbeat, and has Flash in a stranglehold with his eyes glowing red. "You know. I don't think this reality needs a Flash anymore." Flash is struggling to free himself, but his airway is being closed off, and his eyes are starting to roll into the back of his head.

A tear begins to form within the confines of the prison, as Sif, Captain America, and Thor exit out of it. They all look back for a second, and notice the green energy around the tear as it closes behind them. The small group of three hear screams, and battle sounds coming from the room up ahead. Cap, and his team rushes over to see a man in a black, and white costume strangling a man in a red costume. "That man is going to kill him! Avenger's ASSEMBLE!" Cap shouted, as he quickly took his shield off his back, and threw it with all his might at the head of the man choking the other to death. Cap's shield hit it's mark, and made the killer release his hold on the other man in the red suit.

Green Lantern ducked under a green energy beam fired by his counterpart, and breathed a sigh of relief when Flash was released from the choke-hold. "I don't know who you are...but thanks." Green Lantern said out loud to Cap, who nodded over to him. Hawkgirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter tried flying over to check on Flash, but their alternate reality counterparts were matching them move for move.

Thor saw that their enemy was recovering, and swung his hammer Mjolnir in a circle by it's leather thong as it crackled with magical energies. "Get thee hence!" Thor released his hammer, which struck Lord Superman in the chest, making him cry out in pain, as he was thrown through the wall by the hammer's power.

"Great Hera!" Wonder Woman gasped out when she saw the amount of damage the long blond haired man was able to do with his hammer. Batman noticed the look Diana was giving to the strange otherworldly man, and frowned sightly.

"Whoa! That's some serious power!" Hawkgirl said with a gaping look before she had to defend herself against a lunging strike from her counterparts mace.

"Look out, he's trying to get back to his feet!" J'onn shouted out, and tried shape-shifting around his Martian adversary.

Lord Superman tries to rise to his feet, only to be met with the point of Sif's sword at his neck. "Vile villain! Thou doth not face a helpless victim this day! Rise, and taste the steel of my blade!" Sif grinned down at a frowning Lord Superman, before he raised his arms up in surrender.

The Justice League's Superman, and Lex Luthor came rushing into the room to see the other Justice Lord's with frozen looks on their faces staring down at their Superman who had a sword pointed at his neck by a raven haired woman in a red and white costume with a cape.

Superman looked over and saw two other mysterious people helping Flash to his feet, and checking his vitals. One of them was dressed in America's colors, and looked like a walking talking flag. The other larger man was dressed like something you'd see in a Viking museum with a giant hammer in one of his hands. Superman decided to table this until after taking care of the Justice Lords. Superman glanced over at Lex, who grunted, and nodded slightly. Lex then fired his weapon at the Justice Lord members, depowering them. Lex pointed the weapon at the Justice Lord's Superman, and raised an eyebrow when the woman wouldn't release her sword from his neck.

"Not that I wouldn't like to see what you have planned with that sword, but I need you to move out of my way." Lex said as he took aim with his weapon. Cap approached the man with the weapon. "What will that weapon do to him?" Steve said to Lex, as he looked at Cap like he grew a second head. "It will depower him, and save me from dealing with him later!" Lex returns his attention back on the alternate reality Superman, and the Warrior woman with the sword.

"Thy weapon willst not harm an Asgardian." Sif said with utmost confidence in her tone as she looked over at Lex. Lex was going to fire the weapon anyway, and blasted both Lord Superman, and Sif. The counter earth Superman looked weak, but Sif picked him up off the floor like he weighed nothing, and strides over to Cap, and Thor. "Tis this thine enemy Von Strucker that thou hast mentioned before, Steve?" Sif had a disarming smile on her face as she looked into the eyes of the Super Soldier. Cap has a serious look on his face. "No, Sif. I don't recognize this guy, or any of the meta-humans in this room. Is this even New York?" Thor folded his arms across his chest. "Nay, Captain. Thy question has merit. I doth believe we are not e'en on Midgard." The three travelers found themselves being surrounded by all of the other costumed meta-humans in the room.

Cap raised up his shield, and took up a defensive stance. Sif had her sword in both of her hands, and waited for the first one to make a move. Thor raised up his hammer over his head, and swung it around creating a vortex that engulfed the three, until they vanished with a loud clap of Thunder, and a bolt of lightning struck the floor where they once were. The League members had to scatter away from the area. Batman stared at Superman, and said with an underlining tone. "We have a problem."

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