Full Summary: Sequel to Blood of the Enemy, Forcibly Taken. Picks up at Harry and Draco's wedding, but the newlyweds aren't in for a happily ever after just yet. Between the fact that they're new parents with a baby to look after and the drama with Lucius' upcoming trial and serious illness, there is a lot of turbulence in their lives. Add in a few arguments and misunderstandings and Harry wants a divorce, but changes his mind when he finds out that Draco is pregnant again. Draco isn't willing to forgive so quickly, sick of Harry jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst when it comes to him and his friends and family. Draco sets Harry two tasks to win him back: show that he's changed and get Lucius released. Can Harry succeed? Will he win Draco and his family back?

Warning: slash, mpreg, and contemplation of divorce.

It was the letter taped onto the mirror above the dresser that made up Harry's mind. He liked to get up and look out the window in the morning, especially if it was one of those rare sunny days; it gave him inspiration to get through his day. Draco, on the other hand, got up and looked at that letter first thing in the morning, every morning.

Harry remembered how hard life had been for Draco in the days after their daughter was born. Draco was emotional and tired, going on four hours of sleep a night, but it was those letters that kept him going. When Draco couldn't take it anymore, he'd shut himself away and read those letters until he had the inspiration to keep going. The highlight of his day was when his mother came over and delivered a new letter from his father. No matter what was going on, the sight brought a smile to Draco's face. She'd visit Lucius in the morning and share the latest pictures of their granddaughter and return with a letter from her husband to her son. Draco obviously cherished each one, saving them and reading them over and over again.

Cissy was a life saver in those days. Harry had no idea how to take care of a newborn and couldn't even hold little Ipheion without fearing he'd drop her. Draco was better, but still a strung out new parent who couldn't handle it all on his own. Cissy had stepped in and picked up the slack, helping Harry care for his daughter so that Draco could rest. After a few weeks of lessons from Cissy, Harry had a much better handle on what to do. She helped him with Draco too, telling him what he could do to lighten Draco's load or cheer Draco up, so that the world didn't get to be too much for her son. That translated into Draco taking better care of the baby and less stress for Harry.

Lucius wasn't there, but he helped in the only way he could, with his letters and words. With Lucius' incarceration, Draco had taken to writing his father regularly; there were even a few visits after the charges against Draco were dropped. After the baby was born, Draco no longer had the time to write and when he did, he couldn't find the words. But that didn't matter, because day after day the letters came from Lucius with words of support and encouragement for Draco. Draco was visiting his father weekly now, but Cissy was visiting him daily. Cissy would visit Draco and then pass along to Lucius everything he needed to know to keep his writing pertinent.

There were times when Harry thought that Lucius' letters and Cissy's visits were the only things holding Draco together. Healer Smith called it postpartum depression and said it was normal, but labeling it didn't cure it. Only time, love, and support could do that. Eventually Draco did get better. Progress didn't come over night, but a little at a time. After a few months, he was back to his normal self. Part of it was because Ipheion was older now and only woke up once during the night, allowing Draco to sleep. The other part was that during the passage of time, his hormones had balanced out.

Draco was better these days, the baby wasn't so little, and their little family had blossomed. Harry was without a doubt in love with Draco now. Before it'd been lust, but after having a child together and watching Draco struggle to take care of her through his depression, Harry couldn't help but love him. The ordeal made Harry see just how strong and brave Draco was for getting through everything that has happened in the last few years. In hindsight he could see how hard it was for Draco to be in custody during his pregnancy. Everything in Draco's life had changed; he'd been faced with the reality of murder and torture and cowered, they'd lost the war, Voldemort was dead, his father was in a holding cell, and he was pregnant by his enemy. But even with all of that going on, Draco had still made the best of it. Draco had held it together, done what was best for the baby, and hadn't even caused Harry any trouble. Draco had even planned his own escape when the Death Eaters had kidnapped him. Somewhere along the way, Draco had grown up and turned into the type of man Harry wanted to be with; the type of man he could see spending the rest of his life with and the type he wanted to marry.

Harry asked Draco to marry him when their daughter was just three months old. They hadn't been dating for that long when he asked, but he loved Draco, they had a daughter together, and it was time. Draco had said yes, which three months later led Harry to his current predicament: picking Lucius Malfoy up from the Ministry Holding Facility, so that he could attend what was being dubbed, "The Wedding of the Century." Lucius was still in the Ministry holding cells, the last of the Death Eaters to be tried, his trial scheduled to start just one week after the wedding.

Lucius' trial was the main factor in choosing the date of the wedding. They didn't know how long the trial would last. Lucius' lawyer promised to have an outrageous number of witnesses and pieces or evidence to go over. The prosecutor personally told Harry that he had just as much evidence on the other side. It was pretty much guaranteed to be a long drawn out affair and not the type of thing to put one in the mood for a wedding, even if Lucius won. If Lucius lost, there was no telling what would happen to the wedding plans.

