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Chapter 5 - Freedom Force Part 3

Secret Underground Facility - Freedom Force Headquarters

Amanda Waller observed the interactions between Cap's team, and the rest of Freedom Force and smirked with her arms folded behind her back. "Things are progressing better than expected. The Captain is a natural born leader, and the addition of these Norse Gods seems to be having a calming effect on Ace. Atomic Skull's dismissal was factored in, and he can be more useful to me elsewhere for now." Amanda glanced at several manilla envelopes on a table. One was labeled 'Suicide Squad' and another was labeled 'Project: Doomsday'. "Freedom Force is an experiment, just like these are. If it's successful, we can expand their ranks. If not, then we can always implement our contingency plan." Amanda continues to observe the team through the two way mirror with calculating eyes.

Galatea stops in front of Cap, Sif, Thor, Giganta, and Ace with a confident grin with her gloved hands on her shapely hips. "If we're on a team together, then we should test each others abilities to see which one of us is the strongest, and the strongest among us should lead." Cap shakes his cowled head, and Galatea frowns. "There's more to being a leader than strength, Galatea. You need to have the respect of your teammates, and most missions require strategic planning to ensure that everyone comes back safely." Cap said while looking Galatea in the eyes, getting her to quirk an eyebrow. "This is a first. A man is looking me in the eyes, and not at my chest. My opinion of you has went up a few points, Captain." Galatea thought to herself, and quickly spoke her piece. "I was trained to be unstoppable. I don't need a strategy to beat someone." Cap chuckled, and Galatea started to growl slightly. Cap put up his gloved hand. "I'm not laughing at you, Galatea. It's just that I've heard the same phrase said by metas in your strength class before, and they were beaten soundly by my other team, called the Avengers!" Galatea scoffed, and turned her head with her arms folded over her breasts.

Volcana took this moment to introduce herself. "I'm Volcana, and you already met the little ray of sunshine here." Galatea grumbled something under her breath. Volcana got into Thor's personal space, and smirked with mischief. "You're Thor, as in the God of Thunder? I thought you'd have a beard?" Sif started giggling, and Ace looked up at her questioningly. "Why do you laugh?" Sif smiles down at Ace, and hugs her around the left shoulder. "Tis true that Milord t'would look more Asgardian with a beard, but Thor doth refuse to grow one until his time to sit on the throne Asgard approaches." Thor chuckles good naturedly, and nods his head. "One day Thor shall be king, but that time hath not yet come." Toyman scurries up to look at Sif, and Ace frowns at Toyman, that gets him to avert his staring. "*Ahem!* I'm Toyman. I can hold my own in a fight, but I'm more useful in setting up high tech traps for my enemies. Are we going to vote on a leader of this outfit? If so, I nominate the sexy sword lady." Toyman said chuckling in a creepy manner while returning his stare at Sif. Giganta moved forward next to Cap, and stared down at Toyman. "Where are you looking? Her face is up here!" Giganta pointed with a slender finger to Sif's frowning face.

Toyman glances over at Giganta, and tilts his toy head. "Aren't you Grodd's girl? Shouldn't you be waving a banana at your hairy boyfriend in prison?" Giganta sneers at Toyman, and starts to advance towards the high tech toymaker, when Cap stops her with a gloved hand on her shoulder. Giganta turns her head, and Cap has a serious look. "Giganta, I'll take care of this." Giganta has a small smile, and nods to Steve. Cap folds his arms over his chest, and stares down the Toyman.

"Listen, Toyman. If your going to be a member of this team, rule number one is to treat women with respect. Keep any derogatory comments to yourself, and we can work together. If I catch you saying anything that demeans your female teammates, you will be kicked off the team!" Cap watched, and waited for Toyman's answer.

