Goten and Chibi Trunks Go to Hogwarts: another DBZ/ Harry Potter crossover

Gohan Goes to Hogwarts: Another DBZ/Harry Potter fic.

Part 1: The owl

By: Lavander Blues

Authors Note: This is just after the cell saga.

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or Harry Potter so don't sue me.

It was a beautiful, sunny summer day on July 31 and Gohan was stuck inside studying, as usual. Chi-Chi was standing over him making sure he wouldn't go and try and save the world, again.

Chi-Chi: And after you're done studying your math, you can write the essay on the history of plastic wrap.

Gohan: But mom!! I wanna go outside and play.

Chi-Chi: No! You have too much studying to do! You shouldn't have ran off with you dad to try and save the world from the androids!!

Gohan: But moo-oomm!

Chi-Chi: Stop whining and get to work. You can go outside tomorrow.

Gohan: Oh, fine.

Chi-Chi left so Gohan could study by himself. He started to write his essay. An hour into writing and re-writing, an owl came to his window. He walked over, opened the window up and the owl floated in and landed on his bed. Gohan noticed he had a huge package tied to his foot.

Gohan: Hello there little owl. What's that you have tied around your foot?

Gohan untied the package from the owls foot and read the address written in emerald green

Son Gohan



The house in the woods


SSJ 123

Gohan: Okayyy… *looks at the back of the package* Oh, look at the cool seal!

Owl: Hoot. Hoot (English: Open it already)

Gohan: You want me to open it?

Owl: Hoot (English: duhhh...)

Gohan: Okay. *He opens up the package to find a bunch of papers and stuff* Wow. Look at all this stuff. It all has the same seal.

Owl: Hoot hoot. Hoot hoot hoot hoot, hoot hoot (English: Go show your mom. Can you give me some food now cause I gotta run)

Gohan: Okay, here you are.

He walked over to his half-eaten lunch and took a bit of the bread from his sand which. He then gave it to the owl, who at it whole-heartedly. The owl then spread it's wings and left.

Gohan: Bye!

Owl: Hoot! (English: Sayonara, oh, wait, that's Japanese. English: Bye!)

Gohan picked up the stuff he got in the envelope and took it to show his mom. He walked out of his room and went into the kitchen.

Gohan: Mom! Mom! Look at this cool letter and stuff I got from an owl who just came by. *Stuffs envelope in Chi-Chi's face.

Chi-Chi: Huh? Gohan are you dyeing your paper with coffee again.

She took the envelope and pulled out all the paper. She read the first letter on the top out loud.


Dear Mr. Son:

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Term starts on September first. Catch the Hogwarts express on platform 9 and ¾ at King's Cross at 11:00 am on September the first. List of needed books and supplies is attached.


Deputy Headmistress:

Minerva McGonnagall

Gohan: Cool, I'm wizard! Wicked!!

Chi-Chi: Not only are you a sayan, you're a wizard! What's next, a sailor senshi?!

Gohan: That would be cool!!

Chi-Chi thwacked him over the head with a frying pan that she was washing.

Gohan: Child abuse! CHILD ABUSE!!!

The frying pan turns around and thwacks Chi-Chi on the head. Suddenly another owl appears. Chi-chi read the note attached to the owl's foot.

Chi-Chi: Dear: Mr. Son. We have been informed of the misuse of magic in front of muggles. This is a warning. Don't do it again. Sincerely: Mr. Fudge.

Gohan: I'm not even in school yet and I've already got in trouble!! Man, this sucks.

Chi-Chi: *reading the list of school supplies. Well were gonna have to fly to England for a few weeks.

Gohan: Woohoo!! Let's go….

Authors Note: I hope you like part one of my story. Stay tuned for…. Part two… muwahahahahaha!!!