Having the wedding before the trial was Harry's idea. Draco had wanted to wait until after the trial, so that Lucius could be there to see them get married. Draco was of course assuming his father would get off and had no plans for how they'd arrange the wedding once Lucius was in Azkaban. Knowing Draco, he'd probably refuse to get married anywhere other than his father's cell, so that Lucius could be there. But before the trial, with Lucius only an accused Death Eater, not a convicted one, Harry could arrange a day pass for the event. Harry had to take responsibility for Lucius for the day and ensure the man didn't escape, but it was better than the alternative.

Once they had agreed to have it before the trial, Draco's first suggestion for the venue had been the Ministry for Magic, the Auror department specifically. That was where the interrogation rooms were located and where they'd been visiting Lucius of late. It was Harry's doing, because Cissy had been about to take Draco and their barely one week old baby to the Ministry holding cells for a visit. After the charges against Draco had been dropped and his house arrest removed, he'd started visiting his father again. It was only natural that he'd want to visit with his daughter to show her off.

Harry had absolutely forbid the visit, which didn't go over too well with Draco in the fragile state he'd been in. Legally, Draco was free and according to the document Harry had signed, had full custody of their daughter. Harry hadn't wanted to take the baby away from Draco and was happy to sign the agreement guaranteeing him visitation rights every weekend. Of course they were dating, which meant he got to see his daughter all of the time, but they weren't married, so legally Draco had full custody.

Draco was free to take their daughter wherever he wanted, even if that was to visit an inmate in jail. Draco flat out said that Harry would have to sue for full custody to stop him. Harry didn't want to do that and had eventually come up with a compromise: he had Lucius moved to an interrogation room in the Auror department and brought his boyfriend and daughter into work with him. Draco and Ipheion met with Lucius in a more comfortable environment without the oppressive atmosphere of the jail.

The visits were a weekly occurrence and always cheered Draco up. But Harry didn't want to get married there in the Ministry during one of those visits. Thus he'd arranged with his bosses Shacklebolt and Robards to sign Lucius out for the day. Shacklebolt was actually one of the wizards Harry was enlisting to help him with Lucius, because Lucius had to be guarded and watched at all times. Ron, Arthur, and Bill Weasley were the others who had agreed to help with the task.

The Weasleys were all invited to the wedding, as Harry's guests, so also employing some of them to guard Lucius was expedient. There were any number of volunteer Aurors who offered their services for the day, but it was to be a small wedding and each and every seat was reserved for someone of importance. Draco had wanted a large wedding, but Harry had wanted a small one, so they'd compromised on fifty people. Harry had given his twenty seats to all of his friends and favorite Weasleys, while with only thirty seats, Draco had had to turn away all family members who were more distant than second cousin. The only friends Draco had invited were in their wedding party. The venue was large enough to hold more people, but they'd agreed on fifty and were sticking to it, because they wanted it small, cozy, and personal.

After much debate, they'd gone with Leeds Castle in Kent as their venue. Draco's Ministry suggestion was taken off the table when Harry arranged for the day pass for Lucius. Harry had countered with the Burrow, to which Draco had responded with a look of incredulity, before insisting that he wasn't having a Weasley wedding. Draco had countered with Malfoy Manor, which happened to be one of a handful of places they were not authorized to take Lucius under the day pass. Harry had countered with Hogwarts, since it was summer and school was out. Draco had offered Leeds in return.

The Malfoy family had a summer cottage in Maidstone, near the castle. They went there on holidays every year and Draco had fond memories of the place. It was close enough to London that Lucius could continue to work, had a village filled with middle-aged pureblood witches for Cissy to have tea with, and was a veritable paradise for Draco to enjoy. Their cottage was right along the river, which led to the lake and moat surrounding Leeds Castle. And the castle had been set up for wizard weddings for hundreds of years.

Leeds' was a smaller castle than Hogwarts, but it was a thread of the same cloth. It was on an island in a man-made lake, or large moat just off of the river Medway and the Great Water Lake. There was a lawn down by the lake on the other side of the moat, which had a perfect view of the water and the castle. Best of all, the water bank was covered in ivory colored Narcissus flowers. Then there was the castle, which held the formal dining room where they'd had the rehearsal dinner and the banquet room, where the reception was to be held.

When the castle wasn't being used for weddings, it was a popular tourist destination, with posh hotel rooms on the upper floors. There were a number of rooms set up to house a country club, full of activities for wizards on holiday, including a standard auditorium, for plays, comedy, and various other shows, along with gym, spa, bar, restaurant, and game room. There was even a museum inside and a golf-course outside. Swimming and fishing were allowed in the lake and were always popular in the summer. There was a maze and grotto outside, which a teenaged Draco had loved to explore on holiday.

As a boy, Draco had frequented the castle country club and seen extravagant weddings held there. He'd always thought that he wanted his wedding to be like that. Of course he'd planned for it to be in the garden at Malfoy Manor, where all Malfoy weddings were held, but his ancestral home was off the table. The castle was an obvious second choice and Harry had been sold on it just from Draco's passionate description of the place. In Harry's eyes, the only mark against the castle was that it wasn't simple enough.