Toyman took a thinking pose. "Can I flirt with women not on the team then? Like women we're fighting? When women get angry, they lose focus. That can be useful, right?" Toyman said in a hopeful voice with his hands clasped together in front of him in a praying motion. Cap raised an eyebrow at Toyman's odd behavior, but gave the matter some thought. Volcana huffed, and shrugged her shoulders. "As long as he's not flirting with me, I couldn't care less. I say let the little perv have his fun." Toyman sent Volcana a grateful look. "Thanks, Hot Stuff." Cap frowns. "Strike one, Toyman." Toyman looks at Cap in panic. "What?!" Toyman then lowers his toy head. "Okay. I'll do it." Cap grins, and holds out a gloved hand. "Welcome to the team, Toyman." Toyman stares at the offered hand, and extends his own. Cap withdraws his hand quickly, and stares at Toyman's hand. Toyman glances down to see a joy buzzer attached to his hand, "Now how did that get there? Sorry, El Capitan!" Toyman gives Steve a mock salute. Cap shakes his head. "We're going to have to work on that sense of humor of yours, soldier."

Amanda chose this moment to enter the room with her laptop in her hands, and a device attached to her right ear. "Get your team prepped, Captain. Freedom Force has been given it's first mission. Solomon Grundy has been spotted at the docks of Coast City, and he's destroying everything in sight. The Army was called in, but I used an executive order and called them back. This is your first test as a team: Bring Grundy back here alive." Amanda placed her laptop on the large desk in the room, and gave Cap's group a quick rundown of Grundy's history, and his abilities.

"He's a lot like the Hulk. Wanting to be left alone, but always having to fight." Cap thought as he listened to Amanda's briefing on the Zombie man called Grundy. "We'll bring him in, but I'm not going to hand Grundy over to your scientists to try dissecting him like a lab-rat, Waller." Amanda smirks in her head, but shows no emotion as she looks into Cap's eyes. "We'll chat about this later, now head out Freedom Force!" Cap looks at his team, and places his shield across his back. "We'll take your jet to get there faster. Let's go!" Cap races out of the room, followed by a smiling Sif, and Thor with Giganta, and Ace following their lead. Volcana takes to the air, and quickly catches up to the group.

Galatea stays behind to talk to Amanda. "Tell father that I'm on a mission, and I'll visit with him later." Amanda nods to the cloned Kryptonian, as she flies out the door. Amanda hears clattering behind her, and sees Toyman with a metal briefcase gathering up his toys. Amanda raises an eyebrow. "What? I'm not about to leave my wonderful toys behind." Toyman said as he shut his briefcase, and scurried out of the room with the briefcase in hand. "It'll be a miracle if he survives this mission." Amanda thought, and stared at her laptop monitor's screen. "A perfect replacement for Atomic Skull. Now to make a few calls."

In the skies above Coast City

Captain America was piloting Amanda's private jet, and searching for a place to set the aircraft down. Sif was in the co-pilot's chair, and shouted a warning. "Steve!" Sif pointed at a car soaring toward the nose cone of the jet at high speed. Cap performed an evasive maneuver with the jet, and avoided colliding with the airborne vehicle. "I'm going to set her down in that clearing. Then we take the fight to Grundy!" Cap takes the aircraft down, and lands it safely in the clearing. The team quickly disembarks from the jet, and Cap takes his indestructible shield, and places it on his right arm.

"Giganta, Sif, and I will take point. Thor, I need you top side to keep any projectiles from hitting civilian targets. Galatea, and Volcana will hit Grundy with their heat powers to keep him off balance. Ace, I need you and Toyman to fall back to the jet's location." Ace looks over at the Asgardian pair, and then back to Cap. "I can help you." Thor spins his enchanted hammer over his head, and smiles over at Ace. "Verily, thou art stout of heart, Ace." Thor sees a large lumbering figure approaching wearing tattered black clothing, and has pale white skin, and hair. "Grundy sees people! Grundy not like people here! Grundy will smash!"

Grundy rushes the group, and smashes his large fists into the ground causing a fissure to open in the earth. Cap rolls to the side, and signals to Thor. Thor gathered lightning into his hammer, and released a large blast of lightning at the surprised Grundy, who took the hit dead on. He was still standing, but shifted to the side when he walked. "Grundy getting mad! Grundy crush flying man!" Grundy was hit from behind by Galatea with her flying into his back with her two fists closed, and arms extended out. She continued to fly with Grundy, and impacted into the outer wall of a house, and kept going. She followed up with a powerful punch to Grundy's jaw. Grundy grabbed Galatea by her left leg, and threw her with all his strength into the ground. Galatea righted herself in mid air, and landed on her boots that caused the ground to crack with the strength she exerted. "You're not that tough. This won't take long." Galatea smirked, and ran at super speed toward the groggy form of Solomon Grundy. Galatea had to jump back to avoid a giant fireball thrown down from above at Grundy, getting a yell from the undead zombie.

