"You said you are getting married."


"And who's the lucky guy?"

She told him.

"But I have never seen the two of you together."

"That's true."

"Has he expressed his undying love to you?"

"No. We barely know each other."

"Then why are you getting married to him?"

"Because he asked."


That was what she said. She was getting married to someone she barely knew because he friggin' asked.

How desperate was that?

Why should she thought of herself that way?

She, whose face and body are the envy of those who came into contact with her.

Add an unique personality.

Quirks and all.

There's not a dull moment when she's around.

She's perfect.

At least to him.

But she is throwing away all that perfection by getting married.

Marrying someone who does not love her.

And who she does not love.


does she?

Could it be she fell in love with him at first sight?

It is not possible.

Is it?


He had promised to protect her.

That's included matters of the heart as well.

He was going to make damn sure she marries someone who she truly loves and will love her just as much.

Kurosaki Ichigo just wanted his princess to find her prince and live happily ever after.

God knows she deserves it.

Even if he was not the one she loved.


"Hey Tatsuki, where's Inoue?" Ichigo found it strange Inoue was not with her best friend.

"She's with her f..." Tatsuki took a look at the scowling more than usual orange-haired friend and decided to just say the other 'f' word.

"Friend. She's with a friend."

"Do I know her?" He persisted even though he did not really want to know.

"It's him and you do."

"Well, who the hell is it?" He was almost afraid of the answer.

There's no getting away from it, is there?

Tatsuki braced herself for the storm that was coming.

"Orihime's fiance, your roommate."

(Hi everyone. After the not too happy chapters from my other story, I decided to do this. A happy one which will have dense Ichigo chasing after a soon to be married Orihime. I do not know if anyone has done it before so this short introduction. If it seems I am plagiarizing somebody's else work, please let me know so I can take down this story. If not, I hope to do an extremely fluffy story, unless the melancholy gets to me.):P