The wedding theme was simple extravagance. They arrived at it by each putting forth one word they wanted to describe their dream wedding. Which wizard had put forth which term was blatantly obvious and no one had asked for further explanation. Instead they'd just admired the understated expense of it all. Draco tended to go big, but Harry was the perfect balance, pulling Draco back into a more manageable wedding. There was one simple bouquet of expensive ivory colored flowers, along with the ivory colored Narcissuses growing beside the lake and that was it for flowers. Everything else was plain black, except for a few specific things they'd agreed to splurge on.

The wedding was all arranged and it was sure to be the perfect combination of understated class. The only thing that could possibly go wrong was Lucius. Harry worried that Lucius had been lying about being okay with the wedding and only pretending to be supportive. It was rather unbelievable that the same Lucius Malfoy who had so eagerly stood by Voldemort's side as his master attempted to murder Harry, was the same man who didn't have a problem with his son marrying Harry Potter. But it was true.

Above all else, Lucius Malfoy was a loving father who wanted the best for his son; that much was clear. Draco wanted to marry Harry and Lucius wanted Draco to be happy, so he was okay with the marriage. He'd accepted their daughter with open arms, having every intention of being a doting grandfather. He'd cringed at hearing her last name, because he would've preferred her to be a Malfoy, but he understood why Draco had done it. He'd rather the little princess was named Ipheion Linnaea Malfoy, but he held his tongue, for his son's sake. And he'd written all of those letters, expressing his love and support.

The most inspirational of Lucius' letters was the one he'd written in response to hearing of Harry and Draco's engagement. Harry hadn't bothered asking for Lucius' permission to marry Draco, as was tradition, because he didn't think he needed it. Draco said yes, but would've preferred if Harry had asked Lucius, as was protocol. Draco worried and fretted all night, when he should've been celebrating, because he didn't know what his father would say. Cissy had told Lucius the next morning and come back with the letter that Draco had taped to his bedroom mirror above the dresser and looked at every morning for the last three months. It was Lucius' words that made up Harry's mind to go through the hassle of arranging for the man to attend the wedding, instead of trying to convince Draco that he didn't need his father there.

In the letter, Lucius had given Draco his blessing to marry Harry. He wrote that it was a good match and would make the Malfoy family proud. It was a fertile pairing that had already produced one wonderful child and he wished them another child, along with all of the love and happiness in the world. He'd called Harry a good man, worthy of marrying his son and capable of supporting their little family. He'd even apologized for his actions again. It was a beautiful and moving letter.

Lucius had apologized to Harry in person. It was the first thing he'd done after greeting his son and granddaughter during that first visit in Auror Headquarters. He repented his actions as a Death Eater, claimed he hadn't realized just how demented the Dark Lord was, and wished he'd never supported the evil lunatic. Then again, everyone was saying that now that the war was over. It was time to turn sides and the Malfoys were notorious for always ending up on the right side. Even so, Harry believed Lucius, because of the way in which the man spoke of what the Dark Lord had done to Draco.

Impregnating Draco against his will as a punishment was reprehensible to Lucius and he claimed that in retaliation, he started slipping privileged information to the Aurors. Back when he had his wand, he'd imperiused one of the Aurors who'd refused to work for Voldemort. At first he'd done it to get inside information on the Aurors, to aid in the Dark Lord's take down of the Ministry. Then he'd done it to aid in the Death Eater control of the Aurors. However, toward the end, he'd used that Auror to pass top-secret information on the Dark Lord and his fellow Death Eaters to the Aurors who were still on the loose, working for the Order of the Phoenix.

Add in that Lucius hadn't had a wand since before the battle of the seven Potters and hadn't fought in a battle since the Department of Mysteries and he was hopeful for a favorable outcome at trial. On the other hand, he'd admitted to using two of the three unforgivables and was suspected of using the third, which did not bode in his favor. But then it was a war and not a cut and dry case; it'd take a trial to decide what to do with him and a long one at that.

Sometimes Harry thought that Lucius was only being so supportive because of his looming trial. He worried that Lucius would change his mind and take back his approval. Maybe Lucius could hold his tongue about the baby's last name, but would he be able to do the same during the wedding? Saying that you're alright with something and actually being alright with it are too different things. Once it's actually happening, Lucius could suddenly realize how awful it is for his heir to be married to a Potter.

Harry really hoped that a blowup from Lucius wasn't in store for them. Draco would be devastated and might call off the wedding, if something happened before their vows were said. Harry had nightmares the night before that when the druid asked, "Is there any reason why these two should not be wed," Lucius would stand up and object. Lucius would claim that Harry wasn't worthy of his son and that Harry was a no class orphan raised by muggles.

Then Harry had woken up and been faced with nothing more sinister than an empty bed, because Draco hadn't wanted them to see each other before the wedding. Draco and the baby had stayed with his mother for the night and they would meet Harry at the castle. Harry was left with the tasks of getting himself dressed, making sure his groom's mates Ron and Hermione were dressed properly, and picking Lucius up.

Harry's robes were classic ivory, trimmed with black and paired with a black on black filigree vest. They were tailored, but made out of the type of fabric that was advertised to withstand three year olds with ice cream cones. Ron and Hermione, who made up Harry's half of the wedding party, had outfits made out of the same ivory fabric. With a gay wedding, there were no bridesmaids and groomsmen. Instead they each had friends of either sex stand up for them, unifying them by wearing the same color fabric.