"What are you doing?! I had him dead to rights!" Galatea shouted to Volcana, as she smiled and waved at Galatea. "I don't see your name on him, and that means he's fair game to beat senseless." Grundy jumped out of the flames high up in the air right to a surprised Volcana. "Grundy smash!" A round circular shield struck Grundy in the face throwing off his trajectory, and missing Volcana. The shield spins, and redirects toward Cap, who jumps and catches it in his hand. "Don't try taking him head on! Wear him down with quick attacks, and stay out of his range!"

Cap watches as Giganta grows to 20 feet in height, and tries to crush Solomon under her booted heel. Grundy catches her heel, and strains to push it back. "Grundy will beat Giant girl! Grundy wants out!" Grundy pushes with all his might, and Giganta starts to lose her balance. "Giganta! Decrease your size quickly, or you'll crush us under your weight!" Cap sprinted, and grabbed both Ace, and Toyman and started running to get clear of her falling form. Sif was running along side Cap, and drew her sword. "Steve, mine sword shall transport us to safety!" Sif slashes the air in front of them, and another section of the dock is shown within the tear. Sif, Cap, and his two teammates he's carrying jumped into the tear in time to avoid getting squashed by Giganta.

Thor breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Sif exit out of a tear with Cap, and his other teammates at the other side of the docks. Grundy was about to attack Giganta's downed form, but Thor yelled a battle cry getting Grundy's attention. "I say thee nay, Villain! Feel the wrath of the God of Thunder!" Thor throws his hammer, and it strikes Grundy in his chest, and sends him flying and impacting the ground hard. Grundy started rolling along the ground, and came to a stop when a white boot came down on his back. Grundy released a painful growl, and tried to get up. "You never stood a chance against us. Give it up, and we'll go easy on you." Grundy starts to growl loudly, and pushes back against Galatea's boot, and gets a surprised look from Galatea. "Oh? Your still trying to resist?" Galatea stares over at Cap, and folds her arms over her generous bust. "Well? What do you think? This is what I was created for. Strategy isn't needed when the enemy is this weak."

Cap was going to respond when a giant tentacle started wrapping around Galatea getting a startled gasp from the cloned Kryptonian. Sif ran over with her sword glowing a brilliant white, and she jumped 15 feet in the air, and slashed the tentacle clean off in one strike. The piece of tentacle with Galatea dropped with a loud crash on the ground, but the distraction freed Grundy who ran toward the water. Giganta righted herself to stand at her full height, and grabbed another tentacle that appeared from the water's surface. "Oh no you don't!" Giganta shouted, and started pulling on the tentacle to drag it's owner out from under the water. "Giganta! Give me a lift!" Cap shouted up to Giganta, and she dropped to one knee, and held out her giant hand. Cap hopped on, and he made his way up to her right shoulder. "I saw something bubbling on the surface of the water, and wanted a better look. Giganta...don't try to overpower it alone. Thor! We need your lightning!"

Thor hovered in the sky, and grinned. "You shall have it, Captain!" Thor started gathering lightning from the sky into his enchanted hammer. "Get ready to release the tentacle on my mark." Cap said to Giganta, who smiled. "Okay, Cap!" Giganta had a look of determination, and increased the strength of her grip on the tentacle. Cap watched Thor give him the signal that he was going to send down the lightning. "Giganta! Now!" Giganta released the tentacle, and then covered Cap with both of her hands when she saw the lightning strike the tentacle sending a large amount of electricity into it, and also in the water. Volcana whistled, and looked over at the fried tentacle. "Calamari anyone?" Ace stared out to the water with a serious look. "Something else is coming." Volcana stared down at Ace. "Can you tell what it is?" Volcana, and the rest of the team heard a loud roar, and saw a giant sea serpent surfacing from the water with a blond man with a beard with a hook for a hand on one of his arms. Grundy was looking at both in confusion, but decided they were his enemies as well. "Grundy not care who you are! Grundy will crush!"

