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~ Prolog; Hide and Seek ~

The Enterprise was quiet, the Enterprise was dark and for some,as yet unknown reason, the Enterprise bridge was deserted. Liz Cutler staredaround the empty bridge in some confusion. There was usually someone on the bridge...unless the entire crew had been kidnapped or moved someplace which had happened more times than she could remember.

Cutler: Where have they all gone? We've only a minute or two into the story, they can't all have been kidnapped so soon!

She shook her head and left the bridge, determined to find at least some members of the crew. As she neared the mess hall, she could hear the faint murmur of a voice from inside. She opened the door and there stood Trip, his back to the door, facing the wall. As Cutler got nearer she could hear what Trip was saying.

Trip (Muttering) 97... 98... 99... 100!

Cutler: Trip? What are you doing?

He whipped around and stared at Cutler in surprise.

Trip: Cutler? What are you doin' here?

Cutler: Isn't it obvious? I'm here to help create the fact there are other people beside the bridge crew. So? What are you doing?

Trip: Remember how we haven't found anything at all out here,not even a floating rock for the past two weeks? Well, me and the others got bored so... we are all playing hide and seek.

Cutler: Right. Well, in that case, I'm back off to bed. Night!

Trip: Night Cutler.

Elizabeth Cutler turned and walked out of the door, vanishing into the nothingness that she came from and in which she lived most of the time. Trip shook her head and headed for the door as well, to look for everyone.

~10 Minutes Later~

Trip, T'Pol, Malcolm, Dr. Phlox and Hoshi were all grouped in the mess hall. Malcolm was looking very sulky.

Malcolm: How did you find me so fast?

Trip: Malcolm, you were hiding in the armory. You ALWAYS hide there.

Malcolm: Oh.

T'Pol: We still have to find the Captain, Commander.

Trip: True... what we need is something to attract his attention,any ideas?

Malcolm: Let's blow up something!

Hoshi: That's your answer for everything! "Let's blow up something".

Malcolm: I don't care what you say, blowing up the captains ready room is the only answer!

At the other end of the mess hall, a table topped over with loud a crash. Archer stood there, his eyes bulging.

Archer: Nooooooo!! You can't blow up my ready room, I need it! How else can I act important?

Dr. Phlox: You didn't search the mess hall??

Trip: Yeah, well....

Malcolm: Come on, let's get back to bed, we'll carry this on later.

Hoshi: What about the bridge?

Archer: Oh, it'll be fine. People only attack when we'll there.

They all turned and walked out the room, chatting quietly.

~ Five Hours Later ~

The sickbay was dark, when all of a sudden a banging began. For a few seconds it carried on, then a cupboard door opened and Travis Maywearther fell out. He stood up and looked around.

Travis: Are we still playing hide and seek?