Hermione looked gorgeous in her understated ivory pantsuit; she'd forgone the dress, so that no one confused her with the bride. Ron's ivory and black dress robes were similar to Harry's, but with a more professional business man cut to them. When the time came to go, they assured him that they would check that everything was set up perfectly at the castle and he'd gone along to the Ministry for Lucius.

It was an evening wedding, so the place should've been deserted, but every Auror was waiting in headquarters to get a peek at Harry before the big event. They swarmed him, wishing him well and some of them even asking again if they could go. Draco would've loved to invite them all, but Harry had wanted to keep it small. He had no problem telling his colleagues no and he did so again now.

Bill and Arthur Weasley were waiting with Kingsley Shacklebolt and Gawain Robards for Harry. Lucius was already checked out of the holding cells and waiting in the interrogation room. It was a mere formality, because Kingsley or Arthur could've done it all, but Ministry policy stated that it had to be the one who made the request. Harry had made the request, so he had to sign the appropriate forms and cast the spell binding Lucius to him, as his captive.

Harry did as instructed and side-along apparated his soon-to-be father-in-law to the lawn where the wedding was to be held. Bill, Arthur, and Kingsley followed after. Then there were spells to bind Lucius to the grounds and another to bind him to his chair, for good measure. Bill, Arthur, and Kingsley were stationed around Lucius, watching his every move. They all had enough experience to be well-qualified for the task. They were attendees of the wedding and as such a certain amount of mingling was required, but they did it in turns, with one or two of them by Lucius' side at all times.

Lucius seemed eager and excited during the brief time Harry spent transporting him. He was walking a bit slow, shuffling his feet with a bit of a limp, but then he was an old man now and his cane had been taken away. Lucius had wished him luck and he had other things to do, so he left the man in good hands.

The sun setting behind the castle blinded Harry for a moment as he walked toward his pavilion. The conjured lights were just coming on and he followed the string of them until he reached his destination.

Harry knew their wedding had to be at night the moment he saw the castle after the sunset. Draco had suggested they take the baby and have a picnic supper by the lake, so that Harry could fall in love with the place the way that Draco had. They'd stayed and watched the beautiful sunset. It was a particularly pleasant, warm late spring day and Ipheion had fallen asleep for her evening nap. They'd stayed longer, enjoying the feel of each other's arms and sensual kisses. It had gotten dark and the stars had come out, amplified by the ancient spell on the sky; it'd been beautiful.

Chief among Harry's pre-wedding concerns was his daughter, Ipheion, or Eiona as he called her. She was six months old, which was not the best age for a flower girl at a wedding. But she was their princess and they'd both agreed she had to be their flower girl. The dress Draco had picked out was the most expensive fairy princess dress he could find for a six month old. It cost a fortune, but that was one expense Harry didn't try to talk Draco out of, because their daughter just looked so adorable in it.

Harry found his daughter safely ensconced in Molly Weasley's arms. They were waiting in the pavilion set up for Harry's side of the wedding party, on the right side of the lawn.

"Oh Harry dear, there you are. Thank goodness. Did you get Lucius? Everything on this side is set," Molly said, rushing through her sentences too quickly in her excitement. Eiona recognized Harry and went from contently leaning her head against Molly's ample bosom to reaching out for Harry.

"Here, let me take her. I haven't seen her since last night," Harry said, taking his baby. Eiona cooed in delight and grabbed onto his robes, but he didn't care about the wrinkles. Draco had put a wrinkle-free charm on them, along with the stain resistant charms that were already imbibed in the fabric. "Yes, Lucius is in place. Arthur, Bill, and Kingsley are on him. Did you see Ron and Hermione?"

"Yes. Ron went in to check on the house elves and ensure the catering is set. Hermione's speaking with Druid Caomhánach, going over last minute details."

"Great. Do you know how Draco's doing? How are things going on his side?"

"Oh Draco just looked so happy and excited. This is the biggest day of his life and he was aiming to be ready for it. You wouldn't believe the amount of primping and preening that was going on over there! I'm sure you'll appreciate it come tonight, dear, but all the same, I rescued Eiona here from the midst of it."

"Thanks Molly. Are they going to be ready on time, do you think?" Harry asked around the fingers Eiona had shoved into his mouth.

"Yes, right on time. Oh come here!" Molly cried, taking Harry and the baby into a hug. Eiona squealed happily and Harry hugged back.

"Oi! There's a baby present! Save the Weasleyness for a more appropriate time!" Pansy Parkinson called, approaching them as if to save the baby from them. She was dressed as Draco's best-mate, in a short black dressed that showed a bit of cleavage. Harry thought it was nauseating, but that was mostly because it was Parkinson in it. He'd asked Draco why Pansy couldn't just wear the same pantsuit as Hermione, but in black. Draco had said it was because Pansy was his best-mate and therefore needed a different dress than the other female groom's mates. Hermione wasn't Harry's best-mate, because he'd chosen Ron for the honor.