The blond man looked down at Grundy with an annoyed look. "Listen carefully. I will give you gold if you come with me." Grundy smiled a crooked smile at Aquaman. "You will give Grundy gold, Fish-man? What does Grundy have to do for gold?"

Aquaman's eyes narrow, and his jaw tightens. "All you need to know is that I have a treasure chest of gold waiting for you, and all you need to do to get it is come with me." Grundy smiles and starts to repeat the word gold under his breath. "Grundy will go with you." Grundy starts walking toward the Sea Serpent, only for a circular shield to hit him in the calf muscle tripping Grundy, and he fell flat on his face. Aquaman readied his trident, and tapped the bottom of it on the Sea Serpent's head. The beast roared, and it's tail slapped the water, and caused a big wave to hit the beach.

"I am Aquaman, sovereign king and ruler of Atlantis! Leave now, or risk open war by continuing your actions!" Cap stared over at Aquaman from Giganta's shoulder, and sighed. "Namor...your counterpart is just like you. Even so, I'll try diplomacy first before giving a show of strength to this Aquaman character." "We don't wish to start a war with you or your people, Aquaman. We were containing Solomon Grundy to prevent further damage to this area. Your giant Octopus was the first to attack my team when we were engaging Grundy." Aquaman scowled, and gritted his teeth. "I don't have time for this! Either move away from Grundy, or be moved!"

Arthur looks up, and sees giant storm clouds forming above them, and a man in a flowing red cape spinning a hammer above his head. "Thor hears thy bluster, e'now face the might of the God of Thunder!" Thor releases a blast of mystical energy from his hammer, and Aquaman lifts his Trident, and matches Thor's blast with one of his own. The energies merge, and sent out a shockwave that topples all the costumed men, and women in the area. The light from the mystical energy attracts large unknown sea creatures that start to surface 20 feet away from Freedom Force's location.

Aquaman shakes his head, and begins to recover. He looks down, and shouts at Grundy. "Come with me, and get your gold!" Grundy stumbles on his feet, and jumps high to be caught by the sea serpent's tail. Aquaman's eyes narrow at the sea creatures starting to give chase to them. "Back! Get Back!" Aquaman fires an energy beam from his trident and bisects one of the creatures in two.

Aquaman taps the Sea Serpent on the head, and the beast speeds off and evades the creatures pursuit.

Cap starts to regain consciousness, and notices that he is cupped between two large female hands. Cap taps the inside of a hand with his shield. "Giganta...open up!" Cap wasn't getting any response from her, and pried the hands apart using his strength. Cap saw that Giganta was out cold, and scanned the docks with his eyes to check on the rest of his team. Sif was helping a dazed Ace to her feet, and Toyman's head was buried under the sand with his butt pointed to the sky. Volcana was coming to, and Galatea was nursing her arm. Thor walked over to Toyman, and pulled him free from the sand. Toyman began spitting out wads of sand. Thor sent an apologetic look to Captain America. "My apologies, Captain. I had no knowledge of his mystical artifact, and acted with haste." Galatea punches Thor with her good arm, getting him to rub his now sore arm. "Magic hurts me, genius! Now I've got a busted arm, and I need to get back to have father treat it!"

Cap sighs, and rubs the back of his cowled head. "Well, this could have went smoother." Cap was suddenly lifted off his feet by Giganta, and she brought Cap's body up to her face, and cuddled him to her cheek. "You're okay! I'm so happy that you weren't hurt!" Giganta cooed, and held Cap up in front of her smiling face. Toyman started laughing out loud, and had to stop because he started choking on the sand still in his throat. Cap coughed in his gloved hand, and looked embarrassed. "Giganta...could you let me down?" Giganta blushed a bright pink. "Oh! I'm sorry, Cap!" Giganta lowered Steve down to the beach, and heard chuckling from Thor, Volcana, and Ace. Galatea frowned, and turned around. Sif had an unreadable expression, and gripped the pommel of her sword tightly.

Cap turned around to look out at the sea, and narrowed his eyes. "As soon as Galatea is patched up, we're going to pay a visit to Aquaman in Atlantis!"

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