Harry and Molly pulled apart, Molly red and flustered and Harry with a curse only held back by the fact that his baby was in his arms.

"What our dear Pansy is trying to say, is that Druid Caomhánach has been ready and our dear Draco has finally finished his very arduous and time consuming dressing process," Blaise said, coming up behind Pansy. He was also dressed in the black of one of Draco's groom's mates. His robes were the same cut and style as Ron's, only with an inverse coloration.

"Can I hold the baby or what?" Pansy asked.

"No. If we're ready to start, then she needs to get dressed," Harry replied, clutching his daughter to his chest.

"I've got the dress right here," Molly said, holding up the bag with the dress.

Hermione and Ron approached then, to report that everything was on schedule and that yes, these house elves had the option of being paid wages or being set free, if they so desired. None of them desired, but so long as they knew it was offered, that was the best they could do.

Harry and Molly quickly changed the baby right there. Eiona already had on the correct shoes, socks, and undershirt to go with the poufy ivory colored dress, so all they had to do was slip the dress over her head. While they worked, Pansy and Blaise exchanged strained courtesies with Ron and Hermione. Then they were ready and Pansy and Blaise went back to their own camp on Draco's side of the lawn.

At sixth months old, Eiona was a gorgeous baby and looked stunning in the dress. She had a bit of baby chubbiness, but was on the slender side for her height. Her blond hair was five inches long. Like Harry, she had a cow-lick, but the texture was like Draco's, meaning that it recovered from the cowlick and mostly flowed in the correct direction. Normally they put it into a ponytail on the top of her head, but for today she had a small French braid wrapped around the front, with the rest combed back. The cowlick was causing problems and stuck a few hairs up out of place. Harry put them back into place with a sticking charm; that was something he was good at now, because the cowlick drove Draco crazy and the spell only held for a few hours.

Eiona's nose was still buttoned shaped, but her eyes were greener now. There was a thin ring of blue on the outside, but they were mostly green. Her face was leaner, drawing attention to the perfect little Malfoy features. For the most part, she had Draco's bone structure, but with Harry's coloring. There were a few exceptions, like the lips and ears' being Harry's, the brow being Lily's, the hair as golden as Cissy's, and the eyebrows being Draco's. She was the perfect mix of Draco and Harry, which was one of the things Harry loved about her.

Dromeda approached with Teddy as Molly and Harry were working. Teddy was already dressed in his little black robes; since Eiona was in Harry's color, Teddy was in Draco's color. At fifteen months old, Teddy walked steadily on his feet. He wasn't old enough to actually trust with the rings, but he bore the title of ring-bearer just the same. In fact, they were counting on him to make sure Eiona made it down the aisle. There was an entire bowl of the rice snack that Teddy loved set out for him to mark his spot. Cissy, Dromeda, and Molly had taken Teddy and Eiona out to practice the trip every day for the last two weeks and they thought they had Teddy pretty well trained to head for the snacks.

With his side of the wedding party ready, they approached the seating area. Dromeda handed Teddy over to Hermione so that she and Molly could take their seats with the rest of the guests. The guests were all there and every one of the fifty chairs lined up on the lawn was filled. Cissy had taken the one free seat next to Lucius, with Arthur, Bill, and Kingsley in the other three seats surrounding the man. Cissy's parents, Cygnus and Druella Black, were on her other side, followed by Grandmother Smith and so on.

The music started, so Harry put Eiona into her magical walker, which would carry her and her basket of petals down the aisle. Hermione set Teddy behind the walker and he grabbed onto the seat, as practiced. Eiona wasn't old enough to do her job properly, since she couldn't walk yet. The plan was for Teddy to guide her and the walker to the snacks, while she threw the petals. The last thing Harry did before letting them off on cue was to place his daughter's hand in the basket of flowers. She was supposed to throw them, but all she did was eat a few of them and slobber on the rest. She was teething, so the drool ran down her chin, leaking onto her dress. The guests all cooed and awed as Teddy did his part and the adorable pair made it to the snacks. Teddy was a friendly baby and he was nice enough to deposit a toddler sized handful of snacks onto Eiona's tray to share. She squealed and picked one up, munching happily.

After the babies went, Millicent Bulstrode entered from the left as the first of Draco's groom's mates. She was wearing the pantsuit Parkinson should've wore; the black version of Hermione's outfit. Hermione went next, entering from the right as the first of Harry's mates. Then it was Blaise Zabini's turn, followed by Ron, and finished up by Pansy Parkinson. Then it was Harry and Draco's turn. Lucius was there, so they could've had Draco's father walk him down the aisle if they'd wanted too, but they didn't. Draco didn't want to be the bride any more than Harry did. They were to come in at the same time, from opposing sides of the lake, and meet under the arch.

Harry started forward on cue, walking in front of their friends and family, with the castle and the lake in the background and the starry sky overhead. He could see where he was going, thanks to the conjured lights lining the aisles and illuminating the arch. Their groom's mates were standing on either side of the arch, with Teddy and Eiona still munching happily on the snacks. The stars overhead weren't overshadowed by the subtle lighting, thanks to an ancient charm of the sky.

And then Harry could see Draco walking towards him, from the other side. Draco's dress robes were black, trimmed with ivory and paired with an ivory vest with a textured filigree pattern in the same ivory. They were tailored to a T, fitting Draco's body perfectly, and made from the type of fabric that cost so much money that Harry was afraid to sneeze in the vicinity. Draco looked stunning and took Harry's breath away. They met under the arch, just behind the babies, Draco reaching out his hand for Harry's.

Druid Caomhánach stood behind them on a platform, beside the one oak tree on the lawn, ready to start. He had a thick gold chain around his neck and a crown of mistletoe around his head. He was dressed in white robes that billowed out as he spoke of love, marriage, and family and blathered on about peace, power, elements, seasons, and blood purity. The blood purity bit was greatly reduced from what it'd originally been, at Harry's previous request.

Druid Caomhánach wasn't Harry's choice of officiator, but he was passible. Harry didn't particularly care for ministers, after Dumbledore's funeral and the minister's worthless eulogy and the minister at Bill and Fleur's wedding wasn't much better. Luckily Draco had a preference, so they'd gone with the Malfoy family's usual druid. The Malfoys had converted to the ancient pureblood version of the Celtic religion upon immigrating to England over a thousand years ago. The snootiest of the purebloods all followed that religion, while the Weasleys followed the magical variant of the Church of England. Harry preferred the Church of England, but only because it was more familiar; he didn't particularly care about religion and was therefore willing to go with Draco's.

Due to their ring bearer's diminutive age, Blaise had the rings. There was a whole pre-ceremony process, Harry knew, of the druid blessing the rings, which was probably what Draco had been doing while Molly was watching the baby. Blaise handed the wand over to Draco now, his hand over the rings. Harry reached out and placed his hand over Draco's and the druid led them through their vows. They were different from the muggle ones, but Harry didn't stumble through them, thanks to a bit of practice. Harry took a ring and placed it onto Draco's ring finger, Draco did the same in return to Harry, and then there was the kiss.

Kissing Draco Malfoy, soon to be Potter, was hot, fiery, and passionate. Harry kissed back, slipping his tongue inside Draco's mouth and dominating the kiss. There were woots, cheers, and clapping from the crowd; even a whiz-bang set off by George. Teddy joined in the ruckus, clapping his hands, but Eiona started crying from all the noise. Draco pulled away first, to retrieve their daughter. Teddy looked lost, suddenly by himself and lifted his arms, to indicate he wanted to be picked up too. Harry obliged and they finished the ceremony with the children in their arms. They stood there, a smiling, happy family, while their guests formed a line to greet them.

Lucius, with Cissy on one arm and Kingsley on the other, was last up. Lucius and Cissy both hugged Draco and shook hands with Harry, while Kingsley shook hands with both of them.

"Draco, we are so proud of you son, congratulations," Lucius said. His speech was slurred slightly and Harry wondered who had given the man alcohol. Cissy probably gave it to him to help him get through the ceremony without objecting.

"Thank you," Draco replied, teary eyed.

Harry thanked his in-laws as well and then it was time to move indoors for the reception. Ron dislodged Cissy by Lucius' side for the journey. Cissy took Eiona from Draco, while Dromeda came forward to retrieve Teddy. Draco and Harry walked, arm and arm, across the lawn and over the drawbridge with their closest family and friends behind them.

They entered a long, cavernous room with two long tables running down the middle. The tablecloths were black, the napkins and china ivory, and the utensils antique silver. There were single fancy ivory colored candles arranged two feet apart along the middle of each table, but no more. There were tapestries on the stone walls, but they were the standard ones that came with the room. Each seat had a little name card on it, aiding them in finding their pre-arranged seats. Harry and Draco were in the middle, of course, with their wedding party and Draco's parents surrounding them. Harry's guests, since they were of the lesser number, were at the main table, while Draco's family had the other table to themselves.

The elf-cooked meal was delicious. Harry fed Eiona a bit of the pumpkin soup, which was how he ended up with soup all over his ivory robes. The soup came clean off with a scouring charm, thanks to the stain-resistant fabric he'd chosen. He also got lamb sauce on the cuffs of his sleeves, but that was his own fault; it came away clean too. He was in pristine condition once more as the food was cleared away and the music started. The room was meant to seat four times as many guests as they had, so their tables only took up a fraction of the space; the other side was left open for dancing.
Harry was incredibly nervous and Draco took his hand for the first dance. It was an old pureblood waltz and Harry still wasn't a great dancer. But Draco had started teaching him the steps months ago, not long after they got engaged, and they had practiced regularly. Harry would never be described as graceful on the dance floor, due to his two left feet, but he was proficient. He didn't trip Draco up as his husband led him through the steps. Somehow the fact that it was his husband leading him in this dance made it magical and a warm fuzzy feeling settled in his stomach. That feeling was broken as soon as Cissy and Lucius stepped in.

It was custom that the parents are the first to dance with the grooms. Since Harry's parents were dead, that left Lucius to dance with Draco and Cissy took Harry. Harry tried to continue on with the dance, but his footsteps fumbled. Cissy, it seemed, was used to being led on the dance floor. It took her a minute to adjust to the leading role, once she realized Harry wasn't up to the task. Lucius appeared absolutely plastered, if his footwork was anything to judge by, so he and Draco weren't any better.

"You look absolutely radiant tonight Harry. I'm glad you are my son-in-law now and I know you'll make my Draco very happy," Cissy said.

Harry thanked the woman and looked over at his husband, just in time to see Lucius trip and fall. Draco caught his father, stopping the man from landing on his face, but their dance was over. Ron and Arthur stepped in, pulling Lucius off of the dance floor and back to his seat at the table and Cissy followed after, concerned. Draco's grandmother, Druella Black, took Lucius' place with Draco, while Hermione stepped in and took Harry's hand, taking the lead.

"I didn't notice Lucius drinking anything and the alcohol hasn't even been served yet," Hermione commented as they waltzed around the room. They looked like a pair of toddlers next to the graceful Malfoys.

"I didn't either, but he was drunk already at the end of the ceremony. I figured Cissy gave it to him," Harry replied, trying to keep in step with Hermione, but that was harder to do than with Draco.

"Possibly. I guess after spending the last fifteen months locked up, he wanted to use his one last taste of freedom to get plastered." Hermione was of the opinion that justice had to prevail and that meant Lucius spending the rest of his life in Azkaban. Harry had forbidden her from discussing said view within hearing range of Draco, not because he necessarily disagreed with her, but because it would upset Draco. Personally he was glad the decision wasn't up to him, because he wanted both for Draco to be happy and for Lucius to be punished.

After Hermione, it was Dromeda who stepped in to take Harry's hand. "You look dashing tonight," Dromeda complimented him, while leading.

"Thank you. How many dances am I expected to do? Surely four is enough," Harry replied.

"You and Draco are expected to dance with all of your guests."

"Merlin, no. I'll let Draco dance with them all, while I go sit down."

Dromeda steered them back towards the tables and Harry retook his seat. Lucius was a few seats away, being watched by Ron and Arthur now. Cissy was back on the dance floor, along with Kingsley, and Bill. Molly was sitting on the other side of Harry's table with her granddaughter Victoire. Bill and Fleur's first born was less than two months old, with strawberry blond peach fuzz on the top of her head. Bill and Fleur were taking a spin out on the dance floor.

Harry considered joining Molly, to be away from Lucius, but then he decided that what he should be doing was to give his father-in-law a piece of his mind. Thankfully, Luna Lovegood saved him from making that mistake, by choosing that moment to plop down next to Harry. Somehow she'd gotten Teddy, who reached out for Harry, so she handed the toddler over.

"It's best to hold your tongue when it comes to in-laws, Harry," Luna said sagely.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Still, the nerve of him to be so plastered at his own son's wedding!" Harry exclaimed. Luckily the music was loud, so it was unlikely that Lucius could hear him in the noisy room.

"I don't think he is drunk, Harry. The nargles told me that he's sick. The wackspurts won't even go near him."

Harry decided it was best to change the subject. He looked down at Teddy, who was squirming in his lap. "You were brilliant today, little man. Give me a high five." He put his hand up and then used his other to guide the toddler's hand to his. "Good job. You're getting so big; I wish your mummy and daddy were here to see you."

"They can see him Harry," Luna said.

Neville came up then and whisked Luna away to dance with him, so Harry took Teddy and sat down next to Molly. Fleur joined them, having acquired Eiona. They did a bit of musical chairs, with Harry taking Eiona, Molly passing Victoire to Fleur, and Molly taking Teddy from Harry. The three adults talked about babies and weddings and watched the other party goers dance.

Draco looked graceful on the dance floor, dancing with yet another of his many relatives. "Your father looks dashing, don't you think?" Harry asked Eiona.

Eiona replied with a happy sounding squeal and Teddy agreed.

"You should cut back in Harry. I'm sure there are dozens of people who would like a chance at holding your little princess," Molly said.

"That's the problem: I don't exactly trust all of those pureblood witches," Harry replied, holding Eiona tighter to his chest.

"I'm sure she'd be safe; they wouldn't hurt Draco's child," Molly reassured him and Fleur agreed.

Harry resisted for a while, but when the last dance was called, he handed Eiona over to Cissy and shared one last dance with his husband. Then it was time for the cutting of the cake. It was a pumpkin cake covered in smooth ivory frosting and icing flowers. Harry had fun deliberately putting a bit of frosting on Draco's nose and everyone laughed to see the usually pristine wizard messy for once. Harry kissed it off and then it was Draco's turn.

Draco leaned in with the plate in one hand and the fork in the other and said, "You know Harry, I should really get you back for that, but I'm not going to. I'm going to show you how to eat properly for once." And then Draco expertly maneuvered the fork with the bite of cake into Harry's mouth. It was sweet and rich and he licked his lips.

They all moved back to their seats at the table for cake, champagne, and toasts. Ron's speech was short and got a laugh in response to his obvious lack of eloquence. Blaise got up and said that he always knew they'd end up together, with the way they went after each other in school. Hermione's speech was witty and eloquent, asserting that they were going to have a long and happy life together. Pansy said that at the very least Harry would have a better dressed life, with Draco for a husband, before she told a cute story of how she and a twelve year old Draco had used to sit and talk about their future weddings. Of course back then she thought that they'd be marrying each other, which got a laugh, and she finished off with wishing them the best. Millicent simply wished them well.

Then they moved onto the toasts from their parents, with Arthur and Molly filling in for Harry's parents. They each gave lovely speeches about how Harry had come into their lives a scraggly little boy and now he was a man with a beautiful new family. Then it was Cissy's turn, who spoke of the struggles her son had had wooing a clueless Harry. Harry hadn't even been aware of Draco's attempted flirting before the failed first kiss, but Draco was nodding and laughing, so he supposed it must be true.

Last it was Lucius' turn to talk. Lucius seemed a bit wobbly standing up and Harry hoped Arthur and Ron hadn't let the man have any more alcohol.

"Congratulations Harry and Draco on a splendid marriage. I hope the two of you have a great many enjoyable years together. Your union has already produced one miracle, my wonderful granddaughter, and I wish you more equally perfect children. Children are the gift of life, each one a miracle that brightens our days. Draco, my son, you are the best thing your mother and I have ever done with our lives and you are the best son I could ever have wished for. I hope you and your new husband feel the same about your children when you are my age."

Up until this point, Lucius had been doing pretty well, only slurring a word here and there, but then he paused, reaching out to hold the table for support. Bill and Kingsley, who were guarding him now, rose up and caught Lucius just as he started to collapse, saving the man from winding up in his plate of cake. It was only another drunken stumble, because Lucius was recovering already, lowering himself back into his chair with the help of his guards.

Cissy had screamed, along with several other women; the older family members appearing especially concerned. Cissy rushed over to Lucius' side, dislodging Bill. She was yammering on about how Lucius was ill and needed to be taken to the emergency ward at St. Mungo's. "We need to get you tested," Cissy was saying.

"It's not that my dear; I'm fine, my leg just cramped up a bit. I haven't exactly been exercising in my cell," Lucius reassured his wife, his hand wrapped around the back of her head and his thumb caressing her cheek.

"Are you sure?" Cissy asked and Lucius nodded.

"He's not sick, Cissy, he's drunk," Harry said.

At the statement, all eyes turned from Lucius to Harry. Many people were nodding their heads, agreeing, while several of Draco's relatives looked outraged by the statement.

"Harry, Lucius hasn't been drinking," Arthur pointed out. "Everyone else had champagne, but Lucius and the children had sparkling apple juice."

"What? No, he's been wasted since the ceremony," Harry replied.

"Harry, the elves didn't even serve alcohol until we cut the cake," Draco said softly. He didn't seem mad at Harry, but stunned by the peculiar circumstances.

"But your mother was sitting with him; Cissy must've given it to him," Harry insisted.

"Harry, I didn't give him anything. We need to get him to hospital," Cissy replied.

"Lucius Malfoy, did you violate the terms of your release and consume an alcoholic beverage?" Kingsley asked sternly.

"No, it's nothing. It's just my bad leg acting up again," Lucius answered, again slurring.

"He should have a cane. Even if he can't have his cane, he needs a non-magical one," Cissy said. Lucius' cane had a number of ancient shield charms cast on it, being handed down from Malfoy to Malfoy for almost a thousand years, so it was one of a number of items he was not to be allowed.

Draco, Lucius, and a large number of guests on the Malfoy side all agreed with that statement.

"If you're not drunk Lucius, why are you talking like you are?" Harry asked.

"There's something wrong with my tongue. It's been bothering me off and on for a while now," Lucius replied, not sounding particularly sober.

"Yeah right," Harry replied.

"Harry, I think Lucius should be checked out at St. Mungo's. They can do a test for alcohol," Hermione said.

"No need, any Auror can do it," Ron said, before casting the spell.

Lucius' blood alcohol level was zero. Half the crowd gasped in surprise, while the other half insisted that Lucius needed to be seen by a healer.

"I think we better take him to St. Mungo's and have him checked out," Kingsley said.

Kingsley was the boss, so he got his way. Harry was responsible for Lucius at the moment, so he had to go with them. Lucius was Draco's father, so Draco was very concerned and insisted on going too. Cissy couldn't be kept away if they tried. Ron, Bill, and Arthur had all agreed to help watch Lucius, so they went as well. Some of the guests stayed and went back to partying, but for the most part, the wedding was over. Molly and Dromeda took charge of the children and Hermione took charge of kicking the stragglers out.

Once at the hospital, a few initial scans revealed that there was something seriously wrong with Lucius. They didn't yet know what, but it was enough to admit him for further tests. Harry kept thinking that Lucius must've done something to make himself ill to get out of his upcoming trial, but he didn't know what. What he did know was that his wedding night was shot and Draco was too concerned about his father to have sex. Harry was disappointed, because he'd really been looking forward to the night. Draco was a bloody brilliant fuck. It just wasn't fair that Harry had to spend his wedding night in St. Mungo's with Draco worrying about Lucius, instead of in bed where they belonged.

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